Sierra Salem

Sierra Salem

It’s been a while since we’ve heard the name “Sierra Salem” but it was not so long ago that she was one of the biggest names in spanking. She makes a welcome return to the internet with this scene on My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda spanks Sierra Salem at My Spanking Roommate

The storyline here is that Sierra is looking for somewhere to stay and asks Clare Fonda if she can stay at her house. Clare starts to flirt with the pretty brunette but Sierra does not go along with Clare’s advances. Feeling hurt and embarrassed Clare gets her own back by dragging Sierra over her knee and spanking her lovely bottom, first with her hand and then with a hairbrush.

Clare Fonda spanks Sierra Salem at My Spanking Roommate preview

Clare Fonda spanks Sierra Salem at My Spanking Roommate

This scene is a typical Clare Fonda-style spanking. It’s a domestic girl on girl spanking that seems very homely and genuine. Clare, or Momma Clare, plays the perfect strict aunt… or in this case, spurned cougar… who is determined to yank those pretty girl-next-doors panties down and spank their beautiful bottoms. And the ladies she spanks are some of the best out there! Sierra is a sexy but very normal-looking girl-next-door and she joins a cast of beauties including Kay Richards, Madison Martin, Chloe Elise, Kailee, Snow Mercy and Ariel X on the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate


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Kinky Ass Punishment Threesomes

There are three hardcore threesomes today and all three include some very erotic spanking and ass punishments. All the ladies here are pornstars and fetishmodels. The scenes start off with one girl dominating the other before the man turns up and punishes and fucks them both. Each of these scenes are very sexy and visually striking. Because this is nearer to a kinky, hardcore S&M than typical spanking scenes the aesthetics of the scenes are beautiful and very erotic.

We’ve seen plenty of Ashli Orion on this blog, here she returns with her great big ass and super stretchy butt hole to be annihilated by Bobbi Starr! In this heavy S&M scene, Ashli endures hard punishment and large toys in her ass. She is fisted and a large inflatable toy is pumped 15 times while in her ass before prying it out. Then John Strong joins in to team up on Ashli and double penetrate her. Here you can see Ashli getting a nice bare bottom spanking over Bobbi’s knee, in her kinky latex outfit and stockings..

Ashli Orion gets spanked over the knee by Bobbi Starr

Naughty pornstar Nikki Sexx gets dominated and anally abused by blond Lorelei Lee in tight latex! Nikki is new to being submissive but she is obedient and gets off on rough sex. This scene includes spanking, flogging, glass toys, anal strapon, deep throat, ass licking, dildo gag and more! Here you can see sexy Nikki getting whipped on a futuristic backlit table…

Nikki Sexx is on all fours in a bottom-less latex dress getting her ass whipped

Asian pornstar, Annie Cruz, gives sex blond, Lea Lexis, all the punishment and anal sex she craves in this smoking hot session! These two girls are horny as fuck and the camera catches it all as they spank, lick ass and anal fuck each other’s brains out. Mr. Pete comes in at the end to give both girls a dose of hard cock for their hungry holes. Here he’s making Lea’s ass nice and red as Annie yanks her head back, very hot…

Lea Lexis gets her ass spanked til it's bright red in this hardcore threesome

Watch all these kinky hardcore movie and plenty more ass-centric hardcore, fetish scenes at Everything Butt.

Everything Butt

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Irelynn Logeen

Sexy redhead Irelynn Logeen gets her panties pulled down during her OTK spanking

John was quite excited about his latest acquisition to Triple A Spanking as he had tried a few times before to get Irelynn to appear but circumstances conspired against them both with bad timing & such so it was not long before he made up for this & settled Irelynn over his lap. Underneath her shorts he revealed a very cute pair of panties & as he continued to spank Irelynn’s gorgeous bottom it began to start turning red. This introductory film specializes in OTK spanking & as John upped the tempo you’ll see some great facial reactions you’d expect starring the very sexy Irelynn Logeen!

If you like this sexy babe, Irelynn Logeen, who has Dutch heritage but with a distinctly Irish-flavor, download this movie now! You can get this movie in clear, crisp HD and many more quality British spanking movies at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Exclusive Education 6

Naughty ladies line up at the front of the classroom and show off their white panties in Exclusive Education 6
From left to right: Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Bliss Evermore, Nena, Ten Amorette, Sophia Locke, Mandee Miller and Julie Night

It’s summertime and that can mean only one thing: a new “Exclusive Education” movie at Girl spanks Girl. This year we’re in the sixth year of the series and while it is true that every year we think the latest movie is very good, this year is no exception.

