Veronica Ricci Season

Veronica Ricci Season includes this scene where she spanks Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa

This week is Veronica Ricci season on many of the Clare Fonda Pass websites. She appears in four different scenes on four different websites this week. One of the best is this sexy three-girl scene with Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa at Spanking Sorority Girls.

The ladies keep their panties on and get spanked by Veronica with their panties pushed between their ass cheeks. This means that you get what is essentially a bare bottom spanking (i.e. the bare cheeks are spanked) but with a wedgie happening as the panties are yanked up…

Stevie Rose's panties are pulled up into a wedgie as Veronica spanks her with a bath brush

When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.


Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa kneel on all fours for their spankings

This sexy three-girl scene is on Spanking Sorority Girls, but there are also other scenes involving Angela Sommers and Emily Parker that came out this week and can all be found on Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanking Sorority Girls


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Madison Martin and Stevie Rose

Spanking model Stevie Rose spanks Madison Martin with a large wooden paddle

Madison Martin and Stevie Rose are two cute spanking models with nice, round asses. Here they go up against one another in the latest scene at My Spanking Roommate.

Spankings are generally given for a punishment. Here the two have remembered giving each other a motivational spanking so have upped the ante with their next motivational spanking. In “Episode 220: Madison vs. Stevie” they spank each other with a large wooden paddle to get them to improve their behavior.

There are some nice close-up booty shots, as you’d expect with two booty-full babes…

Madison Martin's round booty gets paddled - close-up

Stevie Rose and Madison Martin agree that the last time they spanked each other it was motivation to improve their lives. So they agree to spank each other again to improve behavior but this time they up the ante and include a large wooden paddle. Excellent scene from two curvy bottom girls who go at each other bums with a vengeance.

My Spanking Roommate Episode 220: Madison vs. Stevie gallery

Madison Martin paddles Stevie Rose over her knee

Madison Martin has long been one of our favorite spanking models. Here Stevie Rose shows us why she should be on the top table too. The two compliment each other nicely. Madison is a tanned brunette who is becoming an expert top. Stevie is a cute blonde with fair skin who gives Madison a good spanking but possibly comes off slightly worse out of the two. Stevie’s reations are fantastic!

For plenty more from Madison Martin and Stevie Rose sign up today to My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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Riley’s Last Spanking

Sadie Holmes starts to spank Riley's round bottom in Riley's Last Spanking

Spanking models come and go, so it shouldn’t surprise us too much that another one is taking her exit. This time it’s Riley Moore and Riley’s last spanking is with sexy Sadie Holmes in episode 105 of Spanking Sorority Girls: “Sadie Spanks Riley Over Game”.

Riley has a kind of girl-next-door quality about her, so she seems to bring a sense of realism into her scenes, especially when she’s paired with another similar kind of spanking model. She’s appeared with Sadie Holmes quite a lot recently and before then Edanya was one of the models she seemed to appear with quite often. Although, it’s surprising how long she’s been around and how many different ladies she’s worked with. Both these models seemed to work well with Riley and produce a fun, yet natural scene.

In this scene, Riley is wearing her volleyball outfit and Sadie is wearing a sorority/school uniform, yet both ladies are wearing sexy pink panties under their uniforms. This spanking arises because the volleyball team that Riley plays for has lost, so Sadie takes it upon herself to dish out some discipline on her lovely bottom…

Sadie shows off her pink panties under her school uniform as she spanks Riley Moore

In Riley’s last scene for the site, she gets spanked by Sadie Holmes for losing another volleyball game. The girls struggle for a bit in the bed, before Sadie puts Riley over her knee and gives that curvy bottom one last memorable spanking with her hand and a hair brush, leaving Riley clutching and rubbing in pain. And as always these two love to use the word “spanking.”

Sadie Spanks Riley Over Game – gallery

Riley’s ass cheeks soon get a nice rosy shade to them as Sadie slaps her with her hand and the hairbrush, and there are some nice close-ups of Riley’s round bottom.

Sadie Holmes spanks Riley Moore OTK with a hairbrush at Spanking Sorority Girls

Riley Moore seems to have appeared mainly on Spanking Sorority Girls recently, but before that she appeared in an Exclusive Education movie (Girl Spanks Girl) and also on Spanked Sweeties, and all three of these websites can be joined as a part of the great value Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Wooden Spoon on the Bare

Ulf Sayer lectures naughty girl scout, Kajira Bound, about pestering everyone in the neighborhood

This is an age play scene, while Kajira Bound is playing a girl scout and is wearing a girl scout uniform but she’s obviously over 18 years old.

