• Lily Banks has joined a new school where she meets Angelica

    We’ve not had any sorority girl spankings for what seems like too long, so here goes with a sexy school girl spanking…

    Lily Banks is starting at a new school, the rival one. There she meets fellow new student Angelica, who is tall, exotic, with a curvy bottom and a bratty attitude. Lily quickly shows Angelica how things are done at her old school and she spanks her over her knee. But the bigger girl always wins the spanking battle in the end.

    Lily Banks demonstrates the discipline she’s been used to at her old school on bratty Angelica’s lovely round bottom

    Lily Banks has appeared on Spanking Sorority Girls before, and also on Spanked Callgirls but this is the first I’ve seen of this Angelica! Both ladies compliment each other in this scene; the small blond and the tall Latina. There is also some nice girl-on-girl spanking with two lovely bare bottoms getting spanked, see below.

    Lily demonstrates the discipline she's been used to at her old school on bratty Angelica's lovely round bottom

    With Lily moving to another school this is one of the diverse storylines at Spanking Sorority Girls. There are plenty of girl-on-girl spankings OTK with the hand and the pledge paddle, plus lots of naughty ladies in kinky school uniforms, as with this scene.

    Spanking Sorority Girls

  • Boss beautiful blonde boss Gigi Allens calls Josh into her office

    If Alexis Grace took to femdom like a duck to water the same applies to Gigi Allens who looks incredible in this F/M scene.

    The blonde aussie is a statuesque boss of a company and one of her employees isn’t working hard enough. Unlucky for him, or perhaps luckily for him, Josh Day is that member of staff. Ms Allens calls him into her office, looks down on him from her considerable height in heels and booms that he has the option of either getting fired or taking a course in efficiency training. But, Josn soon realises what his boss means by “training” when he takes a trip over her shapely lap while his tall, beautiful boss gives him a hard hand-spanking, lecturing him all the time about working harder and faster in future.

    Boss Gigi Allens Spanks Worker – gallery

    Beautiful blond boss Gigi Allens spanks worker Josh Day OTK

    To see more of Gigi Allens and the many impressive ladies taking control of some submissive men, check out Clare Spanks Men!

    Clare Spanks Men

  • Teen Rebecca Blaze is told off by her step dad

    We sometimes have a scene from a hardcore website that features a bit of spanking and this is a nice example from brand new teen hardcore website, Petite 18.

    The website has several versions of the step-daughter / step-dad fantasy. In another scene a spicy Latina doesn’t want to get in trouble with her mom so she asks her step dad to take the blame for wrecking her mom’s car – he’ll be in the doghouse for a while so the horny teen sweetened the deal with her tight pussy. This scene is a little different but the outcome is the same, plus it has the added bonus of a little spanking.

    Step dad spanks naughty teen Rebecca Blaze OTK in her latex gym outfit

    Rebecca Blaze has been a very bad girl so her step dad spanks the heck out of her not realizing that the naughty teen is actually turned on by his spanking. He decides to switch gears and punish her by fucking her tight teen pussy and warm mouth with his massive pecker then when that punishment doesnt seem effective, he impales her on his big dick and makes her ride it until she learns her lesson.

    Rebecca Blaze getting spanked and fucking her step dad – sample movie

    Step dad rips open the horny teens's shorts when he finds a hole

    For fantasy scenarios featuring slim and sexy amateur teens giving blowjobs and fucking see more at Petite 18!

    Petite 18

  • Secretaries Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton about to be spanked by boss, Patrick Bateman
    Secretaries Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton about to be spanked by boss, Patrick Bateman

    The concept of a submissive lady wanting to be spanked is very appealing, especially if she wants to be spanked not because she enjoys it but to prove something. It could be two ladies competing for the attention of a man or, as in this case, two ladies trying to prove they they are the top secretary. That’s what happens here.

    Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton are both secretaries who are fighting to prove to their boss which one is the best. Their competitiveness extends to when the boss has to chastise them both. Both Stacy and Alison try to get spanked more and harder by their boss, Mr Bateman.

    One of our hottest spanking scenes ever: hard, fast action from the get-go! Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton compete to be top Secretary. “Sir, you’re not going hard enough!” Unbelievable, as she takes 315 butt-bouncing smacks before Stacy lays on top for 65!

