Trying out a Spanking

Pandora Blake spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford OTK

Sometimes if a spanking scene looks particularly hard, possibly with tears, it can make you think that maybe things might have gone out of control somehow on the set and things may have gone too far. That could never be the case in any scene involving Amelia Jane Rutherford, not because she is not spanked very hard (she gets spanked very hard indeed!) but because she is an experienced spankee who has a very high tolerance.

Having said that in a spanking/paddling/caning scene such as this, especially with Amelia’s wonderful reactions, it certainly feels like the tall, British blonde is getting spanked for the very first time. She’s getting put through her paces by Pandora Blake who certainly knows her way around both ends of a spanking implement. The scene starts off with a good ol’ OTK hand spanking then progresses to the spanking bench where Amelia bends over for a long, leather strap…

Amelia gets a dose of the black leather strap over the spanking bench

Finally, Pandora uses a painful-looking cane on Amelia’s delightful bottom…

Finally, Pandora gives Amelia a thrashing with the cane

This is a very nice scene with two of the best English spanking models putting on quite a display. Pandora is very British-looking and strict, and Amelia Jane Rutherford plays the innocent but curious spankee very well. It’s a nice hard scene with Amelia’s famous bottom getting spanked til it’s bright red. Fans of both ladies should definitely take a peek at this scene now only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking


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Three Naughty Ladies

Sexy Kiki strips naked and spanks herself for her boyfriend

Kiki is out on a trip to a stately home with her school, when they go off she decides to have some fun on an antique bed. She calls her boyfriend on her phone and after removing her uniform plays with her body for him to look via his mobile. She then decides to spank and paddle her bottom for him, she bends over showing everything and gives herself a real hard whacking exciting herself and her boyfriend. This beautiful young girl paddles her own bottom til its bright red.

MILF Sarah bends over for the cane on the bare

English MILF Sarah opens her toy bags for you to see some of her favourite and least favourite spanking and CP instruments, her ‘toys’. A wicked looking riding crop comes out first, not a thing she likes but should we take note of that? depends how naughty she is. Next a full length heavy dragon cane, this one really stings and so Sarah has to bend over, bottom bare and take a real caning, no holding back on this lovely bottom, just a good full force whacking.

Leia Ann Woods gets paddled on the bare bottom

In the second part of The Prisoner Leia Ann Woods has to face her probation officer knowing she has an escaped prisoner in the house. He suspects that she is up to something but is not quite sure. The arrangement he has with Leia Ann involves corporal punishment, to help keep her out of trouble and he thinks that now would be a good time to apply his strap and paddle to Leia Ann’s bottom. She removes her clothes and bends over for a no mercy whacking on the bare bottom.

All three of these updates come from Spanking Sarah where you can join now to watch the full movies and much more British spanking action.

Spanking Sarah

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In Trouble with Nuns

Naughty student Dani Hunt gets sent to the head nun's office

Dani Hunt is a very naughty student. She gets called into the office of the head nun, played by Lady Olivia Outre. Sister Mary Olivia has been telling Sister Mary (Ginger S) how necessary it has become to return to the old ways of discipline, which she demonstrates on Dani with a hand spanking. Sister Mary Olivia then instructs the younger nun to also place Dani over her knee and give her a sound spanking.. And to drive the message home to Dani that she must change her ways, the nuns cane the bratty schoolgirl. She definitely learns her lesson!

Dani Hunt gets spanked over the nun's knee then caned

This is the first episode on this website that features nuns, there is also the very sexy British ebony beauty Dani Hunt (also known as Rhianna Parsons). There will be more nuns in future!

Naughty Dani Hunt gets sent to the head nun’s office where she is spanked and caned

Spanking Sorority Girls is similar to My Spanking Roommate but whereas “Roomies” is set in apartments and office buildings, “Sorority” features more college/varsity age ladies in an educational/domestic setting. With the sorority website you also get plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect. You can get both of these spanking soap opera-style websites on the infamous Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Cheerleader spanked to tears

Cheerleader Kelly Morgan gets spanked to tears with the leather paddle

At Firm Hand Spanking Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in the “Cheerleader Captain” update. To have any hope of getting her place in the squad back she has to speak to Mr Johnson. The strict teacher gives the naughty cheerleader 31 swats with a leather paddle as she leans over a pool table, with ten swats on her bare bottom. The punishment brings tears to her eyes and a very sore butt as the mischievous cheerleader starts to genuinely regret her actions.

Mr Johnson gives Kelly Morgan a hard paddling so that she can get back on the cheerleader squad

This week there is also 15 strokes of the cane for Allaura Shane as Alison Miller tries to quiet her motor-mouth in “Houseguest from Hell” and a painful military strapping for Amelia Jane Rutherford

This week’s latest previews from Firm Hand Spanking – gallery

You can catch up with all of these hotties and many more of some of the most beautiful spanking models at Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

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Chelsea spanks Dani Daniels

Chelsea Pfeiffer gives gorgeous glamour model Dani Daniels a naked paddling over her knee

Here’s one of the latest “Chelsea Spanks” updates at Good Spanking, it sees Chelsea Pfeiffer and sexy brunette glamour model Dani Daniels. As you can see, sexy Dani is naked except for her not-quite-knee-length socks and her firm, round bottom looks very ripe indeed as she lays across Chelsea’s lap, and she is very beautiful indeed. Away from her glamour modeling where she looks perfect, this shows another side to a pretty lady and her personality really comes across, where it doesn’t in glamour scenes. Dani has a fine body, as you’d expect, and her bottom looks particularly curvy and lovely.

