Kimberly’s Spanking Fantasy

Kimberly's Spanking Fantasy

Kimberly is a hot chick, her shoulder-length red hair and her pretty smile make her very attractive. She’s in her early twenties but is young enough to remember being spanked by her babysitter when she was younger. In fact, Kimberly reveals how the spankings she used to get have had quite an effect her in these spanking fantasy movies.

Imagine Kimberly living at home when she was 18 and her parents going away for the night but worried that she would invite her friends over again and the house would be trashed on their return. Slightly embarrassed about the situation they ask a neighbor if he could babysit their daughter that night and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble. But Kimberly and trouble seem to go hand in hand so she finds herself laying on her front over the babysitter’s knee with her pert bottom exposed and pointing deliciously up for him to spank. How embarrassing!! Especially as she has a crush on her babysitter. Now she’ll have to explain why he had to spank her and he’ll probably stay around to watch as her Mom gets her big, wooden hairbrush to teach Kimberly’s sore, red bottom a proper lesson and get the tears flowing down her pretty face.

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Schoolgirl Bum Spanked

Schoolgirl Bare Bum Spanked

These are some nice schoolgirl spanking movies from a HOT new spanking website: Hit My Bum.

The girl in question has been a bad student and her teacher has finally had enough. It’s time for her to stand up and put both hands against the wall and get her pretty bottom smacked by the teacher. The male teacher for his part is very generous and lets her keep her panties and skirt in place for the first spanks. The problem with this is that its “spanking blind” – you can’t tell how red her bottom is getting – so inevitably there comes a point when the skirt has to be lifted up. In this case, the girl is wearing some white, lacy panties and her red bottom is plainly visible through them..

At this point we have to stop and think about why this naughty girl is getting spanked. She has been a bad girl in class for a long time now. So, is a clothed spanking going to teach her anything? Maybe it will, but we all know that the humiliation that comes from stripping a girl of her clothes helps her remember her lesson and makes the smacks sting that little bit more on her naughty rear.

This movie comes from new spanking website Hit My Bum – check it out today!

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Sexy Redhead Wife Spanked and Caned

Sexy Redhead wife spanked and caned

This spanking movie gallery shows an old guy spanking and caning his younger, redheaded wife.

Its a great spanking movie for a few reasons. The first reason being that the sexy babe who is being spanked is just that, sexy. She has a cute face, nice, red hair and a curvy, feminine body. She’s also well-presented in a khaki suit, tan stockings, red shoes and a red bra and panties. As the spanking progresses she is stripped of her clothes but those stockings remain and frame her red ass perfectly.

Another reason why this spanking scene is smoking hot is that the setting is a first floor balcony so instead of an OTK spanking or over a desk or chair, this foxy babe stands up straight, stretching up to hold on to a low beam, while the old man spanks her ass. I don’t know what you’d call this kind of spanking.. a vertical spanking, perhaps. I like it because the woman is a full stretch, each smack on her ass thrusting her pussy forwards and giving us a nice view of her sexy body as she holds onto the beam above her. This is especially true of her caning as by that stage her body is naked and we can see her tight, round ass better than ever and her beautiful breasts quiver as she wiggles from the stroke of the cane.

Delicious as seeing her spanked while standing up straight is, the highlight of this spanking scene has to be seeing the nude lady in nothing but her tan stockings bend over the balcony for a harsh caning on her sore, bare ass. We get to see her beautiful, round ass as the cane strikes the soft, pink flesh making her bottom stripe up nicely. Then, looking up from below, we see her soft, white breasts hanging forward over the balcony and her expression of pain as she receives each stroke of the cane.

This is a beautiful spanking and it looks amazing. There is something very sexy about a redhead in red underwear, especially a hot babe with dark, red heair like this. What’s even sexier is seeing a redhead with pale skin getting punished and seeing her pale white buttocks turn a deep, dark red. The strawberries and cream of spanking. Yummy!

Watch the whole hot spanking scene and many others at Sit Spanking!

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Spanked Cutie Sophie’s Workout Spanking

Spanked Cutie Sophie is told off during her workout

Sophie is the original Spanked Cutie! She, like Rosaleen Young, is a very cute european beauty with a sweet face and a naughtiness that finds her with her knickers down getting frequent spankings.

The main difference between Sophie and Rosaleen is that while Rosaleen is very vocal and talks back a lot in her high-pitched English accent throughout her spankings, Sophie is more reserved, she talks less and takes her spankings with much less fuss.

