Dixie Comet

Loud and bratty Dixie Comet struggles as her her mom drags her across her lap

Sometimes you might watch a spanking movie and it can sometimes look like two spanking models who are acting together in a scene. This scene, however, looks very natural and it just seems right. Dixie Comet is the naughty lady and Genesis plays her mother. The chemistry between the two ladies is nice and Genesis is perfect as a curvy, spanking mother. She pulls Dixie over her knee and spanks her on the bare until her bottom gets very red indeed.

Dixie Comet gets a hard hand spanking over her mom's knee

Dixie is wearing a school uniform with a sexy little plaid skirt. Her mom looks very mom-ish and spanks her reassuringly hard. After she is spanked long and hard on her bare bottom, Dixie then stands up and her mother bends her over to spank her naughty bottom with a wooden spatula. A lovely scene…

Dixie Comet gets spanked by mom, Genesis, over the knee gallery

This scene re-enacts a part of Dixie’s real life. Dixie is a perky girl who got spanked by her mom up until her teen years. She was bratty and defiant – and loud – until her mom taught her the errors of her ways. You can see a number of different scenes with sexy brunette Dixie Comet and many more fresh spanking models at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties


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Veronica’s Babysitter Spanking

Ten Amorette spanks Veronic Ricci over the knee

Gorgeous glamour model, Veronica Ricci, was a featured Spanked Sweeties earlier this year but here is an extra scene she shot with fetish model Ten Amorette playing her babysitter. Like many girls, Veronica was spanked by her babysitter when she was growing up. She describes it in her interview and then plays the scene with Ten.

Veronica is wearing what looks like a short dress over the top of some tiny little denim shorts. The short, tight shorts are quite a surprise under her dress so you can understand why Ten saves her hand and reaches for a wooden spatula to spank naughty Veronica with over her denim hotpants. But then finally the shorts and panties come down and Ten finishes off the punishment on Veronica’s beautiful bottom…

Veronica is a professional glamour model but it’s pleasing to see that she has a lovely full bottom that is very spankable indeed.

You can watch this scene, along with Veronica’s other interviews and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties, and for plenty more from both Ten and Veronica and many more beautiful models take a look at Clare Fonda Pass!

There’s actually another nice scene on Spanked Sweeties with Kat St James and Veronica Ricci at the moment where Kat re-enacts spankings that she and her sister used to get.

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

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Chloe Elise moves House

Chloe Elise gets pulled into position

Here’s the brand new episode from the newly refurbished tour of My Spanking Roommate. The redesign is to showcase the 30 characters that are now a part of the spanking sopa opera. Each of the 38 episodes sees one of more of the sexy female characters getting herself into trouble with the inevitable outcome of getting her behind firmly dealt with.

Episode 38 sees Chloe Elise tries to move into her new apartment with Snow Mercy – who is not there – instead she finds Madison Martin, who orders that Chloe leave until Snow returns. When Chloe refuses, Madison spanks her – first with hand, then with a wooden spoon…

Madison gives Chloe a sound OTK spanking

This episode showcases two of the hottest spanking models out there. Madison is looking tanned and lovely as she sternly drags Chloe over her knee, and Chloe Elise is as sexy as ever, especially when her denim shorts and panties are pulled down and her bottom is bared for a very erotic girl-on-girl spanking.

See the full list of episodes to enjoy when you join the spanking fun at My Spanking Roommate!!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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Busy Makeup Artist gets Spanked

Kay Richards spanks Nikki her makeup artist

In the spanking scene there are good girls, bratty girls and spoiled princesses – Kay is none of these. Kay is more of a slutty minx. You could say she’s a bad girl. Her love of nudity, tattoos, love of casual sex and loud mouth make her one of the most striking spanking models out there. Well-loved by her fans who want something a little different. Kay is certainly a little different and she is as entertaining spanking another girl as she is getting spanked herself. There’s generally some sort of counting involved which is a shame for her as Kay is not very good at math.

If you saw the tennis scene with Alanah Rae and Kay on My Spanking Roommate you may remember that at the end of the scene Kay gets the number of a make-up artist who is good and works fast at short notice. It seems that the make-up artist is Nikki, but there are complications…

When famed make-up artist Nikki informs Kay that she won’t have time to do her makeup for a photo shoot, Kay teaches Nikki a lesson with a hard hand spanking, punctuated by 2 different wooden spoons.

…luckily for us there is plenty of nudity in this one as Kay shows off her sexy body…

Kay spanks her makeup artist for not making enough time for her – gallery

And so life goes on in Kay and Madison’s spanking world. Download all the past, present and future episodes at..

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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Cute Brittany gets spanked by all the Implements

Brittany gets handspanked and starts getting spanked by the implements

Brittany is a 19 year old French-Canadian with a kinky side. Sometimes this kinkiness takes the form of tickling, face-sitting, trampling or foot-fetish, but today she needs a spanking!