As with all the “Chelsea Spanks” scenes there is a lot of variety here with the spanking. Dani is even told to bend over the couch for some amazing nude caning, Chelsea even teases between her legs with the cane…

Chelsea teases Dani with the cane during her caning

It’s funny from the above photo how much Chelsea and Dani look alike, especially as they both have very long brown hair. There is plenty of spanking here, but also plenty of humour. Chelsea never takes anything too seriously and as a result you often gets very sexy and relaxed scenes, with bright red bottoms getting spanked very hard.

If you like these friendly “Chelsea Spanks” sessions or you prefer a spanking with a storyline and lots of telling off there are both types at Good Spanking!

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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Kami Robertson caned!

Kami Robertson gets caught sitting in bed reading Kane magazine

Kami Robertson is a very cute and sexy, British spanking model but until now I’ve always felt she’s looked too young. This caning scene looks great and I’m now convinced that she’s well over 18 so here she is on the Spanking Sarah website…

Kami Robertson is innocent eyed and just loving to be spanked and caned. In this film on the web site now you see her when she is caught in bed reading a sexy, spanking magazine when she should have been doing her homework. The only cure for this must be a good caning and this is what she gets. Her pyjama bottoms are removed after a few strokes and then a full force caning is carried out on her small firm bare bottom. Just watch her face as the cane does its work on her bottom.

With the magazine being “Kane” magazine it’s only right that she should be caned…

Kami Robertson caned gallery

Kami Robertson bends over the bed and gets her naughty bottom caned

Spanking Sarah features Sarah as the main character. She’s a British MILF who loves to get naughty, suck cock, fuck, spank and get spanked. On her website she appears often with other lovely British ladies and spanking models. Kami Robertson is just one of the guests on her website and this update is a lovely addition to the kinky action!

Spanking Sarah

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Salesgirls get a Complaint

This is a delicious spanking and caning movie of two naughty, British Salesgirls. The two sexy ladies work together calling on homes door-to-door. They are both very beautiful with lovely big breasts as well as very spankable bottoms…

Two sexy door-to-door salesgirls are doing their rounds in a leafy neighborhood when they spot a house where they had previously sold a lot of beauty products. They ring the bell where Mrs. Collingwood lives and reintroduce themselves. What they don’t know is that the products weren’t up to scratch and had brought Mrs. Collingwood out in a nasty ‘RASH’. She invites the girls in and explains her grievance and asks for a refund to which the girls fob her off with excuses why that won’t be possible. This isn’t good enough so she calls her husband down and he is in no mood to negotiate with the girls, instead placing them across his knee for some spankings before their knickers come down for some more. He continuously beats them finishing up with his favorite instrument cane. Tears are soon flowing as the welts appear leaving a nasty rash on their behinds.

Today’s movie comes from SBA Vids, there is more information and you can download.

SBA Vids

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Sarah’s Secret

Ten Amorette discovers Sarah Gregory's secret when she finds all her spanking toys

Sarah Gregory has specifically told her roommate not to go through her things. It turns out that this was a mistake, all Sarah’s warning did was to alert her roommate, Ten Amorette, that she had something to hide. Knowing this there is no way Ten isn’t going to try and uncover Sarah’s secret. She sneaks into Sarah’s room and opens the draw in her bedside table. Bingo! Sarah has a whole drawer full of kinky, sex toys. No wonder she did not want her friend going through her stuff.

The Secret – gallery 1

At that moment Sarah arrives on the scene and catches Ten red-handed. But, in order to teach her a lesson Ten is about to get a red behind aswell…

Sarah punishes Ten with her spanking implements

Sarah is an experienced “player” and knows that any play session should always begin slowly, warming up the bottom’s bottom. So she starts off with some OTK hand spanking before working her way through her spanking toys…

The Secret – gallery 2

…of which she has quite a lot…

The Secret – gallery 3

The strap, paddles, the riding crop, the flogger and, of course, the cane. Sarah ends the session with a hard caning on Ten’s very warmed up bottom. Ten is bending over with her hands resting on the bed and her bottom high in the air. Sarah bends over slightly and swings the cane, leaving a white line across Ten’s sexy, red bottom.

Fans of Ten and Sarah will love this scene which in itself is very beautiful. The bedroom is purple, white and black, almost gothic. And the two ladies are smartly dressed, Ten has a sexy black dress on and Sarah is wearing a smart dress that really shows off her lovely cleavage as she leans in to punish her girlfriend. It’s the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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