• Christy Cutie find out that she is in trouble in the Principal's Office

    This is a school-based fantasy and the actors/actress are all over 18 and un-related.

    One of the latest updates at Sarah Gregory Spanking is the very sexy “Punishment in the Principal’s Office” episode. It is very sexy because it contains the cute and curvy Christy Cutie and two strict spankers. Christy finds herself in trouble in the Principal’s Office and we know what that means… she lays herself over the Principal’s knee and he smacks that big bottom to teach her a much needed lesson.

    Principal Rogers gives Christy Cutie a hard OTK spanking

    First of all the naughty student is spanked over her white panties, then they are pulled down and she is spanked on the bare bottom by both principal and daddy. If Christy is one of the palest models I think I have ever seen, her bottom really does get to a nice healthy color after her double dose of discipline. Finally, Christy bends over and the Principal completes her punishment with a dose of the punishment board on those rosy-red cheeks.

    Christy Cutie gets spanked hard OTK and paddled with the wooden punishment board in the Principal’s Office

    Christy gets a second OTK spanking on her big bare bottom

    See plenty more of naughty Christy Cutie, plus many more lovely female bottoms in need of discipline at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

  • Kay Spanked In Ludella's Office

    Kay Richards is one of my favorite spanking models, and curvy redheaded Ludella Hahn is creeping up on her and is not far behind. These two beauties in their scenes on My Spanking Roommate are electric! This is a continuation from storylines from other scenes where both Kay and her life coach, Ludella, have been spanked…

    Kay’s life coach Ludella Hahn is not happy that Kay has yet to remove Madison as her roommate. So Ludella reminds Kay how things are done – she will spank her until Kay does as she is told. In addition to using her hand, Ludella spanks Kay with a hard wooden mirror, using both sides on Kay’s tender bottom.

    Kay Spanked In Ludella’s Office – photo gallery

    My Spanking Roommate is a spanking soap opera where there are some recurring storylines with different characters often returning to settle scores. While there are always new characters showing up there are also regular appearances from the two main characters Kay Richards and Madison Martin. Some of the characters you may recognize from other spanking websites, and some are beautiful and sexy glamour models like Veronica Ricci, and now Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, Jenna Rose.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Willow's fail at school is not acceptable

    The latest sweetie at Spanked Sweeties is Willow May, she’s only 19-years-old and being slender and graceful seems perfectly suited to her name. She is spanked by MzFionaX who’s curly gray compliment match Willow’s dirty blond, curly hair. In this scene she has failed at school so gets her bare bottom spanked OTK, then again bending over the desk…

    MzFionaX spanks Willow May's delicate bottom over the knee

    Willow May was not spanked growing up, but she gets spanked often now at the Dominion, a dungeon in Los Angeles open to the public. She talks about how she got interested in spanking and what it’s like to work in a dungeon. It is a short interview, by MzFionaX, who works at another LA dungeon, Sanctuary LAX. Fiona plays Willow’s mom in a fantasy spanking scene. And Willow is spanked by a male as part of a re-enactment of one of her dungeon sessions. Not the usual sweeties this time, but quite exciting in a different way.

    Beautiful Willow May gets a good OTK spanking then gets spanked over the desk

    It seems that most of the models at Spanked Sweeties have been spanked while growing up, and they are happy to discuss it in their interviews. Willow is different in that she was not spanked growing up but has since developed a kinky side and has started working for a dungeon. Many of the ladies have developed a liking for spanking, hence appearing on a spanking website, or have never been spanked. It’s interesting hearing all the different real-life spanking experiences and attitudes towards spanking.

    For Willow’s F/F and M/F spanking scenes and interview, plus many more models you can join Spanked Sweeties as a part of Clare Fonda Pass!

    Spanked Sweeties

  • Busty Gigi Allens spanks Cheyenne Jewel

    This is the first time we’ve seen Gigi Allens, the big-boobed beauty looks amazing in her multi-colored, seethru dress in this very sexy scene. The hot blonde with glamour model looks is teaching naughty Cheyenne Jewel about sex with the aide of a sleek dildo. But when the student isn’t as receptive as she could be the teacher takes her in hand and spanks some sense into her. With Cheyenne kneeling almost naked on the bed she swings a heart-shaped paddle at her lovely butt. She then pulls her over knee for a nice OTK hand-spanking.

    But, if Gigi looks good as the top, with her big, round bottom she looks even better as the bottom, and Cheyenne is eager to spank her. She too uses her hand to get her feelings across, then picks up the same paddle that was used on her sore bottom a few minutes ago.

