Kade Strikes Back!

Kade meets madam Clare Fonda in her office

Anyone who has ever joined Clare Spanks Men will know about Kade! For a while he was the main protagonist and as a result benefitted from many spankings from Clare Fonda and other domineering ladies. The slim and alternative-looking dude with tattoos and gauged ear lobes had a strange knack of getting himself into trouble and was always well-punished. He’s also appeared in various places across the web getting dominated in bondage and cuckolded. As far as I’m aware Kade has always been submissive, so it was quite a shock when “Kade Spanks Madam Clare In Her Office“!

Kade, Lana’s brother, visits her in her office. Kade is trying to get Lana back in the straight life and he decides to teach the madam a lesson with a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. Clare is left in pain and total humiliation.

Kade spanks Madam Clare Fonda in her office with a hairbrush

Kade spanks Clare Fonda OTK with a hairbrush on her bare bottom

Clare Fonda is also looking better than ever and her pale bottom always looks very delicate. So, when she gets a hard spanking and even a hairbrush spanking the sexy MILF’s milky white cheeks get very rosy indeed. I think it’s more than fitting that Clare should be on the end of, what must be, one of Kade’s first punishments – I remember it being she more than anyone who tormented him in all those femdom scenes. The result is a very nice M/F scene with a spanker who must surely be in line to dish out more spankings in future.

This maybe Kade’s debut but there are plenty more sexy spankings of callgirls, hookers, porn stars and Clare Fonda at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls


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Brianna Brown is not too old for a spanking!!

Mom, Miss Cassie, is not happy with sweetie, Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown is the new sweetie on Spanked Sweeties and she is quite a hottie, especially in this scene. In her push-up bra and tight, little black dress and make-up she looks quite a picture but if she thinks she’s too old to go over her mom’s knee she’s got another thing coming!!

Miss Cassie spanks naughty cutie Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown is a young hottie who was spanked by her mom and her uncle. She was spanked as she got older and really did say “I’m too old for a spanking.” Brianna experienced some genuine feelings and pain during the re-enactments.

There are two scenes with Brianna getting spanked by mom, Miss Cassie, and one of her getting spanked by her uncle. In the second scene mom bursts into her bedroom and drags her over the knee in nothing but her bra and panties. The third scene has her getting spanked in a little red dress by her hard-spanking uncle, of course that dress gets pushed up her back and he spanks her little bottom til it’s nice and red too.

Brianna Brown gets a hard OTK spanking

Miss Cassie is a fetish and bondage diva making her site debut by spanking sexy Brianna. She starts off the interview by introducing herself then gets right down to interviewing the slightly shy sweetie.

Brianna Brown is an amateur babe who was spanked growing up so she has plenty of real-life spanking experiences to talk about in her interview, but Spanked Sweeties also has girls who have never been properly spanked. Ladies tend to appear on this website before they have become well-known spanking models… or maybe they’re kinky amateurs who aren’t looking for a career in spanking but they want to try it out for some fun. Brianna is a nice example of what Spanked Sweeties has to offer with her spankable plump bottom… it’s only her second porn shoot and her first ever spanking shoot!

Spanked Sweeties

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Spanking the Swim Coach

Clare Fonda fondles sleeping Ivy Sherwood

Swimming star Ivy Sherwood starts spanking the swim coach, when Clare Fonda comes into her room when she’s asleep and starts perving. “Swim Coach Spanking” features two very sexy spanking stars and Clare ends up getting a nude paddling with Ivy’s hairbrush.

