Kymberly Jane and Mia Vallis

Mia Vallis spanks Kymberly Jane OTK

Kymberly Jane and Mia Vallis are a good match as roommates on My Spanking Roommate. Kymberly (AKA Kay Richards) has been on the website from the start but Mia has joined fairly recently and has been in a few episodes with roommate Kay now.

This scene is a spanking over Kay’s new girlfriend and I like it for a few reasons…

The first reason is that both models look amazing. Tall, blonde Mia looks great in a tight semi-transparent white dress that shows off her slim figure. Kay is also looking hot in a black dress and her big boobs pop out during her spanking so that she spanks her roommate topless. Kymberly brings some humour to the scene with this pose…

Kymberly Jane and Mia Vallis

Kay (Kymberly Jane) admits that she is dating a female, which doesn’t go over well with the very conservative Mia, who puts Kay over her knee of a spanking to teach her a lesson. But when Kay discovers that Mia has been in contact with her gf, it’s Mia’s turn for a spanking.

Another reason this scene sparkles are the two lovely bare bottoms on show. Mia’s bottom looks very pretty indeed in her turquoise panties before Kay pulls them down…

Finally, we’ve mentioned here that these two can conjour up images of Bill Ward cartoons, especially the spanking and bondage cartoons. He used to draw very stylized pictures of busty brunettes spanking either men or blondes, or getting tied up and punished themselves. The busty ladies are generally topless or in black fetish lingerie. There are plenty of scenes with brunettes and blondes but I think when Kymberly Jane and Mia Vallis are together it seems more like one of those old cartoons than anything else. A part of it is Kay’s current hairstyle and her raven-color locks contrasting with tall, thin Mia’s blonde hair. This photo in particular is reminiscent of an old-fashioned spanking cartoon, especially as Kay’s big boobs are out of her dress and she is topless as she spanks Mia…

Kymberly Jane spanks Mia Vallis in what could be a Bill Ward cartoon

You can see much more of Kymberly Jane (Kay Richards) and Mia Vallis together at My Spanking Roommate where both ladies are major characters at the moment. They also appear separately in the other websites that make up Clare Fonda Pass!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate


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Gym Spanking

The personal trainer is annoyed with Sarah Gregory in this gym spanking

We’ve seen Sarah Gregory take the role of the spanker quite a lot recently so it’s good to see her on the other end of it in this gym spanking in “Personal Training Punishment“. She’s getting spanked by curvy MILF Lynn Summers who plays her personal trainer in this scene.

It’s the first time we’ve seen Lynn and she looks like a good top. She’s a pretty MILF who looks quite busty in her tight lycra outfit. The scene itself is a good-natured scene that does not take itself too seriously, especially when Sarah gets spanked with her own gym shoe. Lynn adds to the fun by smiling and seemingly enjoying herself throughout…

Personal trainer, Lynn Summers, spanks Sarah on the gym mat on her bare bottom

Sarah has missed 3 personal training sessions and her trainer, Lynn, is not happy with her. She feels that discipline in the form of over the knee spanking is in order for Sarah. Sarah is spanked over her tight yoga pants, before having them taken down to be spanked over her panties and then on the bare. Not only does Lynn use her hand to spank, but takes off Sarah’s sneaker and spanks her bare bottom with the stingy rubber shoe.

Lynn Summers takes Sarah's shoe off and spanks her with it

Gym etiquette is often flouted so if it wasn’t missing training sessions there are many things that naughty gym users can be spanked for. The gym is a sexy place with all that lycra and hot, sweaty bodies so of course spankings should happen there. The personal trainer is a person of authority, like a teacher, so they are well placed to give such a spanking. Lynn Summers looks like just the right kind of instructor to punish Sarah.

Watch more of this gym spanking and many more sexy OTK punishment scenes at Sarah Gregory Spanking, which is also a part of Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Ella Hughes gets spanked OTK

Aleesha Fox spanks Ella Hughes over the knee

Redheaded British beauty Ella Hughes is very pretty indeed, she’s a glamour model, porn star, and here she’s in a spanking scene on Momma Spankings. She’s dressed up as a schoolgirl in this ageplay scene and she’s in troule with Momma, played by Aleesha Fox. Aleesha started off as a spankee and has now transformed into a curvaceous spanking model who is capable of playing a top.

Spanked After School” features some nice hard OTK hand spanking over the school, over the white panties, and on the bare bottom. Then, there’s a spanking with the hairbrush. She does a great job! And, with her tight blouse unbuttoned at the top she’s definitely a sexy mommy.

Ella Hughes is spanked over her white panties

Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family! She was spanked by her very disappointed mom OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare. Then naughty Ella was given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain. Watch this traditional no nonsense film on how traditional discipline of naughty schoolgirls was done!

