• Mr Stern gets all three ladies to bend over for their punishment
    Mr Stern gets all three ladies to bend over for their punishment

    Sarah the confessor has been betrayed by her best friend, but crafty as ever she has found out about the plot to get her punished. She sets about the bare bottom of the lovely Xella with a real vengeance, beating her as hard as she can with her leather paddle. Xella is none too pleased, she had not expect more than a gentle spanking and the ferocity of the paddling is most unwelcome on her bare bottom. Sarah is beating the bare bottom of Xella with her leather paddle when Mr. Stern returns home and watches the proceedings before interrupting and questioning all the girls. He decides they will all be punished, lines up on the sofa they are paddled one by one before the dragon cane is applied to the red and painful rear ends of the girls. A real hard hitting end to this part of the series.

    The naughty British ladies get caned side-by-side on bare bottoms
    The naughty British ladies get caned side-by-side on bare bottoms

    There are three lovely, white, big, round bottoms getting spanked together in this update. Sarah’s bottom is looking particularly nice in the latex nun’s outfit with stockings and garterbelt. If you like very kinky spanking and ladies with English accents getting spanked and fucked then why not try Spanking Sarah.

    Spanking Sarah

  • Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning

    This is a very nice scene from Spanked Call Girls that sees Lana giving Sophia Locke a caning on her already well-spanked bottom.

    Curvy redhead, Sophia, has already had her big, round bottom spanked by Lana who is very capable of giving a good, hard spanking. During her over the knee spanking we witness Sophia’s lovely white bottom turn into a blushing, rosy red color. Not only do we see Sophia’s beautiful, plump rear get a nice spanking but she also gets the indignity of having her panties stuffed into her mouth. Then with her bottom fully warmed up, Sophia kneels and bends over the sofa and Lana wields the cane at her big, round booty.

    The story here is that Madam Clare has gone out of town leaving Lana to give new callgirl Sophia her induction to the brothel. The curvy hooker has all the right attributes to become a success at Clare’s brothel: big boobs, pretty, petite and a big, round ass. But, those same attributes, her big bottom especailly, also make Lana want to put her through her paces. The result is very sexy indeed…

    Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning – gallery

    If you’ve seen Sophia Locke before you’ll have no doubt liked what you saw, she’s a nice, redhead with big boobs, large ass, piercings, tattoos and an alternative/gothic style. Here her bottom is looking better than ever. Whether she’s over Lana’s knee or kneeling over the sofa that rump looks delicious. Lana even breaks the cane over it!

    Spanked Callgirls

  • Today we have two tall, slim, beautiful blondes in Adrienne Black and Amelia Jane Rutherford getting punished at Firm Hand Spanking!

    In the first scene we have gorgeous secretary, Adrienne, who seems to have mislaid a very important file at work. She approaches her boss and confesses that she has done wrong and needs to be punished. Of course, her boss obliges and the sexy, blonde secretary gets a 165 smack, OTK hand-spanking…

    Secretary Adrienne Black confesses she's lost some important files to her boss

    Next up is the spectacular finale to Amelia Rutherford’s “Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment”. For this punishment the tall blonde is secured to an antique prison frame, which actually looks a bit like two diningroom chairs back to back with an attachment to hold her in place around her waist. Amelia is completely nude and you can see every slight movement as she reacts to each of the 24 strokes from the stingy cane.

    Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

    The frame may be old but it is the perfect device for showing off Amelia’s sexy body, including her lovely bottom…

    Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

    Two very lovely blondes and two very sexy updates with some fantastic reactions from both.

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Audrey Rose gets tied up in bondage and her boobs and thighs are caned

    Gorgeous Audrey Rose comes to Sex and Submission to be bound, controlled and dominated by Mark Davis. The two create magic on the screen as Mark masterfully puts Audrey through her paces in this ultra hot and intense session. Watch her suffer under the cane, squirm from the ass hook, squirt and have uncontrollable orgasms. Audrey performs deep throat in bondage and gets fucked into oblivion in this must see update!

    Audrey Rose is tied naked over a spanking horse and her bare bottom is spanked

    Radiant, fresh-faced pornstar Audrey Rose gets tied, spanked & fucked gallery

    If you like gorgeous teen getting fucked roughly in all kinds of bondage equipment then this is the site for you! Aswell as some sexy amateurs and fetish models who you’ll only see at their best here, there are some of the hottest pornstars around. Submissive women bound & fucked by men in BDSM fantasies at Sex and Submission!

    Sex and Submission

  • Naughty blonde gets an OTK spanking from the Headmistress in House of Lords 3

    Movie description for “House of Lords 3″…

    Our exploration of the very English penchant for corporal punishment continues with VOLUME 3 of “House of Lords” and what a tale we have to tell. Our story concerns two ripe and beautiful student at a very private school for naughty young girls. The school is run by a stern and demanding Headmistress who subscribes to the “spare the rod, spoil the child” method of discipline. It seems our two young beauties have stolen something of values and one of them was caught red handed, whilst the other got away. This infuriates the Headmistress and she resolves to make the captured coed confess the name of her accomplice. When questioning does not work it is time to resort to corporal punishment, when the headmistress performs on the lush body of her interrogation continues without respite until the girl’s identity becomes known. Her ass is red and raw from the merciless beating but is not over. In fact, it has just begun. Now both girls are subjected to raw and brutal punishment for their sins. The Headmistress is merciless as she whips, canes, slaps, straps and spanks both girls until the tears are streaming down the faces. One girl is forced to stand in the corner as part of her humiliation and watch the other being beaten. There are even scenes of Bastinado performed on the open hands of both young beauties. This is a long and intense journey into a world of pain and punishment that leaves both girls stripped and marked by the whips. It will leave you drained and exhausted.

    Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View

  • Chloe Elise bends over and shows off her lovely, well-spanked bottom

    I can’t really add much to this description of today’s update other than to say that it is absolutely true that Chloe does have an amazing bottom, see above photo. It really is a peach of a bottom but it is also a nice scene. Steve is a good top, mainly because he just looks like a normal guy and he knows how to spank a naughty lady.

    Spanking starlet Chloe Elise is back and handsome alpha male Steve Fuller plays her boss. He comes by her apartment to fire her, but she explains to him that in her apartment building, it’s a regular spanking soap opera, and people often get second chances when they accept the discipline they so badly need. Mr. Fuller spanks and canes Chloe very hard. I guess he believes in second chances as well, although the fact that Chloe is a beautiful blond with one of the most amazing curvy bottoms on the planet could have been part of the reason he wanted so much to see her cheeks quiver with each stroke of the cane!

    Chloe Elise begs not to be fired and offers her ass up to her angry boss – gallery

    Aswell as some nice OTK handspanking, there’s also some nice caning. Steve uses a very thin-looking cane that looks very delicate against Chloe’s big, spanked bottom. She’s first caned standing up, leaning forwards against the mantlepiece, then he takes her back over his knee to continue the caning OTK.

    You can watch this spanking movie in full and many more hot spanking scenes at the Clare Fonda Pass. The 4 and 5 sites options both include the site that this update comes from, My Spanking Roommate!

    Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

  • 19 year old Latina Jynx Maze bound and fucked

    Jynx Maze is a hot new latina pornstar on the block, but here she may have bitten off more than she can chew. She’s found herself bound up in the dungeon and Mark Davis is acting out some sex fantasies on her amazing body by getting her secured in all kinds of restrictive positions and whipping, flogging and canning her pert, teen ass. Whether it’s OTK or tied up while she’s standing with her arms tied together behind her back, Jynx gets manoeuvred all over the dungeon for his every whim. Then, the sexy, naked latina gets some hardcore treatment. The 19 year old tests her pain tolerance and obedience while getting fucked in the pussy and ass! Mmmmm.

    19 year old Latina Jynx Maze bound and fucked

    If you like gorgeous teen getting fucked roughly in all kinds of bondage equipment then this is the site for you! Aswell as some sexy amateurs and fetish models who you’ll only see at their best here, there are some of the hottest pornstars around. Submissive women bound & fucked by men in BDSM fantasies at Sex and Submission!

    Sex and Submission

  • Indian Whipped Ass

    When India was a part of the British Empire I’m sure the domestic servants were subject to some corporal punishment. Indian babes are very cute and exotic, they can be all shapes and sizes from very tall and thin to shorter and curvier. I like shortish, petite women, of which there are many from India. Punishing asian ladies is one of the prettiest of the spanking niches. Whereas in Japanese spankings, the girls seem very submissive indeed and squeal delightfully as they are spanked, Indian ladies are slightly less overtly submissive they are certainly able to be taught a hard lesson.

    In Indian Whipped Ass the naughty Indian girls are punished in many different ways. There is plenty of nudity and the punishments range from the strap and the cane to melted wax getting dribbled over their round bottoms and clothes pegs attached to their nipples. So, this is the harder side of spanking and it does merge into BDSM at times.

    One of my favourite updates is the Indian Group Spanking, described below…

    Six Indian girls have done things to make the Mistresses mad and must be punished. At the hands of two very capable and tough female Doms, the girls take a variety of spankings, with hands, switches, paddles, canes, and straps. The tears fall as freely as the blows. Pain is mandatory in this hard group spanking scene.

    If you like pretty Indian ladies and hard spankings and kinky nude BDSM you’ll love Indian Whipped Ass!

  • Here is sexy pornstar Madison Scott getting caned in bondage at Whipped Ass. First she brings her work to her strict boss, Felony, who is sat bolt upright and does not like what she’s seeing or hearing…

    Madison Scott bound and fucked by Felony

    Then, we see Madison naked, on all fours in the middle of the room. She has nipple clamps hanging from her big boobs and her bottom is alreay well spanked and is pointing up in the air. In the background we see her smart boss in high heels, nylons, black pencil skirt and lacy gloves. Her boss has a lovely figure, especially in her sharp, formal dress…

    Madison Scott bound and fucked by Felony

    Now it’s time for more punishment as Madison gets her wrists clamped between her ankles and it is impossible for her ass to be anywhere except high in the air. Felony crouches down next to the lovely exposed and spread cheeks and canes her naughty bottom…

    Madison Scott bound and fucked by Felony

    Watch the full movie at Whipped Ass

    Whipped Ass

  • Lilla Katt and Seda get caned in the pillories

    Sometimes the updates here can be very normal-looking and sane. Not so today. This update is very perverted and kinky, as you’d expect from Sex and Submission, and sees two lovely ladies getting punished and fucked by a perverted security guard after they have broken into the armory where he is keeping watch. The perverted security guard is Mark Davis and the two ladies he has ensnared, Seda and Lilla Katt, are more than happy to be used, screwed, thrashed and humiliated by him. They are made into sex slaves who are told to slap and lick each other before sucking his cock and getting fucked in unusual bondage.

    Seeing the two subs secured side-by-side in the Pillories with their hands behind their backs as they are caned is very nice, but there are all kinds of unusual methods of tying these two beauties up for different sexual purposes in this scene. Check out this sample of the perverted movie “Breaking and Entering“..

    Lilla Katt and Seda get punished in this kinky hardcopre and bondage gallery

    If you like your spanking mixed in with some nice hardcore sex watch this full movie and many more of the dirtiest, kinkiest, hardest hardcore bondage scenes at Sex and Submission.

    Sex and Submission

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