Kami Robertson caned!

Kami Robertson gets caught sitting in bed reading Kane magazine

Kami Robertson is a very cute and sexy, British spanking model but until now I’ve always felt she’s looked too young. This caning scene looks great and I’m now convinced that she’s well over 18 so here she is on the Spanking Sarah website…

Kami Robertson is innocent eyed and just loving to be spanked and caned. In this film on the web site now you see her when she is caught in bed reading a sexy, spanking magazine when she should have been doing her homework. The only cure for this must be a good caning and this is what she gets. Her pyjama bottoms are removed after a few strokes and then a full force caning is carried out on her small firm bare bottom. Just watch her face as the cane does its work on her bottom.

With the magazine being “Kane” magazine it’s only right that she should be caned…

Kami Robertson caned gallery

Kami Robertson bends over the bed and gets her naughty bottom caned

Spanking Sarah features Sarah as the main character. She’s a British MILF who loves to get naughty, suck cock, fuck, spank and get spanked. On her website she appears often with other lovely British ladies and spanking models. Kami Robertson is just one of the guests on her website and this update is a lovely addition to the kinky action!

Spanking Sarah


Salesgirls get a Complaint

This is a delicious spanking and caning movie of two naughty, British Salesgirls. The two sexy ladies work together calling on homes door-to-door. They are both very beautiful with lovely big breasts as well as very spankable bottoms…

Two sexy door-to-door salesgirls are doing their rounds in a leafy neighborhood when they spot a house where they had previously sold a lot of beauty products. They ring the bell where Mrs. Collingwood lives and reintroduce themselves. What they don’t know is that the products weren’t up to scratch and had brought Mrs. Collingwood out in a nasty ‘RASH’. She invites the girls in and explains her grievance and asks for a refund to which the girls fob her off with excuses why that won’t be possible. This isn’t good enough so she calls her husband down and he is in no mood to negotiate with the girls, instead placing them across his knee for some spankings before their knickers come down for some more. He continuously beats them finishing up with his favorite instrument cane. Tears are soon flowing as the welts appear leaving a nasty rash on their behinds.

Today’s movie comes from SBA Vids, there is more information and you can download.

SBA Vids

Sarah’s Secret

Ten Amorette discovers Sarah Gregory's secret when she finds all her spanking toys

Sarah Gregory has specifically told her roommate not to go through her things. It turns out that this was a mistake, all Sarah’s warning did was to alert her roommate, Ten Amorette, that she had something to hide. Knowing this there is no way Ten isn’t going to try and uncover Sarah’s secret. She sneaks into Sarah’s room and opens the draw in her bedside table. Bingo! Sarah has a whole drawer full of kinky, sex toys. No wonder she did not want her friend going through her stuff.

The Secret – gallery 1

At that moment Sarah arrives on the scene and catches Ten red-handed. But, in order to teach her a lesson Ten is about to get a red behind aswell…

Sarah punishes Ten with her spanking implements

Sarah is an experienced “player” and knows that any play session should always begin slowly, warming up the bottom’s bottom. So she starts off with some OTK hand spanking before working her way through her spanking toys…

The Secret – gallery 2

…of which she has quite a lot…

The Secret – gallery 3

The strap, paddles, the riding crop, the flogger and, of course, the cane. Sarah ends the session with a hard caning on Ten’s very warmed up bottom. Ten is bending over with her hands resting on the bed and her bottom high in the air. Sarah bends over slightly and swings the cane, leaving a white line across Ten’s sexy, red bottom.

Fans of Ten and Sarah will love this scene which in itself is very beautiful. The bedroom is purple, white and black, almost gothic. And the two ladies are smartly dressed, Ten has a sexy black dress on and Sarah is wearing a smart dress that really shows off her lovely cleavage as she leans in to punish her girlfriend. It’s the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Reading, Writing and Rulers

Sarah Gregory gets spanked over the principal's knee

This is a very sexy scene with two lovely ladies with lovely round bottoms, Sarah Gregory and Erica Scott.

