Veonica Ricci meets Kay Richards and her Sugar Momma, Clare Fonda in this all-girl spanking

If you were to have a perfect spanking scene what would be the ingredients? A spanking by numbers, if you will. Well, everyone is different and most people will have different things they like at different times, like moods. So, the disclaimer here is that the “perfect spanking” might actually change shape slightly from day-to-day. But having said that, for me, this update on Girl Spanks Girl is very close indeed to being perfect.

Without getting too much into the plot you have a sexy cougar, Clare Fonda, and two sexy babes, Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci. Clare is jealous and angry of the naked lesbian lovers so she takes them both over her knee and gives them a sound spanking with her hand, then the hairbrush.

Ok, so why do I like this scene so much? Well, first off, it’s not just a one-on-one scene, here you have 3 of my favourite ladies in one scene. Kay Richards, is not just a favourite of mine, she’s also a fan-favourite for many spanking enthusiasts. Veronica Ricci is very new to getting spanked on the internet but with her drop-dead-gorgeous looks and ability to take a spanking she is fast becoming equally as loved. Then, Clare Fonda plays the angry “sugar momma” and Clare really needs no introduction, she’s at the top of the tree for a reason! Clare brings an intensity and drama to a scene, as well as a lightening quick sense of humour. She is also a hard-spanking switch, which makes her another one of my favourites….

So that’s all three of the cast, two of whom are stark naked. Kay and Veronica begin the scene hand-spanking each other in a lovely nude, lesbian spanking. I don’t know what’s going on with Kay’s nipples in this scene but I’d guess that she’s either very cold or very turned on, either way Kay’s nipples should have a website of their own.

So then, after these two gorgeous ladies have spanked each other’s bare bottom in the nude, Clare shows up and she’s pissed!! Clare proceeds to spank each lady, and as she does the other girl holds her lover’s hands and kisses her. But, don’t be fooled, this is actually a proper spanking, there are some nice red bottoms at the end of this scene.

How was that? Perfect enough for you? Well, see for yourself in the “Erotic Spanking” section of Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl


Ten’s hard punishment spanking

Dan yanked Ten's hair back to make sure she's listening to him

Ten Amorette is looking for a sugar daddy and makes the mistake of contacting one of Momma Clare’s most loyal clients- Double Dan, who spanks Ten VERY hard. This is some hard M/f disipline for a girl who got out of line. Ten Amorette is a heavy player and knowing this she was able to take the hardest M/F spanking on Spanked Call Girls. Ten gets a mean talking to and gets her hair pulled to make sure she’s listening as Dan tells her off, and at the same time her big round bottom is spanked very hard, as you can see in these screenshots from the actual movie…

Ten Amorette's lovely, big, round bottom gets a very hard MF spanking

This is a good ol’ fashioned MF punishment. Obviously some spanking models, especially newer ones, do not have a very high tolerance and cannot take that much punishment. Ten on the other hand has felt quite a few spankings, but even her limits seemed to be pushed a little here as she is dealt with very firmly indeed.

You can watch this full spanking movie and many more naughty callgirls getting their sexy rumps spanked hard at Clare Fonda’s kinky Spanked Call Girls website.

Spanked Callgirls

Shay Golden

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK on her denim hotpants

Shay Golden is a brand new pornstar on the scene, but this is the strapping blonde’s very first spanking scene. Shay also talks about some of her real life spankings when she was growing up. It turns out that this sexy beauty was spanked by mom, dad and even grandpa with both the hand and the paddle. This memories like these from her interview, re-enacting those memories was always going to be very erotic. In the first of four different scenes Shay looks like a pretty girl-next-door in her tight daisy dukes. Clare Fonda plays her mom and has cause to drag her over her lap for a hard spanking. First of all she gets hand spanked on those tight, denim shorts, then they get pulled down and her bare ass cheeks are spanked with her only wearing a very skimpy thong. Finally, Shay’s thong is yanked right down and the naughty lady is really given a good spanking on her bare bottom.