Sexy mommy Aleesha Fox reaches for the hairbrush for Ella Hughes' bare bottom

It’s a nice scene with nothing too fancy happening. I liked the two hairbrushes hidden behind the cushion. The only thing I’d say it’d be good to see Ella with a bit less makeup in the next scene, especially is she’s playing a schoolgirl.

You can watch this scene with naughty Ella Hughes and Aleesha Fox at Momma Spankings and join this site along with Sarah’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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Lady Constance: Sophie Fennington

Sophie Fennington gets severely punished as Lady Constance

Here is another older scene with spanking model Sophie Fennington playing “Lady Constance“. It’s a vintage scene that was shot on film in the days before digital cameras, and it does look dated. The clothing makes it feel even older than it is. The Victorian outfits and large country estate is taking us back to a bygone era in this hard cosplay punishment scene at Classic Spanking.

Lady Constance is a young and beautiful English rose who must be punished severely by her strict uncle. She is first given a hand spanking over her britches, then begins quite a severe punishment with several implements. The uncle gets quite annoyed when Sophie moves from her position or covers her bare bottom with her hands. He gets very worked up and even takes his anger out on the grand piano by striking it with the current implement, a leather strap, when she moves. “I will not have this,” he says. Eventually the punishment continues and Sophie takes a beating from several different implements in different positions around the room.

Sophie Fennington gets severely punished as Lady Constance

Sophie Fennington is an English spanking enthusiast who is quite attractive and has blonde hair. In another video on the website she talks about how she got into spanking and some of her early experiences. She appeared in a few spanking movies in the days before the internet and was famous for being able to take quite a severe punishment.

I’m not a huge fan of the costumes here but the English Manor location makes the perfect setting for a movie like this. The dated feel of the movie seems quaint but it’s a nice scene with a sexy blonde model who gets punished hard and reacts wonderfully. You can watch “Lady Constance” and other films with Sophie Fennington and other classic spanking models at Classic Spanking where there are plenty of different English accents and roleplay / cosplay scenarios that involve very strict discipline indeed.

Classic Spanking

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Two classic updates

Here are two classic updates from Shadow Lane. The first is a F/F scene with some hard spanking and punishment with implements. Alexis Payne punishes Shawna Lake in “Disciplined Girl Friday“…

Alexis Payne punishes Shawna Lake in Disciplined Girl Friday

Vanessa (Alexis Payne), statuesque and infinitely dignified finds the perfect foil in Phoebe (Shawna Lake), a small-sized classic pin-up girl whose bratty irreverence simply begs for a spanking. The form and execution of Disciplined Girl Friday is pleasing, with each new angle showing a more enchanting view of our glamour girls, one engaging in the noble and necessary act of spanking, the other struggling to break her mistress’s hold on her body and will. But our story goes far beyond voluptuousness and good aim. The sensible scolding Vanessa gives Phoebe is in itself a post graduate course in civilized domination. Yet traditionalists will note: that Phoebe squirms ever so childlike across Vanessa’s womanly lap, that the spanking is hard and sustained, that embarrassing positions are ordered and harsh implements employed on the bare bottom of the offender and that nothing but corporal punishment transpires in this story of inattentiveness and punishment!

Next, a F/M scene with Chelsea Pfeiffer in top form as she and Virginia Lewis punish Todd in “Sore Losers“…

Chelsea Pfeiffer and Virginia Lewis punish Todd in a femdom scene from Sore Losers

Have you been longing for a movie where the man not only gives but also receives a good spanking? Meet the SORE LOSERS! The women from the hotel room next door are offended and complain about the noise when Todd (Mark Fisher) spanks his beautiful girlfriend! Chelsea drags Todd into her suite, where she and Virginia righteously administer to the hapless young man a spanking to rival the one they have just heard him give his girlfriend! After his over the knee punishment, the dominas compel Todd to straddle a bench and present his bare bottom for the hairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, flogger and birch. Superb action from both points of view, vivacious women, an excellent new male switch and witty dialog add up to pure spanking fun on multiple levels in “Sore Losers”.

These M/F, F/F and Femdom scenes and the full movies they come from can be seen now at Shadow Lane!

Shadow Lane

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Goldie Rush at Spanked Sweeties

Goldie Rush gets spanked by her big sister, played by Gigi Allens

Goldie Rush is the latest beauty to appear on spanking website with interviews: Spanked Sweeties. The hot pornstar who is also known as Miss Goldie, Goldie Loc and Goldie Ortiz was spanked growing up and discusses those spankings plus her kinky current sex life in the interview, she then goes on to act out some real-life spankings with Gigi Allens playing her big sister.

