Dana Specht

Sarah's Strict Mom, Dana Specht, finds cigarettes

Dana Specht is a very experienced spanker, probably one of the most experienced spankers you’ll find on the internet. She has been teaching lessons to naughty adults (male and female) for many years and her website went back to 2000. Now, in 2015 her website has been upgraded and refreshed with a nice mobile-friendly design and much of the movies from her old site going back to 2000. Dana updates weekly and every update comes with it’s own “Covergirl” photo, as well as the movies and photo galleries you’d expect. There is also a weekly diary written by Dana herself and stories and testimonials to enjoy.

Dana specializes in spanking real people, which you can read about in her diary and also in the testimonials, but she also performs brilliantly in the spanking scenes on her website. There is both F/M and F/F content on her website but this is a nice example of the F/F spanking with her favorite naughty girl, Sarah Gregory. In the photo, above, strict mom, Dana, finds a packet of cigarettes and is very angry with Sarah.

Sarah’s Mom (Dana Specht) is at her wits end with her bad behavior and announces she is being sent to a private boarding school, where punished girls receive bare bottom spankings. To show her what’s in store for her, her Mom turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. When she comes in to check on her, Sarah sasses Mom and gets her mouth washed out with soap. Next morning she is hauled out of the bathtub and given another spanking on her wet behind. When Sarah returns home for a weekend break, Mom learns she was spanked at school and gives her a caning and finishes it off with a sound bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. Lots of action in this newest video with Sarah Gregory.

Then below there is some nice hard OTK spanking. Dana Specht may look pleasant and harmless but another of her specialties is the severity of some of her spankings. There are often implements such as paddles, straps and canes but here Dana proves that you don’t need implements to make a bottom squeal…

Strict mom Dana Specht spanks Sarah Gregory with her hand OTK

See, read and watch much more from Dana Specht at Dana Specht’s website!

Dana Specht


Sexy Mya starts her modeling assignment

Pretty Mya is on a modeling assignment when she decides that she’s done enough work and instead of changing into the next outfit she’s just going to get her money and go home. This obviously wasn’t the deal! The photographer is furious and pulls her over his knee. She complains but at this point he has stopped listening and is intent only on punishing her lazy and greedy ass.

It turns out that Mya has a luscious round bottom that is perfect for spanking. She’s wearing the clothes from the fashion shoot, sexy woollen stockings and a g-string, that give her no protection from the hard spanking she’s going to receive…

Mya is pulled OTK with her big bottom only wearing a g-string

And Mya gets quite an OTK spanking! While her reddening bottom bounces and jiggles, her facial reactions are priceless…

Mya's facial reactions are priceless as she starts to really feel the spanking

And her bottom starts to get quite red indeed…

Mya's big bottom gets quite red from the hard spanking

Greedy model Mya gets spanked hard OTK gallery

To watch this full spanking movie with sexy Mya and many more naughty models getting tamed with an OTK punishment go to Bun Beating Fun!

Bun Beating Fun

Miss Cassie’s Paddle – Femdom

Miss Cassie looks menacing with her wooden paddle raised high - P.O.V. spanking

Miss Cassie has recently arrived at the Clare Fonda Pass websites and has brought her brand of strictness to the sites. On those websites she spanks younger female spanking models. She also works in a dungeon (Sanctuary LAX) where she dishes out BDSM-style punishments and spankings alike.

Here, in “Nurse Spanks Daughter’s Boyfriend” at Clare Spanks Men, she takes on the femdom role that she’s used to from her life in the dungeon.

This angry nurse barges into her daughter’s boyfriend’s office to teach him a harsh lesson. He got his daughter fired for spanking him when she was a nurse. Now they are dating. She needs to let him know who is boss and does so with a hard spanking with hand and paddle right in his own office.

P.O.V. spanking – nurse, Miss Cassie, spanks her daughter’s boyfriend with a wooden paddle

With her wooden paddle this is always going to be a hard spanking and Miss Cassie is more than willing and able to make it as painful as possible for the male bottom. There are some nice P.O.V. angles here, including the photo above of Cassie looking menacing with her paddle raised high.

Watch this hard-hitting scene with Miss Cassie and many more femdom, F/M spanking movies at Clare Spanks Men!

Clare Spanks Men

Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan is grabbed by mom on the bed

Curvy blonde spanking model Whitney Morgan is the latest lovely lady to appear on Spanked Sweeties and talk about her real-life spanking experiences. She was spanked mainly by her mom growing up but she was also spanked by her teacher and by her dad.

