Clown Spanking

Jamie Hendrix spanks Celeste Star at My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate has a very colorful F/F spanking with brunette beauties Jamie Hendrix and Celeste Star! “Episode 227: Clown Spanking” sees both ladies spanking each other over the knee in the kitchen. While it’s the first time we’ve posted about Jamie you can see her in more scenes here and there’s plenty of Celeste Star on this website.

The episode is called Clown Spanking and Celeste Star has been asked by Jamie to dress up as a clown to entertain everyone at her sister’s birthday party. Celeste, in her colorful outfit, is less than happy about the prospect so Jamie gives her a motivational spanking. Not only does sexy Celeste have some great reactions to the spanking, but her boobs also fall out of the colorful clown outfit…

Celeste Star's facial reactions to her OTK spanking

The clown outfit could also be a Brazilian carnival outfit. With the sexy slit at the from, short skirt and stockings, she’s definitely a sexy entertainer. Which makes it even sweeter when Jamie pulls down her panties and starts spanking her on the bare bottom…

Beautiful Celeste Star's bare bottom gets spanked

Celeste Star and Jamie Hendrix are roommates. When Celeste owes Jamie a favor, Jamie demands she go work as a clown at her little sister’s birthday party. She spanks Celeste to help convince her. But when Celeste returns she spanks Jamie to let her know how bad this party was. She spanks her for a long time, over her knee, right in the kitchen, still wearing her clown outfit.

Celeste Star and Jamie Hendrix spank each other – gallery

If Celeste is beautiful with amazing reactions, Jamie is equally as attractive and has some nice reactions too. While she probably does not react as much as Celeste, she does react, as shown by the photo below of the return spanking after the party…

Jamie Hendrix reacts to her OTK spanking

You can see this sexy and colorful spanking scene at My Spanking Roommate. Or, see much more of both ladies at the amazing value mega-site pass that is: Clare Fonda Pass!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Strapping and Paddling

Cheerleader Stevie Rose is called into the Principal's office for a hard strapping and paddling

You may have seen Michael Masterson at Real Spankings, well here he is in this strapping and paddling scene at Cheerleader Spankings dealing with the always naughty Stevie Rose for the first time. He’s known for hard punishment-style spanking and that’s just what he brings to poor Stevie in “Stevie Strapped and Paddled“.

It’s quite unusual for such a hard spanking to not have a warm-up hand-spanking first, but it looks like this is in a hotel, possibly at a spanking party, and it looks like Stevie’s bottom may have received some attention recently. Which is just as well because Michael does not hold back. He lays into the pretty blonde’s bottom from the start.

To begin with he uses a large leather strap over her white panties. Luckily for her, the panties stay on for the duration of the strapping. This is one of those hard punishments that you don’t need to guess how hard the spanking is, you can tell from Stevie’s reactions. Submissively she keeps herself in position well but she cannot control her face after each painful blow on her buttocks.

The suspense builds for Stevie until she is finally made to bend over his desk for a very hard strapping and paddling. No warm up, no hand spanking, he gets right to business on this bad cheerleader’s behind.

Cheerleader Stevie Rose get a hard punishment gallery

Next, he moves onto a large wooden paddle or punishment board. Continuing to punish the naughty cheerleader over her panties before eventually pulling down those white panties and exposing her bare bottom for the first time. It’s almost like everything up to this point was a warm-up. With bottom exposed to the large wooden punishment board the punishment can really begin.

Watch this very hard punishment with pretty blonde Stevie Rose at Cheerleader Spankings!

Cheerleader Spankings

Oral and Spanking

Scarlet Learns About Oral and Spanking from Veronica Ricci

Most things you can learn by going to school or college, or these days you can do a Google search and read about it. But how do you learn to be a hooker?? The obvious answer would be to 1) watch lots of porn and 2) have lots of sex. Here, a new callgirl needs a little extra help. In “Scarlet Learns About Oral and Spanking”, Veronica Ricci shows her how to give a blowjob. Of course, while that would still be very entertaining on it’s own, at this website, Spanked Callgirls, there has to also be some spanking…

Scarlet is a new callgirl who gets special training from Veronica about how to please orally using the handle of a wooden paddle for demonstration, and all about discipline, using her hand and the same wooden paddle to give a painful spanking.

Veronica Ricci spanking Jordana Leigh at Spanked Callgirls gallery

And, luckily for us, Veronica also gets her big bottom smacked by Scarlet. Here, that soft round bottom is starting to turn a lovely shade of red…

Veronica Ricci also takes a beating at Spanked Callgirls

The Scarlet here has appeared under a few different names, most recently, Jordana Leigh, and before that Scarlett Summers.

