• Clare Fonda spanks the two, big, white bootys of Maryjane and Madison

    Clare Fonda has to discipline two of her naughty hookers who have been hustling their clients for gifts this holiday season. These ladies are two of the most bootylicious spanking models on the web. New spanking sensation Mary Jane and Madison Martin have the most succulent, big, round, white booty’s you’ll find anywhere. Those pretty ladies are beautiful, sexy and have two rears that were just made to be slapped. Clare spanks them with her hand and hairbrush on their big, bare bottoms in a righteous OTK spanking designed to keep her naughty little sluts in check…

    Clare Fonda spanks the two, big, round bootys of Maryjane and Madison

    You can see plenty more of the strict madam Clare Fonda disciplining her naughty ho’s at Spanked Call Girls. There is a whole hierarchy between the girls and their pimps, Clare and her colleagues get called into action to smack the naughty ladies’ behinds and there are even occasions when Clare herself has to taste some of her own medicine.

    You can see plenty more of Clare’s spanking world at her Clare Fonda Pass which includes Spanked Call Girls!

    Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

  • New exotic senior at Reform School, Monica Bouget, spanked with panties down

    Exotic senior Monica Bouget is in trouble at school and home. Having driven her parents crazy, she’s sent to Frank Reed at Reform School to see if her attitude can be changed with corporal punishment! This little miss has a mouth she can’t control, but Mr Reed will straighten her out, laid over his knee with her panties pulled down from the start…ouch!

    There are three lovely bottoms in this weeks’ Firm Hand Spanking gallery, including two brand-new spanking models…

    New exotic senior at Reform School, Monica Bouget, spanked with panties down movie

    To watch the full movies of Carly Russell, Kat St.James and Monica Bouget signup to the very sexy spankings at Firm Hand Spanking!

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Nadine agrees to a spanking instead of getting into trouble with the police

    Alex is taking a girl with his car, who claims to be new in town for a job search. While having to wait at a traffic light – the naughty girl, Nadine, grabs his purse with a lot of money, steps off the car and running away. Fortunately, Alex is running faster and gets the girl. Instead of going to the police, she agrees to get a severe spanking for this incident. Furthermore, Alex promises that she will stay in his house for being disciplined as well in future…

    Nadine agrees to a spanking instead of getting into trouble with the police gallery

    At Spanked At Home the girl next door gets spanked hard. See gorgeous ladies like Nadine and Maggy go OTK and get some very hard spankings in this real, spanking website…

    Spanked At Home

  • April O'Neil and Elise Graves face the chalkboard after their tandem spankings

    April O’Neil is one of my favourite models at the moment. This sexy lady has a wonderful body with big, natural breasts and a tight, bubble butt with long, brown hair in bunches and the cute good-looks of a girl who was born to tease! Here, she is getting spanked along with another foxy brunette, Elise, in Exclusive Education 5.

    Elise Graves is an up-and-coming fetish model who has burst onto our computer screens recently. The two ladies April and Elise look quite similar, both having long, brown hair with similar heights and builds. Elise has a slighter bigger bottom than April but she is just as spankable.

    Of course, they get spanked in tandem at the front of the class. They could almost be sisters, or twins! But, the only thing that is identical about these two is their need to be disciplined.

    April O’Neil and Elise Graves get spanked in tandem at the front of the class

    Each of Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education movies are feature-length, much longer than most spanking movies and with much more action (having such large casts of sexy spankees) but the fifth in the series is bigger and better than ever. See plenty more of April, Elise and the rest of the ten sexy students in this classroom spanking epic at Girl spanks Girl!

    Exclusive Education 5 at Girl spanks Girl

  • Pixie dishes out a sickday spanking

    Juliet Valentina thought she could get her visiting nurse friend Pixie to write her a note excusing her from work, but she is going to get a firm lesson in employee responsibility instead.

    See more of sexy Pixie on both ends of a good, hard spanking and see more of this sexy newbie to spanking, Juliet Valentina, at Punished Brats!

    Punished Brats

  • Sarah Gregory gets pulled over the knee by Miss Chris in Lying Daughter

    Sometimes a lot of what is good about a fantasy is unintelligible. It’s good because it hits all the right buttons, but we’re not necessarily aware of exactly what the buttons are. Here, in this movie, is a good example of what I’m talking about!

    Sarah Gregory has been caught lying by her Mom, Miss Chris, in this scene. It has everything I want in a spanking scene, namely tits, ass and spanking.. but it also has an extra ingredient. It just feels right. Miss Chris could really be Sarah’s mom and she does a very good job at disciplining the wayward beauty!

    Sarah has been telling her mother that she is a waitress, until one day, one of her mom’s co-workers recognizes the photo on her desk as “Trixie” the stripper. When Sarah’s mom confronts her about this she continues to lie right to her face. Eventually when the truth comes out, she is in for one of the hardest hand and hairbrush spankings ever that brings REAL tears to her eyes.

