Girl Caned and Spanked After School

Girl Caned and Spanked After School

End of Term reports make all schoolgirls nervous, and rightly so. These caning movies show what can happen when a girl does not do her best at school and gets a bad report card.

The girl is paddled over the desk, then caned. The paddling warms her bottom making the sting of the cane hurt even more. Especially when the odd stoke lands on the top of her thighs with painful results. Her ass gets a good punishment and is very sore after her caning but the punishment is not over for this bad student yet. She is treated to a cornertime with a difference. The difference is that her sore, red buttocks are hand spanked while she stands, ass beared and tender from the caning. While the naughty babe managed to act as ladylike as possible during the caning the hard smacks on her sore ass as she stands with her hands on her head soon bring the tears to her eyes. Sometimes bending over a desk gives a girl a little bit too much dignity during a punishment and she needs to be stood up straight and her legs and ass spanked to really drive the lesson home and get the tears flowing.

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Young Tart is Caned by Chemistry Teacher

Young Tart is bent over the desk and caned by her chemistry teacher

This hot babe has been failing in her chemistry class and when her grades are particularly bad and her homework late and rushed she is given a detention. But it looks like staying behind after school is not enough for this naughty cutie. To make her concentrate and focus in her studies the teacher prescribes a caning on her tight, round butt. See the sample caning movie clips.

The failing student is also a hot babe. Her cute face and short, brown hair make her a sexy chick, but when she lifts her skirt and bends over for the spanking we are treated to a view of her perfect bottom through her white panties. Her ass is stunning. Even before she has pulled her regulation knickers down we can see her tight, white cheeks and can’t wait to see the first sting of the cane across her tender flesh.

Luckily for us the senior cane swings through the air and strikes that cute, round ass. In fact, we’re treated to quite a show as she is made to remove her knickers. This is a long, punishment caning and the poor girl is soon dancing around over the desk from the sting in her tail. The wriggling of her sexy ass is not only beautiful to watch but it also slows down her caning so much that for the last dozen strokes she’s told to stay perfectly still or else the caning will start again from the beginning.

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Naughty Girl bends over for Cane and Tawse

Naughty Girl bends over for the cane, carpet-beater, strap and tawse

Sometimes an OTK handspanking is not enough and a spanking implement has to be used. This implement can either be purpose-made like a paddle, strap or a cane, or a household object like a hairbrush, belt, spatula, carpet-beater or wooden spoon. In these spanking photos the cute girl bends over and bares her ass for a number of different implements that turn her tender buttocks deep red and striped.

Seeing stills of a spanking can give you a chance to take a long look at whats going on. I like the action-shots of the strap about to be slapped across her tender ass. As its a photo and not a movie you can take a look at the strap, her buttocks and her face peering round. While the movie is very hot and shows this naughty babe getting a very good caned and strapped bottom the photos are a work of art in themselves. When I’m watching a spanking movie I’m often wishing that I could see the girl’s face when I’m looking at her ass, or vice versa. Or if I can see both my vision has to focus on either the face or the ass. The photos enable you to glance over the whole scene at will before moving onto the next pic or playing the movie. These spanking pics are great freeze frames of a hot punishment.

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Nude Kailee Poses After a Hard Paddling

Nude Kailee Poses After a Hard Paddling

It is no mistake that the paddle is often called the attitude adjuster. The paddle can often make a naughty young lady see sense quicker than with a hand spanking or even a caning. The Girls Boarding School understand this and use the paddle liberally in their education of naughty bottoms.

Here, Kailee, a persistant offender at the school, gets some nude cornertime after a paddling. Her curvy female body seems to be made for a spanking, especially those wide hips and big round ass. She has been given a good punishment spanking here and her tender ass cheeks have turned a bright red from the small, wooden paddle.

Seeing Kailee after a spanking is almost as good as the spanking itself. In some of the photos she looks serious and seems to be contemplating the spanking. In other photos she has a cheeky glint in her eye that tells us it will not be long before she meets the paddle again.

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Girl given Hard Paddling for Cheating

Babe given Hard Paddling for Cheating

At the Girls Boarding School the strict teachers do not agree with being too lenient on the girls. The teachers know that they have an important role to play in these girls upbringing and being gentle will not help anyone in the long term. This is especially true in these hard paddling movies.

The girl in question has been caught cheating and lying so gets a very hard paddling. She strips naked and bends over a wodden table on her tip-toes, stretching her round bottom for the hard paddle.

The paddle is long, wide and hard. It has 10 holes drilled in it for air-resistance so it can be swung at a young ladies tender posterior with greater force and speed, helping to teach her a valuable lesson.

This particular cutie gets a long, hard paddling then is taken over the knee for an extra OTK hand spanking to “make sure she remembers” the lessons she’s learned. Hot spanking and paddling by the strict Girls Boarding School spanking tutors.

Spanking Review: Girl Spanks Girl

Kay Richards and Lilith: Lesbian Spanking in Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl is an all-female spanking website from Spanking Diva, Clare Fonda. There are three sections: Disciplinary Spankings (school scenarios etc), Sensual Spankings (one girl spanks another then switches) and Erotic Spankings (with lesbian sex).

