Public Spanking and more

Busty bombshells, Laela Pryce and Manu Magnum, led through the streets like dogs at Public Disgrace

This is the first scene we’ve had from Public Disgrace but it seemed like a nice varied scene with two nice models getting wilfully subverted, it’s called: “Two Busty Bombshell Blondes Disgraced Like Dogs by Mona Wales“. Manu Magnum is the blonde in red with black heels and Laela Pryce starts off with a black/white outfit and red shoes and has tattoos on the side of her body. Both ladies look very similar apart from this. They are both blonde, a similar height and both have large breasts and a curvy body. As they are led through the streets Manu gets “Fick Stück” written on her behind as she crawls along on all fours (roughly translated means “something to fuck” from German, I believe).

By the time they have been led into a local bar the two are naked and collared and have already experienced a lot of embarrassment, to say the least…

Two naked and collared blondes, Laela Pryce and Manu Magnum, get taken to a bar
Laela Pryce (left) and Manu Magnum get taken to a bar where the two naked and collared blondes get spanked

But the scene is only just getting started… inside the bar Mona Wales really starts to turn up the heat!

Mona Wales spanks Manu Magnum with the assistance of a sexy topless brunette
Manu Magnum gets a public spanking from Mona Wales with the assistance of a sexy topless brunette

Of course, after this the scene gets much more about the hardcore group sex action with the random strangers in the bar, and there is even some machine fucking and lesbian girl-on-girl action. I’m not sure exactly how much more they could have crammed into this scene if they’d have tried. Do any other genres exist that are not in this scene? Not that many, perhaps.

Mona Wales treats these two busty anal sluts like dogs fighting over a dirty bone. How embarrassing! These two fuck sluts later get filled by men and machines in their tight holes. The crowd is overwhelmed by the humiliations these two are going through and the heat gets the better of two gorgeous lesbians who get naked and start fucking each other as well!

Two Busty Bombshell Blondes Disgraced Like Dogs by Mona Wales – gallery

Watch this full scene at Public Disgrace! The idea behind the website is that each time a pornstar or wannabe pornstar gets taken around the streets of a European city where she flashes, strips naked and has some rough sex, generally speaking with some kind of bondage, like collars. It’s a mish-mash of public nudity, bondage, rough sex and humiliation, that may not be to everyone’s tastes but we thought this update was worthy of a look.

Public Disgrace


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Celeste Star on Spanked Sweeties

Celeste Star is told off by her mom, played by Clare Fonda

Celeste Star is the latest lady to appear on Spanked Sweeties! The beautiful brunette glamour model has appeared in spanking scenes before, you may remember her from “Exclusive Education 8” where she was spanked in school uniform along with many other cuties in the French summer sun – more spanking posts about Celeste Star. She is very pretty and petite, as are most glamour models, and she has a lovely little bubble butt that looks amazing in her daisy dukes, getting spanked by her mom in this re-enactment…

Celeste Star gets spanked OTK in her daisy dukes

The first scene with mom is nice, especially for those of us who love those cut-off denim shorts. In reality her mom only gave her a few swats for being naughty, that is exactly what happens in the scene, but instead of stopping there the spanking continues over the knee. The second scene ramps up the intensity as mom gives her naughty daughter another spanking, harder than before, this time in the kitchen. As before, her panties come down and Celeste’s beautiful booty is spanked on the bare.

Mom pulls down Celeste's panties to give her a hard bare bottom spanking

Celeste talks candidly about her memories of spanking, and mentions a mean teacher she wished she could spank.

Finally, in a fantasy that Celeste would have loved to come true, she spanks her mean teacher from school. In her school uniform again, Celeste spanks the strict teacher with her hand and a big blue paddle…

Celeste Star acts out a fantasy where she spanks her mean teacher with a paddle

Celeste Star is just the latest in a long line of stunning models, porn stars and amateurs to have appeared on Spanked Sweeties. As always, there is an interview with her about her thoughts about real-life spankings then she acts out some scenarios she remembers, or wished she remembered.

Spanked Sweeties

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Mona Wales dominates Rose Rhapsody

Mona Wales dominates Rose Rhapsody by tearing open her skirt at Whipped Ass

Mona Wales dominates Rose Rhapsody in this recent scene at Whipped Ass! Feline Rose is as curious as a cat, and follows a hot dominatrix into her lair. The result is predictable, in that we know she’s in for an extensive spanking, caning and fucking session, but this scene is well worth a view!

Mona Wales spanks Rose Rhapsody at Whipped Ass

Leisurely drinking coffee outside a San Francisco coffee house, Rose Rhapsody spots hot dominatrix Mona Wales on her way to the BDSM porn warehouse, the San Francisco Armory. Rose follows Mona into her dungeon and discovers the pleasure of pain from a hard spanking, paddling, breast slapping, bondage, finger banging, caning, face sitting, foot on pussy action, anal strap-on fucking and many, many orgasms!!!