    Sarah Gregory gets pulled over the knee by Miss Chris in “Lying Daughter”

    See sexy Sarah get her comeuppance in various states of undress as she gets spanked and spanks some of the people in her world. The latest update sees Sarah get punished while working as a hotel maid during a spanking convention…

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

  • The judge gives Riley Evans the option of time in jail or a hard spanking

    Ms. Evans (Riley Evans) is a very wealthy lady, but sometimes even those ladies commit silly crimes like theft! Even though she has plenty of money her boss catches her on CCTV stealing money from another employee’s locker, maybe she was looking for an extra buzz to brighten up her boring day. She gets invited into her boss’s office and it becomes clear that her thrill-seeking gets her into trouble. Ms Evans will get punished in a way she would have never dreamed of. She’s given the option to either be thrown in jail or get a hard spanking. She, of course, chooses the latter and gets spanked on her expensive skirt first, then on her pantyhose and then her pantyhose came off and she got spanked on her panties…

    Ms Evans' skirt is lifted up and she is spanked over her pantyhose

    When her panties where about to get pulled down she put up a little fight but eventually her panties were yanked down and the hard spanking continued. In addition to the hard over the knee spanking she got, she was also bent over the desk and given even harder spanks on her nice round bubble blonde bottom. Hot girl, amazing movie…

    Wealthy lady Riley Evans gets a richly deserved hand spanking from the judge

    Riley Evans' punishment continues on her beautiful, tanned, bare bottom

    To download this movie in full and many more spanking movies of gorgeous teen babes getting their lovely bare bottoms spanked hard, check out Bad Tushy!

    Bad Tushy

  • Steve Fuller spanks his stalker Clare Fonda OTK on the bed

    In this update from Spanked Sweeties, Clare Fonda acts out one of her spanking fantasies. We all know that she can be very strict with the ladies on her websites but sometimes we forget that Clare is actually in need of a good, hard spanking herself.

    Steve Fuller has not shot any spanking vids for a while so stalker, Clare Fonda, tries to get him to come back. At first she wants him to spank me but then it gets too hard. Clare never knew Steve had such a hard hand when she was home watching him in the spanking videos. And, that is exactly what she gets… a nice long, hard hand spanking on her white, delicate bottom.

    Clare’s ass gets very red indeed, as you can see in this photo. It’s a great OTK shot which shows all the emotion and feeling behind a very hard, hand spanking…

    Clare Fonda's bottom gets very red as her bare bottom gets spanked hard

    Sometimes in spanking scenes, especially with pornstars or glamour models, the spankee can sometimes get an easy time. Not in this case! With a spanker who spanks hard and a spankee who is able to take a lot of punishment this scene is dynamite. It could almost be a husband and wife domestic discipline scene.

    There may be more of Clare’s spanking fantasies in the future, but for now this update is there to download in full only at Spanked Sweeties.

    Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

  • Amy Hunter spanks naughty callgirl Riley Evans for being a lazy hooker

    In this scene blonde Riley was punished for not working hard enough as a hooker, making Amy do the dirty work while she played good girl. After getting an OTK spanking from Miss Hunter, Riley Evans was on her knees begging for a second chance to be a naughty little whore! Very hot indeed.

    Amy Hunter spanks naughty callgirl Riley Evans for being a lazy hooker

    British brunette, Amy Hunter, is the excellent little top, strict and fair in this scene at Spanked Call Girls. As you may know, Amy is quite an experienced spanking model and not only very strong on her ability to switch but knows what dialogue brings out the best in a spanking scene. She also knows how to pose and show off the lovely, firm, little white bum that is lying across her lap.

    Busty blonde pornstar, Riley Evans, is the new girl getting a slut spanking. Fans love switches, but there is something to be said for a truly submissive bottom as well. Riley Evans is truly submissive and had only done one other spanking video before, so she was nervous about how hard Amy would spank her and about the scene in general. When she went over Miss Hunter’s knee she was shaking and it added so much to the story. Adrenaline was rushing through her veins and she took a sound bottom warming while working very hard to please.

    The best value way to download this movie in full is to join Spanked Call Girls in a combo deal with all of Clare Fonda’s spanking websites at Clare Fonda Pass!

    Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

  • Sarah Gregory in therapy with Chelsea Pfeiffer

    This video sees Sarah Gregory getting some therapy for some issues she also has in her real life, such as taking care of herself and eating properly.

    Spanking is perfect for therapy of this kind, when used properly, safely, sanely and consensually it can reinforce ideas that the spankee already knows are the way they should be living their life. I have heard of instances where ladies have used spanking as a means to help themselves to stop smoking, or, as in this case, eat properly.

    Sarah’s therapist is none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer. Watch Sarah get a very realistic hard bare bottom spanking from Chelsea to try and fix all her problems. To make sure that Sarah gets the message Chelsea bares her bottom and not only spanks and paddles her bare bottom, but also bends her over the back of the sofa for a strapping!

    Watch this scene as well as many other updates of naughty Sarah Gregory getting her comeuppance and also spanking her sexy girlfriends as she switches in the amazing scenes at Sarah Gregory Spanking

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

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