Cheerleader Spanking Epic!

Cheer coach Snow Mercy starts a round of cheerleader spanking in Exclusive Education 9

As reported recently in this preview, “Exclusive Education 9” has arrived on Girl Spanks Girl and this year’s twist is that all the naughty ladies happen to be cheerleaders and are all wearing their sexy uniforms for the summer Cheer Camp with coach, Snow Mercy.

As is the case every year, there are a lot of girls – each and every one gets several OTK spankings. And every year there is a good mix of different models, this year being a particularly good year with a very diverse mix of naughty cheerleaders. The main protagonist and the reason for all the spankings that follow, is Christy Cutie, who instigates all the spanking when she gets into a fight with Willow and forces the other cheerleaders to all spank her while the coach is out of the room. These photos are from when the coach returns and finds her favorite cheerleader, Christy, getting picked on by the other girls. This leads to her taking each cheerleader one-by-one and spanking her over her knee with the hand.

Exclusive Education 9 – Cheerleader Spanking gallery

Ebony Chanell Heart is the next girl in line in this cheerleader spanking epic

Snow Mercy then invites poor Christy, who she still thinks is the innocent party in all this, to help her spank the cheerleaders. The two of them spank back-to-back with both the hand, then the wooden hairbrush, in a style that will be familiar to anyone who has seen one of the previous “Exclusive Education” movies…

Willow Lynn gets spanked with the hairbrush on her bare bottom OTK

Every year the latest “Exclusive Education” is much anticipated, and every year there is some kind of new twist and a different set of ladies who have their lovely behinds bared for a good spanking. This year’s crop is as good as ever with big names Christy Cutie and Alex Reynolds, being joined by emerging spanking starlets Willow Lynn and Koko Kitten, and pornstars Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez and Yasmine DeLeon, not to mention Lilly.

You can watch much of this cheerleader spanking epic right now at Girl Spanks Girl where you’ll also find the rest of the Exclusive Education movies (all 8 full length spanking movies)!

Girl Spanks Girl


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Expelled from School and Spanked

Casey Calvert is expelled from school for a second time

When naughty Casey Calvert gets expelled from school for a second time her dad is very dissapointed and angry. There is only one thing to do with naughty girls who continue to misbehave after they are given a second chance… “Expelled and Punished” is what happens when John discovers that he’ll have to look for yet another school for his daughter, if any schools will agree to take her now. It has to be a hard punishment with is being the second time she has been kicked out of school. John makes sure it’ll not only be the last time she gets expelled but the last time she thinks about being naughty…

John spanks naughty Casey's bare bottom over his knee

After a good scolding he knows just a hand spanking won’t cut it this time. He gives her a hard otk hand spanking on her bare bottom before taking leather and the hairbrush to his naughty daughter.

Casey Calvert gets punished with the leather paddle in “Expelled and Punished”

Casey Calvert gets expelled from school and punished with the leather paddle

After an OTK hand spanking and paddling the punishment takes another twist. Casey stands up and bends over a table for the remainder of her leather paddle punishment. The extra room gives John the ability to really swing the paddle at his daughter’s naughty bared bottom. Then, after the paddle comes that dreaded hairbrush…

To see this full spanking episode and many more anglo-american spankings with Sarah and her sexy girlfriends, including lovely Dani Hunt, join Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Dani Hunt: Bad Wedding Planner

Sarah is upset and disappointed with wedding planner Dani Hunt

Dani Hunt is one of the best-loved spanking models at the moment. She is a very pretty ebony spanking model and performs very well in front of the camera… and she’s also British! Dani brings her bubbly personality and enthusiasm to each scene. She gleefully talks herself into trouble then is soon squirming around over someone’s knee getting that lovely round, brown bottom spanked hard.

Here, Dani is a very bad wedding planner who is looking very smart and sexy in a tiny plaid skirt. She’s “bad” because she has basically done everything wrong in preparing for Sarah’s Wedding. Now the wedding is looking like it’ll be a disaster! Sarah Gregory is very disappointed and unhappy, she’s going to fire the wedding planner but first she decides to give her a spanking…

She pulls ebony Dani Hunt over the knee for a spanking

Sarah is very disappointed in her wedding planner. Not only does she have the wrong guest list, she has gotten the date and the name of the church wrong on the invitations she had made up. Sarah feels that before she fires this bad wedding planner, she needs to teach her a good lesson over the knee with a bare bottom spanking.

