Girlscout flirts with a Brownie…

Girlscout Veronica Ricci sneaks into brownie, Ashley Rose's bed and starts to kiss her

Girl Spanks Girl is the home of girl-on-girl spanking and this update is very erotic as two beauties get mixed up in sexual attraction and spanking. The theme is girlscouts and brownies but both ladies here are over 18, as always.

Veronica Ricci is a girl scout who is on a camping trip and in the top bunk bed, with Brownie Ashley Rose sleeping below her. Veronica sneaks into Ashley’s bunk and tries making some kissing moves on her. Ashley is less than impressed and bends Veronica over her knee for a sound spanking.

Ashley Rose spanks Veronica Ricci over the knee

But Veronica turns totally dominant after this spanking, showing the Brownie who is boss by making her suck a strap on, then bending her over and spanking her while she fucks her with the strap-on from behind. A very sexually charged scene with total dominance and submission with two beautiful models.

Girlscout Veronica and Brownie Ashley spanking and strapon scene gallery

Veronica spanks and fucks Ashley with a strapon

This is a very sexy scene with two gorgeous ladies, ending in some strapon lesbian sex. It’s in the erotic section of Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

Girl Spanks Girl


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Audrey’s Anal Surprise

Dr Ryan Keely powerfully spanks her patient Veronica Ricci

There are some very sexy ladies who appear in spanking movies these days, but it’s not often than you get not-one-but-two Penthouse Pets in the same spanking movie. This very sexy scene has fan-favorite Veronica Ricci getting spanked by kinky doctor and fellow glamour model, Ryan Keely!

Ryan Keely spanks Veronica Ricci with a yardstick

Dr. Ryan Keely greets callgirl Audrey (Veronica Ricci) with a drink that drugs her. The doctor then easily drags Audrey over her knee where she spanks her long and hard with her hand and a large paddle. She has Audrey bend over and she spanks her with her clipboard and a yard stick before she takes her temperature anally. Dr. Keely admits the obvious, that she is kinky, and gets over Audrey’s knee for a hard spanking. This is Ryan’s first spanking scene and she gives and takes a sound spanking leaving two red bottoms.

Dr Ryan Keely powerfully spanks her patient Veronica Ricci and takes her temperature rectally

Audrey gets an anal surprise when the doctor takes her temperature rectally

Heather and Alex are two of the newest ladies to have signed up as hookers and submitted to the strict discipline routine and punishments at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Krissy’s Reality Spanking

The first implement is the hairbrush for poor Krissy

On Good Spanking recently Chelsea had the pleasure of doing a half-hour spanking session with lovely brunette Krissy in her “Chelsea Spanks” series.

Krissy begins her spanking session by choosing her implements and placing herself over Chelsea’s knee! Chelsea is looking very pretty herself in a long pink-color dress. She’s spanked quite gently at first over her tight jeans but then the sexy brunette’s jeans come off quickly and her reality spanking continues. Krissy is getting a nice warm-up spanking, as Chelsea works her way toward the first of the implements she chose! The first implement is a nice hard hairbrush which poor Krissy takes with amazing stoicism. Next up, the strap starts to get to her and she wriggles about as Chelsea straps her vigorously in the OTK position! The spanking session is starting to get very real indeed for sexy Krissy and she then takes an intense bottom burning paddling! Finally, it’s time for the flogger and Krissy takes a short break to rub her sore bottom. Chelsea expertly swings the flogger at her exposed rear as she kneels on a straight-back chair. At last, it’s all over and Krissy is able to rub her bottom again and examine herself with a small hand mirror.

Krissy gets a dose of the large wooden paddle on her bare bottom over Chelsea's knee

There’s no storyling in this spanking and Krissy does make some little squeaks but she’s not the most vocal of spankees but it’s a very nice scene all the same with Krissy’s delicious botttom getting a good hard workout. You can watch this full spanking right now, as it is up in it’s entirety, and plenty more “Chelsea Spanks” and storyline spankings at Good Spanking

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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The Bad Secretary

Secretary Sarah Gregory gets confronted by her boss, Kendra James

Today the “Bad Secretary” episode starts up on Sarah Gregory Spanking and it is well-worth checking out. Pretty brunette Sarah Gregory is the secretary in question who gets reprimanded by her sexy, redheaded boss Kendra James. She gets pulled over the knee where she’s spanked with the hand and the hairbrush over her panties and then on Sarah’s bare bottom…

Sarah gets a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom over Kendra's knee

But then this episode gets even better when curvy Sarah gets completely nude and is spanked on all fours in front of the mirror. We can see her big boobs and face and her curvy ass as she gets spanked hard on all fours with the hairbrush….

Sarah gets onto all fours on the desk and gets a naked hairbrush spanking

You can see this very sexy girl-on-girl nude spanking as it’s added to Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Pleasure or Pain?

Isobel's prize is a spanking from Sarah but is it pleasure or pain?

A recent episode at Sarah Gregory Spanking has a lucky lady, Isobel Wren, winning a competition to have a spanking with Sarah. The scene was filmed at Fetish Con 2012 and it made me thing again about whether a spanking is pleasure or pain.

Isobel certainly gets a very red bottom, as you’d expect at a fetish conference, and she is very pretty too. With her long, straight hair and beautiful looks Isobel looks like a model or a very pretty girl-next-door. She has a lovely pert bottom that sticks up in the air as she lies over Sarah’s legs on the hotel bed.

With her panties pulled down Isobel Wren gets her bare bottom spanked with a leather paddle

Isobel was very happy at winning the competition and was eager to get her prize, but once she was over Sarah’s knee was she as happy? Perhaps you can be turned on, sore and happy. The reason bottoms and subs enjoy/want/need a spanking is probably different for everyone but we’re just glad they continue to get consensually spanked all over the world!

You can see this real-life spanking prize, and the delectable Isobel Wren getting her wish come true at Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Rihanna gets her first taste of Lana's hard spanking
Rihanna gets her first taste of Lana’s hard spanking

Ebony spanko Rihanna is a new Nubian Goddess who was spanked by her mother and father growing up. Her mother is played by Lana Miller in these re-enactments for Spanked Sweeties. This is her first ever spanking shoot…

Rihanna's curvy bare bottom gets spanked hard over Lana's lap
Rihanna’s curvy bare bottom gets spanked hard over Lana’s lap

Rihanna is a lovely ebony girl-next-door with a nice slim body with nice boobs and a perky, round ass. She has a nice, pretty face and is very expressive as she gets chased around the room by Lana with a wooden spoon…

Ebony Rihanna gets ass spanked with a wooden spoon in her tight jeans
Ebony Rihanna gets ass spanked with a wooden spoon in her tight jeans

Lana is one of the hardest spankers on the internet so, knowing that Rihanna has been spanked growing up, she goes to town on her lovely bottom. Rihanna enjoys a little light spanking play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for this level of spanking. Her skin turns red and she had trouble sitting long after the cameras stopped recording.

Rihanna inspects her sore red bottom facing the wall
Rihanna inspects her sore red bottom facing the wall

After the last scene, Rihanna was begging to spank Lana, to experience being a top. Lana let her do it and gave her some tips. And probably taught her too well…

The tables are turned when Rihanna tries spanking Lana
The tables are turned when Rihanna tries spanking Lana

Lovely ebony babe Rihanna is the latest lady to talk about her spankings in an interview and act out some spanking scenes in Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros is a naughty American who gets spanked by a British man

There are people in Britain who disagree with a lot of the media depictions of the USA, and even the behaviour of certain American popstars and celebrities. This update is for all those people who have a certain American lady they think should get a jolly good spanking. The scene has a vague plot but it is basically an excuse for an uptight British man to pull down a naughty American lady’s hotpants and spank her delicious bottom.

Spanking model Joelle Barros is the offending lady and you can really see her tolerance in this long hand-spanking. The spanking lasts for 5 minutes and by the end her lovely bottom ends up a bright red colour then she faces the wall for some cornertime in only her knee-high socks and white vest.

Joelle Barros gets a hearty OTK hand spanking that lasts for 5 minutes gallery

Joelle's bottom is already a nice pink colour when her hotpants and panties are pulled down

We mentioned recently that Triple A Spanking had been on tour around the USA, and this appears to be from that very tour. You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined and a growing number of American ladies too at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Alex and Heather’s Spank-Off

Alex Reynolds and Heather Green talk on the hotel bed

Today’s new gallery has two new spanking models in one very sexy callgirl spanking scene. Alex Reynolds was recently on Spanked Sweeties but this is the first many people will have seen of sexy, exotic-looking Heather Green

Madam Snow calls Heather to inform her that either she or her friend Alex will be getting their first job with Snow’s company. After she hangs up, Heather declares that she is the chosen one. But Alex disagrees and the girls begin wrestling and spanking each other. They end up over each others knee for long dosages of spanking, with hand and hairbrush, until one gives in.

As we’ve seen Alex getting spanked already, we’re most interested in Heather who looks great as Alex pulls her over her knee. Heather is a slim brunette with a delightful booty with lovely olive-skin looking like she may be Italian. Heather’s bubblebutt really is something of wonder…

Alex Reynolds smacks Heather's delicious bubblebutt very hard

And, Alex does not go easy on her lovely round bottom as she smacks it hard making ripples on her bubblebutt…

Alex Reynolds smacks new callgirl Heather Green’s delicious bubblebutt very hard

Alex makes ripples in Heather's booty as she smacks it hard

Heather and Alex are two of the newest ladies to have signed up as hookers and submitted to the strict discipline routine and punishments at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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