Goldie Rush gets spanked OTK with her panties pushed into her ass crack to bare her bottom

Goldie Rush is a super hottie with a perky butt who was spanked by her stepdad and older sister while growing up.

Goldie re-enacts both F/F and M/F spankings here. Keeping true to how it would have been, Goldie’s sister lets her keep her panties on, but here Gigi pulls the thick, woollen outfit she’s wearing into her ass crack, baring the majority of her ass cheeks for the smacking and slapping. Not quite the same as a bare bottom spanking, but not too far away.

Big sister, Gigi Allens, gives Goldie Rush a good spanking

Miss Goldie is a hot pornstar with a sexy, slim and petite body and nice ass. She certainly looks tiny next to statueque and curvy Gigi. This not being a bare bottom spanking is a shame but her M/F spanking is bare bottom with her panties around her knees.

Watch the movies of all Goldie Rush’s interviews and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties, plus many more beauties getting the same treatment. If you like Gigi Allens in this dominant role, and also want to see her getting spanked, there is plenty more of Gigi on the other Clare Fonda Pass websites.

Spanked Sweeties

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Angel Lee’s Hard Punishment

Angel Lee gets spanked hard OTK on the couch by Miss Chris

The latest update on Momma Spankings is “My Bratty Daughter” with naughty Angel Lee getting punished by strict Miss Chris. It’s quite a long and severe scene, with Angel looking a bit unsure about whether she wants to continue to be bratty after her initial spanking. It’s not something we’ve thought about before but the above photo of Angel getting spanked OTK on the couch makes us think about those shoes on the couch… it’s a good job they look brand new.

In this long age play film, Angel plays the bratty and ever so rude daughter of Miss Chris. Angel ignores Mommy when asked several times to turn down her music as it is late at night. When Mom comes in to scold her, she is a rude brat and even flips her off. Mom is not happy and gives Angel a very hard otk spanking over her dress, panties, and then on the bare bottom.

Angel Lee's panties are pulled down for a hard OTK hand spanking on her bare bottom

When Angel is still not learning to behave and flips her off yet again, she is stood up and given a strap across the palm of her tender hand. This she hates and cringes in pain.

Angel looks like she might be unsure about whether she wants to continue being bratty as she flips Miss Chris off…

Angel Lee flips Miss Chris off in the middle of her punishment

After her hand strapping she must go and get the dreaded “Mommy” paddle for some hard swats with it. She is made to ask Mommy for a paddling, which further embarrasses her. Angel’s punishment ends with a hard strapping over her pajamas. Mommy pulls down her dropseats to strap her naughty daughter until she is contrite, and promising to be better behaved.

My Bratty Daughter gallery

Angel Lee's sore red bottom in dropseat pajamas

You can watch this scene with naughty Angel Lee at Momma Spankings and join this site along with Sarah’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes in the nun's office

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes return to Spanking Sorority Girls with a girl-on-girl spanking in the nun’s office. The two sorority girls are both wearing sexy outfits, Riley is in her gym gear and Sadie is in a schoolgirl’s uniform.

While pornstar Sadie is probably the most obviously attractive with her cute face and petite figure, Riley is more of a girl-next-door type and has a strong following in spanking circles for that reason. Both switches are used to giving and receiving spankings so it is interesting that Sadie does not find a way to get back at Riley during this scene. Instead, it is Riley that dominates the petite pornstar, making her little bubble butt glow a lush red color from her hand and paddle spanking…

Riley Moore spanks Sadie Holmes with a paddle in the nun's office

Sadie Holmes and Riley are in the nun’s office because Riley is going to tell about the last spanking Sadie gave to Riley. Sadie gets an offer – take a spanking right there in the office from Riley and she won’t tell. Sadie reluctantly gets over the tall girl’s lap and takes a painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle Riley finds in the nun’s office.

Riley Moore spanks Sadie Holmes with a paddle in the nun’s office gallery

Sadie Holmes rubs her sore, red bottom after her spanking

This has nothing to do with the storyline of the scene but I’d have loved to see the nun return to her office, witness the spanking and give Riley a much harder spanking than she gave Sadie. It would be completely unfair on Riley but would make perfect sense in the rules of the sorority. How dare Riley give a spanking in the nun’s office and use the nun’s paddle? Sadie would probably get a spanking too for trespassing… you can definitely see this girl-on-girl spanking as an entree for two much harder punishments involving the furious nun!

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes can both be seen in other scenes at Spanking Sorority Girls, which is probably the spanking website that they are both on the most. However, Riley appears on Spanked Sweeties and “Exclusive Education 7” on Girl Spanks Girl which are all a part of Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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