Sarah plays a naughty schoolgirl who starts arguing with her teacher, Erica. The teacher is not very strict so instead of putting the naughty schoolgirl in her place the situation errupts into a loud argument that can be heard all along the corridor. When the principal overhears shouting he goes to investigate and finds that one of his teachers is failing to discipline an unruly student. To show the teacher what she should have done, the principal gives the schoolgirl a sound, bare-bottom spanking.

But then, with the naughty student dealt with, it is time for the Principal to make sure the teacher knows that she should be stricter with disruptive students in future. So he decides to give Erica, the pretty teacher, a bare bottom spanking, the same as he gave Sarah, followed by a dose of the long wooden ruler as she bends over a desk

Sarah watches as the principal spanks her teacher with a long, wooden ruler

Both Erica Scott and Sarah Gregory have lovely, soft-looking bottoms. I haven’t seen that much of Erica in the past but the tall, slim brunette plays the perfect submissive in the scenes on Sarah Gregory Spanking. With her slender frame and pretty face she is perfect for a spanking scene and has an ordinary, librarian-ish feel about her. A librarian, or in this case, a teacher. Very nice indeed…

This is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

British Betrayal and Revenge!

Mr Stern gets all three ladies to bend over for their punishment
Mr Stern gets all three ladies to bend over for their punishment

Sarah the confessor has been betrayed by her best friend, but crafty as ever she has found out about the plot to get her punished. She sets about the bare bottom of the lovely Xella with a real vengeance, beating her as hard as she can with her leather paddle. Xella is none too pleased, she had not expect more than a gentle spanking and the ferocity of the paddling is most unwelcome on her bare bottom. Sarah is beating the bare bottom of Xella with her leather paddle when Mr. Stern returns home and watches the proceedings before interrupting and questioning all the girls. He decides they will all be punished, lines up on the sofa they are paddled one by one before the dragon cane is applied to the red and painful rear ends of the girls. A real hard hitting end to this part of the series.

The naughty British ladies get caned side-by-side on bare bottoms
The naughty British ladies get caned side-by-side on bare bottoms

There are three lovely, white, big, round bottoms getting spanked together in this update. Sarah’s bottom is looking particularly nice in the latex nun’s outfit with stockings and garterbelt. If you like very kinky spanking and ladies with English accents getting spanked and fucked then why not try Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

Sophia Locke’s Caning

Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning

This is a very nice scene from Spanked Call Girls that sees Lana giving Sophia Locke a caning on her already well-spanked bottom.

Curvy redhead, Sophia, has already had her big, round bottom spanked by Lana who is very capable of giving a good, hard spanking. During her over the knee spanking we witness Sophia’s lovely white bottom turn into a blushing, rosy red color. Not only do we see Sophia’s beautiful, plump rear get a nice spanking but she also gets the indignity of having her panties stuffed into her mouth. Then with her bottom fully warmed up, Sophia kneels and bends over the sofa and Lana wields the cane at her big, round booty.

The story here is that Madam Clare has gone out of town leaving Lana to give new callgirl Sophia her induction to the brothel. The curvy hooker has all the right attributes to become a success at Clare’s brothel: big boobs, pretty, petite and a big, round ass. But, those same attributes, her big bottom especailly, also make Lana want to put her through her paces. The result is very sexy indeed…

Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning – gallery

If you’ve seen Sophia Locke before you’ll have no doubt liked what you saw, she’s a nice, redhead with big boobs, large ass, piercings, tattoos and an alternative/gothic style. Here her bottom is looking better than ever. Whether she’s over Lana’s knee or kneeling over the sofa that rump looks delicious. Lana even breaks the cane over it!

Spanked Callgirls

Beautiful Blondes Spanked

Today we have two tall, slim, beautiful blondes in Adrienne Black and Amelia Jane Rutherford getting punished at Firm Hand Spanking!

In the first scene we have gorgeous secretary, Adrienne, who seems to have mislaid a very important file at work. She approaches her boss and confesses that she has done wrong and needs to be punished. Of course, her boss obliges and the sexy, blonde secretary gets a 165 smack, OTK hand-spanking…

Secretary Adrienne Black confesses she's lost some important files to her boss

Next up is the spectacular finale to Amelia Rutherford’s “Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment”. For this punishment the tall blonde is secured to an antique prison frame, which actually looks a bit like two diningroom chairs back to back with an attachment to hold her in place around her waist. Amelia is completely nude and you can see every slight movement as she reacts to each of the 24 strokes from the stingy cane.

