Three Firm Hand Spankings…

Here are the latest three updates from Firm Hand Spanking. I like this site a lot and all the girls they have are very cute but I particularly like this week’s updates: a paddling, a strapping and a caning. Chloe Elise seems to be in the center of two out of three punishments and of course she gets dealt with very firmly indeed…

Spanking One

Visiting her friend Chloe Elise at an exclusive athletics training camp, Samantha Woodley soon learns the penalty for bringing in alcohol as she watches Chloe being paddled Brat Camp style – bare bottom! Coach loses no time in telling Sam to bend over for her licks. Shorts and panties down, she feels the burn of the holed board for a full ten swats.

Samantha Woodley looks defiant after her paddling for bringing in alcohol to the camp

Spanking Two

Pretty senior Alison Miller has an attitude problem with dress code and thinks she’s too old for a uniform in Attitude Adjustment. Principal Ms Wallace knows 30 strokes with a leather strap will sort her out. Ten across red panties that barely cover her bubble-butt cheeks, the next 20 panties off, bent over a table on the bare. Check out the bun-bouncing slow-mo!

Alison Miller rubs her beautiful bottom after her strapping

Spanking Three

Blonde brat Chloe Elise has legs that go right up her pert backside, and she likes to show them off in a micro skirt when she goes out for an illicit drink. The rules at Brat Camp are clear, and she’s broken most of them. The head coach has no alternative but to cane her bare backside, bent over a handy pool table. Those red stripes swiftly appear.

Chloe Elise bends over the pool table for her caning

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Firm Hand Spanking


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Charlie Skye and Beverly Bacci in Double Trouble

Charlie Skye and Beverly Bacci are spanked simultaneously OTK for getting suspended

Charlie and Beverly have been suspended from school but promise each other not to tell what they are in trouble for. But how long will that promise last once they both find themselves OTK? Beverly’s excuse for not telling the reason for their dismissal is to save themselves the humiliation.. surely by now she must know that’s not going to happen at Punished Brats?? David and Veronica are going to get that information one way or another, but which of the girls will be spanked into submission first?

The double OTK spanking gets dramatic when the spanks get harder

Charlie Skye takes her over the knee spanking with the most noise and protest, while Beverly’s tolerance of pain is higher and perhaps she’s not getting spanked quite as hard. Maybe Beverly Bacci is just the naughtier of the two and has therefore experienced more spankings..? If she can take more of a spanking maybe she’ll be able to hold out longer and resist the temptation to break her promise..

Which girl will be the first to crack and spill the beans?

If a spanking can be dramatic, visually beautiful and exciting, a simultaneous spanking of two naughty babes at the same time is all that and more. Because the two girls are being spanked “top to tail” you can see Beverly’s bottom getting smacked by David while Charlie’s face as her own bottom is stung by Veronica.

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Punished Brats

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Bare bottom OTK Spanking in France…

Bare bottom OTK Spanking in France

If you like sexy French babes and you like spanking, check check, then the combination of the two is a very nice idea indeed. Is this really how they do things in France..?

Hot French babe has a shameful OTK spanking movies

I don’t speak the language so I have no idea what’s being said but you really have to marvel at how good this chick looks with that tight butt wriggles as she lies over the guy’s knee. As well as having a perfect bottom those pink cotton panties look so loose and fragile as he holds them away from her cheeks and slaps her naughty ass. Combined with the fact that this smokin’ hot chick is French the spanking is almost perfect.

It’s quite gentle really but that just means it lasts for longer and, like the name of the site suggests, the girl is able to be humiliated for longer. Download the full French spanking movie only at…

Spanking and Shame

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New Temporary Look

The old template seemed to take ages to load but this one, the default one, seems to be quicker. That’s the reason for it looking a little different here. There’ll be a new permanent look as soon as I find a nice template that doesn’t slow the site down too much. Watch this space.

Also, while I’m off topic, I hope that you all had a great 2008 and we hope that 2009 is the best yet for everyone!

Thankyou and happy spanking!

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Haven’t done your homework, Sierra? Then over my knee for a spanking!

Sierra Salem gets an OTK spanking for not doing her homework

Sierra Salem tests the patience of her Discipline Tutor, Cindy Wallace,by not completing her studies after school. Watching TV with her puppy is not a formula for success. Swiftly put over the knee, Sierra protests as her bottom is smacked, while her puppy gnaws at her foot! Watch out for hysterical out-takes with canine star, Tevya, owned by director Samantha Woodley!

Firm Hand Spanking

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Kailee spanks Abigail Whittaker

Abi is confronted by Kailee in the livingroom

The more I see of Kailee (or Kailee Robinson, as she’s also known), the more I like her. She has been around the spanking scene for a few years now. She used to look gothic, moody and almost had a permanent naughtiness in her eyes. Now she is a little older and more sophisticated. She is also growing into a force to be reckoned with for other naughty ladies as we see her more and more taking control in these situations. Here Abigail Whittaker (Abi) has crossed her and is swiftly up-ended by Kailee who looks amazing with her sleek hair and tight, black top. As you can see, she still has her black fingernails, so she is still hanging onto her gothic-ness…

Abigail Whittaker soon finds herself over the knee getting her bare bottom hand-spanked

This is just a beautiful gallery with the natural sunlight pouring into the open-plan room and one sexy female spanking another. Abigail is a very sexy hot teen on the spanking scene and Kailee lays into her lovely, bare bottom with venom. Very tasty!

Abi rubs her bottom after her spanking

Delicious! Hot action that is extremely easy on the eyes. Check out the rest of the photos and movies at…

Firm Hand Spanking

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Naughty Brunette gets Punishment Spanking

Naughty brunette gets a sound punishment spanking for smoking

I try not too exaggerate too much or say things like “this is my favorite spanking” or “the best spanking of all time” but for me in my current mood today, this is definitely pushing all the right buttons. What you’ve got is basically a punishment spanking on a nice-looking brunette. Her bottom is hurting even when she’s being spanked over the knee in her jeans so when the strict, large-chested lady starts to yank those jeans down she resists quite strongly. Even though she’s resisting there is little point with a lady as forceful as this. The jeans come down and the panties soon follow. If her naughty bottom was stinging through the denim it is certainly stinging a lot more when her rosy red bottom gets a very hard spanking on the bare…

Naughty Brunette gets Punishment Spanking movie gallery

The naughty girl has been caught smoking and her Mom is not best pleased, especially as she pays a lot of money to keep her in school. You can imagine this happening in exactly the same way all over the country and all over the world. Once the spanking begins there is no acting here at all, the girl is sobbing because she is getting a very hard hand-spanking, you can tell it’s real and the color of her beet red buttocks are further proof. Things I love about this movie are the hardness of the spanking, the strict, no-nonsense approach of the Mom, the reaction of the girl and the Mom’s big tits. Very nice indeed, see all the action only at…

Bad Tushy

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