    Busty Gigi Allens gets spanked in her tight, seethru dress

    Cheyenne spanks Gigi Allens' big round bottom

    These two models are at either ends of the spectrum in terms of appearances. Cheyenne Jewel is an all-natural girl-next-door-type brunette with pale skin, while Gigi Allens looks more glamourous with her chiseled features, big breasts, curvy bottom and all-over tan. The contrast in styles compliments each other!

    To see more of these two spanking beauties in action check out Spanked Call Girls! Or, for far more high quality spanking movies you can join as part of the Clare Fonda Pass.

    Spanked Callgirls

  • Kailee gets a naked spanking from Tom Byron

    It’s a brand new year, new beginnings, changes are taking place everywhere! Snow is falling in some places, while elsewhere the heat of summer beats down.

    Something else that has changed and is “beating down” is the Shadow Lane website! There is certainly a new design and lots of “beating”! I have to admit that it’s been a while since I last had a look over there but things seem to be much better than I remember. Shadow Lane have always had really nice quality scenes with big names in spanking in some lush locations. They’ve tended to be more into videos and DVDs but now they have arrived as a membership site.

    So far the website looks like a good mixture of old and new with some older scenes and some of the latest models out there. Some of the male doms they’ve featured over the years have been the likes of Keith Jones, Danny Crighton, Steve Fuller and Tom Byron, and on the female side the likes of Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stephanie Locke, Snow Mercy and Miss Chris should be familiar to readers. Of course, as time went on there was often some blurring of the boundaries with plenty of the doms getting themselves spanked aswell as spanking gorgeous ladies such as Amber “Pixie” Wells, Dia Zerva, Sarah Gregory, Cheyenne Jewel, Dani Hunt, Samantha Woodley and Madison Young. Later shoots have also included plenty of sex to go with the sexy spanking.

    And Shadow Lane scenes have always seemed very sexy to me. The scenes always seem very elegant and classy, while the action is hard and often nude, like this scene with gorgeous Kailee

    Kailee getting a naked spanking from Tom Byron – gallery

    For plenty more of the stars of spanking check out the newly revamped Shadow Lane!

    Shadow Lane

  • Jenna spanks Maddy Marks hard with a hairbrush OTK

    Jenna Rose really does have a very nice bottom!

    This scene starts off with the sexy brunette diva seizing her opportunity to spank her new roommate, Maddy Marks. Maddy hasn’t paid her half of the rent and so Jenna takes her over the knee for a nice spanking with the hand and the hairbrush in an attempt to extract the money from her.

    But when redheaded Maddy sees that Jenna has just spanked her with her own hairbrush she gets mad and forces the sexy brunette over her knee for a spanking of her own.

    Maddy spanks Jenna Rose's gorgeous round bottom

    This is when we see Jenna’s lovely round bottom. Did I saw what a pretty bottom she has? It’s a combination of a pleasingly round shape coupled with a beautiful tan. When her cheeks get spanked red the rosy red color against the backdrop of her smooth, golden bottom is just wonderful. There are some nice close-ups in this gallery but I think the photo below has to be my favorite, the angle makes Jenna’s bottom look like it sticks out even more than it does.. Mmmmm.

    Jenna Rose and Maddy Marks hug after they've both been spanked

    My Spanking Roommate is a spanking soap opera where there are some recurring storylines with different characters often returning to settle scores. While there are always new characters showing up there are also regular appearances from the two main characters Kay Richards and Madison Martin. Some of the characters you may recognize from other spanking websites, and some are beautiful and sexy glamour models like Veronica Ricci, and now Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, Jenna Rose.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Poppy learns that she is to be spanked on the bed

    Spanked Sweeties is one of the longest running websites around. Over the years it has featured many of the earliest scenes of ladies who have gone on to be spanking household names. It has really gone from strength to strength over the years, adding more and more models, whilst the quality of the content has improved along with technology.

    The scenes tend to be re-enactments of domestic discipline scenes that may have actually happened, so the emphasis is definitely on punishment as opposed to play. Each sweetie gives an interview where she describes past spankings and her feelings about being spanked.

    Some of the best sweeties have been ladies who are still spanked through their work as a spanking model or because they enjoy getting spanked. But, there are also plenty of models who may have been spanked growing up but who’s first encounter with over-the-knee discipline in a number of years comes to quite a shock to the system. I remember one model in particular who said she was spanked hard and often in the past, so the expectation was that she would have a high tolerance and be able to take a lot of punishment. However, as I recall, after only a handful of smacks this lady was wriggling and reacting a lot to each slap with a red face and reddening bottom.

