Dani Hunt tries before she sells…

Chelsea Pfeiffer was interviewing Dani Hunt to take the job of Social Media Expert for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. Of course, when representing a spanking video production company, one must understand exactly what a spanking is. No?

The lovely British babe with the chocolate skin goes over Chelsea’s knee as she starts to sample Chelsea’s wares. The spanking starts off with the hand, but when it’s clear that Dani is able to take more the hairbrush soon comes out on the sexy ebony model’s bare bottom.

With most of this spanking being OTK, Chelsea rounds off her product-testing session with Dani bending over the couch for the wooden hairbrush.

This is a lovely girl-on-girl spanking episode with one of the hottest emerging spanking starlets, Dani Hunt, meeting an experienced spanking of bottoms. There are both the pure spanking action, “Chelsea Spanks” scenes and these kind of scenes with a storyline at Good Spanking! You know that both kinds have Chelsea in fine form bringing the pain to a beautiful bottom.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites


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Three Bikini Beauties get Spanked

Vivian, Sarah Gregory and Galas Loonar get tracked down in their bikinis when they go missing

Today’s preview comes from the “Spankings in Nude Orleans” episode of Sarah Gregory Spanking. It’s definitely a hot, summer spanking with three beauties starting off by stripping their bikini tops before Sarah’s “Daddy” catches them all and decides to punish them all.

As she is the one Paul is most angry with it is Sarah Gregory who goes first over his knee with her bikini bottoms taken down…

Sarah Gregory gets spanked hard by her daddy for going missing

Sarah Gregory is joined by her two friends Galas Loonar and Vivian. Sexy blonde Galas is next to go over Paul’s knee…

Galas Loonar gets her cute, round bare bottom thrashed

Then it is Vivian’s turn to get her little, round bubblebutt spanked, both with her bikini bottoms on, then on the bare. Vivian is a sexy lady covered in tattoos all over her body. The only place that isn’t tattooed are her lovely breasts, which she has nipple-pierced for good measure. She has pale, white skin, as most tattooed ladies have, the only places that aren’t white are her red lips and blushing bottom…

Vivian gets her bikini bottoms pulled down and her bare bottom gets spanked red

Finally all three naughty ladies are lined up next to each other on the couch with their already red bottoms in the air for a final group spanking…

All three almost nude ladies inspect their sore, bare bottoms after their spankings

You can catch this update now only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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In Trouble with Nuns

Naughty student Dani Hunt gets sent to the head nun's office

Dani Hunt is a very naughty student. She gets called into the office of the head nun, played by Lady Olivia Outre. Sister Mary Olivia has been telling Sister Mary (Ginger S) how necessary it has become to return to the old ways of discipline, which she demonstrates on Dani with a hand spanking. Sister Mary Olivia then instructs the younger nun to also place Dani over her knee and give her a sound spanking.. And to drive the message home to Dani that she must change her ways, the nuns cane the bratty schoolgirl. She definitely learns her lesson!

Dani Hunt gets spanked over the nun's knee then caned

This is the first episode on this website that features nuns, there is also the very sexy British ebony beauty Dani Hunt (also known as Rhianna Parsons). There will be more nuns in future!

Naughty Dani Hunt gets sent to the head nun’s office where she is spanked and caned

Spanking Sorority Girls is similar to My Spanking Roommate but whereas “Roomies” is set in apartments and office buildings, “Sorority” features more college/varsity age ladies in an educational/domestic setting. With the sorority website you also get plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect. You can get both of these spanking soap opera-style websites on the infamous Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Leia-Ann spanked for Flooding

Leia Ann Woods is about to jump into the shower when she gets a phonecall

Leia-Ann Woods is just about to get into the shower when she gets an important call that she must go into work right away. She immediately goes off to get ready to dash into work, forgetting all about the shower that is still running. When Uncle Paul gets home, he is not too happy to find the house flooded. He waits for Leia, his niece, to get back from work in her nurses uniform so he can properly punish her for her irresponsible behavior…

Uncle Paul spanks Leia over his knee for flooding his house

Leia gets a nice hard spanking over her uncle’s knee. First it is over her little, white knickers, then on her bare bottom. Lovers of uniforms will appreciate Leia’s authentic, blue nurses outfit which makes her look very official. Paul takes her over his knee and pulls down her white knickers. She may be very thorough in her work but Leia has been less than careful in the house. The sexy lady looks very hot with her black heels kicking in the background as her bare bottom gets spanked in uniform.