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK in her daisy dukes

See and hear lots more about Shay Golden from her interview and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Sara Goes Across Two Laps

Sara Faye goes across two laps and gets a good spanking

This is a very sexy update that is coming to My Spanking Roommate! It’s a very fun and sexy, while still being quite hard spanking. The naughty Sara Faye tries to get her own back on her ex, James’s new girlfriend by giving her a few spanks over his desk when she barges into his office. But spanking the new girlfriend, Madison Martin, does not last very long. Soon it is Madison and James who are spanking Sara. In fact, Sara lies across both of their laps at the same time! After a good and hard hand-spanking a solid-looking hairbrush appears from out of nowhere and the sexy blonde with the perky bubblebutt gets treated to a hairbrush spanking session.

From Sara’s point of view this must have been extremely embarrassing. At the start she’d wanted to get revenge, but it turned out that the tables were turned and it was she who learnt the lesson. However, it is also a very sexy scene, not least because Sara’s butt is soo delicious. It seems so pert and firm and round. She plays the naughty tomboy very well indeed, and takes a nice firm spanking that gets her lovely bottom very red!!

Sara Faye goes across two laps and gets a good spanking – gallery

You can see this full movie and many more scenes only from the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Happy Anniversary Spanking

Spoiled Sarah Gregory gets a firm OTK spanking from her boyfriend, Zach

In the “Ungrateful Girlfriend” spanking movie it’s Sarah Gregory and her boyfriend’s first year anniversary. To celebrate he takes her out to a fancy restaurant, but it doesn’t quite meaure up to Sarah’s high standards and she is soon complaining that he should have taken her somewhere nicer. Zach, the boyfriend, bites his tongue and instead presents bratty Sarah with a lovely ring as a gift, but even the ring is not good enough for Sarah. She tells him that her girlfriends get taken out to much nicer places and get given rings encrusted with diamonds. It’s clear that Sarah is acting in a spoiled and bratty way and so Zach sets out to teach the lady he loves a valuable lesson and gives her an old-fashioned bare bottom spanking.

Spoiled Sarah Gregory gets a firm OTK spanking from her boyfriend, Zach, in “Ungrateful Girlfriend”

As you can see the results are spectacular, as always with Sarah Gregory. You can see the full movie only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Spanked for Pimping

Miss Chris spanks Clare Fonda for pimping out her daughter as a prostitute

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a spanking from Spanked Call Girls so today the website returns, along with Miss Chris! We love hard-hitting ladies like Lana, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda, and Miss Chris definitely comes under this title. At the end of this scene Clare’s bottom is as red as we’ve ever seen it as she gets spanked for pimping…

Miss Chris is back on Spanked Callgirls. She has a very hard spanking hand and is mad as hell since Clare Fonda had her daughter in a callgirl ring. The angry mom wants revenge and shows up at Clare’s home only to take the grown woman and put her over her knee for a bottom blistering spanking. Clare brats off to Chris like she is an angry little girl but Chris sees Clare as a woman completely responsible for turning innocent young ladies into full-on hookers and gives her one of the hardest F/f handspankings ever seen on the net.

Clare Fonda gets a hard spanking and a very sore, red bottom in ‘Miss Chris Returns’

This is a very nice and very hard MILF-on-MILF spanking scene and Clare definitely comes off second-best for once! See more strict punishment of all the sexy ladies and callgirls in this very kinky brothel only at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Call Girls website.

Spanked Callgirls

House of Lords 3

Naughty blonde gets an OTK spanking from the Headmistress in House of Lords 3

Movie description for “House of Lords 3″…

Our exploration of the very English penchant for corporal punishment continues with VOLUME 3 of “House of Lords” and what a tale we have to tell. Our story concerns two ripe and beautiful student at a very private school for naughty young girls. The school is run by a stern and demanding Headmistress who subscribes to the “spare the rod, spoil the child” method of discipline. It seems our two young beauties have stolen something of values and one of them was caught red handed, whilst the other got away. This infuriates the Headmistress and she resolves to make the captured coed confess the name of her accomplice. When questioning does not work it is time to resort to corporal punishment, when the headmistress performs on the lush body of her interrogation continues without respite until the girl’s identity becomes known. Her ass is red and raw from the merciless beating but is not over. In fact, it has just begun. Now both girls are subjected to raw and brutal punishment for their sins. The Headmistress is merciless as she whips, canes, slaps, straps and spanks both girls until the tears are streaming down the faces. One girl is forced to stand in the corner as part of her humiliation and watch the other being beaten. There are even scenes of Bastinado performed on the open hands of both young beauties. This is a long and intense journey into a world of pain and punishment that leaves both girls stripped and marked by the whips. It will leave you drained and exhausted.

Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View

The Lazy Niece

Lazy niece Samora Morgan goes over Clare's knee
Samora Morgan gets spanked by Clare Fonda on Girl Spanks Girl

When I first saw this photo of spanking newbie Samora Morgan I thought she looked familiar. Had I seen her somewhere else? Had she been on another website? I’m not sure if she has or not but what I can say is that I think she looks a lot like one of our favourite spankees, April O’Neil, especially when she’s over the knee like in the above photo! Compare her to April, below…

Country girl April O'Neil gets Spanked by Clare Fonda
April O’Neil gets spanked by Clare on Spanked Sweeties

It turns out that normally Samora does not look that similar to April normally, but there is definitely a resemblance when they start getting spanked over Clare’s knee. There is something about a beautiful brunette with long, natural brown hair getting spanked OTK that is very hot indeed and Samora joins a long list of our favourite brunette spankees in this scene. This movie is called “Lazy Niece Spanked“…

Samora has been sent to her strict Aunt’s house to live for a while. When Samora slacks off and doesn’t do her homework, she learns what is in store for her. Aunt Clare takes her over her knee and spanks her to her bottom turns bright red.

You can watch Samora’s “Lazy Niece Spanked” movie and also see April in “Exclusive Education 5″ only at Girl Spanks Girl.

Girl Spanks Girl

Mother Spanks Sarah

Cassandra pulls down Sarah's panties

With it being mother’s day recently, what better thing to have than a spanked-by-mother scene.

Here, long-suffering mom, Cassandra Park, has just arrived back from vacation to find her daughter, Sarah Gregory, has been sleeping in her bed, but not only that, she finds a packet of condoms in the bed too. It looks like her daughter has been using her bed for sex. She confronts Sarah about her discovery only to be lied to by the spoilt brat. There is only one solution for this and that is to drag naughty Sarah over her knee and pull down her panties for a long-awaited and much-needed spanking.

Sarah Gregory’s bottom looks amazing from this angle! Delicious…

Sarah Gregory's bare bottom looks amazing!

And then it’s back to the spanking. Cassandra (she’s also called Sandra or Ms Park) is an experienced spanker and deals with Sarah very firmly indeed. After spanking her luscious bare bottom with her hand she grabs a wooden hairbrush and gives her a nice hard paddling to finish off the punishment.

Ms Park continues to spank Sarah's bottom with her hand and a wooden hairbrush

Ms Park continues to spank Sarah’s bottom with her hand and a wooden hairbrush

It’s a lovely reminder of the role of mother’s in our community :) Ms Park gives Sarah a generous dose of tough love that warms the heart! You can see plenty more of Sarah Gregory’s lovely bottom getting spanked and slapped at her website Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Pixie Caught Tagging

Clare catches Amber Pixie Wells tagging so pulls her over her knee for a spanking

Amber Pixie Wells is one of the most famous spanking models in the world, and in this update from My Spanking Roommate you can see why. At the start of the scene it’s a hot day and both she and Clare Fonda are dressed for the sun. Pixie is wearing a very nice blue dress which hugs her figure and shows off her boobs deliciously. She is tanned allover and is looking hotter than ever, on what must have been a very hot day. At the beginning of this scene Amber flirts with Clare, bending over and pushing her tits in Clare’s face, very sexy indeed. Clare is looking equally hot and quite slutty in her tight t-shirt and miniskirt.

Pixie is sometimes called Pixie and sometimes, as in this case, she’s going with the name Amber Wells…

When Clare catches Amber tagging again, she spanks her over her knee with her hand, puts her in the corner with her panties in her mouth, then spanks her hard with a haribrush. Maybe Amber will finally learn to never tag again.

Both ladies are looking incredibly sexy with their slim waists and figure-hugging outfits that show off their boobs. Even though it’s a spanking, boobs are still important! Pixie looks great over Clare’s knee, it looks very natural, like it was meant to be that way. Her nice golden bottom is complemented by Clare’s pale right arm as she swings that wooden hairbrush down again. Ouch!

Amber's lovely bare bottom gets very red from the hairbrush spanking

If you like very sexy over the knee hairbush spanking scenes with hot ladies spanking and getting spanked with the hand and hairbrush, you need to see more at Clare Fonda’s My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate