Spanking Kate James

Mistress Gemini spanks Kate James OTK on her bare bottom

First off, you can read more about what Kate gets up to at her new blog Spanking Kate James.. I have to say she takes her spankings very publicly!!

From the picture above you can see that Kate has a very big, round bottom. I like all kinds of female bottom and think that the above picture shows off Kate’s behind at its very best, especially as she’s getting spanked at the same time by the very hard spanking Mistress Gemini. These photos are taken from Clare Fonda’s Spanking sites, I think this was from Spanked Sweeties but Kate has also appeared on Girl Spanks Girl.

Kate James' face over the knee

(For those of you who think Kate looks a little young she IS over 18!!)

Kate rubs her sore bottom in cornertime

I love a good spanking on a nice bottom and any scene with Kate is guaranteed to be both. I love the fact that Kate is a true spank-o and loves it!! It sounds from her blog that she gets her fair share of spankings in public from her boyfriend. I haven’t seen a proper real-life spanking in so long that I wasn’t sure whether they still happened or not ;P

Read more about what Kate gets up to at Spanking Kate James and see the movies from spankings pictured here at Clare Fonda’s Spanking sites!


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Spanking “Torment” for Ebony Babe

Very cute ebony babe is spanked in Bondage Torment 9

Today’s spanking movie clips are from “Bondage Torment 9” but considering it is a fairly gentle OTK session and the girl’s going to cum straight afterwards we’re not exactly sure what the actual torment is.. :)

Nice scene, a black background focuses the eye on the action and the girl is very cute for her OTK spanking wearing nothing but a tiny G-string. The ebony babe, Samone, is very cute indeed and has a killer body.. she also seems to be having a great time as her round tushy is slapped and she thinks about her forthcoming orgasm while remembering to answer the guy’s questions with a “Sir”. See the sample clips here…

Samone is turned over the knee for a good old fashioned red ass spanking movies

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Smokin’ Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy

Smokin' Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy

This spanking scene pretty much just needs the title to sum things up! Miss Vixen is, with no word of a lie at all, a very hot babe.. slim, blonde and tanned with some lovely pert breasts. She is petite and sooo beautiful that it is a pleasure to see her show her strict side to deal with her maid, naughty Lucy. Whats more, both ladies are British..

Smokin’ Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy gallery

Plenty more movies and photosets of English girls spanking and getting spanked at…

Spanked Cheeks

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New Site from Clare Fonda.. this time FEMDOM!

If you read the “About” section the opening line reads.. “This blog contains descriptions and visual imagery relating to the spanking of adult females”. Well, this may well be our only non-female-getting-spanked post and it’s to celebrate Clare Fonda’s brand new site…

Clare Spanks Men

Clare Fonda and her sites are awesome! My personal favorite used to be Girl Spanks Girl but now the recent My Spanking Roommate (MSR) has burst onto the scene and is an amazing site with smokin’ hot girl-on-girl spankings. Hardly anyone is exempt from a spanking in MSR and there are plenty of double spankings and plots with twists and turns with the likes of Madison Martin, Kailee, Kay Richards and Harmony among others.

Now, with Clare Spanks Men many of the girls you’ll recognise from Clare’s spanking sites are getting even with some guys that maybe need a lesson or two in their lives. Clare Fonda herself is one of the main disciplinary forces here and she’ll happily admit that she loves beating guys’ asses. If you’ve seen Clare’s Kara Prepare Yourself it was the first site to really weave storylines into each spanking and even the actual website itself. At the start Asia Berlin was the main character and now she’s back with a paddle in hand. Joining Clare and Asia are Harmony, Lana, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Jewell Marceau, Sophie Dee and you can bet all the hottest ladies are lining up for this one and from what I’ve seen so far the men really get a hard time. See for yourself…

Clare Spanks Men Screenshot

Clare Spanks Men

(back to girls getting spanked next time!)

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Samantha Johnson’s Little Black Dress Spanking

Sometimes a picture or three can say a thousand words. That’s certainly the case here. Samantha Johnson looks so pretty and glamorous in her tiny black dress and high heels. Her boobs are pushed up in that slutty evening dress and her legs look so long. We like Sam more and more with every scene she does but this has to be one of the best, especially the hand-spanking at the beginning as she’s bending over holding onto the mantelpiece. Delicious. Click the pics for the sample videos…

Samantha Johnson gets a ticking off and dressing down

Sam is assisted into position - lovely cleavage pic

Samantha has her dress hitched up and her knickers pulled down for her bare bottom spanking

Samantha Johnson’s Little Black Dress Spanking

Watch the full movie plus her equally erotic gym spanking (round bottom, tight Lycra, plenty of hard smacking) and of course plenty of feisty, English wench, Christina’s disciplinary antics at…

Spank Christina

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Kailee is Right at Home!

Kailee is Right at Home!

Kailee looks right at home in this strict domestic discipline gallery. She looks great and her big, round bottom gets a very tasty red color as the very sexy cougar, Clare Fonda, lays into her bare ass with her over the knee. Clare is looking extremely trimmed and foxy in her little black dress but despite this petite look she still smacks very hard indeed as she makes badgirl Kailee squirm around on her lap.

The naughty gothic babe, whose name is pronounced the same as Kylie, certainly works well in Clare Fonda’s latest spank-o-thon “My Spanking Roommate” where main characters Madison Martin and Kay Richards are joined by other hotties, such as Kailee, aswell as plenty of cameos and appearances from all the other people in the girls’ lives (who, of course, all pull their panties down and spank their naughty little rumps).

My Spanking Roommate

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Hard All-Girl Handspankings

Kailee gets her bare ass beat good by hard-spanking Lana

I probably like F/F and M/F spankings equally, one more than another depending on my mood. The main things I look for in a scene is some kind of a story, a good-looking babe and a hard punishment. If the plot is not there I look at the scenery and imagine what might have happened for the poor lady to get such hard treatment, maybe there’s an ashtray on the table or a broken glass on the floor as a clue. I’m not super-fussy when it comes to how beautiful the naughty ladies are but I like slim with a nice bottom. If it’s a hand spanking it has to be hard and make a nice sound as the hand really slaps into the girl’s tender bum, a pat really isn’t the same.

Here, in this all-girl hand-spanking and paddling gallery we have two very hot ladies, Madison Martin and Kailee, getting a good seeing to from one of the hardest spankers I have ever seen, Lana. It’s a good job both babes can take a lot of smacking. And as for plot, there are plenty of twists and turns in this storyline, as you’d expect from episodic hard-spanking soap opera…

My Spanking Roommate

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