New Look Spanked Sweeties and 600 posts…

New makeover for Spanked Sweeties

Today is just a double announcement post… there is a brand new look and feel to Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties AND SpankBadAss is up to 600 spankalicious posts.

Not sure whether it seems like I’ve done more or less than 600 but it definitely feels good and plenty more to come!!

Spanked Sweeties was Clare Fonda’s first spanking website in the modern era (there were websites in the past but they have been and gone). The reason the site is different to a lot of websites is that each “sweetie” gets her own profile with lots of movies and pictures of her not only being spanked but also talking about her spanking experiences. There is also quite a large “Never Been Spanked” area for those of you who like seeing a naughty girl’s first ever spanking. There is a big cast of sexy babes here with some household names and some girls you may not recognise. Each girl has an interview, sometimes there is a pre-spanking chat, then after the spanking she goes on to say how it felt. Other times the sweetie will chat about the real-life spankings she was given growing up.

Anyway, the redesign looks great, here’s a preview of the members area…

New makeover for Spanked Sweeties

That’s it for today see you at post 601!!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Spanking Sarah

English amateur housewife Sarah bends over the sofa for her caning

Spanking Sarah is a newish site I’ve just stumbled across. Sarah is…

A naughty secretary, a schoolgirl*, a lady who indulges herself in the seven sins as often as she can. Her reward? Relentless punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane and the strap.

Sarah is a tall brunette/blonde, depending on when you see her, who is English and is often getting herself into trouble, knowing that every time her misdemeanors will lead to a very firm punishment. She gets long, hard over the knee spankings and severe canings but mixed in with all the strict discipline Sarah gets down to some serious masturbation and cock-sucking.

Her website gives you a glimpse into Sarah’s naughty and fun lifestyle… where sex and spankings are never far away. You can even see her curb-crawling to pick up new guys to fuck.. until she repents and the vicar and nurse give her a thorough chastising punishment to clean her sins away.

See much more at…

Spanking Sarah

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Chloe Elise

Chloe Elise goes OTK for a spanking at Clare Fonda's brothel

Chloe Elise was so excited about all the money she made that she thought she could be a “Chatty Cathy” but Clare Fonda is in a bad mood – not to mention sometimes she’s a bit jealous of these young bitches. Chloe gets a hot bottom as she’s pulled OTK with her panties yanked down so her bare bottom can be spanked hard by Clare’s firm hand…

Chloe Elise goes OTK for a spanking at Clare’s brothel gallery

Watch the full movie only at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls

Spanked Callgirls

Good hard hand spanking on naked buttocks..

Uncle Steve lays into Sharon's pretty bottom with the palm of his hand

Like the title says, this is exactly what you’re getting here.. there’s a cute babe in pigtails who is completely naked and kneeling over the sofa as she has her waist held and her buttocks smacked hard with the open hand. It’s Uncle Steve punishing his naughty niece, Sharon…

Good hard hand spanking on naked buttocks movie

The picture, above, doesn’t really do Sharon’s ass any justice. As she’s bent over, wriggling around on the sofa her bottom looks very pretty, and as her uncle gives her hard spanks with his open hand on her pink asscheeks her soft flesh ripples delightfully. Like I say, just a very nice and hard handspanking scene. Grab it all at…

Spanking Vids

Spanked Bottom Ad?

I saw this ad the other day. I was looking at something else and just saw it out of the corner of my eye and for a second it looked like the silhouette of the classically curvy lady had a big, red, spanked bottom…

Spanked Bottom Ad?

…on closer inspection it’s a heart but I’d like to see the same classy, elegant drawing have a spanked bottom instead of a heart, I think she’d appreciate it!

Justine Rosenberg earns the Strap

Justine Rosenberg earns the Strap for lying movie

Naughty redhead Justine Rosenberg has been lying to her boss, preferring to lie rather than do any hard work! However, the boss soon uncovers her weak attempts at deception and decides she either takes a bare bottom thrashing or she can leave without any pay! She needs the money and the job so the sexy redhead lowers her panties for the spanking. Bending over a chair with her cute, freckled butt in the air she gets a firm, hard smacking with her boss’s open hand. The hard hand smacks start to leave an impression on her pale rump and you can really see the handprints. Her ass gets redder and redder.. She takes her hand-spanking punishment fairly well, but when she is bent over for the nasty punishment strap you can hear her protests increase as she snivels and begs for it to stop!

