Spanked on the bed for calling her girlfriend’s man

Spanked on the bed for calling her girlfriend's man

This gallery is not the hardest spanking in the world but its a cute girl girl spanking movie.

When two roommates are chilling on a bed the one girl finds out that the other has been calling her boyfriend behind her back. She is furious that her friend has been making secret phonecalls to her boyfriend so decides to flip her over and give her pretty ass a spanking. The naughty spankee wails continuously throughout the spanking and could definitely do with having something in her mouth to quieten her down a bit but its a good spanking.

Both girls are smoking hot, I especially like the girl doing the spanking. While she’s kneeling on the bed dishing out smacks to her friend’s ass her tight denim miniskirt rides up her thighs and you can clearly see her white, cotton panties. Very nice indeed.

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Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Anyone who’s ever had anything stolen would love to catch the thief in the act, unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often but in this spanking movie gallery a cute, busty girl gets her revenge on the girl who she’s just found going through her purse.

The woman is outraged at such a violation in her own home and immediately bends the girl over and starts smacking her bottom. The girl has no excuse and has no option but to take her punishment, but what she might have thought would be a few gentle slaps over her denim skirt, turns into a hard spanking on her bare ass as the busty housewife takes her revenge on the poor girl’s butt. This is a very energetic spanking, the furious owner of the purse is slightly chubby and her big boobs hang down enticingly as she leans over to spank the naughty girl. Girl on girl spanking at its finest!!

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Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

This strict teacher (Ms Lexi Bardot) feels she has a moral obligation towards one blonde student who has not done her homework again and has had to cheat. Ms Bardot suggests to the girl that if she hadn’t been sucking cock she could have done the classwork herself and to help her learn this lesson the blonde is spanked over the teacher’s desk in these movies.

There are some nice touches by stern and bossy Ms Bardot. To start with she feels that her naughty student is talking back a little too much so she puts a pencil in her mouth to keep her quiet (it seems the girl likes having things put in her mouth ;) ).

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Taught Discipline the hard way

Taught Discipline the hard way

Sometimes lessons of life can be painful. They certainly are for this girl as she’s taught Discipline the hard way.

It’s a cute spanking movie and the girl’s white buttocks get a good spanking and soon turn red as she is disciplined by a pillar of the community. She starts off resisting a little but eventually gets into position and holds it while her bottom is slapped. It’s not the best quality sample in the world but kinda nice clips for a day like today.

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Big Boobed Ann’s Spanking

If you’ve seen Spank Bad Ass before you’ll know that I LOVE seeing busty girls spank other girls and get spanked themselves. Here’s a nice example of this with amateur Ann getting a big boobed spanking.

Ann is a nice girl, she is kinda cute and slightly chubby with massive natural tits. Not only are they big but they are a joy to watch in motion as she lays first OTK, then in the diaper position and gets her big pale buttocks smacked untill they are rosy red! The third clip in these samples is my favorite, Ann is on her back with those heavy tits wobbling around on her chest and her bottom getting spanked hard and sharp. She giggles throughout the spanking and you can tell that while her bottom is on fire she’s enjoying her spanking and getting really turned on by having her plump body exposed and viewed by so many people as she’s spanked. And what a spanking it is. She wobbles and wiggles a little but keeps pretty still for her spanking and that big, white ass gets very red towards the end.

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Naughty Repeat Offender Spanking

I love the schoolgirl spanking fantasy and this is a nice example. Take a look at this Naughty Repeat Offender Spanking movie gallery.

The babe is cute and actually looks like a schoolgirl I like her small titties and slender body with a nice, round ass when she bends over for the teacher. Her teacher makes sure she gets a proper smacked ass and even takes the trouble to add to her pain by removing all her clothes. Whether she’s bent across the desk or touching her toes, this babe learns a good lesson from her strict teacher.

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Kara’s Colorful Spankings and Diaper Training

Gianna Lynn faces her diaper training

A spanking is one method of punishment that can be used with others. In this case Kara, from Kara Prepare Yourself, is contemplating her diaper training…

Gianna admires her spanked butt

Sometimes the diaper is applied before the spanking, or the naughty girl is spanked over the diaper. I liked a scene at Kara’s Spanking Website where two girls start off by play-spanking each other, then the scene hots up when they are joined by their landlord and his friend and both are spanked in tandem on their bare bottoms before both girls are made to wear diapers for the rest of the spanking.

I don’t know how I feel about grown women wearing diapers as a punishment. I can see the humiliation of it but I’d rather see a lovely, cute ass getting spanked red. Whatever kind of FF punishment you like, take a look at the colorful Kara Prepare Yourself for some sexy all-girl spankings, diaper training and anal punishments.

Kimberly’s Spanking Fantasy

Kimberly's Spanking Fantasy

Kimberly is a hot chick, her shoulder-length red hair and her pretty smile make her very attractive. She’s in her early twenties but is young enough to remember being spanked by her babysitter when she was younger. In fact, Kimberly reveals how the spankings she used to get have had quite an effect her in these spanking fantasy movies.

Imagine Kimberly living at home when she was 18 and her parents going away for the night but worried that she would invite her friends over again and the house would be trashed on their return. Slightly embarrassed about the situation they ask a neighbor if he could babysit their daughter that night and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble. But Kimberly and trouble seem to go hand in hand so she finds herself laying on her front over the babysitter’s knee with her pert bottom exposed and pointing deliciously up for him to spank. How embarrassing!! Especially as she has a crush on her babysitter. Now she’ll have to explain why he had to spank her and he’ll probably stay around to watch as her Mom gets her big, wooden hairbrush to teach Kimberly’s sore, red bottom a proper lesson and get the tears flowing down her pretty face.

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Lexie’s bare ass Spanking

Lexie's bare ass Spanking

Lexie is a nice girl. She’s the kind of girl-next door that never goes out of her way to be a slut or turn heads but always looks good. Just because she’s a good girl it doesn’t mean that she can’t benefit from a good spanking and that’s exactly what happens in these bare ass hand spanking movies.

Even good girls can be naughty sometimes and even when they are being well-behaved they can always use a reminder in the form of an OTK bare bottomed spanking. I think that is what is happening here. Lexie has learned the lesson from her last disciplining and has been hard-working, good-tempered and helpful for a couple of weeks. Lexie’s good behavior is proof that the spanking worked and so to keep her motivated she is stripped naked from the waist down for a sexy spanking reminder.

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Redhead well-spanked on her bare ass

Redhead well-spanked on her bare ass

This cute redhead gets a really good spanking in these naked spanking movies.

She’s a real cutie with her fair complexion and long, curly red hair but you can see that she is a handful with the way she answers back and talks throughout her spanking. At one point, as she’s being strapped with the belt, she even says “My Daddy never spanked me like this!” That’s true, this is a very sexual spanking but sassy Isabelle certainly gives a strong case for being spanked. She’s so adorable and her little, shaven, pink pussy looks perfect as he takes a time out to finger her wet opening. From that point onwards its clear that this naughty little cutie is gonna be in for a rough ride. He strips her naked and smacks her reddening bottom as she lies on her front on the floor. But her smart little comments are becoming tiresome so she soon has her white panties stuffed in her mouth as her legs are gathered up above her head for the humiliation of the diaper-position spanking.

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