Girls caned by the Warden in Prison

Female inmates are caned by the Warden in Spank Camp

What makes an ass spanking or a caning a harsh punishment for a girl? Is it the actual pain involved? Is it that her ass cheeks will remain sore for some time after her punishment? Or is it the humiliation of having her bottom bared and submitting to the spanker? There is a case for all three, but in this group of girls caned gallery there is the added humiliation of each girl being held in place by her cellmates with the bonus of the male guard looking on.

I like the fact that even though there is a man present, this is most definitely a girl-girl caning scene. The male officer looks on, making sure everything goes well with the punishments but does not interfere with the strict lady officer whose job it is to swing the cane. If he is her supervisor he has nothing to worry about because she is expert at what she does and gives all three girls a thorough caning.

The prison caning must be one of the hardest spanking fantasies, and this movie is no different. The small but extremely strict lady has to not only punish these three girls but she knows the severity of the punishment will be a strong message to other girls who might be thinking about misbehaving. Despite today’s triple caning you can bet there will be plenty more girls caned at Spank Camp!!

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