Exclusive Education 6 features some of the hottest girls from over the past 12 months and introduces some brand new faces. In the lineup above, you can see some of our favourites like Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Nena and Ten Amorette. You also might recognise Sophia Locke (redhead with tattoos and glasses) from this post. So that just leaves the newbies… Bliss Evermore is the tallish, thin brunette with braided pigtails, Julie Night is/was a pornstar but her new “short-hair” look makes her look very different and ebony Mandee Miller is the real-life neice of Lana, you’ll see the likeness of the two ladies in their faces immediately. Also, this is the first time we’ve come across Lilia Spinoza, who plays the naughty cheerleader in this movie…

Lilia Spinoza plays a naughty cheerleader in Exclusive Education 6
Lilia Spinoza

So with all the ladies from the lineup and Lilia that makes nine “schoolgirls” this year and the three teachers are the same as last year: Lana, Snow Mercy and, of course, Clare Fonda. So that’s a grand total of 12 of the hottest ladies in spanking, with, we have to say, some of the nicest bottoms. Ten and Mary Jane have two of the nicest, roundest bottoms in spanking, and I’d forgotten how nice Nena’s bottom is. In fact, all the ladies have nice bottoms this year and with beauties such as Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza it’s going to be an epic spanking movie to remember!

This may well be stating the obvious but this year’s movie is a must for lovers of classroom scenarios, plus this year you also have a naughty cheerleader thrown in for good measure. There is A LOT of OTK spanking with the hand and the hairbrush, as with all the previous Exclusive Education movies, and this year there is this fearsome wooden paddle…

Julie Night bends over for the wooden paddle while the others watch from the front of class
Julie Night bends over for the wooden paddle while the others watch from the front of class

Each of Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education movies are feature-length, much longer than most spanking movies and with much more action (having such large casts of sexy spankees), to give you an example of the running times, number 5 of the series was 1 hour and 40 minutes of spanking action. You can see the first five Exclusive Education movies right now in their entirety at Girl spanks Girl! Exclusive Education 6 is brand new and just starting to be added so grab it while it’s hot!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Sarah gets Diapered

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in diapers

Sarah Gregory is a sexy and sassy spanking model who is exploring the world of AB play on Naughty Diaper Girls . In this diaper drama she is a young lady who is forced to dress in a very old fashioned manner. One day Sarah is teased for the “granny panties” she has on and the mean girls taunt her so much she wets! The school nurse puts her in a diaper and she walks home while we see the camera looking up her dress! Poor embarrassed Sarah finally shows her mother, Clare Fonda, what she had to wear and mom is so angry she takes Sarah over her knee and spanks her on her diaper til she wiggles and moans. Poor Sarah- mom finally puts a fresh diaper on her and promises to be more patient with her sensitive little girl.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in diapers – gallery

If you like this kinkier side of spanking, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation and, of course, spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

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Downblouse Spanking

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Lily Cade OTK and gives us a nice downblouse view

This photo comes from one of the latest updates at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking. A lot of the time photos from a scene will be in the classic, front-on OTK spanking style, this is a little different. The view over Chelsea’s shoulder gives an intimate view of Lily Cade’s bare bottom and a lovely view downblouse view of Chelsea’s breasts.

This scene is called “Your Apples are Hanging Out!” and shows what happens when Chelsea Pfeiffer takes a look at how Lily Cade presents herself for a job interview. From the scene title you can get an idea of what Chelsea thought of Lily’s dress-style, but luckily she’s about to put things right and rectify the situation with a firm, OTK spanking.

Lily Cade is pretty new on the spanking scene and from this scene we can see that she will be very popular. The sexy, short-haired redhead is wearing a pair of grey trouser pants that hug her curvy bottom and thighs as she lies over Chelsea’s lap. That view is sexy enough but soon the trousers and panties get pulled down and she is spanked on the bare, as you can see.

Another thing you can see from the photo, above, is that Chelsea is wearing a ring on her spanking hand. That looks unusual, I can’t remember having seen that before. Looks painful!

Check out this full spanking movie and many more at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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Amelia Jane spanked in Nightwear

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets an OTK spanking from Paul Kennedy in her nightwear

It feels like a while since I’ve seen Amelia Jane Rutherford in a spanking scene so excitement was in the air when I saw this new update on Sarah Gregory Spanking. Amelia is the same as ever but she’s definitely looking thinner than before, you really do have to marvel at her bottom though.

