• Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley pose after their canings

    This is a “Mid March” update for some of the scenes on Firm Hand Spanking this month. There are some nice updates with some sexy ladies, including the two usual suspects, above, Katherine St James (blond) and Samantha Woodley (brunette). These two cuties each get a bare bottomed caning when they get caught stripping for money instead of studying for college.

    Another beauty is sexy glamour model and pornstar, Dani Daniels, who has made a seamless transition from being easy on the eye to being hard on naughty girls’ bottoms. She is one of the newer tops and is quite unique in that I can’t remember seeing her actually getting a spanking herself, which is unusual for such a sexy lady (although she has been tied up and punished in lesbian BDSM on Whipped Ass.)

    Here Dani is breaking in another newbie with the help of a leather tawse, the spankee is called Stephanie Murray. Dani plays the principal and Stephanie plays a naughty student in this school-themed bare-bottom strapping. Compared to Dani’s very glamorous looks Stephanie is the typical girl-next-door in what seems to be one of her first ever scenes…

    Principal Dani Daniels observes naughty student Stephanie Murray after her punishment with the leather tawse

    Another sexy lady who is in for a hard time is gorgeous blond, Adrienne Black who is looking hotter than ever in this scene…

    Attitude, short spandex shorts and a skimpy top in the office earn Adrienne Black an ass strapping to remember: 80 swats with a wide leather strap from boss Jonny Stockton. He’s mad as hell with her attitude in Problem PA. See her cheeks ripple in slow motion!

    Adrienne Black looking smoking hot in tight black hotpants before she is strapped

    Another newbie is Jodi Biltmore, who like Stephanie, is also in a school uniform and is also an amateur, girl-next-door type. Jodi plays a student with a very long list of misdemeanors to her name. Her correction at the Reform Academy starts off with a nice OTK hand spanking on her bare bottom…

    Jodi Biltmore gets an OTK hand spanking in a school uniform

    Finally for this mid-March 2014 update there is the caning of Belinda Lawson, below. Belinda has reached the end of her “Executive Privilege” punishment and Earl Grey finishes off by giving her an 18-stroke caning on her bare bottom. What makes this particular scene even better is that Belinda must bend over and touch her toes for the caning. Very nice!

    Belinda Lawson shows off her striped bare bottom after her caning

    And, we didn’t even mention that Amelia Jane Rutherford also gets punished with a leather paddle in another scene. That’s a lot of strapping and caning and a nice OTK spanking, there are fan favorites and newbies, M/F and F/F. With the mixture of very glamorous ladies and the two new girl-next-door models we think there’s probably something for everyone at Firm Hand Spanking at the moment!

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Intern Tara Somerville gets her bare bottom paddled for wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit to work

    It may well be the first time we’ve had Tara Somerville on these pages. In this scene she plays a intern at the office who shows up to work in her sexy college cheerleaders outfit. How can anyone get any work done when she’s dressed like that? She kneels on a straight-backed chair with her bare bottom exposed and jutting out for a liberal dose of the leather paddle!

    Following on from this post secretary Stacy Stockton has got herself into trouble again… and it’s another dose of the cane for this foxy brunette beauty. Crashing the company car is a serious offense and that delicious bubble butt gets well striped with the cane…

    Secretary Stacy Stockton gets caned for crashing the company car

    Finally, it’s more “Diva Training” for sexy redhead Alison Miller… It seems that Alison has been reacting well to her training, gradually improving throughout her lessons. Today she has been good, but even good girls need a reminder…

    Tara Somerville, Stacy Stockton and Alison Miller get spanked – gallery

    Alison Miller gets a reminder spanking as part of her Diva Training

    See all three of these updates and also the added bonus of a Camilla Scott interview talking about the very first spanking scene she was in at Firm Hand Spanking!

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Two scenes in particular from Firm Hand Spanking have caught my eye recently. As it happens both scenes feature a sexy brunette getting caned on her bare bottom.

    It’s hard to tell with Stacy’s hair being tied up but both seem to have shortish hair and a similar “look” to them, but Stacy has blue eyes and Valerie has brown eyes. With such similar models in similar scenes there is quite a difference between these two scenes. Both are good in their own way. What do you think?

    Naughty secretary Stacy Stockton caned on bare bottom for stripping in office

    The first scene has Stacy Stockton playing a naughty secretary who strips off her clothing on a hot day in the office. She ends up half naked and what little clothing she has on is see-thru. If this is not bad enough the secretary is very nonchalant when she’s challenged about it…

    Taking off some of her clothes in the office “because I’m hot” is provocative enough to earn pretty Secretary Stacy Stockton a 12-stroke caning – with one extra deliberately miscounted! Patrick Bateman perfectly stripes her tights-clad and bare bottom cheeks.