Bad wedding planner Dani Hunt is spanked on her bare bottom by Sarah Gregory

Dani Hunt is spanked on her bare bottom by Sarah Gregory

The spanking continues and lovely Sarah Gregory uses the wooden hairbrush on poor Dani’s bottom… Dani’s spanking continues with the hairbrush

Finally Sarah uses the hairbrush on ebony Dani Hunt's round bottom

To see this full spanking episode and many more anglo-american spankings with Sarah and her sexy girlfriends, including lovely Dani Hunt, join Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Joelle’s Double Discipline

Joelle Barros gets pulled over John's knee in her school uniform

Is one punishment enough? Not always. Joelle Barros demonstrates how forgery and a bad attitude can lead to a double dose of discipline from dad.

Dad receives a phone call from Joelle’s school that the signature on her report card has been forged. When she gets home dad is waiting for her with a very stern look on his face and a paddle and hairbrush in hand. When Joelle has an attitude with him, it only makes him more upset and disappointed in her. She gets the spanking she very much deserves that afternoon.

John spanks naughty Joelle's bottom over his knee

Then later that evening he has cause to visit Joelle’s bedroom and discovers that the naughty lady requires a second session with the hairbrush…

Joelle gets a second punishment when she is paddled with a hairbrush in bedroom

“Dad’s Discipline Doubled” is one of the latest episodes at Sarah Gregory Spanking and can also be joined together with Momma Spankings on Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Flight Attendant Spanking!

Nurse Cheyenne examines Flight Attendant Gigi Allens

Part 1 of “The Nurse and the Stewardess” is a very sexy and kinky affair. Obviously, with the two characters being two smart, uniformed ladies the concept is good from the off. Flight attendant, Gigi Allens, is having an examination from the nurse, Cheyenne Jewel, so that the airline can send her to work in the skies. During the examination Gigi is impatient with a bratty attitude so the no-nonsense nurse decides to teach her a lesson. Cheyenne manages to overpower Gigi and pull her down over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. As well as giving her a shot in the butt, Cheyenne also takes Gigi’s temperature rectally and violates her with a strap-on.

Stewardess Gigi gets flipped over and her bare bottom spanked

Stewardess Gigi gets flipped over and her bare bottom spanked

After her spanking tall, blonde beauty Gigi decides Cheyenne must be spanked in the name of justice and equality, so she spanks her so hard with a hairbrush that she actually breaks her brush. You can see nurse Cheyenne’s spanking here

This scene appears in the “Erotic” section due in no small part to the lesbian strapon sex in the middle of the scene, but it’s also quite a hard scene too. It’s the latest series to appear on the vast archive of all-female spankings that is Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl. Also, as you’ll probably be aware by now, Girl Spanks Girl is one of the three websites that is available on all three of the Clare Fonda Pass options for extra value!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Jenna and Maddy

Jenna spanks Maddy Marks hard with a hairbrush OTK

Jenna Rose really does have a very nice bottom!

This scene starts off with the sexy brunette diva seizing her opportunity to spank her new roommate, Maddy Marks. Maddy hasn’t paid her half of the rent and so Jenna takes her over the knee for a nice spanking with the hand and the hairbrush in an attempt to extract the money from her.

But when redheaded Maddy sees that Jenna has just spanked her with her own hairbrush she gets mad and forces the sexy brunette over her knee for a spanking of her own.

Maddy spanks Jenna Rose's gorgeous round bottom

This is when we see Jenna’s lovely round bottom. Did I saw what a pretty bottom she has? It’s a combination of a pleasingly round shape coupled with a beautiful tan. When her cheeks get spanked red the rosy red color against the backdrop of her smooth, golden bottom is just wonderful. There are some nice close-ups in this gallery but I think the photo below has to be my favorite, the angle makes Jenna’s bottom look like it sticks out even more than it does.. Mmmmm.

Jenna Rose and Maddy Marks hug after they've both been spanked

My Spanking Roommate is a spanking soap opera where there are some recurring storylines with different characters often returning to settle scores. While there are always new characters showing up there are also regular appearances from the two main characters Kay Richards and Madison Martin. Some of the characters you may recognize from other spanking websites, and some are beautiful and sexy glamour models like Veronica Ricci, and now Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, Jenna Rose.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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Briella Jaden

Briella Jaden

Briella Jaden is a famous fetish model who you can find directing, producing and starring in all sorts of fetish scenes… but today the kinky blond is getting spanked! On the phone in her sexy animal print dress Briella is otherwise engaged when grandma comes in. But the older relative soon makes her presence felt when she let’s Briella know exactly what is going to happen…

Grandma points to Briella Jaden's round booty in a tight animal print dress

Grandma pulls Briella over her knee and spanks her curvy bottom with the hand before going through her repertoire of implements. In the interview Briella talks about her old-fashioned upbringing where she was spanked by her mom, dad and grandma. Part of what makes the spankings old-fashioned spanking is the method. Wooden spoons, wooden boards and switches were all used. She even had to choose her own switch for granny!