    That’s the thing with a harder, punishment-style spanking as opposed to a playful, lighter spanking. Whereas there may be reactions with a lighter spanking it’s a different kind of reaction. If a naughty model is getting spanked hard enough to test their limits you can see something in their face which cannot be duplicated.

    The latest sweetie, Poppy, is a pretty brunette with short hair and a lip piercing. She was spanked often when growing up and has since become a fetish model working in a dungeon as a professional submissive. With all this experience of getting her bottom smacked Poppy is very candid in her interview. She talks about the kinds of things she would get spanked for and how she would be spanked. Then, it’s time to act a couple of those spankings out!

    Poppy gets a hard OTK spanking on her bare cheeks

    Poppy gets a hard OTK spanking on her bare cheeks

    Poppy was actually spanked with the belt so she is here too, plus there is a wooden spoon and a switch that she hand-picks from the garden in a brief intermission in the middle of one spanking. And she gets quite a hard time, as you can see from the hand-print left in her red bottom…

    The spanking is so hard that a handprint is left in Poppy's red bottom

    Poppy gets an OTK paddling with a wooden spoon in the living room, a spanking with the belt while bending over the bath tub and an OTK spanking on the bed then a switching on her very sore bottom. To see all this and the interview, plus the full archive of naughty ladies, sign up at Spanked Sweeties or you can join as a part of Clare Fonda Pass!

    Spanked Sweeties

  • Kay gets falsely accused by her life coach, Ludella Hahn

    Kay recently hired a life coach, Ludella Hahn and previous we saw that the strict coach has given her a spanking in this post. But, this time Kay Richards has had enough of the tutor’s strictness when she gets falsely accused. Kay puts Ludella across her knee for a sound hand spanking, plus some with her cute little “Hello Kitty” paddle…

    Kay Richards puts Ludella over her knee for a sound spanking

    Ludella (a burlesque dancer in real life) has a nice curvy bottom that bounces when it is spanked is very pretty and curvy in a way you’d definitely associate with burlesque and spanking. Her fast-reddening bottom looks great draped over Kay’s lap, and equally as good when she walks up the stairs afterwards, showing it off…

    Ludella Hahn shows off her curvy, well-spanked bottom as she climbs the staircase

    This is another curvy, big-bottomed spanking scene from My Spanking Roommate! We’d recommend watching this scene together with the previous scene where Kay is on the receiving end to get the most out of this sexy storyline.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Xmas OTK spanking

    It’s that time of year again! Happy holidays from Spank Bad Ass!

    The above photo comes from the latest update on Spanking Sorority Girls, and has Mistress Crystal spanking eternally naughty Veronica Ricci and Koko Kitten.

    Mistress Crystal spanks Veronica Ricci and Koko Kitten at Xmas gallery

    We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful 2014!

    Spanking Sorority Girls

  • Dana Kane spanks Joelle Barros's bare bottom hard in this real-life spanking

    Sometimes we see spanking scenes with gorgeous models and the scenes are great but we don’t know much about the models themselves. So, it’s always nice to get some background, especially when she is a spanko!

    Here, we’ve just learned that Joelle Barros is a pro switch in New York City. So, she likes being spanked and spanking is a big part of her life. But even people who work in spanking sometimes need a real-life punishment. In this case Joelle has gone to Dana Kane to try to fix some personal issues with a spanking…

    Another thing it’s interesting to find out about is when someone is spanked A LOT does it still hurt? I think the answer to this is clear from Joelle’s close-up reactions…

    Close-up of Joelle's reaction as she takes her real-life discipline

    Our spanking scene became about the real issue that Joelle is having finding a balance between work and personal life. A long, hard OTK hand spanking which begins over her skirt, then across her full-bottom cotton panties, then inevitably to her bare bottom, again and again. Excellent close-up face shots of Joelle’s pretty face reacting to the discipline she requested.

    It may only be a hand-spanking but Joelle’s bottom gets a nice rosy color…

    Dana inspects Joelle's rosy red bottom after the spanking

    Watch this full movie right now at Dana Kane Spanks along with plenty more no-nonsense F/F and F/M spanking action with spankees such as Joelle, Fiona, Angel, Ela Darling and Christy Cutie.

    Dana Kane Spanks

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