Jenna Sativa’s Life Coach

Jenna Sativa goes to meet her new life coach, Star Nine

There is a brand new spankee at Girl Spanks Girl… and she’s called Jenna Sativa! This sexy and petite Latina is cute as a button and looks amazing in her figure-hugging black dress and knee-high black leather boots.

The storyline for this scene is that Jenna is a little brat who hires a life coach who turns out to be dominant and spanks her naughty little bottom for her brattiness. The concept of a strict life coach to a strong independent woman who gives disciplinary spankings to help keep the client on the right path is very sexy. It might not work so well if the client was submissive or downtrodden but if the woman is strong or, as is the case here, bratty, it can be a very sexy scenario.

Star Nine is perfect as a beautiful, strict life coach with a twist. The twist is that as well as spanking her charge, she also fucks her with a strapon and then allows herself to be spanked in return so that she earns her bonus…

Strict life coach pulls sexy Latina Jenna Sativa over her knee

Star Nine has been hired to be the very bratty Jenna Sativa’s life coach. Jenna has never been spanked and lacks discipline, so Star’s first task is to teach her some. She dominates the young lady by spanking her over her knee right in her office, then making her write how she will improve on the board, then introducing her to the strap-on. But when Star finds out her bonus relies on Jenna giving her a good review, she must submit to a spanking from the feisty young latino.

Jenna Sativa gets a good old fashioned over the knee hand spanking on her bare bottom

Super cute Jenna gets a nicely reddened bottom at the end of this scene before giving it back to the life coach. Both ladies are hot with lovely bubble butts and there’s some nice lesbian kissing and lesbian sex with the strapon. Can’t wait to see much more of sexy little Jenna Sativa (and also Star who seems to keep looking better and better with time). There are more preview photos in the gallery!

You can see much more story-based hard spankings of sexy ladies including the Exclusive Education classroom spanking movies at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl


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Big Baby Husband Punished

Dana's husband removes his jeans for a big baby punishment

This is a nice Femdom scene from Dana Kane Spanks that shows off the relationship Dana Kane has with her husband nicely. Wearing her cute housewife’s outfit she unleashes her witty tongue on her poor husband and makes him get across her knee for a very hard dose of the hairbrush.

Dana Kane wraps her leg around her husband's leg as she spanks his bare bottom with the hairbrush

The best spanking scenes are often between two people who know and trust each other. The bottom has to be able to trust that the top will not go too far (i.e. beyond their limits) and the top has to know what those limits are. So, where is there more trust than between a lady and her husband? Well, admittedly that’s not always the case with every couple and many of the spankings on her website more than hint at marital misbehavior, but you get the idea!

With legs spread that looks like one sore male bottom!

If you like girl/girl and also Femdom spanking then Dana Kane Spanks is a fantastic venue to arrive at! There are some nice, hard spankings dished out to pretty fetish models and disobedient husbands alike.

Dana Kane Spanks

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Two big bottoms spanked!

Sarah Gregory takes off her jeans for her OTK spanking

Two Little Brats Out on the Town” on Momma Spankings has two lovely big bottoms spanked by a very strict momma, Dana Specht! One bottom belongs to naughty Sarah Gregory, and the other belongs to equally mischievous, Alex Reynolds. Dana is known for her spanking so these two plump posteriors really get a good roasting, as you can see from Sarah’s reactions…

Dana Specht spanks Sarah on her big bare bottom really hard

Sarah gets a nice hard hand spanking and her big, bare bottom looks lovely in this photo as she stands up…

Sarah Gregory's big, bare, spanked bottom

Sarah and her cousin Alex are on a trip with mom looking at colleges. They believe that part of touring colleges is checking out the party scene. Momma has a different idea and is very disappointed to get a call from the cops that her daughter and niece have been arrested for being at a party with alcohol. They try to argue their way out of their spanking but once Momma has made up her mind to spank these naughty brats, there is no turning back.

Momma prepares the second big bottom by pulling down the panties over her knee

You can watch these two beautiful bottoms get spanked really hard by the extremely strict Dana Specht at Momma Spankings and also the great-value multi-site pass… Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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Nude New Year’s Paddling

Belinda Lawson prepares for her New Years' nude paddling

Most spankings are not strictly asked for… or maybe they are all asked for indirectly… anyway, Belinda Lawson actually asks for a hard paddling to see in the new year at Firm Hand Spanking! It’s the stroke of midnight but it’s more than just the bells chiming. Twelve hard strokes land on Belinda’s lovely rear with her bending over the desk completely naked.

Nude Welsh babe Belinda Lawson gets into position for the paddle

We love beautiful Welsh blonde Belinda Lawson! She volunteered to ring in 2014 with a tough 12-swat paddling on the chimes of midnight, completely nude! A large Texas school paddle delivers impressive spanking action, shot from multiple angles. HOT!

Stripped naked and paddled, Belinda Lawson gets 12 swats with the punishment board on the chimes of midnight: Happy New Year!

Watch this sexy new year’s eve paddling and many more sexy spankings at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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Top Grl

Mona Wales ties up and dominates Bonnie Day in Top Grl

In “Mona Wales Makes Bonnie Day Uncomfortable” on Top Grl, the poor submissive, Bonnie Day, is obviously tormented by Mona Wales. It’s much more BDSM/bondage than spanking but it’s a nice scene to highlight the website with. It’s a stark setting with Mona and Bonnie together in a large white room with nothing but BDSM equipment. Then the action switches to another room where Bonnie is fixed to a rack and Bonnie teases her with hot and cold, and whipping her perky bottom.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Never have such simple words come with such a sinister understanding. Bonnie Day is staring at Mona Wales’ naked, perfect body, and she is filled with a combination of dread and longing. Mona is known for being a cruel sadist, and Bonnie can already tell that she won’t be able to refuse her when she begins to make demands. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said. But how can Bonnie be comfortable when she is practically jumping out of her skin with anticipation.

The first demand was simple, all Bonnie had to do was take off her clothes. She was nervous, stripping in front of a beautiful woman who clearly had no problem showing off her own body. But she complied without complaining. It felt good to be nude, even in that chilly room.

It felt even better to submit to the will of another. She heard and she obeyed. She didn’t resist or protest. It was easier this way. It felt right. Letting Mona have her way is how Bonnie would be happy. It’s how she would be fulfilled.

“Mona Wales Makes Bonnie Day Uncomfortable” gallery

For more brutal and stark lesbian BDSM go to Top Grl!

Top Grl

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Russian Detention with Amelea Dark

Amelea Dark arrests Paris Kennedy in Russian Detention

The new scene on Girl Spanks Girl features a spanking model we haven’t seen before: Amelea Dark!

Amelea plays the strict officer in “Russian Detention” and it’s a very nice debut! She may be in her uniform but the tiny hotpants make her quite a sexy and risqué police officer. When she finds something untoward with Paris’s luggage she does not hesitate to stop, question and spank the pretty, tattooed American…

Paris Kennedy gets spanked OTK by the strict Russian officer

Paris Kennedy is traveling with some suspicious items in her suitcase when she is detained by a strict Russian Officer (played by Amelea Dark). Amelea decides to teach this privileged American lady some strict Russian discipline and spanks her hard.

With her panties pulled down poor Paris gets spanked hard in the detention office

Amelea Dark spanks Paris Kennedy in Russian Detention – gallery

But Paris is no passive USA chick, she is tough and knows how to fight back.

This is just the first part of the storyline, at the end Paris escapes leaving the police officer with a sore bottom as she does so. She spanks Amelea before running out of the detention office. But then, part two finds her re-captured and brought back in hand cuffs. Second time around Paris gets a hard spanking than before…!

You can see much more story-based hard spankings of sexy ladies including the Exclusive Education classroom spanking movies at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Bailey Paige trained with a Spanking

Striking redhead Veronica Ricci is not happy with new callgirl Bailey Paige

Here’s another new update from Spanked Call Girls, this time with innocent-looking Bailey Paige. She has a short hairstyle and a slender body making her look a little tomboy-ish, but this scene sees her change from rough-and-ready to pretty and feminine in the blink of an eye with Veronica’s help…

Bailey Paige gets spanked OTK on her bare bottom

Tiny and sexy new callgirl, Bailey Paige, did nothing correctly that Veronica instructed her to do. What is Veronica to do? Well, she must teach Bailey some discipline and turns her over her knee for a hard hand spanking, then has her change into the outfit she instructed her to wear.

Veronica Ricci trains the new callgirl Bailey Paige with a spanking – gallery

Until, finally she manages to wear the pretty dress that Veronica has given her…

Veronica flips up the dress to spank Bailey while she bends over the desk

To watch this full scene with sexy newbie Bailey Paige, and plenty more pretty porn stars and hookers getting spanked, check out Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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The Girlfriends

Mona Wales mediates between Lotus Lain and Dolly Leigh in The Girlfriends

The Girlfriends” is a very sexy recent scene from Whipped Ass.

Lotus Lain has moved in with Dolly Leigh’s ex boyfriend. Previously, Dolly turned his man cave into domesticated heaven right before he broke up with her. Now Lotus is reaping all the benefits. Attorney, Mona Wales, mediates the argument and poses unique solutions to their problem.

Mona bends the two feuding ladies over her desk and throws the book at them

Forget the ex, make up and fuck! The ladies aren’t as willing and Mona has to use dominance to teach them a lesson. Spanking, pussy licking, ass licking, strap-on anal, dildo gag and more…

Dolly Leigh is caned in The Girlfriends

There is plenty of flogging, spanking and caning in this scene, and there’s also some kinky rope bondage…

Lotus Lain and Dolly Leigh get their titties whipped with the flogger

The two submissives here: Lotus Lain (ebony) and Dolly Leigh (big boob) are both fairly new to porn/fetish but Mona is becoming an experienced hand at dominating sexy ladies. The Girlfriends is a very kinky three girl lesbian scene with more spanking than you’d normally find in a Whipped Ass episode. The other scenes still have plenty of spanking and whipping though, as the website name suggests, and it’s a good place to find the latest porn stars getting punished by mean lesbians.

Whipped Ass

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