This is another nice and sexy scene with two sexy ladies both in slutty outfits spanking each other til their bare bottoms get nice and red. For plenty more naughty callgirls check out Spanked Callgirls! And to explore the much more spankings, including a whole plethora of Veronica Ricci scenes, you’ll want the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

Harley Havik’s Big Round Bottom

Harley Havik is told off by momma, Tasha Lee

We’ve talked before about how different clothing can enhance different parts of the female body. Here, we see how some old-fashioned 1950’s pajamas make Harley Havik’s Big Round Bottom even bigger than it is! In this previous scene her curvy bottom does not appear nearly as big, but aided by the dropseat pajamas she appears much curvier in the latest scene, “Slacking Daughter“, on Momma Spankings!

But, perhaps it is not only the clothing, the spanking position here is “over the knee” which also makes the bottom protrude and seem fuller. Wearing the kind of pajamas that bare the bottom, like a dropseat or part like these to reveal Harley’s bare bottom make her seem very soft and curvy indeed. Now, with her laying across momma’s knee, bottom thrust up in the air and ass cheeks parting slightly she is truly ripe for a hard spanking. Sure enough Momma lays into those sweet buttocks with verve! Tasha Lee plays momma and starts off by giving poor Harley a hard hand spanking…

Momma spanks Harley's bare bottom in dropseat pajamas

Harley Havik is a sexy spanking model with long golden hair and some nice spanking reactions. She’s getting punished for not looking after her pet horse properly. These days we’d take a very dim view of neglecting animals, but even back when this scene was set they also cared about animals and little things like chores and responsibilities. So, it is for these reasons that Harly gets an ass whooping in her bedroom. Next up, as this is such a serious matter, momma reaches for her hairbrush…

Harley Havik wails and sobs while momma beats her big round bottom with a hairbrush

In this old fashioned style film, Harley has been neglecting her responsibilities to her horse. She must brush, feed, and clean his stall every day. Momma find that again she has not done this chore and confronts a bratty daughter.

So, what do you do with a big round bottom belonging to a naughty brat… you spank it hard and long… Tasha really goes to town with the hairbrush on Harley Havik’s bare ass and this scene is definitely a punishment-style spanking. The hard, fast smacks from the wooden hairbrush get the expected reaction from Harley and soon she is wailing and sobbing over momma’s knee.

Harley Havik's Big Round Bottom gets spanked with the hairbrush

Tasha really spanks Harley hard and every strike from the hard wooden hairbrush makes her big bottom quiver and wobble with the force of impact as she wails and sobs. You can imagine a real-life spanking happening exactly like this and even for similar reasons, in the past.

There’s plenty more strict maternal discipline and 1950’s style punishments at Momma Spankings. And you can see more of Harley Havik on Sarah’s other website, both of which are available through Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Superheroine Spank-Off

Catgirl battles Ultra Red in a Superheroine Spank-Off

Girl Spanks Girl seems to be the place for cosplay spankings at the moment! What with Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy donning superheroine outfits and spanking each other, and now this, they are really loving the fun and colorful spankings!

This time it is Alexis Grace and… who is this?? She looks a little familiar behind that mask but it’s been a while since we’ve seen her. It’s Mary Jane!! I’m not sure if it’s the mask or the outfit or the fact that Alexis is quite tall but Mary Jane looks smaller than I remember her. Anyway, she definitely matches up well with Alexis in this superheroine spank-off! Alexis Grace plays Catgirl with her ray gun and Mary Jane plays Ultra Red with a bright red leotard and a sword. Both ladies look particularly sexy in their skimpy outfits, and we almost didn’t recognise Mary Jane in that red mask.

Mary Jane spanks Alexis Grace OTK with a plastic sword

That is until the spanking starts… Catgirl is the first to get spanked and Ultra Red spanks her with that sword over the knee. Then powerful Alexis manages to overpower Mary Jane and struggles with her on the floor, getting her in a vice-like grip with her legs while spanking her with that same sword.

Alexis overpowers Mary Jane and spanks her on the floor gripping her in a powerful leg grip

It’s good to see Mary Jane again and scenes with Alexis are always very good. Unfortuately, this isn’t a bare bottom punishment but it’s still a lot of fun and worthwhile checking out if you like either or both ladies and/or cosplay…

Is this a comeback? Has Mary Jane returned to spanking for good? Or is it just a flash in the pan? Has this stunning vixen spanked her last bare bottom on our computer screens? Find out in the next thrilling episode of Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Top and Bottom

Melanie Taylor and Dani Daniels in navy uniform

Top and Bottom refers to Dani Daniels as she both spanks and is spanked at Firm Hand Spanking this week.

The first scene sees Dani once again spanking Melanie Taylor in the “Naval Discipline” series. Both ladies are very sexy and beautiful but this scene is notable for a couple of reasons. 1) it’s a spanking with a ping pong paddle… while this is quite a common implement to be involved with spanking it is used much less than the dreaded hairbrush or many other paddles. And 2) Melanie appears to be sleeping in bed in a dress, and while it was too early to get up for a 7am drill there was plenty of time for makeup. (I’m being very harsh here as the vast majority of models wear makeup in every scene and there are plenty of early morning spanking movies).

Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to see Dani Daniels in action as as “Top”, she’s definitely assisted in her strictness by that sexy naval uniform…

Naval Discipline can be tough! Dani Daniels delivers a spanking to remind Melanie Taylor not to miss 7am drill. Lying flat on her bed, Mel’s bottom bounces from Dani’s ping pong paddle before she’s told to bend over the end and pull down her panties for a bare bottom, cheek jiggling extra spanking. Awesome slow-mo replay!

Dani Daniels tops Melanie Taylor

But next, Dani is a “Bottom” and she gets spanked to tears by Richard Anderson with the strap. It’s another nice nude spanking with hit body Dani… and it also has tears…

Real tears, Dani Daniels totally nude with her perfect, jutting bottom red & bouncing from a punishment strapping: all the elements of a perfect fantasy in Naval Discipline. Richard Anderson needs her bottom bare for his strap and, as she’s wearing a swimsuit, it has to come off to bare her breasts too! See Dani cry on camera…

Dani Daniels bottoms as she gets a nude strapping

Interestingly, neither scene is an OTK scene, and not even the third scene this week is OTK. You can see Dani Daniels top and bottom this week at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Slacking Off Punishment

MILF Clare Fonda returns to Spanked Callgirls

Clare Fonda hasn’t been appearing infront of the camera in spanking scenes as much as she used to so it’s good to see her return in this update at Spanked Callgirls. You might remember that Clare is the brothel madam, but she has let other senior callgirls take over her duties recently so she could do other stuff. When she gets a visit from her friend, Double Dan, he decides to teach her a lesson in not slacking off. And what a way to do it! The slacking off punishment is a hard OTK spanking over her shorts, panties and then on her bare bottom.

Clare Fonda has been slacking off on that agency that still bears her name. Her good friend Double Dan decides to teach her a lesson. Clare thinks it will be fun until he goes all out on her bottom, turning in bright red and in great pain. She gets the message.

Clare Fonda Spanked by Double Dan gallery

When such a MILF as Clare misbehaves you can really go to town on her naughty ass, and that’s exactly what Dan does. Not only is it a hard OTK spanking of one of the top names in spanking, but it’s plenty hard enough to get some very nice reactions. With Dan grabbing her wrist to stop her from covering her behind, the photo below shows exactly how Clare is feeling about the punishment…

Clare Fonda's reactions in her Slacking Off Punishment

This is a nice hard “welcome back” to Clare, who gets a very hard OTK spanking with just the hand. But sometimes you don’t need implements if you spank hard enough, and this slacking off punishment was very effective indeed.

You can see plenty more of Clare spanking all the naughty callgirls plus getting some hard spankings herself at Spanked Callgirls. There have been some hard spankings there and there is often a situation where one callgirl spanks another, then gets spanked herself in return. We love switches! And, while she has officially retired from giving and receiving spankings herself, there are some new scenes, like this one, and plenty more older spanking scenes with Clare and many many more spanking models at Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

Sexy Spanking

Sexy Spanking with busty MILF Christina Carter and pretty redhead Luna Lain

There are always some very sexy spanking updates at the Sarah Gregory Pass websites, this is no exception.

Luna’s Luscious Spanking” features redhead Luna Lain and busty brunette MILF, Christina Carter, wearing hardly anything at all and getting kinky on the bed. Both ladies start off in brightly colored lingerie – Christina in turquoise and Luna in hot pink lingerie – that seems to contrast nicely together! Luna is also wearing tan stockings. Christina spanks her OTK with her hand, then positions her on the soft quilt so that she can slap her tender cheeks with a riding crop.

Christina Carter and Luna Lain are girlfriends and Luna is craving some sexy spanking fun. She wants her girlfriend to spank her, undress her, spread her legs, grab her ass, and slap it until it is nice and pink. You don’t want to miss these two hot women moaning in pleasure as they play!

Luna Lain and Christina Carter in “Luna’s Luscious Spanking” gallery

Big tit MILF spanks pretty young redhead in a very sexy spanking

This spanking between two female lovers is nice because it is a form of foreplay between the two beauties… not every spanking has to be brutal, sensual spankings can also hit the spot! There is a nice contrast between the stunning, dominant MILF with large breasts and a dark tan and the younger innocent redhead. I also like Luna’s stockings, they’re almost exactly the color of her skin so you might not notice them apart from the black seam along the back of her legs. While it is a playful spanking Luna’s lovely bottom still gets quite pink and there is plenty of caressing to go with the sensual slapping.

Watch this scene right now at Sarah Gregory Spanking along with many more very sexy spankings and plenty of much harder punishment spankings too!

Sarah Gregory Spanking