This re-enactment features Miss Cassie as her mom. Whitney is reading a book on her bed when mom bursts in and yanks her over the knee for a good spanking. There are some great shots of Whitney’s face as she reacts to mom pulling her hair as she lies across her lap…

Whitney Morgan's hair is pulled by mom while she is spanked

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including by her mom (Miss Cassie), her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci) and her dad, who spanked her sometimes with a book. Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.

Whitney Morgan getting spanked on the bed at Spanked Sweeties – gallery

Veronica Ricci is also part of this scene in the bedroom. In a pretty, low-cut green dress she continues the spanking that mom started…

Whitney Morgan gets a good OTK spanking from Veronica Ricci

Whitney Morgan is the latest in a long line of sweeties. She’s from Orlando, Florida and as well as being a spanking model she is also a spanko in her personal life. Maybe because of these things she is able to talk quite frankly about her spanking experiences. Then, when it comes to acting them out she gets punished by mom, dad and teacher with some beautiful reactions. All the sweeties answer questions about their real-life spanking experiences then act out some of the spankings they remember, see much more at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

OTK at Whipped Ass

Mona Wales spanks Vivi Marie OTK at Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass is probably known as being more of a lesbian BDSM site with plenty of rope, clamps, floggers and lesbian sex, but there is a lot of good ol’ OTK spanking. After yesterday’s post here is some more sexy OTK at Whipped Ass!

Above, Mona Wales uses submissive Vivi Marie as her personal sex slave. Crawling to the throne of her mistress, submissive slut Vivi Marie eagerly awaits servicing her mistress with body worship, pussy and ass licking after a classic OTK spanking. While, below in “Dungeon Games“, bored femme dommes, Bella Rossi and Nikki Darling, spank, whip and fuck to kill time while waiting for their clients…

Bella spanks, flogs, paddles, smothers, finger bangs, and anally strap-on fucks and Nikki into a muti-orgasmic submission!

Bella Rossi spanks Nikki Darling OTK at Whipped Ass

Mistress Cherry Torn finally gets her hands on notoriously horny submissive slut Savannah Fox! Bound, flogged, cropped, slapped, and finger fucked, big booty Savannah has multiple orgasms while she is being punished. Here, Cherry spanks her OTK while Savannah has clamps on her nipples, her wrists tied and a ballgag in her mouth…

Cherry Torn spanks Savannah Fox OTK at Whipped Ass

Then, this next photo is from April. When sexy redheaded Amarna Miller is caught masturbating in the spa by Kristen Price, her wettest lesbian fantasies come true. Kirsten dominates the flame-haired Spanish babe with flogging and OTK spanking, and there is plenty of pussy-licking and strap-on fucking too…

Kirsten Price spanks Amarna Miller OTK at Whipped Ass

As you can see these OTK spankings are a part of a movie with plenty of other kinky things happening. Because all the scenes are lesbian scenes they are all girl-on-girl and often both ladies cum a number of times. But the punishments can often be hard with not only hand spankings but all kinds of implements from paddles to canes and crops being used. See more at Whipped Ass!

Whipped Ass

Clare Fonda spanks Pandora Blake

Clare Fonda spanks lawyer Pandora Blake for not taking on her case

Clare Fonda makes another rare cameo in this nice switching scene where she visits lawyer, Pandora Blake.

Clare Fonda visits lawyer Pandora Blake to try to enlist her services in suing the apartment complex over unfair treatment. When Pandora explains that she is finished taking on ridiculous cases, Clare spanks her with hand and hairbrush.

This first part to the scene is one for the lovers of big bottoms… Pandora’s impressive rear is the star of the show! She gets a good workout from Clare who is obviously re-energized from her time out.

But, the mighty Pandora is also finished taking spankings and puts Clare over her knee for a long, hard retribution spanking that Clare will never forget. Pandora wraps her legs around Clare to keep her in position then unleashes a torrent of spanking on her poor bottom, including a nice wooden hairbrush spanking. It seems that the lawyer is no longer one to submissively accept a spanking

Lawyer Pandora gives Clare Fonda a hard retribution spanking with the hairbrush

For more of Pandora as the lawyer, and more of Clare Fonda as the nextdoor neighbor catch up with the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Mother/Daughter spanking

Mom, MzFionaX bursts into the callgirl office to find her daughter, Lana Lopez

There are two more nice, curvy bottoms getting spanked in this scene, “Lana Lopez Spanked by her Mother“, from Spanked Callgirls. It’s a mother/daughter scene where the mom starts off spanking the daughter but then the daughter manages to flip things and get her own back on her mom. MzFionaX plays the mother and bursts into her daughter, the callgirl, Lana Lopez’s place of work, the callgirl office. She wants Lana to stop selling her body but Lana is resistant so earns herself an over-the-knee spanking from her mom…

MzFionaX spanks Lana Lopez in this OTK mother/daughter spanking scene

After her spanking Lana Lopez decides that maybe her mom is right. She agrees to quit her illicit job, but only on condition that she spanks her mom back. Lana still looks quite emotional after her spanking by the time she is spanking MzFionaX, perhaps her own spanking had some added significance for her. Lana sniffles the whole time, which certainly brings a seriousness and authenticity to the scene.

