Pixie’s Chair

Pixie gets spanked over the knee on her new chair

Pixie doesn’t think her new chair is a very nice present after all and she certainly doesn’t plan on sitting on it anytime soon.

Check out this movieclip, the first angle is fantastic! The very first section of the over the knee spanking is perfection as Pixie’s bottom wiggles as she’s getting spanked. The camera angle is from directly behind her so you get to see her ass and the spanking close-up with her head in the background and legs in the foreground.. looks great to me. When the camera changes to the side view that is also good but the close-up angle is better for me and made me notice Pixie’s bottom a lot more. I think sometimes two different camera angles can make the same rear look completely different.. that is what happens here. I would like to see the full spanking from behind her, especially as this is a very hard, forceful spanking from the stern domme. Watching Pixie’s ass dance around as she squeals out is very hot indeed. It really does look like Pixie will not be sitting down for a while after this one. Click the link below to see..

Pixie’s Chair OTK spanking movieclip

Punished Brats

Kailee takes the Blame!

Kailee has a note for Mr Ford

Kailee shows up to Mr Ford’s place with a note from her sister Madison Martin. It seems that she had a fight with her sister, giving her a concussion and had to take her to the hospital. So the note explains that teacher, Mr Ford, has Madison’s permission to spank Kailee for making her miss this photo assignment seeing as it was all her fault.

Kailee gives her side of the argument

Mr Ford can see Kailee’s guilt a mile off and nothing she can say can save her poor bottom in his house. Despite her protests, Kailee ends up over Mr Ford’s lap for a very hard spanking… and a VERY red bottom…

I hope you enjoy the photos. In my opinion Kailee is looking sexier than ever, she’s looking very thin and her body looks amazing but the best part is her very sexy, red bottom…

Nothing can stop Kailee from getting a very hard spanking this time

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My Spanking Roommate

Angel in Blue Jeans

Kenzie Ashley: Angel in Blue Jeans

When we post about a new girl here she’s sometimes been around for a while but we’re only human so maybe it’s just taken us some time to zone in on her glowing red rear.. In this case though we’re pretty sure we’ve never heard of this girl before and we have it on good authority that she has never been spanked.

Kenzie Ashley has just showed up on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and her spanking virginity is about to change in spectacular fashion as she is hauled down over Clare’s knee for a good ol’ hand-spanking on her pretty behind. The spanking starts off over Kenzie Ashley’s blue jeans..

Clare Fonda spanks naughty Kenzie Ashley for the first time in her Blue Jeans

… but it is not long before Kenzie’s jeans are off and Clare starts to lay into her pretty pink panties, then her bare butt! Things look very comfortable when this naughty blonde has those thick jeans on but when they come off the fireworks really start to fly as Clare smacks her ass into a deep shade of red. Check it out in the latest updates at…

Spanked Sweeties

Spanking the Teen Fashion Model

Spanking Candice Mia the Teen Fashion Model

If there is one type of lady who maybe deserves a spanking it’s the glamour models of this world, well it can seem like that sometimes. They strut around in their high heels and their noses in the air looking down on everyone. So, when 18 year old model Candice Mia goes to claim her “free massage” she gets a whole lot more bang for her buck. The sexy eighteen year old strips naked and starts off by getting oiled up. The male masseuse pays particular attention to her boobs and little bubble butt rubbing and squeezing them firmly with his hands. The massage is going well and Candice is really enjoying it, but what’s she doing now? As the guys rubs her back the horny little teen model reaches down for his cock and feels him stiffening inside his jeans. It seems this horny teen wants to get fucked! The masseuse is more than happy to oblige but he also gives that tight little bubble butt a good spanking as he rams his cock into her tight, teen pussy. See how red her bottom gets…

Spanking and Fucking the teen fashion model movie

She certainly does get fucked hard and as well as slapping her cute little butt, her little boobs bounce wildly from the force as he rams his cock into her in all positions. This is one of mu favorite non-spanking sites and, as you can see from this scene, there is even some spanking in it. Hot stuff!! Check out more girls getting “massages” at…

Fucked Hard 18

Natasha Peachey

Natasha Peachey bends over with a bare bottom for the cane

I may not know every spanking model out there but that just means there’s more exciting babes to discover every day. One girl that we’ve just spotted for the first time recently is Natasha Peachey.. she’s a cute babe. She’s probably a bit too good looking to be classed as a girl-next-door but she definitely has a good look and we’re starting to like her a lot, especially when she shows up in this gallery from Firm Hand Spanking in the company of Kristin Gold, Madison Martin and Samantha Woodley…

Natasha Peachey bends over with a bare bottom for the cane photos

It’s one thing to be a spanking model, it’s another to be a girl who takes the cane and this is a very nice punishment on Natasha’s bare bottom as she bends over with her ass in the air. From the photos it looks like her bottom has gotten pretty red from her punishment. Watch the full caning video only at…

Firm Hand Spanking

More Amelia Jane Photos…

But Amelia Jane Rutherford’s distress does not end with ONE spanking, there is plenty more to come for this naughty university student from England. Here we see her tutor, Lana, continue her education with yet another spanking on her pretty bottom. The continuing saga of Amelia Jane…

Lana removes Amelia's pretty dress

No-nonsense Lana first removes Amelia’s pretty, blue dress…

The panties are next as Amelia covers her boobs

Amelia Jane covers her little breasts, giving herself a little humility as Lana pulls down her panties..

