Cupcake looks cute in glasses at her job interview for the dungeon

We recently saw spanking model Cupcake for the first time in this post with the beautiful porn star Ivy Sherwood and hard-spanking Lana. She’s in a few different scenes on Girl Spanks Girl but now she’s on Spanked Sweeties we also get to hear a bit more about the lady herself, her relationship to spanking and her background in the spanking interview she does with Lana. Cupcake is a professional submissive (pro sub) and was not spanked in real-life growing up, but is spanked A LOT now that she works in a dungeon! Then, there are also a few spanking scenes…

In this scene Lana uses a large repertoire of spanking implements on Cupcake’s delicious brown bottom. This shot of Lana using the bath brush shows off Cupcake’s lovely bottom and I just liked the photo with Lana concentrating and about to bring the pain!

Lana paddles Cupcake's lovely brown bottom with a bath brush

The thing I’ve noticed about Cupcake is that she’s very pretty and definitely very expressive in her face. The reactions she gives before, during and after a spanking are priceless! I liked this photo, below, where she has an understated reaction that is also very sexy, biting her lip after a hard smack from the bathbrush.

Cupcake reacts to the paddle with a subtle and sexy facial expression

The scene is a depiction of Cupcake’s job interview at the dungeon she works at, so when she’s successful she’s very happy at the end. Even if there are tears (which there are in this scene) it’s important that there is a happy ending to a spanking… or at least a satisfactory conclusion!

She's happy after Lana has uses all the implements on her bottom because she's got the job!

You can watch this scene plus an OTK spanking scene and interview at Spanked Sweeties, but fans of Cupcake and ebony spanking should also consider joining Clare Fonda Pass to also access her other scenes on Girl Spanks Girl!

Spanked Sweeties


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Spanked by Sister

Sarah Gregory confronts her naughty younger sister Christy Cutie on the bed in her nightwear

In “Spanked by Sister” two gorgeous spanking models are in a sexy nightwear spanking scene. Sarah Gregory is an older sister who gets a call from her parents and asked to spank younger sister, Christy Cutie, for various offences. Sarah takes her duty seriously and approaches naughty Christy in the bedroom with both ladies in their nightwear. Christy is wearing her pajamas and Sarah is wearing a very sexy neglige.

Sarah Gregory spanks Christy Cutie's bare bottom in Spanked by Sister

These photos are incredible. Very beautiful and artistic with both ladies showing their sexy curves in a lovely domestic discipline scene. You’ll want to see the full video of naughty Christy’s big bottom spanking!

Christy Cutie shows off her big spanked bare bottom in pajamas

Sarah gets a call from Mom that a letter was sent home from Christy’s school. Christy needs some discipline for slacking off in school. Sarah gives her sister a bare bottom spanking with her hand and hairbrush for getting bad grades, slacking off, and being late for classes. This is not a behavior that is tolerated in their family.

Sarah Gregory disciplines naughty younger sister Christy Cutie in Spanked by Sister gallery

Sarah looks down at a smiling Christy Cutie

See more of Christy Cutie and, of course, Sarah Gregory in this scene at Sarah Gregory Spanking which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Breaking-in the New Girl

Statuesque new call girl Mia Vallis is called to the office by Bettie Bondage

In “Bettie Breaks in New Girl Mia VallisBettie Bondage spanks Mia for lying on her application form. This is the latest installment of a few encounters between these two beauties who compliment each other nicely. Mia Vallis is a tall blond who has an athletic frame with a small waist and round, curvy bottom. Bettie Bondage is shorter and curvier with a nice, big bottom and plenty of tattoos.

Mia Vallis is a tall beauty with a curvy bottom, who has lied on her callgirl application, applying for the “alternative” opening. Bettie shows her what happens to callgirls who lie. They get spanked hard! Mia cries for real at the pain…

You can tell this is a nice, hard spanking because Mia’s pretty bare bottom is a bright blushed red. Mia Vallis’s bottom looks lovely as Bettie pulls down her panties across her knee. Bettie looks like she gives a mean spanking…

Bettie Bondage breaking-in the New Girl, Mia Vallis

…but the much taller lady overpowers Bettie to give her a taste of her own medicine.

With both ladies ending this scene well-spanked it’s a great switching hand-spanking scene with something for everyone. With Kade spanking Clare Fonda recently, this scene is the latest in some very nice spankings in the office areas at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Missy Martinez visits the Sorority!

Missy Martinez visits Veronica Ricci at the Sorority

Busty Latina Missy Martinez arrives at the sorority and is shown around by sexy redhead, Veronica Ricci in this very sexy scene from Spanking Sorority Girls.

Missy Martinez is visiting from a rival school. Veronica is tasked with giving Missy a tour of the sorority. Well, of course, that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place regularly in the sorority. She even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom.