Callgirl Lana Lopez gets spanked by mom, then spanks her mom back tearfully

Callgirl Lana Lopez spanks her mom back tearfully

There are some great mother/daughter exchanges between MzFionaX and Kay Richards on My Spanking Roommate, and many more across all of the Clare Fonda websites. You can watch this scene now as it’s added to Spanked Callgirls. By joining together with the rest of the Clare Fonda websites at Clare Fonda Pass you can see the amazing scenes with Kay, as well as this one with curvy Latina, Lana Lopez.

Spanked Callgirls

Two Callgirls Spank Each Other

Fiona Murphy spanks Nyssa Nevers OTK

We’ve seen several spanking scenes with Nyssa Nevers and Fiona Murphy separately over the years but we think this is the first of them together as they spank each other in a sexy switching scene. Both ladies are callgirls at Spanked Callgirls and Fiona has already been spanked by Veronica Ricci in another scene…

Nyssa mocks Fiona for getting spanked by Veronica. She mocks her so much that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her so she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests and finally spanks Fiona, too.

Nyssa Nevers spanks Fiona Murphy

The two callgirls spank each other with hands and leather in this very sexy scene. For plenty more hookers and callgirls getting spanked and spanking each other check out Spanked Callgirls. You can also join as a part of the great value: Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

No Daughter of Mine!!

Momma Dana Specht pulls Sarah over her knee in No Daughter of Mine

The combination of Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht just seems to work. In mother/daughter roleplays there is a kind of electricity between them that you don’t see that often. Dana plays the strict mom perfectly and Sarah brats it up like no other… there’s only one winner and that’s the viewer!

This scene, part 1 of “No Daughter of Mine” is a nice example of the two together…

Sarah is spanked OTK over her tiny shorts

Sarah was sent shopping for school clothes but comes back with an outfit that is not suitable for her Momma’s taste. “No daughter of mine will be seen wearing clothes like that!” Momma says, and turns Sarah over her knee for a hard hand spanking.

During the punishment the offending clothing is removed and we get some lovely close-up shots of Dana inspecting Sarah’s reddening bottom…

Momma inspects Sarah's red bottom through her lacy blue panties

Momma isn’t convinced that Sarah has learned her lesson from a hand spanking and takes the slipper to her already sore spanked bottom for more punishment.

Dana Specht slippers Sarah Gregory's bare bottom

Finally, Sarah gets up off Dana’s lap and we are treated to this wonderful shot of her bare, spanked bottom…

A close-up of Sarah's spanked bare bottom as she stands up

This scene has some particularly nice interplay between the two, and even some face-slapping. I quite like how the gold backdrop makes the colorful outfits stand out, and even adds a little something to Sarah’s rosy red bottom.

You can join both of Sarah’s websites together and get a whole load of very sexy and hard spankings, including this one, for a special price at Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Disappointing and Spoiled Daughter

Here are two maternal spanking scenes featuring bratty Sarah Gregory from Momma Spankings.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Disappointing Daughter

The first scene is called “The Disappointing Daughter” and has Dana Specht as the strict mom.

Sarah is out way past her curfew again and Momma sits up and waits for her with a leather strap on her lap ready to take action. As usual Sarah gives Momma a lame excuse but to no avail. She is flipped over Momma’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking and an OTK strapping then sent to her room to get her pajamas on to be punished further. A strict on the bed strapping ensues while she struggles on the bed and cries real tears, leaving her pretty bottom red, welted and very sore.


Dana Specht gives Sarah an OTK strapping

Then, in “The Spoiled Brat“, mom (played by equally stern and hard-hitting Miss Chris) is not happy that her daughter has skipped school and has taken the new car to the beach instead, especially as it’s not even Sarah’s car and she tried to lie about it. Mom deals with her naughty daughter the way she knows best… by spanking that naughty bare bottom…

Miss Chris and Sarah Gregory in The Spoiled Brat

This second scene is an OTK hand spanking with no implements. But we always feel that Miss Chris does not need any implements to make a naughty bottom very sorry indeed… and very sore. Sarah is spanked over her skirt, then over her bikini bottoms, then on the bare bottom. Sarah may be a spoiled brat, but for how much longer..?

Miss Chris gives Sarah a hard OTK hand spanking

Watch these two scenes with two different but very strict moms at Sarah Gregory’s maternal F/F spanking website: Momma Spankings!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings