Raging Wife Angry Mistress (Femdom)

Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory are both mad at Lee in Raging Wife Angry Mistress

Dana Specht arrives home and finds her husband Lee in bed with the lovely Sarah Gregory! She is livid and Sarah is shocked to learn he’s a married man. Needless to say, Sarah is not too happy with poor Lee either!

Dana Specht holds husband, Lee, in a leg lock while she gives him a severe paddling

The two irate ladies decide he needs to learn a lesson the hard way for his betrayal to the both of them and they take turns hand spanking, strapping, and paddling his bare bottom. Fast, non-stop action with no mercy shown to Lee as he cries and howls to their deaf ears. This punished husband ends up with a very red and bruised bottom.

The action is split into OTK, with Dana sitting on the bed and Lee getting firmly dealt with over her knee, but there’s also some double-spanking with Sarah and Dana spanking simultaneously. One cheek each! Neither lady needs any help, but both together Lee was always going to get very sore indeed… as you can see in this gallery.

Dana Specht holds her husband's legs while Sarah paddles his bottom - femdom

See, read and watch much more from Dana Specht at Dana Specht’s website!

Dana Specht


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Sunny Marie: Naked Nurse Spanked

Sunny Marie pretends to be a nurse and spanks student, Mary Jane Mayhem, OTK

This is a very sexy scene with sexy blonde Sunny Marie on Spanking Sorority Girls. Sunny dishonestly pretends to be a nurse. She lures a new student, the sexy brunette Mary Jane Mayhem, into having a very intrusive examination involving a rectal thermometer over her knee. But then, the examination continues and involves both ladies getting naked in a less than professional way – not like a medical examination at all. Mary Jane figures that it’s not a proper examination and that Sunny is not a proper nurse. So now, with both beauties completely naked (except for some ribbons in Mary Jane’s hair) it is Sunny Marie’s turn to be on the end of a spanking…

Mary Jane Mayhem spanks Sunny Marie nude OTK for pretending to be a nurse

Both ladies are pretty pornstars with nice bodies. So, even at the beginning with them both in their respective uniforms (a nurse’s uniform and a school uniform) you know that this is going to be a good movie. But things just keep on getting better. I like the photo of Sunny lifting up Mary Jane’s tiny plaid skirt. Then, when the tables turn the curvy brunette looks amazing spanking naughty Sunny. There’s even a nice ending with Mary Jane warning Sunny as she leaves.

See more preview photos in this gallery

If you like hot chicks spanking each other in sexy school uniforms then Spanking Sorority Girls is the site for you. There are a lot of very sexy cheerleader and plaid outfits! There is also some nice spanking action which ranges from fairly playful, to a hard canings… with plenty of sorority pledge paddling in the middle.

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Fae Dcay

Dana Kane lectures Fae Dcay while she is OTK

Sexy new spanking model, Fae Dcay, has made a few appearances on Dana Kane Spanks getting spanked very hard indeed by strict and smart Dana Kane. While she is definitely over the age of 18, she has a very youthful look to her, as you can see in these photos from the “OTK Daughter Discipline” movie. The petite model with the greyish hair and cute little bubble butt looks amazing over Dana’s knee… and she’s really spanked quite hard, as you can see from her reactions…

Fae Dcay gets spanked hard by Dana Kane with some nice reactions

As with all hard spankings the sexy spanking model ends up with a nicely reddened bottom. Dana inspects her handiwork and all is well with the world! She just has to make sure that naughty Fae Dcay has learnt her lesson. Dana does this by holding her chin, making sure she has her full attention, and continuing to lecture her about her behavior…

Fae Dcay is continued to be scolded after her spanking by strict Dana Kane

In another scene, Fae Dcay has a fever so goes to see her doctor, who happens to be Dana Kane. It’s another very hard spanking together with kinky stethoscope and temperature-taking action. This screencap shows off Fae’s lovely round and well-spanked bare bottom…

Doctor, Dana Kane inspects Fae Dcay's lovely round, well-spanked bottom

See much more of Fae Dcay and, of course, Dana Kane in the movies at her website: Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

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Violet October

Violet October and Arthur Sire in InViolet

We first mentioned Violet October in this post in a very sexy classroom scene with another newbie, Summer Hart, and Nikki Rouge. In that scene the slim blonde was alongside two forceful personalities so she almost got lost in the scene. Here, however, Violet is the main attraction as she gets some sexual therapy from Arthur Sire in “InViolet“. She seems to be enjoying the session enormously. With her glasses and very slim, untanned body with a couple of tattoos she seems like the ultimate kinky nerd.