In “Cookie Girl Correction”, the naughty girl scout in question has been pestering everyone in the neighborhood to buy her cookies. She’s been hassling them over and over, but when she knocks on Ulf’s door a second time he is less than impressed!

He tells her he has something for her and drags her inside where he takes her over his knee to give her some good old fashioned discipline.

Kajira whines and struggles from the first smack and soon has her panties pulled down and is getting her bare bottom spanked…

Kajira gets a bare bottom spanking for her naughty behavior

Once Kajira has been punished with a hand spanking she is shown a collection of wooden spoons for the next stage in the punishment…

Kajira is shown a collection of wooden spoons for the next stage in the punishment

Finally, the sexy redheaded girl scout gets spanked OTK with the wooden spoon on the bare bottom. She is spanked with various different spoons, each one brings some nice reactions from the naughty girl scout. Perhaps, this is the kind of lesson that will stop her from bothering the neighbors in future.

Kajira Bound spanked OTK in girl scout uniform gallery

Kajira gets the wooden spoon on the bare bottom OTK

Watch this full age play scene with sexy tattooed Kajira Bound and Ulf Sayer with plenty more age play, wooden spoon and uniform punishments at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Elori Stix

Elori Stix about to be spanked by Julie Simone

We’ve seen Elori Stix before in “Exclusive Education 10” but here she’s featured as the brand new sweetie at Spanked Sweeties.

Elori Stix is a tiny, cute beauty with a perky bottom and personality to match. She wasn’t spanked growing up other than the occasional birthday spanking, but she is a lifestyle spanko now and gets it regularly from her mistress (played by Julie Simone in our re-enactment) when she’s good.

Elori Stix gets spanked with a ruler

Getting spanked with a ruler is quite unusual on the internet, but this ruler is a small metal ruler which looks tiny compared to Elori’s lovely big bottom.

Julie spanks Elori with a metal ruler at Spanked Sweeties gallery

Elori is a petite brunette with a big, plump bottom! She’s very cute and bubbly and looks great in this scene with Julie. Julie Simone with her red hair looks very different to the last time we posted a scene with her when she had blonde hair, that was also on the same website.

See the full interview and spanking scene with Elori and Julie Simone at Spanked Sweeties. Elori Stix now appears on at least 3 out of 5 Clare Fonda Pass websites (the others being Girl Spanks Girl and Spanked Callgirls).

Spanked Sweeties

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Bianca Rose’s 1950’s Punishment

Bianca Rose faces the wall and awaits a spanking in her punishment outfit

This scene features spanking model Bianca Rose and appears on Momma Spankings. The title of the scene is “Mommy Spanks Bianca” and Tasha Lee plays the strict mother. Bianca’s character, Jennifer, has been breaking many rules at school and now mommy must deal with her naughty behavior…

Tasha Lee gives Bianca Rose a hard OTK hand spanking

The attention to detail here, and the costumes are great. Bianca has her long hair tied up in plaits, which I believe was the style back then. It almost looks like it is a peek back into the 1950’s. The naughty school girl starts off in an old-fashioned outfit before being told to change into a white vest with old-fashioned green panties. She changes outfit then stands facing the wall while she awaits her punishment, like a pre-spanking corner time…

Jennifer was made to change into a “punishment” outfit and go over mommy’s knee for some hard spanking. She kicked and cried out in pain until her bottom was sore, hot, and red.

Often a hand spanking is just the warm-up and the punishment continues onto implements, but not so here. Despite the fact that it’s only a hand spanking the force and longevity of the punishment makes naughty Bianca squeal and kick, and her bottom gets very red indeed.

preview gallery

I like this capture of Bianca inspecting her rosy red bottom after her punishment. The camera angle makes her legs look very long and I like her round bare bottom and the expression on her face…

Bianca Rose inspects her poor, sore red bottom after her punishment

This scene is a short taster scene from a full-length 1950s discipline film that will eventually be on Sarah Gregory Spanking. It’s a very hot mommy daughter scene and it’s a sneak peek into the huge movie that is due to be released in the summer. The tone and costumes of the scene reminds me a lot of this 1950’s scene, also at Momma Spankings. For much more from Sarah Gregory including both of these 1950’s spankings, you can still join both of her websites together at Sarah Gregory Pass.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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Violet’s Morning Punishment

Clare Fonda administers Violet's Morning Punishment

We’ve seen fetish, spanking and bondage model, Violet October, before but here she makes her first appearance on the Clare Fonda Pass websites. She’s with Clare Fonda in a three-part series: “Violet’s Punishment”. The photos are from part one which is Violet’s Morning Punishment and parts two and three continue into the afternoon and evening.

Violet October is a slim blonde who is very petite and has decorated her sexy body with tattoos. She is tiny and very kinky! Here she is rudely awakened by her stepmom with her still clutching a bottle of alcohol from the night before. The strict stepmom yanks her up and over her knee for a punishment. Violet was sleeping in her pastel pink lingerie, and this is all she is wearing over Clare’s knee. Her little panties do not cover her little, round bottom very much so her pale white ass cheeks are soon getting very red indeed.

Then, the panties come down and sexy Violet gets spanked with the stepmom’s hairbrush…

Stepmom Clare spanks naughty Violet OTK with a hairbrush

Sometimes there are certain rules like getting spanked in the daytime means getting another spanking before bedtime, or getting spanked again the following morning. But here Clare goes to another level…

Clare explains that Violet can expect a spanking morning, noon and night for the next three days to improve her behavior.

Generally speaking the day is normally too young for anything to naughty to have happened first thing in the morning. It tends to be from the night before, as in this case or because of oversleeping. Having said this, when is the most common time of day for a spanking? Late afternoon or evening, perhaps?

Violet’s Punishment – Morning – gallery

Finally, at the end of her morning punishment there is some corner time with hands on head which really shows off Violet’s well-spanked tiny bottom…

Violet October with her hands on her head for some corner time at the end of her morning punishment

In the next part of the series, Violet gets her promised afternoon punishment. Violet October has a lovely little round bottom and a tiny figure that will appeal to lovers of petite ladies.

Watch tiny blonde babe Violet October in all three parts of this series, once they’re added at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Spanking Outdoors

Veronica Ricci, Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark in Lost Map Woods Spankings on Girl Spanks Girl

Spanking Outdoors is such a rare occurrence that when it happens in these movies it’s a joy to behold, especially when it is a three-way spank-off between Lana Lopez, Amelea Dark and Veronica Ricci. The three ladies are hiking together but the leader, Veronica, notices that neither Lana or Amelea have the map in “Lost Map Woods Spankings“.

This follows on from another scene where Lana and Amelea have already spanked each other while they were preparing for the hike because neither could find the map in this post. But, now they are out in the great outdoors with Veronica and still no-one has the map! Veronica doesn’t want to get lost so understandably freaks out. The three are near a large rock, so sitting on the rock Veronica puts Amelea over her knee and the spankings begin.

Amelea Dark goes over the knee in Spanking Outdoors

All three ladies here have become experienced spanking models! Amelea Dark is the first to have her shorts pulled down and her lovely white ass spanked in the fresh air. Amelea stands out because of her “fire engine red” hair, large breasts and larger than life personality in these spanking scenes. She also has a very nice curvy bottom!

Next up is Lana Lopez, a cute little Latina model who proves that nice things come in small packages. Lana seems like she drifts under the radar sometimes but she has been in quite a lot of really nice spankings now. She is very pretty and we like her curvy bottom, sassy attitude and the fact that she can both give and receive. Here, she receives a nice hand spanking on her bare bottom after Veronica pulls down her hiking shorts and panties…

Lana Lopez gets her panties pulled down and is spanked on her bare bottom outdoors

Lastly, it is always a pleasure to see naturally bratty redhead Veronica Ricci get her comeuppance and this scene shows why she is so popular in the spanking world. As well as her beauty and lovely round bottom she really goes the extra mile in her performances. Veronica always has some nice reactions, that you can often see in the photographs, and she is generally in an unusual costume. Here she has some kind of hiking equipment around her head like a tiara or sweatband.

Veronica Ricci is hiking in the woods with Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark when she learns that they have lost the map. She spanks each girl until they overpower her and give her a spanking right there in the woods. Lots of red bottoms and no map.

Lana and Amelea overpower Veronica and spank the hike leader outdoors on a rock

All three ladies are very pretty with large breasts, amazing curvy bottoms, good spanking personalities and are switches. Thinking about these elements it is easy to see why they are some of the top spanking models right now. While they have similarities each one is completely different in looks, so they work well together in scenes.

Being able to give and receive is an amazing thing to watch. In all-girl scenes where no switching occurs it can be very frustrating… or teasing. It’s a relief that all three beauties get their turn in this outdoor spanking scene.

Veronica Ricci and Lana Lopez are also together on a new scene for Girl Spanks Girl at the moment. To watch this sexy outdoor spanking scene with all three ladies, go to Spanking Sorority Girls! All three ladies appear often on both websites at the moment in scenes together and with others like Angela Sommers and Paris Kennedy.

Spanking Sorority Girls

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