Spanking Pizza Delivery Girl Hard OTK

Pizza Delivery Girl Spanked OTK

As the name of this blog suggests, I like girls with attitude getting spanked. I like cheeky, smart-ass girls talking back and talking themselves into a harder and harder spanking. This girl with attitude gets spanked because the pizza she’s delivering is wrong, late and cold. So her “couldn’t care less” expression in the above picture soon turns into a “ooowwww this really hurts” as she is given a very hard OTK hand spanking, below…

Pizza Delivery Girl Spanked OTK

I love seeing this smoking hot babe with plenty of sexy attitude get a good bottom spanking, you can tell from the photos that it’s a hard, lively spanking and I particularly enjoyed seeing her hand held behind her back. Watch the movie at Girls Boarding School!!

Girls Boarding School


Maddy the Self-Spanking Girl

Self-Spanking Girl Maddy

I’ve just found these self-spanking movies from spanking website Red Rumps. Most spanking scenes involve a girl getting spanked by someone else, here the kinky girl, Maddy, spanks herself with a couple of paddles.

I like the fact that she really spanks herself hard with the paddles. The concentration on her face is a picture, as is her reddening bottom. Its very cute to see, especially as she’s holding herself up in the diaper position. Maddy obviously enjoys getting her ass spanked because she turns herself on so much that she has to lube up a big dildo and jack herself off with it afterwards…

Red Rumps is a new site to us and we’ll be reviewing it shortly, in the meantime enjoy this movie gallery and here’s a short desciption of the site…

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Exclusive Education: Girl Spankings

The original all-girl class of the Exclusive Education spanking movie

We’ve just found out that last year’s very popular “Exclusive Education” spanking movie (pictures above and below) on Girl Spanks Girl is being followed up in a few weeks by “Exclusive Education 2″.

The original movie was very long and saw eight naughty schoolgirls go to the front of the class one-by-one for an OTK spanking by the School Principal (Lana). Every girl acts differently when she is dragged over the knee by a strong woman and these girls are no different. While some of them were quite submissive and took their spanking quietly, others, like the latina girl second from the right on the front row, made a huge fuss and continued to struggle and complain throughout the spanking.

Anastasia Pierce gets a naughty schoolgirl spanking in Exclusive Education

After each girl had her bottom properly warmed by Headmistress Lana’s strong hand the spankings continue as Lana and teacher, Clare Fonda, spank the girls two-at-a-time with the hairbrush. It’s a very hot movie with all the girls ending up with some very sore bottoms by the end. Can’t wait to see the sequel with all new girls on July 21st at Girl Spanks Girl!

Caitlyn’s hot ass spanked and fucked

Caitlyn's hot ass spanked and fucked

Caitlyn has a perfect tight, little ass. It really is a bubble butt and well in need of some corrective action in this hardcore spanking gallery.

I always think that the best time to have sex with a babe is right after she’s been spanked. It means that her ass, as well as her pussy, is very sensitive and receptive, especially in positions like doggy-style. Girls who are submissive and enjoy a good spanking can really get off on the sensation of feeling the friction of their sore ass as they are pounded and in case her bottom is not sore enough a couple of smacks while she’s on all fours taking your cock is always a good thing.

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Sexy Girl Tobi Spanked OTK and Blowjob

Sexy Girl Tobi Spanked OTK and Blowjob

If you think about it every guy that spanks a girl should get a blowjob as a thankyou at the end of the spanking. It’s only fair! That’s what happens in this OTK spanking movie.

By the end of the spanking both the girl who is lying over the knee and the guy himself are naked so of course she should suck his hard cock like the good slut she is but wait a minute, lets go back to the spanking. The naughty girl is called Tobi and she has the hottest ass and prettiest pink pussy. As he spanks her amazing butt there is plenty of parting of her ass cheeks so he can see and feel her lovely pussy. Before too long he’s understandably hard, and it’s definitely hot in the room, there’s only so much a guy can take. He spanks the girl’s fine ass to a nice pink color then its time for her to suck the cum out of his cock if she wants it to shoot over her sore, red ass and soothe the pain a little. And she sucks cock like a pro…