Not only does this update have top English spanking model, Leia-Ann Woods, it also has the beautiful brunette completely naked as she’s about to have a shower, we then see the naughty nurse get a spanking in her uniform. Very kinky and very sexy indeed! It’s another fine spanking to indulge yourself in from Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Kami breaks House Rules

Kami Robertson returns home drunk having broken her uncle's house rules

Kami Robertson had already been warned about her attitude and the way she treated Uncle Harry’s place like some cheap hotel when she stayed at his so when she returned home drunk and had lied to him about not staying out late, Harry took the drunken brat across his knee for a lesson she might just well remember until the next morning! Why? Because he sent her to bed with a very sore, burning bottom after giving her a short sharp shocking OTK spanking reminder of what would happen when she broke his strict House Rules! Kami’s bottom was just made for spanking and you will not be disappointed one little bit to see her struggle, squirm and complain as that beautiful butt wiggled and turned a shameful bright red over his lap!

Uncle Harry spanks naughty Kami's bare bottom until it is very red indeed

If you like to see English ladies and their sexy English accents getting themselves into trouble and facing the consequences you should check out Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Naughty stepsisters get what’s coming…

The stepsisters find poor Kat doing her chores

This scene is a very fun spanking based on a popular fairytale, Cinderella. For me a lot of the books and stories when I was growing up seemed to be about good/evil, or as in this case a lowly maid being persecuted by her elder stepsisters. It’s a happy ending but at the beginning Cinders is basically a submissive slave to the demands of the other two. I hadn’t thought about it in a spanking-sense before so this role-reversal is long overdue in my book.

So, back to the spankings in hand. Sarah Gregory and Carissa Montgomery play the two stepsisters with petite blonde Kat St James playing the submissive younger sister… or is she!? As you can see it is not long before Kat has started to dominate her lazy siblings.

The stepsisters find poor Kat doing her chores

Stepsister Carissa gets her bare bottom spanked OTK while Sarah faces the wall

Stepsister Carissa gets her bare bottom spanked OTK while Sarah faces the wall

Both Carissa and Sarah go over her knee one at a time and are given a nice, hard handspanking. Then Sarah gets the wooden hairbrush while Carissa rubs her sore bottom facing the wall…

Kat uses the hairbrush on naughty Sarah’s bare bottom

Kat uses the hairbrush on naughty Sarah's bare bottom

This scene is a very fun three-girl scene with a real fairy story feel to it with all the bright colored clothing and brightly spanked bottoms. You can see much more of brunette beauty Sarah Gregory and her girlfriends on both ends of a good, hard spanking at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Pixie spanking Ashley Graham OTK

Pixie spanks her sister, Ashley Graham, for throwing a party

I’ve thought for a while that Pixie would make an amazing top/switch so it’s great that she’s started to take my advice. In this scene she’s punishing her sister, played by a new spanking model, Ashley Graham. As you can see these two ladies are beautiful all over. There is always something nice to look at and Pixie’s stern chat during the hard paddling is very nice to hear. As you can see, Ashley takes quite a thrashing, her bottom gets very colorful indeed…

Pixie spanks her sister, Ashley Graham, for throwing a party gallery

You can see more of sexy Pixie on both ends of a good spanking, and see this full scene with Ashley only at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

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Spanking Rehearsal

Amelia Jane Rutherford is concerned that she'll get a real life spanking on stage in the production of Kiss Me Kate

In today’s spanking, as unlikely as it may seem, Amelia Jane Rutherford is concerned about her boyfriend spanking her. She’s never been spanked before and he is talking about spanking her for real in their production of “Kiss Me Kate”. Amelia thinks that he’ll carry out his threat so she wants to know what it’ll be like before she gets on stage. Sarah Gregory agrees to help her friend out and soon has Amelia across her lap…

Sarah Gregory agrees to give Amelia a rehearsal by giving her a spanking to show her what it feels like

Sarah Gregory agrees to give Amelia a rehearsal by giving her a spanking to show her what it feels like

…If the handspanking on Amelia’s tender bottom is starting to hurt a lot, the pain and intensity increases when her panties are pulled off and she is spanked on her bare bottom. Then Sarah reaches for the hairbrush to really show pretty Amelia what it feels like to be spanked…

Sarah uses the hairbrush on poor Amelia Jane's bottom until it breaks

Sarah uses the hairbrush on poor Amelia Jane’s bottom until it breaks

This is a very nice scene indeed. Once you accept the fact that Amelia is a newbie to spanking it’s a very fun lesbian spanking with some great reactions from Amelia Jane.

You can watch this full movie and plenty more of sexy ladies getting a good, OTK spanking at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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