But, that’s not to say that she has a higher tolerance of pain or that her spankings are any lighter than the English girl. If anything Sophie tends to get the harder spankings of the two girls. I’ve seen her take some very hard strappings and paddlings.

What I like about any of Sophie’s spanking scenes is that there is always a story behind the spanking. This is a nice example. Sophie is working out in her home with her “personal trainer” but when it looks like she is not trying hard enough the strict trainer decides that some extra encouragement is needed…

Her workout is not going well but Sophie has a cheeky grin

Some instructional swats of the paddle over the jogging bottoms does not seem to do the trick so poor Sophie has to pull them down to be paddled on the bare bum.

When things do not improve its time for some bare ass spanking

Spanking push-ups are a very nice sight to see, especially when the bare-assed babe doing them is cute Sophie. I love her full, curvy butt.

Push-ups and a nice, bare ass lead to delicious spankings
Sophie's hot ass gets a good spanking

But, push-ups are not the only exercise she has difficulty with and so Sophie is paddled during this exercise in a diaper-position…

More diaper position spanking of bare butt Sophie

While this spanking was almost fully-clothed, apart from her bare butt, Sophie has a great body and is often asked to get naked for extra humiliation. She has a pair of gorgeous natural breasts that add to her beauty and the hotness of her spankings. To see the full movies from this photoset and many other spankings for sexy Sophie, join Spanked Cutie!

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Naughty Daughter uses up Dad’s Credit Card

Naughty Daughter uses up Dad's Credit Card and gets a very good spanking

Over-spending is a very serious problem. Even if the amounts might be small and trivial to other people, a certain family has their own budgets and have to stick to their own finances. When this cutie racks up huge debts on her Dad’s cards so that she can dress and look like the other girls she ends up in a whole heap of trouble in these bare bottom OTK movies.

The naughty girl struggles on the couch as her ass is smacked.. but the lesson still isn’t getting through. That expensive denim skirt is hitched up and those designer panties are yanked down her legs making her bottom bare and vulnerable to the hard slaps.

She gets a long and painful spanking that is richly deserved. Watch the full movie at Spank My Daughter!

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Cutie Renee given a bare OTK Spanking

Cutie Renee given a bare OTK Spanking

Renee is a hot teen babe, check out her all-over tan and lovely smile. She’s wearing the lacy “Red Ass Models” top, a denim skirt and these sexy red panties.. not that it matters because that pencil thin skirt is coming off straight away and those panties are next! Renee is in for a treat, she loves a good spanking, and this is a good spanking!! She gets that hot ass spanked rosy red as she loses the top so her lithe, tanned body lies across the guys lap as he spanks her naughty tushy. She’s a hot teen babe and this is a super-hot OTK spanking, take a look at the spanking movie pics.

Red Ass Models is very hot and comes with plenty of bonus XXX sites.

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English Cutie Stripped for Severe Birching

Take a look at this tearful, topless english babe in this severe birching gallery!

The bitching on her pantied bottom brings tears to her eyes just as it did to her friend before her. Both girls are punished in the british way… stripped, bent over and birched to tears! This girl is not a model, she’s an average girl-next-door but looks kinda cute in a bookworm / librarian kind of way with those glasses. There is no messing around in the video, no gentle OTK.. she goes straight to the birch and straight to tears as the branches bite into her naughty bottom.

Check back every day for our daily british spanking movie (in the menu at the top). The movies come from this severe spanking site and feature amateur hotties getting a stern lecture and strict punishment on their naughty buttocks.

There are gigs of british spanking, caning and birching movies at Bad Girls Punished!!

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Pornstar Cheerleader Cindy Crawford Spanked

Pornstar Cindy Crawford given a spanking with a wooden ruler and strap

Today’s post is here to show us that spankings come in many different categories. I would categorize these spanking movie clips as “pornstar spankings“. Pornstar spankings are not the same as normal spankings, with pornstars there seems to be a lot more admiring and stroking than normal and the spanks themselves seem much lighter than full force.

Having said this, I like today’s spanking movies because the pretty blonde getting spanked with the yard stick, strap and hand is Cindy Crawford. Watching the full scene gave me a lot of pleasure because it was Cindy getting spanked, Cindy comes across as being spolied and very naughty so it seems very fitting that she get bent over with panties down. While the swats seem more symbolic than painful Cindy’s butt does go red.. and what an ass she has!!!

The spanking movie clips come from Cheerleaders Spanked that also stars Dru Berrymore and Jezebelle Bond that is one of many spanking movies on Spanking Pay Per View!

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