    This scene is labelled as “Hard and Fast” and to be fair I’ve probably seen harder and faster but the two ladies here are very sexy and Alison Miller’s bottom in particular bounces delightfully as she gets put through her paces. The two are also allowed to keep their panties on, which is quite common at Firm Hand Spanking and will please fans of spanking in panties… although these are not regulation white knickers, these are black thongs which allow privacy without offering much protection from the spanking. The thongs are even pulled further into the ladies bottoms as they get a kind of wedgie while being spanked…

    Epic hard, fast 380-smack double spanking with secretaries Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton

    Alison and Stacy stand together facing the wall with hands on their head and spanked bottoms on display
    Alison and Stacy stand together facing the wall with hands on their head and spanked bottoms on display

    The following scene is an extension of the secretaries theme with Stacy Stokton getting spanked with a ping pong paddle while sexy Alison watches. There is more ping pong paddle action with Stephanie Murray getting a paddling from gorgeous Dani Daniels. All of this can be watched in full at Firm Hand Spanking.

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Joelle Barros gets pulled over John's knee in her school uniform

    Is one punishment enough? Not always. Joelle Barros demonstrates how forgery and a bad attitude can lead to a double dose of discipline from dad.

    Dad receives a phone call from Joelle’s school that the signature on her report card has been forged. When she gets home dad is waiting for her with a very stern look on his face and a paddle and hairbrush in hand. When Joelle has an attitude with him, it only makes him more upset and disappointed in her. She gets the spanking she very much deserves that afternoon.

    John spanks naughty Joelle's bottom over his knee

    Then later that evening he has cause to visit Joelle’s bedroom and discovers that the naughty lady requires a second session with the hairbrush…

    Joelle gets a second punishment when she is paddled with a hairbrush in bedroom

    “Dad’s Discipline Doubled” is one of the latest episodes at Sarah Gregory Spanking and can also be joined together with Momma Spankings on Sarah Gregory Pass!

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

  • Cute Asian Koko Kitten spanks Veronica Ricci in the kitchen

    Cute little petite Asian babes and spanking go together like peaches and cream. There is something about all those depictions of submissive Asian and Japanese ladies of days gone by – in particular geisha girls, Anime, and crazy Japanese gameshows – that lends itself to power play. Whether the “submissive” Asian babe is on the top or bottom of the situation she is so cute and brings an extra dimension to the role play. When she is dominant it turns the tables on convention! Having a cute, sweet Asian lady dominate and other lady or even a man can be very sexy indeed!

    In this scene Koko Kitten and redheaded beauty Veronica Ricci are in the kitchen and little Asian Koko is topping. It looks like Veronica already has a very sore bottom so this is a fun and playful spanking involving a cucumber…!

    Cute Asian Koko Kitten spanks Veronica Ricci in the kitchen – gallery

    For more sexy girl-on-girl spankings including the two beauties here and many more sexy babes and the occasional kitchen vegetable you’ll want to see much more of Girl Spanks Girl. You can see more of Koko across all the Clare Fonda websites along with other Asian spanking models and porn stars like Sharon Lee, Vicki Chase and formerly Mika Tan and Asia Berlin.

    Girl Spanks Girl

  • Dana Specht gives Sarah Gregory a very hard OTK hand spanking

    Not every scene is what I would call a real punishment spanking, some scenes are much lighter and much more playful. This reflects reality where some people prefer a lighter spanking and some people prefer/need a harder spanking. When it comes to harder spankings sometimes two strangers are going to be very cautious when spanking for the first time, it can take a while before each person is comfortable enough to go to the limits of tolerance. That’s why seeing two people who have played for a long time, often very hard, is the only way to get a really hard punishment that can literally end in tears.

    Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory have a Momma/Daughter relationship which often results in some very hard spankings. This is one of those times! While it is just a hand spanking, it is a hard hand spanking as you can see from Sarah’s expression…

    Sarah was having a very stressful few days with the play that she was in being over. In theater this is known as “post show drop.” Luckily Momma Dana was staying with her baby girl and could give her little girl just what was needed.