The website has a very simple layout and has a homely feel but with updates EVERY DAY there is a lot of content on the site already, literally gigs of clear realmedia spanking videos to download. There are plenty of different scenarios to get into. Every scene I saw had some kind of plot and involved at least one girl being spanked hard. Often the girls switch so the spanker becomes the spankee and sometimes there are a number of girls spanked by one or more ladies.

As well as Clare Fonda (who’s not in every scene) there are plenty of girls spanking and being spanked from spanking and fetish models to pornstars. Some of the girls on the site who are known for their spanking movies are Chelsea Pfeiffer, Ashley Fires, Lena Ramon, Clare Fonda (of course) and others. Other hot ladies that I hadn’t seen in spanking scenes before were Adele Stevens, Brea Bennett, Smokin’ Mary Jane, Dana DeArmond and Amber Grey. The scene pictured, above, is with Kay Richards and Lilith, Kay is sublimely hot in a few different scenes!

You get a lot of movies in easy-to-download segments. There’s an 8 girl group spanking and some incredible scenes with sexy babes, some lesbian sex and masturbation. I give Girl Spanks Girl a 9.5 out of 10.

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Sydnee Capri and Harmony spanked OTK

Sydnee Capri and Harmony spanked OTK with hand and hairbrush by strict Lana

I love girl on girl spankings and I love interracial spankings, so, as you can imagine, this disciplinary spanking on Girl Spanks Girl made me very happy.

Sydnee Capri is in trouble with her Mom, Lana, but the Mom thinks that she has been led into trouble by her friend, Harmony. When Sydnee gets home late, she and her friend are both in trouble. Lana makes Harmony call home and ask if she’s allowed to be spanked, which, of course, she is!

I’ve seen Lana give a few spankings and the thing I like about her is that she never seems to slow down or get tired when she’s smacking a girls buttocks. Whether she’s spanking one girl or twelve naughty girls you feel that the last spanking would be equally hard and fast as the first. In this movie the first girl to be spanked is her daughter, Sydnee, who gets a delicious OTK spanking on the sofa with her white panties pulled right down her legs. Next, Harmony is dragged over her knee on the sofa and gets her tender cheeks spanked bright pink..

But, the two girls are not finished with yet… Lana always finishes a spanking with the hairbrush to make sure the girl remembers her lesson well and she’s never gentle with that wooden brush. While Harmony gets slightly less paddled than Sydnee there is not much in it and both naughty girls get their bottoms very well spanked.

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Sexy Pornstar Brea Bennett Spanked OTK

Sexy Brea Bennett in a sizzling HOT OTK Spanking Movie

We’ve had some japanese and british spanking s recently so today we take spankings back to the US and there can be nothing more american than hot porn starlet Brea Bennett. Brea is an all natural, all american girl. When I first saw this OTK scene with Genesis on the Girl Spanks Girl website I was surprised and very happy at the same time.

Girl Spanks Girl is a real spanking site – spankings leave the girls with a sore bottom – so I was a little surprised that a girl as delicate and, well, hot as Brea would be willing to get a hard OTK spanking.. but she does… and it is truly amazing.

Brea gets herself in trouble at college when the other girls have complained that she masturbates too loudly and too often. She ends up being interrogated by a female teacher in the office. Brea is not embarrassed at all at the accusations and is happy to demonstrate her masturbation technique to the teacher. The hot masturbation proves Brea’s guilt and is ordered over the teachers lap for a bare bottom OTK spanking.. in fact, it’s a naked OTK spanking!!!

Brea is feisty and bratty in this scene before and after the punishment. She’s so feisty that she finds a loophole to get the teacher to agree to be spanked by her.. with a hairbrush!!!

Very very hot and sexy spanking scene by an amazing porn starlet. She is given a very firm hand spanking and does not hold back when she gets Genesis over her lap with the dreaded hairbrush. The photoset and full movie are downloadable at Girl Spanks Girl!

Japanese Nurse gets a strict Spanking

Japanese Nurse gets a strict Spanking

When important documents are shredded by this careless nurse she is given a hard hand spanking by the strict doctor at Cutie Spankee. The sweet nurse wearing an all white uniform of a smart tunic, panties and stockings is bent over as the female doctor slaps her naughty rear for her sloppy mistake. Unfortunately for her this doctor does not stop at a mere hand spanking and the naughty nurse gets the hard, wooden paddle on her soft, round rear. Already nicely warmed by the spanking the nurse’s ass is primed and ready for the doctors paddle in this hot spanking movie. See the full scene at Cutie Spankee.

Charlotte bent over OTK for a hand spanking

Charlotte bent over OTK for a hand spanking

We’ve had quite a lot of British Spankings recently so if you like seeing those girls with english accents bent over for a good butt slapping then you’re in for another treat today. Today’s OTK spanking movies are from Bad Girls Punished. Loud-mouthed Charlotte earns her spanking by complaining aggressively about 2 cups that have been left on the table instead of being taken into the kitchen. When she continues to verbally chastise her man he decides that the only way to deal with this nagging woman is a long, hard OTK spanking. This scene has a very real feel to it and Charlotte takes her well-deserved spanking well.

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