• Tasty brunette gets her tail slapped red over a strict lap

    Kimberly is a hot babe, in these samples we don’t see that much of her face, but its definitely worth watching her cute round, red ass get a hard slapping!

    Sometimes we’re left wondering how bad a girl has been… not in this spanking movie! The sample clips start off with Kimberly’s bottom already a bright red colour. Her shapely bottom is quite a sight as she bends over for some more painful slaps on her sore bum. But the best is yet to come as she is pulled over they guy’s lap for a delicious OTK session. When a cute girl’s ass is this sore and red every smack makes it dance delightfully and Kimberly’s cute round bottom dances all over the spanker’s lap as the naughty babe is given a richly deserved spanking.

    Kimberly is just one of the “never been spanked on film” models that keep appearing on Red Ass Models and you won’t be able to see their full-length spanking movies anywhere else!

  • Take a look at this tearful, topless english babe in this severe birching gallery!

    The bitching on her pantied bottom brings tears to her eyes just as it did to her friend before her. Both girls are punished in the british way… stripped, bent over and birched to tears! This girl is not a model, she’s an average girl-next-door but looks kinda cute in a bookworm / librarian kind of way with those glasses. There is no messing around in the video, no gentle OTK.. she goes straight to the birch and straight to tears as the branches bite into her naughty bottom.

    Check back every day for our daily british spanking movie (in the menu at the top). The movies come from this severe spanking site and feature amateur hotties getting a stern lecture and strict punishment on their naughty buttocks.

    There are gigs of british spanking, caning and birching movies at Bad Girls Punished!!

  • Naughty latina babe getting spanked in a bra and thong

    It’s always enjoyable to see a hot chick wearing almost nothing getting an OTK spanking like this babe spanked in her bra and panties gallery!

    The hot chick is talking to her boyfriend on the sofa, she’s fooling around but her boyfriend is serious, he feels that she should be sorry after her recent behaviour. The naughty beauty is unrepentant and so is dragged across his lap for some spanking therapy. The way she’s sat with her legs dangling over him he has to completely flip her over across his knee with her tight ass pointing upwards and bare except for a tiny thong. It’s a really cute gallery and the video is just as much fun…

    This next babe also finds herself in the wrong wearing hardly anything. This cute blonde is just wearing black stockings and slutty red heels. She had been wearing some black lace panties that covered much more of her cute bottom than a thong so, naturally, they had to be discarded before her medicine. A sound OTK hand spanking will do this naughty blonde a power of good. Check out the tasty OTK and diaper position spanking she gets at Bad Females!!

    Naughty blonde babe gets an OTK spanking in just her stockings

    Bad Females is the place to view disobeying wives, bad girlfriends, naughty neices and disgraceful daughters getting spanked on video… generally scantily clad and looking HOT!!!

  • Cutie on All Fours gets Whipped and Spanked

    Sorry, this site appears to have been removed…

    The girl in this spaking picture gallery is totally cute, she’s definitely one of the hottest girls we’ve seen get bent over for a good whipping. The cute beauty’s face is a picture as her peach of a bottom is whipped by the old man.

    If you like this gallery you’ll want to check out the weekly updates at Planet Spanking where they have loads of hotties getting a good spanking. This is a mixed spanking site so both men and women are on the receiving end.. some people may not like this.

  • Madison Young gets a good OTK spanking from Clare Fonda

    When a spank-o-phile thinks of spanking personalities one of the main ladies of the scene has got to be Clare Fonda. Clare is both a spanker and spankee, something which is very appealing to many of us fans. She has been spanking and getting spanked as long as I’ve been surfing spanking sites on the web and it’s always great seeing her give a strict bare bottom spanking to a naughty girl or having the tables turned on her and getting spanked to tears.

    Clare has been in spanking movies with pretty much everyone from Chelsea Pfeiffer to Kailee and is a true spank-o. She has a very prim and proper appearance which is also very cute.

    I love the fact that her spanking site has become a part of her personality, there’s loads of gossip and roleplay with the cute sweeties she gets to spank. Recently she has got one of the biggest names in spanking to bend over her knee for an OTK session: Niki Flynn. Every update brings new drama and tears as Clare pushes every girl to her limit with a firm hand.

    In the photos above and below, Clare Fonda is punishing the lovely Madison Young. Madison describes how she was spanked when she was younger and then the scene is acted out in some mouth-wateringly hot domestic scenarios.

