Veronica Ricci Season

Veronica Ricci Season includes this scene where she spanks Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa

This week is Veronica Ricci season on many of the Clare Fonda Pass websites. She appears in four different scenes on four different websites this week. One of the best is this sexy three-girl scene with Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa at Spanking Sorority Girls.

The ladies keep their panties on and get spanked by Veronica with their panties pushed between their ass cheeks. This means that you get what is essentially a bare bottom spanking (i.e. the bare cheeks are spanked) but with a wedgie happening as the panties are yanked up…

Stevie Rose's panties are pulled up into a wedgie as Veronica spanks her with a bath brush

When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.


Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa kneel on all fours for their spankings

This sexy three-girl scene is on Spanking Sorority Girls, but there are also other scenes involving Angela Sommers and Emily Parker that came out this week and can all be found on Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanking Sorority Girls


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Elori Stix

Elori Stix about to be spanked by Julie Simone

We’ve seen Elori Stix before in “Exclusive Education 10” but here she’s featured as the brand new sweetie at Spanked Sweeties.

Elori Stix is a tiny, cute beauty with a perky bottom and personality to match. She wasn’t spanked growing up other than the occasional birthday spanking, but she is a lifestyle spanko now and gets it regularly from her mistress (played by Julie Simone in our re-enactment) when she’s good.

Elori Stix gets spanked with a ruler

Getting spanked with a ruler is quite unusual on the internet, but this ruler is a small metal ruler which looks tiny compared to Elori’s lovely big bottom.

Julie spanks Elori with a metal ruler at Spanked Sweeties gallery

Elori is a petite brunette with a big, plump bottom! She’s very cute and bubbly and looks great in this scene with Julie. Julie Simone with her red hair looks very different to the last time we posted a scene with her when she had blonde hair, that was also on the same website.

See the full interview and spanking scene with Elori and Julie Simone at Spanked Sweeties. Elori Stix now appears on at least 3 out of 5 Clare Fonda Pass websites (the others being Girl Spanks Girl and Spanked Callgirls).

Spanked Sweeties

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Janessa Brazil gets Spanked

Janessa Brazil gets Spanked

Janessa Brazil is a hot glamour model from… Brazil. She’s not know for spanking or getting spanked, but she is very cute with a sexy bottom so this scene with her taking a licking from a leather strap is very welcome indeed.

Watch more of a preview of Janessa Brazil getting spanked in this movie.

Janessa Brazil is either a great sport, or she proves that all girls like to be spanked to some extent. Watch her take some serious leather to that Brazilian booty of hers.

More from Janessa Brazil at Phil Flash! Phil Flash is known for glamour, masturbation and lesbianism with 18+ teen girls but he also shoots some kinky stuff like this.

Phil Flash

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Spanking Them

19-year-old Julia gets topless for her punishment at Spanking Them
19-year-old Julia gets topless for her punishment at Spanking Them

This is our first look at Spanking Them, another one of those Eastern European spanking websites. Sometimes they can get very severe with brutal canings that leave the models very badly marked indeed, but this website doesn’t appear to go as far as this, which we’re pleased about. Instead, they get kinky with some BDSM elements and also some masturbation. There is OTK in most scenes and there is plenty of nudity, plus a good mixture of strap, whip and cane.

This scene features 19-year-old amateur Julia who is pretty and has a nice body. Right from the off she is wearing a school uniform and is asked to remove her blazer and blouse so that she is topless. Then her skirt is flipped up and panties lowered for the start of her punishment. Soon the sexy teen is completely naked and things start to really heat up with the strap…

Julia bends over the desk naked for a nude strapping
Julia bends over the desk naked for a nude strapping

There seems to be some kind of bondage or kink in most scenes, so not your typical OTK spankings. Here, Julia is made to wear a dog’s leash and gets on all fours with the handle of a flogger in her mouth to add to the humiliation. But the punishment continues with beautiful Julia completely naked and looking more and more disheveled…

Julia gets humiliated by wearing a leash and holding the whip in her mouth while she's punished
Julia gets humiliated by wearing a leash and holding the whip in her mouth while she’s punished

There is also some self-spanking and bits of lesbian sex on this website. There is a lot of amateur models in school uniforms, or sometimes they are called teachers, and secretaries are another favorite here, but there’s not a huge amount of variation in the settings or scenarios. It certainly makes a change though. See more at Spanking Them.

Spanking Them

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Orienteering Spanking

Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark cannot find the map in this Orienteering Spanking

Adventuring in the great outdoors has always been a prime scenario for a spanking. Walking through the quiet countryside with the fresh air and blood pumping provides the perfect scenario in a picturesque location. This orienteering spanking comes a little bit before the girls have even got outdoors. Sorority girls Amelea Dark and Lana Lopez are about to go out, but there is a problem in “Episode 101: Who Has the Map?” on Spanking Sorority Girls.

Amelea Dark spanks Lana Lopez

Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark are staying in a cabin and are about to go on a hike when they realize that neither has the map that Veronica said they must carry. They argue about it and end up giving each other a hard spanking in an effort to resolve the issue.

Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark cannot find the map in “Episode 101: Who Has the Map?” at Spanking Sorority Girls

Lana Lopez gets her own back by spanking Amelea Dark

Unusually there are no uniforms in this scene but both ladies start the scene in what is basically underwear so it is very sexy from the off. And, with Amelea’s bright red hair and Lana’s hot pink outfit this is a very fun and colorful spanking. Amelea’s bare bottom gets very red though, and that wooden ruler looks very stingy. Watch this scene and many more naughty sorority girls spanking each other at Spanking Sorority Girls. Or, for all five spanking websites in one convenient package you can find the best value option at Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanking Sorority Girls

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The English Lesson

Clare Fonda spanks Lilith in The English Lesson

Girl Spanks Girl was one of Clare Fonda’s first websites and has many early scenes from the spanking diva, but none as early as this one. “The English Lesson” was Clare’s first ever spanking scene and led the way for many many scenes later on. It was originally released on VHS before she had any websites and has not found it’s way onto the web at all in the years since then. It’s probably 15 or so years old! But now, finally, it is here on the oldest and biggest of the Clare Fonda websites.