    First caned over her striped pantyhose, then with opaque pantyhose pulled down she is caned on her bare bottom with just a tiny G-string for a morsel of cover…

    Naughty secretary Stacy Stockton caned on bare bottom for stripping in office

    The second scene features Valerie Bryant, who is leaving the spanking world. In her last scene the busty model goes topless and shows off her lovely 32C boobs and tattoo for an 18-stroke caning. Her wonderful big boobs are well presented as she bends over leaning on the couch, with plenty of reaction shots in the movie where we can see her wince as she counts each stroke and her lovely breasts wobble slightly as they hang down during her painful caning…

    Valerie Bryant talks herself into a topless caning for her last ever punishment

    It’s worth the wait! Valerie Bryant goes topless for her grand finale: an 18-stroke caning from Richard Anderson. She requests a “refresher” from her Learning Curve tutor, but provokes him into taking things further, bare bottom and hard!

    Valerie Bryant counts each stroke as she gets 18 from the cane on her bare bottom

    There is also a forthcoming interview with Valerie (AKA Selina Scott) about her time in the spanking world.

    You can see both brunette hotties get caned and Valeries interview, plus many more sexy spanking scenes with beautiful models at Firm Hand Spanking!

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • A female bare bottom is caned by the window

    I’ve just stumbled upon this photo from Northern Spanking! The brief description says “Zoe has a painful surprise for her sexy girlfriend Molly when she gets home.” There isn’t really much I can add apart from “What a picture!!” Molly and Zoe are two sexy brunette’s and Molly’s behind looks absolutely gorgeous in her stockings and kinky black outfit with bottom bared for the cane. This picture in particular looks amazing with the ripple of flesh as the cane bites into Molly’s exposed rear.

    Northern Spanking

  • Mr Ford has to spank naughty Kay Richards in the nude to get the information he needs

    My Spanking Roommate has been bootylicious in recent times and this update is no exception with two white girls with big booties getting spanked. First up is Kay who is no stranger to a good hard OTK spanking and here the busty brunette really gets spanked hard and to make matters worse for her she’s completely nude!! Then, the action in this spanking mystery turns to Ashley Rose who, together with her bountiful bottom, is playing pool. Naughty Ashley gets a nice spanking as she bends over the pool table.

    If Kay was completely naked, Ashley is not wearing much more with her light summer dress hitched up and her big bottom bared. Ashley Rose is a beautiful babe but these shots of her focus on the opposite end of her. In our opinion there should be plenty more shots like this around. The close up of her curvy bottom as she bends over and gets spanked is just perfect!!

    Ashley Rose bends over the pool table for her spanking

    Mr. Ford needs to get into the cabin for a photo shoot, but his new assistant says she doesn’t have the key and he should try getting it from Kay Richards He finds Kay who he must spank in order to discover that Ashley Rose took it. So he bends Ashley over a pool table and spanks her round bottom then canes her with a pool cue.

    Mr Ford uses the pool cue to cane naughty Ashley Rose on her bare bottom

    Finally justice is done and the good folk of spanking land can rest easy at night… until the next time…

    This is another curvy, big-bottomed spanking scene from My Spanking Roommate, and is, of course, another double spanking with two beauties getting spanked very hard! Kay, especially, is an experienced spankee and Mr Ford really lays into her lovely rear in order to get the information he needs. She gets a nice hard punishment!

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Sarah's close-up bare bottom caning

    There’s nothing quite like a close-up ass picture! The photo above is Sarah of Spanking Sarah bending over with her big, round bottom proudly awaiting the next stroke of the cane. In fact, as you can see, this is quite some way into the caning and Sarah’s big bottom is already quite marked.

    Sarah and Katie have conspired to win the dining competition and have witnessed the caning of Amelia Jane Rutherford who they blamed for messing up the dinner. The production company looked back at some of the video they shot and now the day of reckoning comes. There plot has now been exposed and the irate victim of their nasty behavior decides to hand out his own form of punishment. Both these ladies have to bend over and in turn they are spanked an then caned extremely hard on their bare bottoms.

    You can see more of Sarah’s bottom getting punished and see her and the dommes spanking plenty of other English and British bottoms, large and small, including Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake and many other famous names at Spanking Sarah!

    Spanking Sarah

  • Rookie cop, Elle Alexander, busts sexy MILF prostitute, Simone Sonay, for hiding drugs in her cunt

    In this roleplay update sexy redhead Elle Alexandra plays a rookie cop who busts known sexy MILF prostitute Simone Sonay for hiding drugs in her cunt! Elle is looking for the perfect bust to show all the other male pig cops she can play with the big boys too but also has a penchant for sexy MILF prostitutes and making them worship and entertain her hot body! Elle uses this to her advantage and whips and spanks the sexy MILF…

    Elle Alexandra whips and spanks the sexy MILF hooker

    The beautiful redheaded rookie then finger bangs her blonde prisoner to orgasm. She canes Simone leaving wicked stripes on her thighs and ass, and sits on her face cumming all over her MILF mouth. Finally nasty cop Elle double penetrates Simone Sonay showing this nasty hooker who’s boss. With both ladies completely naked and Simone tied up in bondage, Elle uses her strapon and wooden truncheon to fuck both the hookers holes at the same time!

    MILF hooker Simone Sonay punished and DP’d by smoking hot redhead rookie cop, Elle Alexandra!

    She ties and canes sexy Simone Sonay leaving wicked stripes on her thighs and ass

    This sexy roleplay is a great example of the sexy lesbian spanking, bondage and sex happening at Whipped Ass. Elle Alexandra may be a stunning redheaded beauty but she’s also sadistic; the combination is sizzling. Here she comes together in a smokin’ hot scene with blonde MILF porn star Simone Sonay in some very kinky bondage, lesbian sex and spanking. There is some nice bondage in the setting of a prison which takes the form of Simone getting handcuffed, ties and restrained in all kinds of exposing and humiliating positions leaving Elle free to punish and fuck her any way she wishes.

    Whipped Ass

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly cool down with stretches after the game
    Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly cool down with stretches after being sent off in the game

    Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly are two of the best volleyball players on the team but during a vital game both girls got sent off for fighting. With the two stars sent off the court the team went on to lose and their coach, Mr Osbourne, was definitely of the opinion that their thoughtless actions had lost the team the game. After the game, both girls are sent to cool down in the gym as they discussed the events whilst stretching in a variety of revealing poses.

    Two naughty volleyball ladies stand side-by-side showing off their asses in their tight uniforms
    Two naughty volleyball ladies stand side-by-side showing off their asses in their tight, latex hotpants

    However, Coach Osborne has further plans for these two as on top of their misbehavior he has had some additional complaints about the girls’ attire that have also caused him much embarrassment. The coach decides they would both receive a very humiliating double punishment in front of each other with a hard, old-fashioned slippering followed by the cane on both their bared bottoms to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

    Amelia touches her toes for her bare bottom caning
    Amelia bends over, touching her toes for the cane across her bare bottom

    Two naughty volleyball ladies get punished by their coach after the game – gallery

    You can see this full scene with British spanking superstar, Amelia Jane Rutherford in a nice, tight volleyball outfit by joining Triple A Spanking.

    Triple A Spanking

  • Krystal Klas gets paddled naked OTK

    Here are a couple of scenes featuring brand new amateur spanking model, Krystal Klas. She looks kinda average and doesn’t exactly sparkle infront of the camera but she’s super skinny and a must-see if you like very thing girls…

    Krystal wanted to be spanked when she came to see me, she had never been spanked before and really did not know if she could take the hard spanking that I always dish out. She wanted to play the part of a sexy model and that’s just what we did for her introduction to the world of spanking. After showing off her slim tiny body she was soon over the knee for a real hard spanking, just see how she took it.

    Krystal Klas gets her first ever OTK spanking

    Krystal's follow-up spanking takes things further with more paddle and the cane

    Krystal has just had her first spanking and is feeling pretty pleased with herself, but in this story she gets to be punished by Sarah and as we know Sarah does like to lay it on a bit. Never mind that this is Krystal’s first time she us subject to the same rules, so she is soon bent over being paddled and then caned, not only on her bottom but her hands get to feel the whippy cane as well.

    Amateur spanking model Krystal Klas gets her second spanking, paddling and caning from Sarah

    Over these two scenes the slender newbie gets spanked naked in all kinds of positions including over the knee and the diaper position. She’s pretty quiet in the beginning but she certainly lets you see how she’s feeling from the spanking with some very deliberate reactions from the cane, especially. And it’s a must for anyone who likes a spankee to be rake thin… Krystal is very thin indeed.

    If you like suburban British Spanking or you like English accents it’s well-worth checking out the amateur hardcore and spanking at Spanking Sarah!

    Spanking Sarah

  • The dean begins his correctional tactics on the naughty blonde student, Emma Haize

    This update is from March 2011 but it’s very good and deserved it’s own post, better late than never. It’s a classic classroom scene with a naughty lady, Emma Haize, in detention with her young professor, Sarah Vandella. But the pretty, female teacher is unable to control the unruly student and has to call in the dean, Steve Holmes, who resorts to some old but effective correctional tactics: “The Good Old Methods”. Firstly he punishes the student and ensures that both student and teacher are bonded together in their shared experience by spanking them side-by-side over the desk.

    Professor, Sarah Vandella, and student, Emma Haize are made to bend over the desk side-by-side as the dean punishes them

    The dean then punishes and fucks both girls in different ways with them both in bondage as a way to improve relations….

    There are some very nice parts to this hardcore 3some scene. The part where student and teacher are bending over the desk together, the student with her plaid skirt lifted up and her bare buttocks being slapped and the teacher in her tight, gray pencil skirt. From behind the two bottoms together look very appealing indeed for whatever you’d like to do to them… and the dean does pretty much everything to these two gorgeous women.

    Emma Haize and Sarah Vandella in “The Good Old Methods” movies

    Professor, Sarah Vandella, sucks the dean's cock as Emma watches

    If you like hard BDSM and even harder hardcore with some very kinky scenarios being acted out by some of the most beautiful pornstars you’ll love Sex and Submission!

    Sex and Submission

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