Mia Vallis moves in with Kay

Tall blond Mia Vallis and much shorter Kay Richards in lingerie

When Mia Vallis moves in with Kay Richards they make a striking pair, especially with Kay in her lingerie. With 9 or 10 inches height difference between them (Mia is around 6′ tall) it’s certainly a physical mismatch. This is how the story begins in the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate! Kay obviously notices the difference in size of the two roommates and decides to get the domestic rules clearly set out to begin with. Despite being much smaller than tall, slim roommate she flings her over her knee, gradually uncovering her bottom until she’s smacking Mia’s bare bottom hard with her hand, getting them nice and rosy.

This photo, below, reminds me of a Bill Ward cartoon with the busty brunette in lingerie spanking another scantily clad lady over her knee. In particular, Kay’s breasts, glamorously curly dark hair and lip that’s slightly curled. Very hot!

Brunette Kay Richards spanks Mia Vallis in what looks like a Bill Ward cartoon

But statuesque Mia, is not content to let Kay have her own way and easily pulls the brunette over her lap, despite some struggling. Kay starts off almost naked so her bottom is uncovered pretty easily and she’s given a nice spanking on the bare. By the end it is painful for both ladies to sit down…

Mia Vallis moves in with Kay Richards in this girl-on-girl spanking gallery

Statuesque Mia Vallis returns the favor by spanking Kay's bare bottom OTK

A lot of the time in spanking, and porn in general, two ladies in the same scene look similar and are similar height and build. This scene breaks free from that mold! Mia plays the role of Kay’s new roommate very well and Kay looks amazing in her sexy lingerie with lip-curling-a-plenty. Watch this scene and many more adventures of Kay Richards, Madison Martin and co at My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Lesbian Spanking and Domination

Lesbian spanking with Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Lea Lexis at Whipped Ass

Today we have two lesbian spanking and domination scenes from Whipped Ass! To begin with business women, Lea Lexis and Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, get it on in a lesbian scene that soon gets very kinky…

Hot professionals, Lea Lexis and Madeline Marlowe blow off steam after work with a smoking kinky lesbian encounter. Lea Lexis takes a vacation from her life of power and control and erotically submits to OTK, flogging, lesbian sexual service, anal strap-on fucking and multiple orgasms!

Then, hot blonde MILF, Simone Sonay, spanks and dominates ebony Ana Foxxx amidst bags of coffee beans…

Simone Sonay spanks Ana Foxxx at Whipped Ass

Hot MILF customer Simone Sonay pervs out on sexy barista Ana Foxxx every time she buys her latte. When the opportunity to get Ana alone presents itself, Simone takes full advantage with spanking, flogging, finger banging and pussy strap-on fucking. Simone makes Ana service her with pussy licking and a multiple orgasmic pussy and anal strap-on!

Blond MILF Simone Sonay dominates Ana Foxxx

At the end they always have a short interview with the female stars, particularly if they’ve been submissive or in a rough scene, to show that everyone was happy with everything that happened in the scene. To me that’s almost as important as what happens, especially as some of the bondage and sex gets quite rough indeed…

Simone Sonay and Ana Foxxx at Whipped Ass

In both these scenes while it is the one lady who is dominating the other, they each use the strapon on each other. I suppose that’s only fair in a lesbian spanking scene. As the domme you want to punish the submissive, but you also want to get off yourself, right? It certainly adds to the action and excitement!

You can see plenty more domination and lesbian spanking at Whipped Ass!

Whipped Ass

Red Hot Spanking

Friends Bettie Bondage and Red Hot

Red Hot Spanking or, more accurately, Spanking Red Hot

We think that Bettie Bondage is growing into her spanking, with each appearance better than the one before. She does take spankings herself but she’s mainly a spanker. And, that’s the role she has today for this spanking of her friend Red Hot for Spanked Sweeties!

Red Hot is a pretty redhead with long curly red hair and some black rimmed glasses. She a curvy lady and like Bettie, has a very visible tattoo when she goes over the lap. I think she just has the one tattoo that is like a garter belt around one thigh, but the tattoo plus her red lips and glasses give her an almost gothic/nerdy look.

These photos are from a birthday spanking that Red once received. Bettie gives the birthday girl a gift, then gets to spank her lovely big bottom. Is this not the happiest you’ve seen anyone while they’re getting spanked?

Bettie Bondage spanking Red Hot gallery

Red Hot was discovered by her friend Bettie Bondage, who also interviews her about how she was spanked growing up.

