Marie McCray is told to Pay Close Attention

Marie McCray is told to Pay Close Attention with a handspanking

This is an oldie but goodie from Bad Tushy. Looking through the site the one thing they have more of than any other spanking site are tops, i.e. the number of strict men and women spanking naughty girls. There are a few ladies who are featured a lot but there are also some nice cameos. This is a good example of a strict spanker you may not have seen before punishing a very cute redhead…

Ally (Marie McCray) was supposed to be paying attention during her class in the “Tushy School”, but she was tired from partying so she fell asleep. Her busty, blonde teacher caught her sleeping and was very pissed off. She abruptly woke Ally, and made her stand up in front of the class. The teacher proceeded to pull out a paddle and give Ally an extremely hard ass paddling!

Marie McCray is told to Pay Close Attention in Class spanking gallery

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Bad Tushy

Rosario’s Rectal Thermometer and Hard Paddling

Rosario's Rectal Thermometer and Hard Paddling

Something a little different today… Anyone who remembers Kara Prepare Yourself will know how kinky the girls went on over there what with mouth-soapings and some fun alternatives to spanking (plus a whole lotta spanking, of course). If anything the Kara site had the reputation of not having very hard spankings which was certainly true for a while but now, with the Kara website morphing into Spanked Callgirls the spankings are much harder and Mistress Fonda has held onto those rectal examinations and kinky stuff for that added extra humiliation of her whores.

Here, we see an example of the hard and the kinky. Brothel madam, Clare Fonda’s maid, Rosario Stone, has to be dealt with firmly at the best of times but now Clare wants to see how far she can push her. A very hard paddling and embarrassing rectal thermometer really show us that Rosario can take a punishment…

Rosario’s Rectal Thermometer and Hard Paddling gallery

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Kailee spanks Abigail Whittaker

Abi is confronted by Kailee in the livingroom

The more I see of Kailee (or Kailee Robinson, as she’s also known), the more I like her. She has been around the spanking scene for a few years now. She used to look gothic, moody and almost had a permanent naughtiness in her eyes. Now she is a little older and more sophisticated. She is also growing into a force to be reckoned with for other naughty ladies as we see her more and more taking control in these situations. Here Abigail Whittaker (Abi) has crossed her and is swiftly up-ended by Kailee who looks amazing with her sleek hair and tight, black top. As you can see, she still has her black fingernails, so she is still hanging onto her gothic-ness…

Abigail Whittaker soon finds herself over the knee getting her bare bottom hand-spanked

This is just a beautiful gallery with the natural sunlight pouring into the open-plan room and one sexy female spanking another. Abigail is a very sexy hot teen on the spanking scene and Kailee lays into her lovely, bare bottom with venom. Very tasty!

Abi rubs her bottom after her spanking

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Firm Hand Spanking

Francesca Spanked OTK by Daddy

Francesca is dragged over the knee in her tight denim jeans

Here’s a new spanking gallery from the brand new Elite Spanking website.

Francesca continues to get her bottom warmed in pink panties

As you can see she is getting quite a smacked bottom as she bends over with her jeans and panties off and her bare bum cheeks spanked to a bright red color…

The spanking really heats up when Francesca's panties come off and her bare bottom is spanked hard

It looks like there are some pretty hard spankings, canings, paddlings and whippings on this site but I enjoyed this nice over the knee spanking. It’s a real punishment spanking and the “Daddy spanking” fantasy is one that works really well, especially when the “daughter” is as hot as the babe here.

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School Uniform Hand Spanking

School Uniform OTK Hand Spanking

There are many different kinds of spanking porn. Many spanking movies are filmed with professional models or pornstars and some are made with amateur babes who are just really into the spanking scene.. spankos!

This School Uniform* Hand Spanking movie seems to be the latter, I’ve not seen this lady before and I’d say that she was definitely an amateur. Whether she’s enjoying the spanking I can’t really tell, all you can say for sure is that it’s a pretty hard and painful OTK session. Her big, white bottom gets smacked into a dark pink color so that when she’s doing her corner time at the end the sight of her well-spanked bottom poking out from under her school uniform and long, pretty hair makes her look like a very bad and naughty schoolgirl indeed.