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Old-fashioned mother paddles her daughter

Old-fashioned mother paddles her daughter

There was a time in America where all the women wore long skirts and were well-behaved or they knew to expect a hard spanking. Today, we go back in time to that bygone era and meet a hard-working woman who having lost her husband has brought her daughter up on her own in these hard and unforgiving times. She has tried to raise her daughter well and instill American values into her from an early age, but somehow she has failed because her daughter is now a grown woman and has just been sent home following a spanking for cheating in her teacher’s exam! The mother knows that a lady’s reputation means everything so is understandably outraged at her daughter’s behavior and has no choice but to paddle her on her already sore bottom in these hot spanking movies.

The Schoolmaster’s Revenge is one of the best spanking movies you’ll ever see. The one case of cheating leads to two girls getting a thorough spanking by the headmaster, then one girl gets an additional spanking by her mother before the mother runs into the headmaster who has lusted after her for many years and finally gets the opportunity to show her that he is a good, firm and strict man as he flips up her petticoat and canes the mother’s bare ass by the open fire.

Taking Shampoo earns Ebony Babe a Juicy Spanking

Naughty ebony babe spanked for stealing shampoo

I love seeing all kinds of girls bend over for a good thrashing but sometimes I get a craving for a good ebony spanking. Today, I’m in one of those moods so I’m glad I found this ebony babe gets spanked movies.

The girl in question has been using her roommates shampoo without permission and her sexy french roomie decides that enough is enough and now is time for payback… on that big, round, chocolate butt. This african-american girl gets her big, brown booty smacked good by the uptight french girl. But what is a sore and painful experience for the hot ebony babe is a joy for us to watch. She sums up everything that is good about ebony chicks, especially when she bends over and displays her big, round ass. I could watch that big, brown butt getting slapped all day long. Very HOT!!!

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Spanked on the bed for calling her girlfriend’s man

Spanked on the bed for calling her girlfriend's man

This gallery is not the hardest spanking in the world but its a cute girl girl spanking movie.

When two roommates are chilling on a bed the one girl finds out that the other has been calling her boyfriend behind her back. She is furious that her friend has been making secret phonecalls to her boyfriend so decides to flip her over and give her pretty ass a spanking. The naughty spankee wails continuously throughout the spanking and could definitely do with having something in her mouth to quieten her down a bit but its a good spanking.

Both girls are smoking hot, I especially like the girl doing the spanking. While she’s kneeling on the bed dishing out smacks to her friend’s ass her tight denim miniskirt rides up her thighs and you can clearly see her white, cotton panties. Very nice indeed.

I can think of a few endings to this spanking where the boyfriend showed up to find his girlfriend spanking his fuckbuddy. Find out what happens by watching the full movie and plenty more at Bad Tushy!

Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Anyone who’s ever had anything stolen would love to catch the thief in the act, unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often but in this spanking movie gallery a cute, busty girl gets her revenge on the girl who she’s just found going through her purse.

The woman is outraged at such a violation in her own home and immediately bends the girl over and starts smacking her bottom. The girl has no excuse and has no option but to take her punishment, but what she might have thought would be a few gentle slaps over her denim skirt, turns into a hard spanking on her bare ass as the busty housewife takes her revenge on the poor girl’s butt. This is a very energetic spanking, the furious owner of the purse is slightly chubby and her big boobs hang down enticingly as she leans over to spank the naughty girl. Girl on girl spanking at its finest!!

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Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

This strict teacher (Ms Lexi Bardot) feels she has a moral obligation towards one blonde student who has not done her homework again and has had to cheat. Ms Bardot suggests to the girl that if she hadn’t been sucking cock she could have done the classwork herself and to help her learn this lesson the blonde is spanked over the teacher’s desk in these movies.

There are some nice touches by stern and bossy Ms Bardot. To start with she feels that her naughty student is talking back a little too much so she puts a pencil in her mouth to keep her quiet (it seems the girl likes having things put in her mouth ;) ).

It’s a great lesbian spanking movie. Ms Bardot is very strict and spanks hard. See the full movie and plenty of other sexy teachers spanking and caning their naughty female students at Bad Tushy!