This has to be one of the most bizarre spanking movies in the world. Amateur fetish princess Brittany lies over the knee and is spanked by some very strange implements. Here’s the description…

Spanking lovers you are going to enjoy this video. After the spanker take place on is chair he requests Brittany to come over his knees and spanks her pretty ass with 9 different tools. She is going to get quite a sore bottom after the sandal, hairbrushes, screwdriver, tooth brush, spatula, eggs spatula, and much more. Enjoy watching her ass color change real quick!

Firstly, she gets a handspanking, then some of the first implements are the sandals and the electric toothbrush. He actually switches the electric toothbrush on so that it’s vibrating as it hits her perky bottom…

Brittany gets handspanked and starts getting spanked by the implements

As her spanking progresses we come to the spatula, then the knife handle. A knife handle doesn’t sound very safe so don’t try this at home!

Brittany's OTK implement spanking continues with the spatula

Brittany’s bottom gets quite pink as her implement spanking continues

This is a very unconventional spanking and these people are definitely not spankos but it’s fun and I think Brittany is quite cute, especially with her French accent and broken English. You can see more of her kinky fetish games at…

My Kinky Sister

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Cute little Jenni Mack gets a very hard spanking…

Jenni Mack knows she's in trouble with Miss Chris

The 1950s and spanking go to together like strawberries and cream. Back then parental discipline had a whole different meaning and young ladies went to Sunday School and behaved properly or they knew their mother would have their panties down in an instant and be paddling their naughty bottoms with her vicious hairbrush!

That’s just what happens here for naughty, little Jenni Mack as she crosses her mother, Miss Chris, and gets a proper 1950’s style spanking for her troubles.

In part one Jenni Mack gets a hand spanking over her white panties, but then in part two Jenni’s bare bottom gets thrashed with the hairbrush and wooden spoon…

Jenni Mack gets spanked very hard OTK with the hairbrush

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Miss Chris looks very stern and powerful. She’s a strongly built lady with a strong desire for discipline and when there’s any threat of little Jenni wriggling away her leg swings round and clamps the poor girl in a leg lock so that she can feel the full force of the wooden spoon uninterrupted.

This is not Jenni’s first spanking by the very dominant Miss Chris, and you can bet that it will not be her last. She really is a sweetie, she has a teen look about her, especially when she’s wearing a school uniform and submissively taking her over the knee spanking. The petite girl is the perfect size to be flung over Miss Chris’s lap. Even if she wanted to escape she would not be able to. Instead, the only destination for that naughty bottom is deep into the land of “very well spanked”.

This is a very much anticipated spanking and it does not disappoint. Watch the full movie only at…

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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Maggy earns the Wooden Spoon

Maggy earns the Wooden Spoon

Naughty redhead Maggy is definitely a favorite of this site. She is a curvy german-speaking European girl and her big breasts and ability to take a lot of punishment make her top rated. It’s just as well she can take a lot of punishment because she certainly gets spanked a lot… and hard. Her boyfriend is always having to bend her over for a spanking, either over his knee or bending over a sofa or bed for a painful implement.

After a long working day, Alex comes home – looking forward to a very relaxing evening. Unfortunately, it’s Maggy who had a real relaxing day. The apartment, the kitchen looks like a total mess. Without further discussion he takes the girl over his knee, first for a good spanking with the hand and to proceed with the wooden spoon

Maggy earns the Wooden Spoon movies

See many more of busty Maggy’s hard and painful punishments at her website…

Spanked At Home

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Beverly Bacci Clears the Air

Beverly Bacci clears the air by getting her bare ass spanked by Veronica's wooden spoon

Beverly Bacci thought a good spanking might help to clear the air with her mom Veronica, but when it comes time to have her panties pulled down for a wooden spoon spanking on her naked bottom, she is suddenly reconsidering her decision…

Beverly starts to regret her decision when the wooden spoon starts to really sting her tail

Having a girl ask for her spanking, whether it be to admit she was wrong as ask to be punished or a “ooh, please Sir, can I have another”, is the sexiest thing in the world. Especially here as Veronica deals with Beverly’s request very seriously and decides to teach her a very hard lesson and making her regret her decision almost immediately. So while Beverly was only trying to be a good girl and clear the air, her strict mom is going to show her exactly who is in charge. It’s a very hard and stingy girl-on-girl spanking. Veronica is a no-nonsense spanker and treats Beverly’s bottom to a good dose of the painful wooden spoon. The wooden spoon is almost like a cross between a wooden paddle and a cane. The area of impact may be small but the hardness of the smacks on her poor bottom has Beverly trying to struggle from the outset. As the punishment continues and her bottom gets redder and redder each smack has more potency and we see the true beauty of a hard F/F spanking. Beautiful!!

Watch the movies at…

Punished Brats

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