Amelia's pretty bottom is already glowing pink

Finally, her bottom is bare and she is given the over the knee spanking she deserves…

Finally Lana gets Amelia in the OTK position for her spanking

See all the photos and screen grabs and download the movie clips at…

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Amelia Jane Rutherford Earns her Education

Amelia Jane Rutherford meets her tutor Lana for the first time

Now it’s officially Amelia Jane Rutherford season!! We love everything about the tall blond from England, she is very cute and has a graceful elegance about her.. that is until she is dragged across a lap and given a spanking. When that happens she is just like every other naughty girl only we are treated to viewing her lovely buns and long legs..

Amelia is told how things will be from now on

This spanking movie is called “The Professional Student“. The title refers to Amelia herself, who’s found herself under her aunt’s guardianship at the age of 20.. While she would normally be old enough to live her life independently her aunt (Clare Fonda) feels that she owes it to Amelia’s mother to make sure she becomes an A+ student and the only way that will happen is with tutor, Lana’s help. So, when Amelia shows up late for her lesson it’s time for Lana to give her a lesson in punctuality, and she is being paid a lot of money to teach Amelia so she intends to be very strict and make sure Amelia learns her lessons…

Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford over the knee photo

When Lana bares Amelia’s bottom the sexy English niece’s embarrassment is clearly visible.. it seems that Lana is pulling down those panties incredibly slowly so that we see her neatly trimmed pubes a quarter of an inch at a time with plenty of time to marvel at the hot chick’s most private of parts. When they are finally down she gets a few brisk slaps across the bare flesh but her punishment has not even begun. Lana has to yank her down and over her knee before we are treated to this hot babe’s OTK spanking which ends up with Amelia’s bottom looking rosy red and very pretty indeed…

Amelia Jane Rutherford's rosy red, spanked bottom

This is a big spanking movie update in several sections. You can see this fine scene only at:

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Claire Dames and the Butt Plug!!

Claire Dames gets spanked with a butt plug in her ass

When Claire Dames joins Clare Fonda’s whores her first client demands ANAL she freaks out and decides not to go ahead with the session. When Clare hears this she is not happy at all and it’s time she taught her new recruit to take things in her ass. Clare spanks her naughty callgirl and then completes the punishment by spanking her with a butt plug in her virgin ass.

This is another nice update with a cast of four hot chicks but the main action is Clare on Claire (Fonda on Dames). I like the family-like atmosphere with Kylie Reese waiting on the sofa after her own spanking and housekeeper, Rosario Stone, observing the punishment. I like that Mistress Fonda has a naughty housekeeper at her brothel who loves to get involved and spank the girls herself… and also gets spanked herself. Anyways, check out the nice lesbian action at the end to help soothe those sore bottoms.

Watch the movies at…

Spanked Callgirls

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked over Jodhpurs

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked over Jodhpurs

When Leia Ann Woods gets disillusioned with her job working for the strict Lady Sonia in her stables, tending to the horses, Lady Sonia takes her inside for a good punishment. Without any nonsense the bad employee is pushed roughly over the arm of one of Sonia’s expensive sofa’s with her pert, English bottom in those tight-fitting jodhpurs sticking up prominently in the air. The tails of her work coat are brushed aside and the stern Lady begins to punish the naughty babe with the hard palm of her hand. The hard, crisp smacks make a delicious sound on the taut jodhpurs and Leia Ann’s bottom is soon reddening up under her uniform…

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked over Jodhpurs movies

In the sample movies you can definitely hear the difference between smacks when Lady Sonia is wearing gloves and when she takes them off and is using only her bare hand. Leia Ann Woods has a lovely bottom that looks amazing in her work jodhpurs, maybe you’ll get to see her glowing cheeks when she’s ordered to pull them down to display the effects of her punishment…

Lady Sonia is the Punishment Bitch!

Two Air Hostesses get a firm Hand Spanking

Flight attendant, Michaela McGowen, gets a hard hand spanking over her panties

When air hostesses Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen get into trouble at work the result is a smokin’ hot spanking scene. When it comes to uniforms and fantasies the female flight attendant fantasy is one of the best.. those girls look so neat and tidy in their smart uniforms. As with all professions the cabin crew can be super-friendly and efficient or lazy and bitchy.. Here we find out what happens to the latter type of employee at this airline in the movie OTK Air

Flight attendants Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowen get spanked in OTK Air vids

Flight attendant, Samantha Woodley, gets her panties pulled down for a spanking on her bare bottom

Yes, the strict discipline at OTK Air includes panties down for a bare bottom spanking as the two American babes are given a stern reprimand after they land.

I love this movie and can’t imagine why more sexy stewardesses haven’t been spanked in movies and pics. Well, this is a hint if any spanking sites are reading this.. it’s smokin’ hot!

You can check out all the OTK Air spankings at…

Firm Hand Spanking