Amelia and Sarah Gregory are in bed together talking when Paul Kennedy comes in with some bad news for the two ladies. It turns out that the paid have earned themselves a spanking. Instead of waiting until they are dressed, what better than to spanking them both in their nightgowns. Amelia goes first, as you can see, and her bottom looks amazing in that hot pink nightdress. Sarah remains under the covers and looks concerned but she should not worry too much for her friend because it’s her turn next!

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets an OTK spanking from Paul Kennedy in her nightwear

This scene comes from Sarah Gregory’s recent trip to the UK, instead of having a vacation the spankings continued for poor Sarah as she got to experience some proper English Discipline. See more scenes from the England trip and many more American spankings for naughty Sarah at her website Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Veonica Ricci meets Kay Richards and her Sugar Momma, Clare Fonda in this all-girl spanking

If you were to have a perfect spanking scene what would be the ingredients? A spanking by numbers, if you will. Well, everyone is different and most people will have different things they like at different times, like moods. So, the disclaimer here is that the “perfect spanking” might actually change shape slightly from day-to-day. But having said that, for me, this update on Girl Spanks Girl is very close indeed to being perfect.

Without getting too much into the plot you have a sexy cougar, Clare Fonda, and two sexy babes, Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci. Clare is jealous and angry of the naked lesbian lovers so she takes them both over her knee and gives them a sound spanking with her hand, then the hairbrush.

Ok, so why do I like this scene so much? Well, first off, it’s not just a one-on-one scene, here you have 3 of my favourite ladies in one scene. Kay Richards, is not just a favourite of mine, she’s also a fan-favourite for many spanking enthusiasts. Veronica Ricci is very new to getting spanked on the internet but with her drop-dead-gorgeous looks and ability to take a spanking she is fast becoming equally as loved. Then, Clare Fonda plays the angry “sugar momma” and Clare really needs no introduction, she’s at the top of the tree for a reason! Clare brings an intensity and drama to a scene, as well as a lightening quick sense of humour. She is also a hard-spanking switch, which makes her another one of my favourites….

So that’s all three of the cast, two of whom are stark naked. Kay and Veronica begin the scene hand-spanking each other in a lovely nude, lesbian spanking. I don’t know what’s going on with Kay’s nipples in this scene but I’d guess that she’s either very cold or very turned on, either way Kay’s nipples should have a website of their own.

So then, after these two gorgeous ladies have spanked each other’s bare bottom in the nude, Clare shows up and she’s pissed!! Clare proceeds to spank each lady, and as she does the other girl holds her lover’s hands and kisses her. But, don’t be fooled, this is actually a proper spanking, there are some nice red bottoms at the end of this scene.

How was that? Perfect enough for you? Well, see for yourself in the “Erotic Spanking” section of Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Ten’s hard punishment spanking

Dan yanked Ten's hair back to make sure she's listening to him

Ten Amorette is looking for a sugar daddy and makes the mistake of contacting one of Momma Clare’s most loyal clients- Double Dan, who spanks Ten VERY hard. This is some hard M/f disipline for a girl who got out of line. Ten Amorette is a heavy player and knowing this she was able to take the hardest M/F spanking on Spanked Call Girls. Ten gets a mean talking to and gets her hair pulled to make sure she’s listening as Dan tells her off, and at the same time her big round bottom is spanked very hard, as you can see in these screenshots from the actual movie…

Ten Amorette's lovely, big, round bottom gets a very hard MF spanking

This is a good ol’ fashioned MF punishment. Obviously some spanking models, especially newer ones, do not have a very high tolerance and cannot take that much punishment. Ten on the other hand has felt quite a few spankings, but even her limits seemed to be pushed a little here as she is dealt with very firmly indeed.

You can watch this full spanking movie and many more naughty callgirls getting their sexy rumps spanked hard at Clare Fonda’s kinky Spanked Call Girls website.

Spanked Callgirls

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Shay Golden

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK on her denim hotpants

Shay Golden is a brand new pornstar on the scene, but this is the strapping blonde’s very first spanking scene. Shay also talks about some of her real life spankings when she was growing up. It turns out that this sexy beauty was spanked by mom, dad and even grandpa with both the hand and the paddle. This memories like these from her interview, re-enacting those memories was always going to be very erotic. In the first of four different scenes Shay looks like a pretty girl-next-door in her tight daisy dukes. Clare Fonda plays her mom and has cause to drag her over her lap for a hard spanking. First of all she gets hand spanked on those tight, denim shorts, then they get pulled down and her bare ass cheeks are spanked with her only wearing a very skimpy thong. Finally, Shay’s thong is yanked right down and the naughty lady is really given a good spanking on her bare bottom.

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK in her daisy dukes

See and hear lots more about Shay Golden from her interview and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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