Bettie Bondage spanking Red Hot OTK

Along with this F/F scene and the spanking interviews, there is also a an M/F scene where she acts out a spanking from her father that also included a belting. You can watch both spankings and see Red’s interview only at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

Ebony spanked by new white stepdaddy

Ebony Shae Spreadz gets spanked by her new white stepdaddy

Legendary male porn star, Evan Stone, spanks his ebony stepdaughter, Shae Spreadz, in the hardcore “My New White Stepdaddy 12” DVD. Here’s a sample gallery.

The photo, above, is the only spanking pic but it’s a nice scene. Shae gets spanked in her sexy white stockings, then the hardcore happens later when she’s now wearing white sneaker liners. Spanking has a trend for older men spanking younger women. 50-year-old, Evan, fits nicely into this trend when he takes Shae across his knee and spanks her ebony bottom. There may not be a huge amount of spanking action but it’s worth a look purely for the above photo and the sex.

See more at Devil’s Film!

Devil's Film

Multi Generational Spanking

Momma slaps Mandie Rae's face

Wow, this is a hard and long FF/F spanking that sees naughty Mandie Rae get quite a severe spanking and strapping. While the bulk of the punishment is on Mandie’s bare bottom, things start off when Dana Specht gives Mandie a face slap, above. Sarah Gregory plays Mandie’s mom and it was she who had gone to Dana for advice. In spanking land there can be only one solution to an out-of-control 18+ teen…

Dana Specht spanks Mandie Rae OTK while Sarah Gregory watches in this multi generational spanking

Mandie starts off wearing an outfit with a short skirt, showing off her long legs, and a top that reads “Disobey”. She is first of all spanked in this sexy modern outfit before changing into something that is much more to Momma’s tastes for the end of the punishment, a hard strapping as she bends over, then kneels on the blue seat. In between there is plenty of spanking as Mandie is spanked in different stages by both Sarah and Dana. Even, the mom, Sarah gets an OTK spanking for her part in all the drama.

Mandie is sent to her room crying her eyes out then Momma turns the tables on Sarah and orders her over her knee for a well deserved spanking for not being the strict mother she should be. After they both spank Mandie otk again and strap her.

None of these ladies are related in real life, and Sarah is very young to be Mandie’s mom, but this scene does have the feel of a three generational spanking. You can imagine a woman going to her mom about the granddaughter, then both mother and daughter getting well-punished by the strict grandmother.

Mandie Rae gets strapped by both Sarah and Dana on her sore, red bottom

This long scene is called “You Must Spank Your Daughter” and is currently being added at Momma Spankings. You can join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass for a great value deal!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Sunny Marie: Naked Nurse Spanked

Sunny Marie pretends to be a nurse and spanks student, Mary Jane Mayhem, OTK

This is a very sexy scene with sexy blonde Sunny Marie on Spanking Sorority Girls. Sunny dishonestly pretends to be a nurse. She lures a new student, the sexy brunette Mary Jane Mayhem, into having a very intrusive examination involving a rectal thermometer over her knee. But then, the examination continues and involves both ladies getting naked in a less than professional way – not like a medical examination at all. Mary Jane figures that it’s not a proper examination and that Sunny is not a proper nurse. So now, with both beauties completely naked (except for some ribbons in Mary Jane’s hair) it is Sunny Marie’s turn to be on the end of a spanking…

Mary Jane Mayhem spanks Sunny Marie nude OTK for pretending to be a nurse

Both ladies are pretty pornstars with nice bodies. So, even at the beginning with them both in their respective uniforms (a nurse’s uniform and a school uniform) you know that this is going to be a good movie. But things just keep on getting better. I like the photo of Sunny lifting up Mary Jane’s tiny plaid skirt. Then, when the tables turn the curvy brunette looks amazing spanking naughty Sunny. There’s even a nice ending with Mary Jane warning Sunny as she leaves.

See more preview photos in this gallery

If you like hot chicks spanking each other in sexy school uniforms then Spanking Sorority Girls is the site for you. There are a lot of very sexy cheerleader and plaid outfits! There is also some nice spanking action which ranges from fairly playful, to a hard canings… with plenty of sorority pledge paddling in the middle.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Fae Dcay

Dana Kane lectures Fae Dcay while she is OTK

Sexy new spanking model, Fae Dcay, has made a few appearances on Dana Kane Spanks getting spanked very hard indeed by strict and smart Dana Kane. While she is definitely over the age of 18, she has a very youthful look to her, as you can see in these photos from the “OTK Daughter Discipline” movie. The petite model with the greyish hair and cute little bubble butt looks amazing over Dana’s knee… and she’s really spanked quite hard, as you can see from her reactions…

Fae Dcay gets spanked hard by Dana Kane with some nice reactions

As with all hard spankings the sexy spanking model ends up with a nicely reddened bottom. Dana inspects her handiwork and all is well with the world! She just has to make sure that naughty Fae Dcay has learnt her lesson. Dana does this by holding her chin, making sure she has her full attention, and continuing to lecture her about her behavior…