When frustrated 22-year-old, Violet October, discovers her new health insurance covers sexual therapy, she immediately contacts the handsome Dr. Kurt Camphor who offers such services. The doctor listens attentively as the budding sophisticate describes her current sex life as dull and devoid of adventure. She complains that boys her age lack imagination and never do the things she knows will arouse her, such as spanking and other bottom centric forms of erotic stimulation. Dr. Camphor offers Violet immediate relief, in the form of a firmly impactful over the knee spanking, accompanied by the sort of advice an experienced top will feel compelled to give a beginner submissive. Although possessed of a petite bottom, charming little Violet craves hard spanking and her therapist quickly realizes that is just what his new patient needs.

This preview movie is from the second scene of the movie…

Violet’s hands-on spanking therapy takes on a more deeply erotic aspect when Dr. Camphor has her straddle a slim trestle bench that elevates her slim, pink and white bottom for examination and probing. Violet produces two sleek silicon toys she has obtained at a state-of-the-art sex shop and presents them to her therapist for use in the session. The toys find their way into her tiny bottom in turn, as the corporal punishment accelerates. The combination of anal insertion, hard spanking, strapping, paddling and cropping, soon has Violet responding ecstatically. This very real mini masochist manages her pain via grunts, grins and giggles, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t taking a hell of a licking or that the smacking doesn’t hurt. It’s just the pain is an essential component of her fantasy, the other key part of which is giving up control to someone who knows what they are doing.

They call the bench in this scene a “trestle bench” which is exactly like a spanking bench other than there are no rests for arms or legs. As a result, no only is Violet on her front straddling the bench with her pussy pressed against the black leather, but she’s having to balance herself by stretching down to the floor with those long legs. Violet may be naked but she’s still wearing a pair of black heels which aide this task slightly.

Arthur punishes slim blonde Violet October with a leather strap on the spanking bench

Along with the spanking, and cane, crop and leather paddle punishments, there is also the kinky anal insertions where Violet is punished while wearing a butt plug. It’s a very sexy and erotic scene with plenty of sexual touching and groping of Violet’s lovely pert breasts. She may be very slim with long legs, but sexy blonde Violet October has a lovely body with a small but rounded bottom.

Watch all three parts of this long erotic spanking movie (plus the other three-girl-switching classroom spanking scene, mentioned above) at Shadow Lane!

Shadow Lane

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Chelsea spanks Alex Reynolds

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Alex Reynolds OTK over her sexy short dress

The Momma Spankings website is all about mother / daughter roleplay and some pretty hard spankings. “Loving Discipline” features Chelsea Pfeiffer as the guest “mom” and Alex Reynolds plays her daughter. Alex is wearing a pretty, summer dress that rides up over her bottom deliciously as Chelsea starts to spank her, above.

As with most spankings of this kind, the daughter is normally either behaving badly or has a bad attitude… or both. By the time we get to this start of the scene there has normally been a prolonged period of bad behavior and by the time the scene starts the mom is at the end of her tether. Only one thing will rectify the situation and provide both attitude adjustment and justice… an OTK spanking. Spanking model, Alex, is well used to bratting and Chelsea plays a mother who reluctantly knows exactly how to deal with her, as a last resort.

Chelsea does the last thing she feels she can do to help Alex be a better behaved young woman; to give her a good, hard spanking. Alex is spanked until she cries real tears of remorse.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Alex Reynolds in Loving Discipline gallery

Once again, here there are two huge names in spanking, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alex Reynolds. And with Alex’s big bottom Chelsea knows she can go to town and give her a good, hard spanking. In fact not only does she give a hand spanking over Alex’s panties, then on her bare bottom, but she also uses two different hairbrushes on her.