Now available in full HD for the first time, this is a highly recommended HD Spank movie for lovers of naughty redhead, Justine Rosenberg…

Justine Rosenberg earns the Strap for lying movie

Watch the full movie and see the full terrifying strapping only at…

HD Spank

Claire Dames spanks Kylee Reese

Claire Dames spanks Kylee Reese at Clare Fonda Pass

Badgirls Kylee Reese and Claire Dames are at it again! This time it’s Claire who has the upper hand and grabs her girlfriend, dragging her over the knee and spanking her gorgeous bottom…

Claire Dames spanks Kylee Reese gallery

Kylee and Claire are two of my favorite pornstars, Claire in particular has such a cute face and lovely curvy figure. Kylee Reese has a slender, blonde porno babe figure with nice, round, bubble butt.. it’s a joy to see this pornchick get her just desserts from a lovely cute and busty babe. If I had vacancies for two smart and feisty pornstars in my bedroom department these two would be up there on my list!

You can see this update and updates on all of Clare Fonda’s five websites at the awesome…

Clare Fonda Pass

Amelia, Michaela and Samantha

Spanking entertainment at its best!… Firm Hand Spanking has three very diverse spanking updates a week that is perfectly shown by today’s 3 scenes of three of the top spanking models out there!

First off we have A.J.R…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets strapped in this Victorian Spanking scene

Amelia Jane Rutherford is smoking hot and every scene I have seen of her has been very good indeed but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in such an extravagant, period scene as this. We’re transported back in time to Victorian England where Amelia’s strict uncle just happens to be prison govenor, Sir Matthew. It’s a very hard 30 stroke strapping but something tells me there is more to come for poor Amelia…

Then it’s Michaela’s turn to go over the knee for her punishment. She’s a nanny but even the nanny isn’t excused lateness and here she pays the price with the leather paddle on her bare bottom…

Nanny Michaela McGowen gets a leather paddle spanking

Lastly, Samantha Woodley gets a wet, bare bottom spanking in the bath. Sam is far too cute and sexy in this spanking movie but that does not mean that she escapes a hard spanking on her soaking wet bottom.. that’s gotta sting!

Samantha Woodley gets a naked spanking in the bath

See all the previews in this spanking gallery and watch the full movies only at….

Firm Hand Spanking

Alanah gets spanked again…

Alanah Rae gets spanked again at Clare Fonda Pass

Alanah Rae is turning into one of my favorite babes to watch getting spanked. She’s a cute and curvy blonde teen and with her big boobs (looks like a new boobjob!) and bubble butt she’s really driving me crazy!

Here she’s wearing a cute, pink T-shirt and tiny, pink hotpants which do not last long til they are pulled down and her sexy bottom is spanked to a very rosy, red color. Clare Fonda is looking particularly strict in this update, you can even see her mouth looking very strict in some of these photos as she lectures Alanah as she lies in the over the knee position…

Alanah Rae gets spanked again gallery

You can see this update and updates on all of Clare Fonda’s five websites at the awesome…

Clare Fonda Pass

Spanking Cures the Addiction?

Amanda whimpers and squirms with every punishing smack, but is it enough to break her addiction to texting?
Amanda whimpers and squirms with every punishing smack, but is it enough to break her addiction to texting?

Cute brunette Amanda Rose has an addiction to texting. Whether she wants to or not she finds herself pressing her phone’s keypad and sending meaningless details of her life to all her friends at every hour of the day and night. It has gotten way out of hand! Not only should Amanda be doing other, much more productive, things, but it’s taking over her life and costing her money!

Always willing and able to teach a pretty lady’s bottom the error of her ways, David Pearson is at hand to show this eager texter that there is more to life than sending SMS’s… and as you’d expect, Amanda gets more than a lecture as she finds her jeans pulled down and her lovely bottom slapped hard. She’s wearing small polka-dot panties but even these skimpy panties do not last long as David is determined to really teach Amanda a very good lesson and set her free from her addiction. The panties are pulled right down, revealing an already red bottom, but this naughty babe deserves a very long, hard spanking for her own good. He smacks her tender bottom hard and firm as she squeals and fidgets over his knee. It may be painful now but she has been asking for this for some time by her persistent texting, David has had no choice but to deal with her very firmly. Perhaps this will finally get through to her…

Watch this and many more spanking dramas at…

Punished Brats