Fae Dcay is continued to be scolded after her spanking by strict Dana Kane

In another scene, Fae Dcay has a fever so goes to see her doctor, who happens to be Dana Kane. It’s another very hard spanking together with kinky stethoscope and temperature-taking action. This screencap shows off Fae’s lovely round and well-spanked bare bottom…

Doctor, Dana Kane inspects Fae Dcay's lovely round, well-spanked bottom

See much more of Fae Dcay and, of course, Dana Kane in the movies at her website: Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Chelsea spanks Alex Reynolds

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Alex Reynolds OTK over her sexy short dress

The Momma Spankings website is all about mother / daughter roleplay and some pretty hard spankings. “Loving Discipline” features Chelsea Pfeiffer as the guest “mom” and Alex Reynolds plays her daughter. Alex is wearing a pretty, summer dress that rides up over her bottom deliciously as Chelsea starts to spank her, above.

As with most spankings of this kind, the daughter is normally either behaving badly or has a bad attitude… or both. By the time we get to this start of the scene there has normally been a prolonged period of bad behavior and by the time the scene starts the mom is at the end of her tether. Only one thing will rectify the situation and provide both attitude adjustment and justice… an OTK spanking. Spanking model, Alex, is well used to bratting and Chelsea plays a mother who reluctantly knows exactly how to deal with her, as a last resort.

Chelsea does the last thing she feels she can do to help Alex be a better behaved young woman; to give her a good, hard spanking. Alex is spanked until she cries real tears of remorse.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Alex Reynolds in Loving Discipline gallery

Once again, here there are two huge names in spanking, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alex Reynolds. And with Alex’s big bottom Chelsea knows she can go to town and give her a good, hard spanking. In fact not only does she give a hand spanking over Alex’s panties, then on her bare bottom, but she also uses two different hairbrushes on her.

Chelsea spanks Alex Reynolds on her bare bottom with a wooden hairbrush

If you enjoy loving spankings between two ladies in a fantasy mother-daughter scenario then Momma Spankings is the site for you! You can join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass for a great value deal!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Visit Home Preview…

Snow Mercy, Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley in Visit Home

Here’s a quick preview for the brand new update to Girl Spanks Girl with one famous spanking model, one spanking porn star and a never-before-been-spanked-on-camera porn star…

Snow Mercy plays mom to Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley (in her first ever spanking scene). The two sisters are home from college when they start fighting about who took mom’s car back in the day. Mom gets fed up with their constant bickering and when they spill her wine, the last straw, she puts them over her knee, one by one, and gives each girl an old fahsioned spanking. Next morning, Snow finds out that the two sisters, Emily and Jenna, took her car back during the day without her knowledge. The angry mom gives them a second spanking for it on their already sore, spanked bottoms. After their second spanking in two days, the naughty girls spank each other in the sexy finale.

It is a joy to watch both sexy ladies getting spanked by Snow but the ending where they spank each other is electric! The “Visit Home” movie is currently being added, only on Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Kymberly Jane Femdom

Life Coach Kymberly Jane spanks a naughty husband in POV

Despite her being one of my favorite spanking models I’m not sure what to call her these days. Is it Kymberly Jane or is it Kay Richards? My best guess at the moment is that she started off using Kay for spanking but is now using her other moniker, the same one she uses for other porn, glamour and fetish photography. I suppose we’ll all have to make the transition eventually. Sigh.

Anyway, Kymberly Jane is definitely the lady I’d choose for all my Femdom needs if this F/M scene, “Life Coach Gives Painful Lesson“, is anything to go by. It’s the latest update on Clare Spanks Men and is shot partly in P.O.V. with some angles looking at Kym’s ankles as if you’re actually over her knee. Other camera angles are looking up at her as she wields, and swings that big, wooden paddle.

There are paddles and there are paddles! It’s quite a mean looking wooden paddle she has in this movie. It’s hard and solid-looking but with four large holes along the center for aerodynamic ease-of-use. It’s big but not too big that you’d have to stand up to use it. This wooden paddle definitely looks like the perfect implement for a hard OTK paddling, with the emphasis on the word “hard“!

Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards) is a life coach who teaches wives’ husbands painful lessons. She starts with a stern lecture, then puts the man over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a paddle, lecturing him the entire time, then sending him home with a sore, bruised bottom.

Life Coach Kymberly Jane spanks a naughty husband in POV – femdom spanking gallery

Busty Life Coach Kymberly Jane Femdom movie ends with her standing by the white board

Watch this hard-hitting scene with Kay, I mean, Kymberly Jane and many more femdom, F/M spanking movies at Clare Spanks Men!

Clare Spanks Men