    Stress Relief Spanking gallery with Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory

    For more real discipline between Sarah Gregory and Momma Dana Specht check out Momma Spankings!

    Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

  • Mia Vallis, Jasmine Mendez and Bettie Bondage

    Readers will know that one of the things I like the most about sites like My Spanking Roommate are the story lines that sometimes weave in and out of different characters and venues, and can often lead to revenge spankings.

    This scene is a continuation of when Jasmine was auditioning for roommates where she let both applicants move in with her on condition she that spank them both for their bratty behavior. Now, the two ladies have moved in but have to share a room while Jasmine lives it up in a spacious room of her own. That would be fine if the rent was divided accordingly but it seems that all three are splitting the rent into thirds. Something has to give and luckily for us all three sexy ladies end up getting spanked in this gorgeous scene.

    Jasmine Mendez is one of my current spanking crushes and I mentioned before that I liked seeing her dominate the two roommates but was very much looking forward to her getting on the other end of a bare bottom spanking… that time has arrived! But not before she spanks the other two again. In a tight blue top that hugs her torso and shows off her cleavage and the skimpiest pair of cut-off denim shorts Jasmine looks amazing – slim, busty, long wavy hair and long legs. The beautiful Latina plays the role of a top extremely well and her look is both glamorous and strict when needed. Once again we see her masterfully dominate both ladies, but then the tables turn.

    Mia Vallis is an athletic-looking blonde who must be as strong, if not stronger than Jasmine, so together with curvy Bettie Bondage they overpower the strict Latina until she is draped helpless over Mia’s lap. Bettie helps to hold her in position while Mia gets to work on some hard-felt revenge.

    If Jasmine looks hot her co-stars in this scene are also looking much hotter than the earlier scene, in my opinion. Bettie is wearing a tight little black dress and Mia is in a low-cut top and little white skirt.

    Anyway, enough chat. For more of this scene the preview gallery is here.

    And, as always, you can catch up on this adventure plus many more sexy spanking storylines at My Spanking Roommate.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Intern Tara Somerville bends over and leans against the wall for a bare bottom strapping

    Over-the-knee (OTK) spankings are very popular, with good reason, due to the closeness between spanker and spankee giving a lot of control to the spanker and much humiliation to the spankee. But there are other positions too!

    Firm Hand Spanking is perhaps the one spanking website that is least reliant on the traditional OTK position as displayed by the three beautiful blondes in this gallery all bending over for their punishments in a non-OTK fashion.

    All three ladies are tall, slim blonds and are all very glamorous. Tara Somerville, above, bends over slightly leaning against the wall for her strapping with the leather tawse. Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over the back of a chair for her session with the strap. And also, gorgeous Adrienne Black bends over with her bottom in the air with her hands supporting herself on the white couch for a stinging encounter with a riding crop. Three different blondes, three different positions, three nice scenes!

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Fiona Murphy's Real Discipline Request

    Fiona Murphy is one of the newest spanking models buth with her nice body and girl-next-door looks she is becoming a favorite of ours already. She’s a brunette with a reddish tint to her hair. We’ve seen her in another nude spanking scene recently but this time she is asking for a “real punishment”. Of course, the lady she is asking is none other than Dana Kane so she is guaranteed to get exactly what she’s asking for… and probably a bit more.

    The “Real Punishment Requests” are generally from spanking models who we all see getting spanked frequently on camera, and are also spanked a lot off camera. Sometimes these models in particular need a no-holds-barred punishment-style spanking that is harder than they may get in their other scenes and sessions. It’s probably a bit like porn stars or hookers who have a lot of sex but somehow when they have sex at work it doesn’t satisfy them, if anything it teases them into wanting more sex when they’re not working.

    Anyway, back to Fiona. After asking and being granted a real punishment, Fiona strips naked…

    Fiona Murphy's Real Discipline Request

    What follows is a nice, hard spanking of a sexy, slim model. I hadn’t thought about it before (or if I had I’ve forgotten about it) but Dana Kane is left-handed, as you can see below…

    Fiona Murphy's Real Discipline Request

    For plenty more naughty ladies and misbehaving men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy left-handed Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

    Dana Kane Spanks

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