Mona Wales canes Rose Rhapsody's thighs

Rose Rhapsody has done a few scenes now but she’s still fairly new to porn. She has a familiar girl-next-door feel about her. While she may seem “normal” this lady is anything but restrained sexually, and Mona is more than happy to push her to her limits in this lesbian scene. There is some nice rope bondage with Rose’s legs held apart while Mona canes her all over her body. While the spanking and domination is very good, there is also some very rough lesbian sex. Total domination, is this what she hoped for when she started to follow Mona along the street?

You can watch Mona Wales dominating Rose Rhapsody and see plenty more domination and lesbian spanking at Whipped Ass!

Whipped Ass

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Sexy Fun with Christina Carter

Busty Sarah Gregory is ready to have Sexy Fun with Christina Carter in this play session

Christina Carter is the new addition to Sarah Gregory Spanking with this very sexy scene: “Sexy Spanking Fun“. Curvy brunette fetish model Christina is best known for her wonder woman character, as she appears in this post, but she may even be more sexy here in just her lingerie. She’s playing with Sarah Gregory in a hotel room and they’re re-enacting a playdate the two had a few years ago…

Sarah Gregory playfully spanks Christina Carter in sexy lingerie on the bed

The two curvy brunette beauties start off in sexy bra and panties before gradually stripping naked whilst they play. There is definitely a playful vibe to the scene and what it lacks in bruises and welts it more than makes up with pure sexiness.

Sarah gets spanked too

Christina and Sarah shared some private spanking fun a few years back and hadn’t forgotten how fun it was, so they decided to make a video of their next time playing so they could watch it when alone and share it with you. See sexy Christina and Sarah switch and spank each other in lingerie and nude in this sexy and HOT spanking film.

Sarah Gregory and Christina Carter playing together in Sexy Spanking Fun gallery

Sarah whips Christina with a riding crop with both big-boobed ladies completely naked

This is definitely a very sexy scene, especially for big boob lovers as both brunettes are very well endowed and show their breasts off to the max as they spank each other. It’s a nice playful switching scene with the emphasis on touch and sensation, and makes another nice interlude among more traditional OTK spanking scenes with more of an emphasis on punishment and pain.

Watch the full HD movie of Sarah Gregory having sexy fun with Christina Carter, plus much more sexy (and also much harder) spanking at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Bad Plumber spanked… and spanked!!

Angela Sommers is not impressed with the Bad Plumber, Amelea Dark's work

There is a new main feature on Girl Spanks Girl, it’s called “Bad Plumber” and stars a rising star of spanking, Amelea Dark, and the latest glamour model to have made the leap to spanking, Angela Sommers. Redheaded Amelea plays the plumber in question and she goes to fix the pipes in Angela’s kitchen. When she fails to fix what’s wrong under the basin Angela pulls up a chair and gives her curvy bottom a nice OTK spanking…

Glamorous Angela Sommers spanks Amelea Dark OTK

But, in this scene, the first scene of the series, Amelea threatens to tell the landlord that the pipes are bad. Thus, she’s able to give a revenge spanking right away and spank Angela’s gorgeous bottom…

Angela Sommers gets her panties pulled down and she's spanked OTK in her lingerie

In this scene Angela Sommers had been in nothing but her sexy lingerie, so she already had a patterned bottom from the wire mesh seat. Her wonderful ass is very much added to by Amelea who spanks some nice juicy red color into it. It’s in the “erotic” section of the website so there is plenty of lesbian kissing between the two ladies, even in the first part. After Amelea has left the building Angela is left bottom-less in her kitchen inspecting her rosy red bottom with the wire mesh imprints…

Angela Sommers' spanked ass with wire mesh imprint... wow!

Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark in part one of the Bad Plumber gallery

In later parts the spanking action gets heavier as the two beauties get completely naked and the lesbian action gets even hotter with one lady using her magic wand to get them both off. Watch more of this series, “Bad Plumber“, unfold now at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Karla Kush

Karla Kush's first mistake is to spank Veronica Ricci

Karla Kush is a tiny little porn star who while still being fairly new-ish to the industry, has already appeared in many many different XXX scenes and DVDs. She is very pretty and petite with a wonderful little bottom. Now, Karla has finally made it over the fence into spanking town. While we didn’t see her jump the actual fence, which would have been hot too, we can marvel at her in this very sexy spanking scene: “Karla Kush Tries Spanking Veronica“.

Somewhat unusually for models in their first spanking scene Karla begins by spanking her partner in crime, Veronica Ricci. Veronica had been making some changes and was planning on sneaking away from the brothel when Karla interrupts her and tries to change her mind with a spanking.