Clare needs no introduction but in case you haven’t seen Ivy before she’s appeared in this scene with Veronica Ricci, where both girls switch. Here she’s with Clare who you’d expect to take control and spank the pretty ebony babe, but the nice twist is that it is Ivy who gives naughty Clare a spanking while keeping her own bottom relatively untouched…

Ivy Sherwood spanking the swim coach, Clare Fonda, on the bare bottom

New swim Coach Clare pays a surprise visit to her star swimmer Ivy Sherwood to make a personal introduction and to take Ivy’s “measurements” for a new swim suit. She fondles Ivy a bit, before Ivy wakes up, shocked to discover her new coach in her room, violating her space. Ivy will tell the dean on Clare, unless Clare agrees to be punished for this intrusion. Ivy humiliates Clare, ordering her to strip, and turns Clare’s bum bright red with a hand and hairbrush spanking.

Ivy Sherwood punishes Clare Fonda in ‘Swim Coach Spanking’ gallery

Naked Clare Fonda gets spanked with Ivy's hairbrush

Sexy ebony porn star Ivy does actually get a little “touched” at the beginning when Clare comes in and “sizes her up” whilst she’s sleeping. But Clare gets properly punished on her bare bottom and has the added humiliation of being completely naked at the end while she’s getting spanked with the hairbrush.

You can watch more of the “Swim Coach Spanking” as it gets added to Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Casey Calvert sneaks out…

Casey Calvert sneaks out when she should be in bed asleep

Casey Calvert is a sexy lady! The brunette porn star / fetish model has a pretty girl-next-door look and a hot body making her perfect for spanking. She also has quite a pout when she goes over the knee. It’s a cross between “oww this hurts”, “what do you think you’re doing” and “I’m very cross”.

In this scene she sneaks out when she’s supposed to be in bed sleeping. John Osborne comes back to find her missing so waits up for her to return before confronting her in the living room. The two sit down on the couch to talk it over before Casey goes over the knee and gets those firm buns spanked hard…

Casey Calvert gets spanked for sneaking out when she should be in bed asleep

Casey Calvert gets her bare bottom spanked for sneaking out

See much more of Casey Calvert getting spanked at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Already Sore Bottoms get Spanked

Nude Alyssa Reece gets spanked on her already sore bottom

Schoolgirls, Alyssa Reece and Melissa Jacobs, both get spanked on their already sore bottoms. They previously spanked each other in this “Naughty Schoolgirls” scene. Both are sexy porn/glamour models with lovely petite figures and here they not only spank each other hard, they take off their school uniforms with plenty of nudity and lesbian kissing…

Alyssa spanks naked schoolgirl in white socks Melissa Jacobs over her knee

Alyssa Reece and Melissa Jacobs are back at it again, even though both were spanked recently and already have sore, marked bottoms. Another disagreements ends with them both spanking one another. Good spanking action with two sexy girls. Alyssa has trouble admitting she likes Melissa and gets spanked for it. And of course must kiss Melissa.

Schoolgirls, Alyssa Reese and Melissa Jacobs, both get spanked on their already sore bottoms

Alyssa lands a hard smack on pretty Melissa's bare bottom

At the end both ladies have very sore, red bottoms which look delicious lined up next to each other…

Schoolgirls Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reese show off their double-spanked bottoms

This is the second half of a very sexy double-spanking. The first part was very sexy too but the already spanked bottoms in part two add an extra edge to the spankings, especially when the two cuties get naked and start to kiss.

See much more of Melissa and Alyssa and plenty more schoolgirls and sorority pledges gets sexy over the knee spankings and paddlings at Spanking Sorority Girls. You can always join as a five-site pass together with other spanking quality spanking sites at Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Kylee Anders – Au Pair

New spanking model Kylee Anders

This is the first time we’ve seen hot new blonde Kylee Anders! As you can see she looks youthful without looking too young. And she has quite a body with a nice round ass that looks great over the knee…

Hot new college babe Kylee Anders takes her first ever spanking on her bare bottom!

In Au Pair we welcome bratty Kylee Anders, a college athlete with a gym-toned, pert figure to die for! She’s over Mr Stockton’s knee for her first-ever spanking, track shorts pulled down to bare those bouncing, smooth cheeks for 200 smacks. You can also see her reactions with two cameras: one from the front and one from behind.