    Madison Young bends over the bed and awaits her punishment

    The attention to detail is one of the things I love about Clare’s spanking scenes. We give Spanked Sweeties a 9.5 out of 10 for some of the hottest girl on girl spanking you’ll ever see by the mistress of spanking herself. See for yourself at Spanked Sweeties!!

    User Rating: Rate Spanked Sweeties…

  • Naughty Nicole gets her ass spanked hard

    We’ve had a couple of “glamourous spankings” recently so we thought we’d end the year with a good, honest hand spanking with this bare ass hand spanking movie gallery.

    The cutie’s name is Nicole, she’s slim with long, red hair and her ass gets smacked hard so that her bum is even redder than her firey locks. You can tell how hard she is being hand spanked by the reaction of her body. Her little jumps forward and swaying to either side tells you something about the sting in her naughty tail. Also, check out the shape her butt makes as she bends over.. pure poetry!

    Red Ass Models have regular updates of girls and movies you won’t see getting spanked anywhere else. Whats more the girls are cute and have a certain something something about them that makes their spankings that much more enjoyable.

  • Pornstar Cindy Crawford given a spanking with a wooden ruler and strap

    Today’s post is here to show us that spankings come in many different categories. I would categorize these spanking movie clips as “pornstar spankings“. Pornstar spankings are not the same as normal spankings, with pornstars there seems to be a lot more admiring and stroking than normal and the spanks themselves seem much lighter than full force.

    Having said this, I like today’s spanking movies because the pretty blonde getting spanked with the yard stick, strap and hand is Cindy Crawford. Watching the full scene gave me a lot of pleasure because it was Cindy getting spanked, Cindy comes across as being spolied and very naughty so it seems very fitting that she get bent over with panties down. While the swats seem more symbolic than painful Cindy’s butt does go red.. and what an ass she has!!!

    The spanking movie clips come from Cheerleaders Spanked that also stars Dru Berrymore and Jezebelle Bond that is one of many spanking movies on Spanking Pay Per View!

  • Hottie gets spanked, hairbrushed and fucked by her husband

    Another new spanking site today as we bring you this hot new gallery of a beautiful, brunette trophy wife getting spanked and hairbrushed by her husband then gives him a blowjob with a messy facial.

    The scene begins with the husband storming into the livingroom where his gorgeous wife is reclining on a chair. He’s angry at his wife at spending so much money on their credit card on clothes, perfume and beauty treatment. She tries to explain that she only wanted to make herself more beautiful for him but her words fall on deaf ears as she is soon flipped over onto the arm of the chair for a hand spanking.

    When the angry husband sees that his wife’s butt cheeks are not getting red enough he soon reaches for the wooden hairbrush and beats her naked bottom with the cold, hard wood. But spanking her bare ass is turning him on and giving him wood so he tells the beauty to suck on his cock as he slaps her pretty ass. The sultry brunette obliges and soon has her husbands hard cock in her mouth as she tries hard to make up for her over-spending naughtiness.

    If you like to see a “reality” style of spanking followed by hardcore sex then check out another site such as Far East Media. However, if you like to see photos and vids of stunning, glamourous beauties spanked and fucked in style House of Taboo is for you!

    House of Taboo

  • Cute redhead bends over for a long, hard caning

    When it comes to paddling cuties to tears and making their bottoms sore and red, Real Spankings do it like no other. This paddling and caning gallery gives a taster.

    The paddle is a vicious spanking implement, especially when you have a long, flat wooden paddle like is used here. This kind of long paddle can be applied with full force on the beauty’s bare bottom or over her panties and jeans and is the only implement I’ve seen that is this effective even over a pair of jeans. Not even a cane can bring tears to a bad ass girl’s cheeks like this.. and it is one of the main implements at Real Spankings.

    The punishment paddle is only used for very severe infringements but luckily for us these kind of things seem to happen a lot at the Real Spankings famliy. Whereas for less severe punishments an OTK bare bottom spanking may be sufficient, naughtier girls need harsher discipline in the shape of a hard wooden paddle.

    Sometimes a paddling follows a hard OTK hand spanking. Either way you can bet that the girls at Real Spankings get what they deserve!!

  • Cute brunette gets a hard strapping in the kitchen

    This strapping gallery is great because we love the kitchen setting for the strict strapping and the strapped girl is very cute with a nice round ass. Her naughty butt gets an even red color all over after her white panties and school skirt have been removed. Very nice indeed!!

    Check out the video at Spanked Cutie

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