Hard Diaper Position Paddling for naughty Girl

Hard Diaper Position Paddling for naughty Girl

The diaper position is the most humiliating position for a girl to be spanked in. With her legs held up in the air her ass and pussy are on display and she cannot wriggle around as much as she might for an OTK spanking.. all she can do is protect her butt with her hands which she really does not want to do if, like in this diaper-position spanking, a large, wooden paddle is being used.

This naughty girl’s spanking is entirely in the diaper-position. she starts off with her jeans on so the strict lady swings the strap extra hard to make sure she can feel the punishment through the thick denim. But, that’s not all. Part two or the punishment ups the ante with the large, wooden paddle, a fearsome object for any girl, even over her jeans. Still holding her legs up in the air the strict woman swings the paddle at her naughty ass.

One reason that the diaper-position is not as common as the OTK spanking is probably that it is quite hard work for the spanker. This woman is slim and feminine, especially with her lovely boobs poking through that light blue T-shirt, but she is strong enough to hold this bad girl and smack her ass at the same time. And what a finale there is. With the girl’s jeans removed she’s naked from the waist down and the final smacks of the paddle on her bare ass are hard and fast.

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