Clare is the English teacher of naughty Lilith, so when the bratty student misbehaves the strict teacher gives her an old-fashioned OTK spanking. Lilith is in her school uniform and her plaid skirt is flipped up and regulation white panties pulled down. Clare gives her bare bottom a nice hand spanking with her lying over her lap on the couch.

But when Lori, Lilith’s sugar mommy, enters, she is not happy that her baby girl is being treated in such a way by her teacher.

Lori drags Clare Fonda over her knee for a spanking

However, Lilith’s sugar mamma Lori overhears the spanking, and decides to give Clare her own spanking. And she includes a large paddle.


The paddle itself is huge, and not very aerodynamic. It looks like a huge ping pong paddle, but it looks too big for table tennis. Or maybe it’s the regular size of a ping pong paddle and it’s the angle that makes it look big. Either way, it’s a big, flat paddle with no holes drilled in it. Both Lori and Lilith take part in the spanking. Afterwards Clare sits down very gingerly indeed on the couch.

Clare is given a bare bottom spanking with a huge paddle

The scene does look very dated, especially as the clarity and size of video cameras has improved a lot in however many years ago this was. Clare looks very youthful and it’s a nice scene with domme Lori wearing ridiculously kinky boots and schoolgirl Lilith in pigtails. This scene and other scenes from a similar time period, right up to the latest scenes in crystal clear HD can all be seen now at Girl Spanks Girl.

Girl Spanks Girl

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3 ebony ladies spanked in Detention

Chanell Heart gets spanked OTK in Exclusive Education 10

Our love of dark-skinned beauties continues in the second part of Exclusive Education 10 at Girl Spanks Girl.

3 ebony ladies spanked in detention after they failed to even show up to their original detention. Principal Lana Miller has made sure the three ebony girls attend this time by holding the detention in her own house. She wants to get to the bottom of whose idea it was to skip detention and forced her to give up her own time at a weekend to punish them. She thinks it might be Chanell Heart, so she spanks her right there in front of the other two schoolgirls. But when a piece of evidence becomes apparent the blame looks like it has shifted to Yasmine DeLeon, so now the principal oversees Chanell spanking her classmate…

Yasmine deLeon gets spanked OTK in Exclusive Education 10

But, wait! Now it seems that Ashley Luvbug, the remaining girl and the only one to have not been spanked yet, is the true instigator! So, now the principal makes Yasmine spank her naughty bottom, as happened before in the center of the room over her panties then on her bare bottom…

Ashley Luvbug gets spanked in detention in Exclusive Education 10

With all the Exclusive Education movies there is a certain formula in that the teacher and/or Principal Miller always spank a classroom full of naughty ladies, but here with the ladies spanking each other there is a little twist. I also like the more ethnic vibe of this scene. The three ebony pornstars have lovely round bottoms and are all used to getting spanked. Both Chanell and Yasmine were in last year’s “Exclusive Education 9” and all three have appeared in other scenes from the Clare Fonda Pass websites.

Girl Spanks Girl houses all the Exclusive Education movies plus many many more long scenes with plenty of famous spanking models and lesser know ladies you may not have heard of. Being one of the oldest spanking sites out there it is also one of the biggest. As well as an epic classroom spanking drama from each of the last 10 years, there have been a lot of the best scenes in recent years. Scenes which spring to mind are Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda in “Spanked Soccer Moms” and a very sexy scene with busty British glamour model Adele Stephens from way back (there is a photo from the scene in this old Clare Fonda Pass review). Also, look out for a new look Girl Spanks Girl site in the near future.

Girl Spanks Girl

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New Sweetie: Jenna Ashley

New Sweetie, Jenna Ashley and mom, played by Snow Mercy

New Sweetie, Jenna Ashley, is no stranger to spanking or submission. The cute and curvy pornstar has a nice, round bottom and was spanked often growing up. Now, you can find her in many hardcore, glamour, lesbian and fetish scenes, including some bondage. But, here she is once again putting that perfect bottom to good use over Snow Mercy’s knee. Having been spanked plenty already, Jenna has a lot to discuss and some nice ideas for her real-life re-enactments at Spanked Sweeties.

With Snow playing her mom, Jenna Ashley gets in position for a spanking in her tight black skirt. She’s spanked over the elasticated fabric, then when her skirt is pulled up we see her patterned, lacy panties…

Jenna Ashley spanked OTK over her patterned panties

Curvy bottomed Jenna Ashley was spanked often when growing up and she shares many details in her interview. We re-enact a spanking from her father and one from her mother.

Jenna Ashley spanked by Snow Mercy at Spanked Sweeties gallery

Beautiful Sweetie Jenna gets a nice OTK spanking from mom Snow Mercy who is also looking sexy in a casual khaki colored outfit. The tall, smart brunette makes a strict but fair mom who is not going to put up with any nonsense from her curvy daughter…

Jenna Ashley's big round bare bottom gets spanked by mom, Snow Mercy

Watch Jenna’s spanking interview video and real-life re-enactments at Spanked Sweeties. We’ve also seen Jenna Ashley at Girl Spanks Girl, Snow Mercy has appeared on many of the websites already and is fast becoming a favorite top. You can explore scenes with both ladies plus many more spanking models and sweeties at the great value Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Sweeties

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