Briella gets the wooden spoon OTK

Another scene with Briella and her grandma is the one below where granny does indeed use a switch on her poor granddaughter. Bending ober on the bed supported by pillows Briella’s round bottom gets quite a stinging from the switch…

Briella Jaden gets switched by gradma

Spanked with a wooden board

As well as the interview there are separate scenes with mom, dad and grandma. The scene with mom has Briella getting spanked alongside a pretty girl who lives with her, played by Veronica Ricci. See Briella Jaden getting interviewed and being spanked by mom, dad and grandma only at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

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Ashley Graham’s hard spanking

Ashley Graham learns the news that her sister has been given the task of spanking her

Today’s spanking scene is from “Broken Hearts and Busted Bottoms” and features two of my favorite spanking models Sarah Gregory and Ashley Graham. We’ve spoken a lot about Sarah, but her nemesis in this scene deserves a big mention. Ashley’s piercing blue eyes, good looks, nice figure and pert, round bottom make her the perfect spanking model. On top of her physical attributes, Ashley’s personality also shines through and she can take quite a spanking, as you can see in this scene…

Sarah has a broken heart, she is a crying mess over her break up but sister, Ashley is constantly making fun of her. Daddy catches Ashley in the act and instead of spanking her himself, he gives Sarah permission to spank her sister. Sarah, of course, grabs the opportunity with both hands and soon sexy redhead, Ashley Graham, is over her knee with a fast-reddening bottom. First, she spanks her with the hand over her short, black skirt, then over her panties, then on her bare bottom…

Sarah spanks Ashley Graham in “Broken Hearts and Busted Bottoms” gallery

Sarah Gregory gives naughty Ashley Graham a hard hand spanking

Finally, to really make sure her sister learns her lesson, Sarah spanks her naughty bare bottom with a wooden hairbrush…

Ashley's ordeal contines as Sarah spanks her with a wooden hairbrush

You can see much more of these two sexy beauties (obviously lots of Sarah and quite a bit of Ashley) at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Ariel Adore

Model Ariel Adore complains that this is the least professional job she has ever had

Name: Ariel Adore
Age: 25
Occupation: Model
Offense: She’s as cute as a button, but she’s been a very very wicked girl. Tsk-tsk.

Adorable she is but naughty too she be … as in very, veeery naughty.

Indeed, this sexy vamp’s name appears to be the exact same name as a very naughty porn star indeed! It looks like Ariel has more than earned this exemplary exercise of butt cheek slapping.

Rest assured ladies and gentlemen, our man applied himself to this most necessary task with appropriate gusto, vehemence and, yes, even unbridled glee…

Ariel's rudeness earns her a naked OTK spanking which makes her squirm

While this may be a classic tale of good versus evil, power play and a happy ending, there is also plenty of action! Brunette Ariel has a sexy body in her lacy lingerie but the removal of said lingerie is required for this punishment. Ariel is spanked in the nude over the knee and her bottom gets quite red. Which you’d expect because she takes quite a “beating”. After a good, hard OTK hand spanking it’s time for the hair brush…

Ariel gets a painful spanking with the hairbrush on her red butt cheeks

Ariel plays the brat remarkably well and gets the treatment every brat deserves, but not without making a fuss. She complains and yells as her bottom gets slapped and smacked, twisting her pretty face into some amazing shapes when she reacts to some particularly painful spanks.

To see Ariel Adore and plenty more bratty strippers, models and porn stars getting spanked very hard you can see much more at Bun Beating Fun!

Bun Beating Fun

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Lesbian Lovers Spanked

Momma Dana catches Sarah in bed with her lesbian lover Scarlet

Sarah Gregory and her college lover Scarlet spend the weekend at her mom Dana’s house, with the understanding there will be no sleeping together or hanky-panky going on under Mom’s roof. When Dana comes home early from a shopping trip she discovers the two lovers in the throws of passion and naked in Sarah’s bed. She admonishes their disrespect for her rules and announces they are both going to get a spanking.

The two naked ladies are dragged one-by-one out of bed and are unceremoniously dragged over Momma Dana’s knee for a hard OTK spanking on the edge of the bed…

Sarah Gregory and Scarlet are spanked in the nude in “Lesbian Lovers Spanked”

The two naked girlfriends are spanked on the edge of Sarah's bed by strict Momma

With the spanking of two naked, lesbian beauties this is a very sexy spanking, and it also gets very hard when Momma finishes off by spanking Sarah with the dreaded hairbrush. Again Sarah is given a very hard spanking by her Momma, and this time she’s completely nude with her sexy lover there to witness (and participate in) the whole thing!!

While there is a mixture of different styles of spankings on Momma Spankings, there are some spankings which are probably some of the hardest you’ll see, with proper tears. You can join this website along with Sarah’s personal website together at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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