This scene not only has a brand new and very pretty spanking model, but the gym shorts and au pair theme will get pulses racing. Also, Kylee’s taut but curvy body really is something else and the closing shot of her examining her poor spanked bottom is a classic…

Kylee Anders examines her well-spanked bottom

See this firm spanking and plenty more of Kylee Anders and the other sexy ladies getting spanked, this week with Stacy Stockton (with yet another hairstyle) and Belinda Lawson at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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Eva Marks and Courtney Shea

Eva Marks spanks callgirl Courtney Shea's bare bottom
Eva Marks spanks callgirl Courtney Shea’s bare bottom

Courtney Shea Meets Eva Marks” is a lovely scene on Spanked Call Girls with two new spanking models. Blonde porn star Courtney Shea we’ve seen in spanking scenes before, but Eva is brand new for us and she looks very nice so worth investigating further…

Here Eva plays the brothel secretary so she looks very neat and tidy surrounded by slutty hookers. And when one of those callgirls should misbehave she’s very quick to bend her over the knee for a firm spanking and a telling off.

All the callgirls here look sleazy, as you’d expect, but somehow Courtney manages to look about as sleazy as we’ve ever seen, especially with no panties and only weating a seethru bra and hot pink fishnet stockings…

Eva scolds Courtney after the spanking
Eva scolds Courtney after the spanking

But this particular hooker is not exactly a shrinking violet. The feisty Courtney seeks revenge immediately and pulls the smart secretary across her lap for a hard punishment with her hand and the hairbrush.

Courtney turns the tables on Eva and pulls her over the knee
Courtney turns the tables on Eva and pulls her over the knee

Eva Marks is the House Secretary. She won’t put up with any lip from callgirl Courtney Shea. The prim and proper Eva gives Courtney a very sound spanking for all her screw-ups. But the feisty Courtney decides to dish out some of her own hard punishment, using hand and hairbrush.

Secretary Eva Marks gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with a hairbrush
Secretary Eva Marks gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with a hairbrush

Eva Marks is very pretty with purple hair, in her smart clothes she makes the perfect secretary… a smart and kinky secretary. We’ve not heard of Eva before but here with the dog collar she appears to be quite kinky. Certainly once the spanking gets under way we see how kinky she can be. We hope to see more of this purple-haired beauty in future but for now this is a very sexy scene indeed on Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Melody’s Halloween Spanking

Miss Chris is unhappy that Melody Nore has been pranking the neighbors at Halloween

Any time is a good time for spankings, especially Halloween, as shown in this Halloween spanking update called “Prank Punishment”. Redhead Melody Nore has been trick or treating in her neighborhood and upsetting the neighbors so mom Miss Chris punishes the naughty pranker with her hand and her hairbrush!

Melody Nore gets her bare bottom spanked hard by Miss Chris in this Halloween spanking

It’s Halloween and Melody has decided to go trick or treating even though she is too old for that. She is 19 and should be at home helping mom hand out candy. When people refuse to give this teenager candy she plays some not so nice pranks on them (leaving them tricks because she doesn’t get treats). Mom hears of this crude behavior and gives her naughty daughter a hard bare bottom spanking and hairbrushing when she gets home.

Melody Nore is spanked hard over the knee with a hairbrush in Prank Punishment – gallery

Melody Nore is spanked hard over the knee with a hairbrush in Prank Punishment

Melody plays the role of an out-of-control neighborhood brat very well, perhaps helps by her fiery red hair, and Miss Chris powerfully pummels her naughty ass cheeks with some hard-sounding swats. It’s the perfect combination of a spanking model who is able to take a hard punishment, and a spanker who is more than able to give her just that!

This Halloween spanking and many more maternal spankings by strict and dominant ladies (Miss Chris, Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory and more) to pretty, young beauties (Melody Nore, Mandie Rae, Katherine St. James and more) can be found at the Momma Spankings website.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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