We may not have seen Missy Martinez in any spanking scenes before but Veronica really lets fly on her ass when she’s over the knee. Then comes the pledge paddle…

Veronica Ricci gives Missy Martinez a taste of the paddle on her bare ass

Big-boobed Latina, Missy looks great in her sexy school uniform. With her big breasts busting out of her tight shirt and bottle of vodka in her bag she looks like the ultimate naughty school girl. And, Veronica is as smoking hot as always in her tight skater girl outfit. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her too. So Missy spanks the sexy redhead’s lycra clad bottom as she crawls up the stairs on her hands and knees…

Missy spanks Veronica Ricci as she crawls up the stairs

Then, Veronica bends over the railings at the top of the sorority house for a spanking on her bare bottom. Missy MArtinez gives her a hand spanking then also spanks her with the pledge paddle…

Veronica bends over the railing and gets a spanking from Missy Martinez on her big bare bottom

Watch this scene with sexy Missy Martinez, and much more of Veronica Ricci with lots of uniforms (school uniforms, cheerleaders and nuns) with much more of the pledge paddle at Spanking Sorority Girls.

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Four girls spanked in detention

Two geeks, a cheer leader and the head girl are in detention together

In “Multiple Detentions” on Triple A Spanking a cheerleader, two geeks and the headgirl are all in trouble. Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers are two bespectacled geeks, Ashley Graham is a cheerleader and Carissa Montgomery is the head girl. All four are in detention together and have their regulation white knickers pulled down for some old-fashioned discipline…

Four girls line up with their bare, spanked bottoms on display

Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.

Four red, spanked bottoms

Watch this whole scene and many more kinky spanking scenarios at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Big-boobed naked spankings!

Lesbians Alison Tyler and Gigi Allens kiss naked on the bed

The finale part of the “Sexual Harassment” storyline is quite nice, and features some lovely big-boobed naked spankings but I’ll let you see for yourself. Busty blonde Gigi Allens and buxom brunette Alison Tyler are back… and are now in a lesbian relationship…

Gigi Allens spanks Alison Tyler nude OTK with a hairbrush

Big-boobed naked spankings!? Where am I? Oh, that’s right? I think I’m in heaven!

In this final installment of the series, Gigi Allens and Alison Tyler have become girlfriends. They kiss and make out a bit before Gigi declares that since she is the boss at work, she must be the dominant one in the relationship. So she puts Alison over her knee and teaches her who’s boss. But this isn’t the work place, it’s the bedroom, where they are equals. So Alison spanks Gigi with her hand and a hairbrush. Totally nude spanking with two gorgeous ladies who get very red and sore bottoms.

This next shot has to be one of my favorite spanking photos ever…

Big-boobed naked spankings: Alison Tyler spanks Gigi

This is day 4 of the “Sexual Harassment” series, you can catch up with the first three parts and much more girl-on-girl spanking at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

Beautiful blonde spanking model Kylee Anders' face close up

Here is another instrallment of Kylee Anders’ “Au Pair” series on Firm Hand Spanking, this time it’s a ping pong paddle spanking…

Sassy attitude, gorgeous looks, fabulous figure: Kylee Anders is a hot new talent! See her laid out butt up on a pool table in Au Pair for a cheek-jiggling, teeth-clenching 237 with a ping-pong paddle. Reaction Cam and slow motion replays make it banging hot!

Kylee Anders' Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

See this ping pong paddle spanking and plenty more of Kylee Anders and the other sexy ladies getting spanked, this week with Belinda Lawson and another newbie, Kelsey Wilde, at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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Xmas Elf Spanked: Kay Richards

MzFionaX pulls Kay Richards over her knee for a spanking

Fan-favorite, Kay Richards is back to her naughty ways in this seasonal scene when a tantrum gets the xmas elf spanked in “Mother/Daughter Christmas Spanking“. This is on My Spanking Roommate where her mom is played by MzFionaX. The chemistry between the mischievous spanking model and the experienced fetish lady is electric and light-hearted but the spanking is hard. MzFionaX is able to give a hard punishment and Kay is the current beneficiary as a naughty daughter at Christmas.

Kay is supposed to be an elf for Christmas, but she throws a tantrum about it. She didn’t learn the elf song and she hates her elf costume. Her mom is not tolerating the bratty behavior. She puts Kay over her knee for a sound spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle until Kay agrees to behave and be a good elf.

Kay Richards the xmas elf spanked OTK with paddle

But she’ll only learn the song if she gets to spank her mom. That is, of course, exactly what happens.

Kay spanks mom MzFionaX on the bare bottom OTK

This isn’t the first scene where Kay has spanked her mom on My Spanking Roommate. The experienced spanking model, Kay, and the experienced fetish/kinky lady, MzFionaX, make a fantastic combination and work well together. Both have lovely, soft, round bottoms so it’s good to see them both get a workout in a switching scene like this. For much more of this naughty daughter/mom combination where Xmas is definitely here, watch much more at My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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