Luckily for everyone, Veronica has soon flipped the petite cutie over her knee and is applying the palm of her hand liberally to Karla’s exquisite bottom…

Veronica Ricci pulls Karla Kush over her knee and pulls down her panties to spank her bare bottom

Here’s a slightly different angle, slightly closer. Mmmm. It’s also a nice photo because she’s had her panties stuffed in her mouth by busty Veronica who is also yanking her hair back as she spanks her bottom…

Karla Kush's lovely bare bottom gets spanked by beautiful Veronica Ricci who also stuffs her panties in her mouth

It’s not only Karla who’s looking fine here though, Veronica looks great too! She might look a little different too… is her hair a bit more strawberry blonde than normal? She always looks good getting spanked in a slutty outfit, and there’s plenty of that here!

Veronica Ricci is changes her hair and attempts to leave the cat house. But newbee Karla Kush puts her over her knee in an effort to talk Veronica out of it. Big mistake. Veronica gives Karla a long and painful otk hand spanking that sets her squirming and resisting and ending up with a very red bottom.


Karla Kush gingerly sits down after her spanking

Enjoy this scene with Karla Kush now at Spanked Callgirls, and see plenty more of gorgeous redhead Veronica Ricci at Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

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Fifth Element parody: Leeloo Spanks

Leeloo, played by Ingrid Mouth, spanks Christy Cutie OTK with a paddle

It’s been so long since I saw the movie “The Fifth Element” that I’m not 100% sure on the plot, apart from cab driver, Bruce Willis, finding a redheaded character called Leeloo. Well, luckily for me, we don’t need to know the plot of the original movie because Girl Spanks Girl have made this parody with Leeloo played by Ingrid Mouth. In this scene she is spanking her evil enemy, played by Christy Cutie, who is trying to take over the world.

Christy Cutie manages to overpower Ingrid and spank her a little too

A struggle leads to Christy spanking Leeloo’s ass, but not for too long and soon the rightful order in the world is resumed and Christy is once more getting her lovely big bottom paddled…

Ingrid spanks Christy with her hand, and with the Paddle of Justice. But the sinister Christy gets in some whacks of her own.

Ingrid Mouth battles Christy Cutie in “Supreme Spanking” gallery

It’s a nice girl-on-girl scene by two ladies who are no stranger to giving and receiving a spanking. Christy is becoming a formidable top but she is still in need of a good spanking, and her big bottom is made for it! This photo shows it off magnificently as Ingrid’s paddle is raised and ready to strike down on it…

Christy Cutie's big, bare bottom gets well paddled

This is the first time we’ve posted about Ingrid Mouth, but there are a few more scenes from her (with her normal hair color) at Ingrid Mouth’s profile at Spanking Model List.

Girl Spanks Girl sometimes has parodies, or scenes which are fantastical in nature, alongside the “Exclusive Education” classroom dramas and many more F/F spanking scenes. There are even different categories for those that like spankings to be erotic through to the harder, disciplinary spankings.

Girl Spanks Girl

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Nude Caning of Naughty Secretary

Secretary, Zooey Zara, is given a talking to by her boss, Johnny Lake

Zooey Zara makes her debut on Sarah Gregory Spanking in this hard office-based punishment. She plays a secretary who has been lazy and not keeping up with her work in “Slacking Secretary Thrashed“. Her boss, Johnny Lake is very upset and calls her into his office. There is only one thing for it. This lazy secretary will have to be punished and Mr Lake knows exactly how to do it!

Johnny hand spanks his secretary over her skirt

He starts off by spanking the smart secretary over his knee over her skirt. Then, one-by-one he removes her skirt and blouse until the sexy brunette is getting spanked in only her lingerie. When she’s been thoroughly warmed up he makes her crawl onto the desk on all fours for more hand spanking and then the strap.

Zooey Zara is strapped while kneeling on all fours on the desk in her lingerie

Mr Lake calls her into his office for some “talking to.” This includes a HARD spanking and caning to teach this naughty secretary a hard lesson in work ethic.

Zooey Zara gets spanked, strapped and caned in “Slacking Secretary Thrashed” gallery

He straps her over the desk, removing her panties, then her bra until she is naked in only her sexy stockings. To finish off and make sure she learns her lesson the last part of Zooey’s punishment is a nude caning…

Nude caning of naughty secretary, Zooey Zara, in only stockings

This is a proper punishment and Zooey Zara takes a hard spanking. She starts off at the beginning smartly dressed and neat, a bit like Maggie Gyllenhaal in the movie “The Secretary”. But as the scene progresses she not only loses her clothing but her hair gets a little messed up and her face goes through a range of emotions from reacting to the hard discipline. Finally, by the end Zooey has a very sore bottom, striped from the caning. It’s a very nice nude caning scene!

To watch this full movie in HD and for plenty of other sexy spanking models get a hard spanking to go Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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