Chelsea spanks Alex Reynolds on her bare bottom with a wooden hairbrush

If you enjoy loving spankings between two ladies in a fantasy mother-daughter scenario then Momma Spankings is the site for you! You can join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass for a great value deal!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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Visit Home Preview…

Snow Mercy, Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley in Visit Home

Here’s a quick preview for the brand new update to Girl Spanks Girl with one famous spanking model, one spanking porn star and a never-before-been-spanked-on-camera porn star…

Snow Mercy plays mom to Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley (in her first ever spanking scene). The two sisters are home from college when they start fighting about who took mom’s car back in the day. Mom gets fed up with their constant bickering and when they spill her wine, the last straw, she puts them over her knee, one by one, and gives each girl an old fahsioned spanking. Next morning, Snow finds out that the two sisters, Emily and Jenna, took her car back during the day without her knowledge. The angry mom gives them a second spanking for it on their already sore, spanked bottoms. After their second spanking in two days, the naughty girls spank each other in the sexy finale.

It is a joy to watch both sexy ladies getting spanked by Snow but the ending where they spank each other is electric! The “Visit Home” movie is currently being added, only on Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Kymberly Jane Femdom

Life Coach Kymberly Jane spanks a naughty husband in POV

Despite her being one of my favorite spanking models I’m not sure what to call her these days. Is it Kymberly Jane or is it Kay Richards? My best guess at the moment is that she started off using Kay for spanking but is now using her other moniker, the same one she uses for other porn, glamour and fetish photography. I suppose we’ll all have to make the transition eventually. Sigh.

Anyway, Kymberly Jane is definitely the lady I’d choose for all my Femdom needs if this F/M scene, “Life Coach Gives Painful Lesson“, is anything to go by. It’s the latest update on Clare Spanks Men and is shot partly in P.O.V. with some angles looking at Kym’s ankles as if you’re actually over her knee. Other camera angles are looking up at her as she wields, and swings that big, wooden paddle.

There are paddles and there are paddles! It’s quite a mean looking wooden paddle she has in this movie. It’s hard and solid-looking but with four large holes along the center for aerodynamic ease-of-use. It’s big but not too big that you’d have to stand up to use it. This wooden paddle definitely looks like the perfect implement for a hard OTK paddling, with the emphasis on the word “hard“!

Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards) is a life coach who teaches wives’ husbands painful lessons. She starts with a stern lecture, then puts the man over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a paddle, lecturing him the entire time, then sending him home with a sore, bruised bottom.

Life Coach Kymberly Jane spanks a naughty husband in POV – femdom spanking gallery

Busty Life Coach Kymberly Jane Femdom movie ends with her standing by the white board

Watch this hard-hitting scene with Kay, I mean, Kymberly Jane and many more femdom, F/M spanking movies at Clare Spanks Men!

Clare Spanks Men

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Chloe Amour Spanks Veronica

Chloe Amour Spanks Veronica Ricci OTK

It’s easy to get your mind boggled by this scene on Spanked Callgirls where sexy Chloe Amour spanks Veronica Ricci. Chloe is wearing the tiniest black and white striped top that barely covers her breasts, while Veronica is wearing a navy blue and white checked dress. The combination of the stripes and the checks is almost hypnotizing! But if that combo isn’t distracting enough, the sign of these two hotties in a nice bare bottom OTK scene will have you drooling…

Chloe Amour spanks Veronica Ricci OTK with hairbrush

…in many F/F scenes there are plenty of boobs and bottoms. With Chloe in the tiniest of bra tops and Veronica’s big, white bottom bared for her spanking this is very much the case here. Sometimes it almost looks like you can see a part of Chloe’s areola but it may be the hypnotizing effect of her stripey top.

New girl Chloe Amour has been asked to keep an eye on Veronica Ricci, who happens to get very drunk. So Chloe has no choice other than to teach Veronica a lesson by putting her over her knee for a spanking with her hand and hairbrush.

Chloe Amour Spanks Veronica Ricci with hand and hairbrush OTK – gallery

Veronica almost wriggles onto the floor after one hard smack of the hairbrush

Spanked Callgirls is the website that puts pornstars and fetish models mingling together in a house of ill repute and on-call at hotels. Latina porn star Chloe Amour, and Veronica Ricci (originally a glamour model but now a well-loved spanking model in her own right) are two good examples! Both are very beautiful with very nice, round spankable bottoms. In this case Chloe plays the top very well and Veronica can’t help but play a very bratty bottom…

While it’s always nice to see sassy Veronica get her comeuppance, there’s usually a round two where she gets her own back on whichever lady has spanked her. We hope it’s the case here too!

You can see much more of Veronica and some more of Chloe too over the five websites, each with exclusive content, at Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

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