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

The frame may be old but it is the perfect device for showing off Amelia’s sexy body, including her lovely bottom…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

Two very lovely blondes and two very sexy updates with some fantastic reactions from both.

Firm Hand Spanking

Audrey Rose gets tied, spanked & fucked

Audrey Rose gets tied up in bondage and her boobs and thighs are caned

Gorgeous Audrey Rose comes to Sex and Submission to be bound, controlled and dominated by Mark Davis. The two create magic on the screen as Mark masterfully puts Audrey through her paces in this ultra hot and intense session. Watch her suffer under the cane, squirm from the ass hook, squirt and have uncontrollable orgasms. Audrey performs deep throat in bondage and gets fucked into oblivion in this must see update!

Audrey Rose is tied naked over a spanking horse and her bare bottom is spanked

Radiant, fresh-faced pornstar Audrey Rose gets tied, spanked & fucked gallery

If you like gorgeous teen getting fucked roughly in all kinds of bondage equipment then this is the site for you! Aswell as some sexy amateurs and fetish models who you’ll only see at their best here, there are some of the hottest pornstars around. Submissive women bound & fucked by men in BDSM fantasies at Sex and Submission!

Sex and Submission

House of Lords 3

Naughty blonde gets an OTK spanking from the Headmistress in House of Lords 3

Movie description for “House of Lords 3″…

Our exploration of the very English penchant for corporal punishment continues with VOLUME 3 of “House of Lords” and what a tale we have to tell. Our story concerns two ripe and beautiful student at a very private school for naughty young girls. The school is run by a stern and demanding Headmistress who subscribes to the “spare the rod, spoil the child” method of discipline. It seems our two young beauties have stolen something of values and one of them was caught red handed, whilst the other got away. This infuriates the Headmistress and she resolves to make the captured coed confess the name of her accomplice. When questioning does not work it is time to resort to corporal punishment, when the headmistress performs on the lush body of her interrogation continues without respite until the girl’s identity becomes known. Her ass is red and raw from the merciless beating but is not over. In fact, it has just begun. Now both girls are subjected to raw and brutal punishment for their sins. The Headmistress is merciless as she whips, canes, slaps, straps and spanks both girls until the tears are streaming down the faces. One girl is forced to stand in the corner as part of her humiliation and watch the other being beaten. There are even scenes of Bastinado performed on the open hands of both young beauties. This is a long and intense journey into a world of pain and punishment that leaves both girls stripped and marked by the whips. It will leave you drained and exhausted.

Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View

Chloe Elise and Steve Fuller

Chloe Elise bends over and shows off her lovely, well-spanked bottom

I can’t really add much to this description of today’s update other than to say that it is absolutely true that Chloe does have an amazing bottom, see above photo. It really is a peach of a bottom but it is also a nice scene. Steve is a good top, mainly because he just looks like a normal guy and he knows how to spank a naughty lady.

Spanking starlet Chloe Elise is back and handsome alpha male Steve Fuller plays her boss. He comes by her apartment to fire her, but she explains to him that in her apartment building, it’s a regular spanking soap opera, and people often get second chances when they accept the discipline they so badly need. Mr. Fuller spanks and canes Chloe very hard. I guess he believes in second chances as well, although the fact that Chloe is a beautiful blond with one of the most amazing curvy bottoms on the planet could have been part of the reason he wanted so much to see her cheeks quiver with each stroke of the cane!

Chloe Elise begs not to be fired and offers her ass up to her angry boss – gallery

Aswell as some nice OTK handspanking, there’s also some nice caning. Steve uses a very thin-looking cane that looks very delicate against Chloe’s big, spanked bottom. She’s first caned standing up, leaning forwards against the mantlepiece, then he takes her back over his knee to continue the caning OTK.

You can watch this spanking movie in full and many more hot spanking scenes at the Clare Fonda Pass. The 4 and 5 sites options both include the site that this update comes from, My Spanking Roommate!

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