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Girls Boarding School

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Amsterdam Catch-Up

Clare Fonda in Amsterdam

Here’s a bit of a catch-up, I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while but I finally managed to meet up with Sexy Spanking Goddess Clare Fonda in Amsterdam last month. She’s definitely hot in the photos and movies you can see on her five sites but she is just as good, if not better in real life 😉 So, of course, had to take a couple of pix. I used to take a lot of photographs a couple of years ago but I’m a little rusty at the moment so photographing on-the-fly was a blast from the past and really fun. Clare was awesome and didn’t complain too much haha. For all you warm climate readers Amsterdam was very cold, especially compared to Los Angeles, but it’s always fun hanging out in a place like Amsterdam with someone as cool as Clare Fonda. Check out Clare’s blog and you can join all her spanking sites at the same time for a great price at…

Clare Fonda Pass

Kay spanks Ariel – Very Sexy!!!

Ariel X tells Kay Richards she is curious about spanking

Kay Richards looks hotter than ever in this latest update at My Spanking Roommate, she’s back and this time she’s spanking Ashley (Ariel X)…

Beautiful Kay Richards spanking Ariel X in this lesbian over the knee movie

Ashley is visiting Kay and she mentions how curious she is about Madison and Kay spanking each other. So Kay shows her what it’s like by putting Ashley over her knee and spanking her. When Ashley asks Kay to stop, she won’t – because she has issues with Ashley – who is Kay’s ex-girlfriend. So she spanks her harder, with hand and brush, teaching Ashley a lesson in love and pain…

I am a huge fan of Kay Richards and here she’s looking amazing. Ariel X is also very very hot, so if you like glamourous brunettes and hard spankings you are recommended to check this scene out only at…

My Spanking Roommate

Naughty Brunette gets Punishment Spanking

Naughty brunette gets a sound punishment spanking for smoking

I try not too exaggerate too much or say things like “this is my favorite spanking” or “the best spanking of all time” but for me in my current mood today, this is definitely pushing all the right buttons. What you’ve got is basically a punishment spanking on a nice-looking brunette. Her bottom is hurting even when she’s being spanked over the knee in her jeans so when the strict, large-chested lady starts to yank those jeans down she resists quite strongly. Even though she’s resisting there is little point with a lady as forceful as this. The jeans come down and the panties soon follow. If her naughty bottom was stinging through the denim it is certainly stinging a lot more when her rosy red bottom gets a very hard spanking on the bare…

Naughty Brunette gets Punishment Spanking movie gallery

The naughty girl has been caught smoking and her Mom is not best pleased, especially as she pays a lot of money to keep her in school. You can imagine this happening in exactly the same way all over the country and all over the world. Once the spanking begins there is no acting here at all, the girl is sobbing because she is getting a very hard hand-spanking, you can tell it’s real and the color of her beet red buttocks are further proof. Things I love about this movie are the hardness of the spanking, the strict, no-nonsense approach of the Mom, the reaction of the girl and the Mom’s big tits. Very nice indeed, see all the action only at…

Bad Tushy

Beverly Bacci Clears the Air

Beverly Bacci clears the air by getting her bare ass spanked by Veronica's wooden spoon

Beverly Bacci thought a good spanking might help to clear the air with her mom Veronica, but when it comes time to have her panties pulled down for a wooden spoon spanking on her naked bottom, she is suddenly reconsidering her decision…

Beverly starts to regret her decision when the wooden spoon starts to really sting her tail

Having a girl ask for her spanking, whether it be to admit she was wrong as ask to be punished or a “ooh, please Sir, can I have another”, is the sexiest thing in the world. Especially here as Veronica deals with Beverly’s request very seriously and decides to teach her a very hard lesson and making her regret her decision almost immediately. So while Beverly was only trying to be a good girl and clear the air, her strict mom is going to show her exactly who is in charge. It’s a very hard and stingy girl-on-girl spanking. Veronica is a no-nonsense spanker and treats Beverly’s bottom to a good dose of the painful wooden spoon. The wooden spoon is almost like a cross between a wooden paddle and a cane. The area of impact may be small but the hardness of the smacks on her poor bottom has Beverly trying to struggle from the outset. As the punishment continues and her bottom gets redder and redder each smack has more potency and we see the true beauty of a hard F/F spanking. Beautiful!!

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