Ebony Babe Punished in front of her Sister

Ebony Babe Punished in front of her Sister

I don’t know what it is but I’m loving black babes at the moment.. generally speaking there are nowhere near enough ebony chicks in porn for my liking. I love white girls but it is always a treat to see a nice black, asian or latina girl getting spanked.

Here is a double treat as we have one black babe getting spanked and caned in front of another black girl…

Ebony Babe Punished in front of her Sister gallery

This may be a complete stereotype, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but black women tend to have nice, round bottoms.. from the busty, curvy ladies who have a large rack and big, round ass, to the slim teens with their perky titties and little bubble butts. Mmmm. Love it. Anyways, one of our favorite black babes to get a spanking is Sally who can be found getting spanked in various positions at…

Girls Boarding School

Hollie Stevens gets a Very Hard OTK Spanking

Pornstar Hollie Stevens adjusts her see-thru top
Pornstar Hollie Stevens adjusts her see-thru top

Hollie Stevens gives some attitude
Hollie Stevens gives some attitude

Pornstar Hollie Stevens is in a very, veeeery cranky mood today. When she’s questioned about her attitude she replies that actually she was expecting something more professional from the photographer. Happily he is quick to deal with the issue…..in a professional manner of course. This porno brat gets a hard, very painful and sustained spanking!

Ouch, Hollie's face as her behind gets smacked
Ouch, Hollie’s face as her behind gets smacked

Hollie's bottom turns a deep, bright red color
Hollie’s bottom turns a deep, bright red color

In the video you can see Hollie’s attitude as she tries to turn things around and lay the blame elsewhere. But, a firm hand soon has her singing a different tune and she howls over the knee as she is spanked very hard indeed.

It’s another very hard spanking from the American disciplinarians at…

Bun Beating Fun

Claire Dames and Kylee Reese

Claire Dames and Kylee Reese on Spanked Callgirls


It seems like it’s taken an eternity but it’s here at last!! Clare Fonda’s Kara Prepare Yourself site has finally been transformed into Spanked Callgirls!

The old site was Clare Fonda (playing the character of Aunt Gwen) disciplining her naughty asian neice, Kara, and all her naughty girlfriends. The spankings were all in a domestic setting and as well as spankings there were rectal temperature takings, cornertime, butt plugs, mouth soapings and all kinds of kinky and humiliating punishments for the sexy girls.

The “Kara” spankings are archived in Spanked Callgirls along with all the new vids which, as the name suggests, are a little more edgy as Clare is now a Madam who needs to keep all her whores in line. There is still a lot of kinky stuff in the new scenes but with the new site the spankings are harder than ever as strict Madam Clare needs to keep her girls from working for other pimps and also keeping their customers satisfied. Complaints from the hookers’ clients and any attempt to seek “employment” elsewhere are dealt with harshly by spanking Mistress Fonda.

Here’s a nice example of the brand new content starring Claire Dames and Kylee Reese… Claire Dames didn’t plan on losing a coin toss that meant she would be taking anal sex from her first client, so the brand new callgirl was reluctant to take the guy’s cock deep in her ass. Clare freaks out at the hooker’s non-cooperation and after an old-fashioned spanking the wriggly naked babe is anchored with a buttplug… a taste of things to come. Claire Dames gets spanked OTK and fitted with a butt plug gallery

Check out the brand new site…

Spanked Callgirls

Madison caned by Mistress Gemini

My Spanking Roommate 15: Madison caned by Mistress Gemini

When Mistress Gemini finally has enough of Madison’s behavior the strict lady gives the naughty girl a hard lesson. No stranger to English Discipline, Madison Martin gets pulled over Gemini’s lap and her denim skirt is soon flipped up as her ass cheeks get a good handspanking from the dominant mistress…

My Spanking Roommate 15: Madison caned by Mistress Gemini gallery

The punishment does not end there, Madison’s heart drops as she spies the cane being produced. Now, her big, round bottom is totally bare and she kneels, bending over the bed for a painful, stinging bare bottom caning.

Madison is cute with a very nice body and she takes her punishment well from Mistress Gemini who is well-dressed and looking as sharp and strict as ever.. Gemini is a class act! No only is she well-renowned in the spanking and fetish world for her brand of disciplinarian-ism but she always seems to be very well presented. Here, with her red hair, red sweater, red heels and tight, grey skirt she looks very business-like and in harmony with the red and cream bedroom. Madison on the other hand is just dressed in a casual fashion in her denim skirt and white top.. the one thing that does match about Madison in her red bottom after her long hard handspanking and consequent caning.

It’s another masterful lesson in giving a punishment from the fierce Mistress Gemini. Watch the full hi-def spanking movie at..

My Spanking Roommate

Annie Spanked OTK by her Landlady

Annie Spanked OTK by her Landlady

Pretty chick in a sexy, slutty outfit gets a hard OTK from her landlady, Kara.. Love those sexy silk panties.. like it even better when they are pulled down and she gets her naughty, broke ass spanked on the bare.

Updated October 10, 2008: Annie’s landlady, Kara, drove over two hours to get to her because Annie is a few months behind on rent. When Annie told her that she would be able to pay her until next month, Kara went crazy. She already went through a messy law suit with another tenant in the past, and she didn’t want to do it again. So instead she beat her senseless and afterwards took all the cash Annie had in her purse before leaving!

Another smokin’ hot update from…

Bad Tushy

Lisa Strapped on her Hands – Topless

Lisa Strapped on her Hands - Topless

It is not surprising that Lisa should end up getting punished again. The sexy brunette is often spanked on her tight, teen bottom with either the hand, belt or cane. Here the naughty girl with the sexy, slim body and lovely, firm breasts is topless for a strap punishment on her hands…

Topless Lisa gets her hands strapped gallery

While seeing Lisa bend over and getting her amazing bottom slapped is the hottest thing in the world, this shows another side of sexy Lisa.. that is her breasts! I like the way she has to put the hand that is not being punished on the top of her head. She’s looking as hot as ever in her pigtails and the fact that this is a punishment on her hands means that we can see her face and breasts as she’s getting punished.. and that strap really looks like it hurts!

To see this punishment and many more spankings (mostly on Lisa’s wonderful rear) check out…

Girls Boarding School

Keepin’ that Ho in Line!

Clare Fonda spanks callgirl Beverly Bacci

Today we are literally keeping those ho’s in line with some proper spanking from a brand new spanking website from Clare Fonda

Beverly Bacci is one of the best girls Clare has working for her so when she suspects the ungrateful callgirl may be planning to leave her stable it is time to take matters into her own hands and deliver some discipline to her. Clare’s firm hand is unrelenting as she explains to Beverly the risks and dangers that exist in a world where Clare is not around.. The working girl is not exactly over dressed so she is never protected very well from the spanking but when Clare removes her panties and starts to whack her poor bottom with the hairbrush things really start to get painful in her sore ass.. Hard girl/girl spanking!

This update comes from the brand spanking NEW Spanked Callgirls website that includes the archives of Clare’s “Kara Prepare Yourself” website. (Kara has officially been transformed into Spanked Callgirls)….

Spanked Callgirls Screenshot

Anyone who has joined the old Kara website will know that it contained a lot of the kinkier side of punishments… rectal temperatures taken, butt plugs, mouth soaping… so combining all those kinky spankings with the very hard girl-girl callgirl spankings is a great combination, especially when the website is also on…

Clare Fonda Pass

Strapped and Caned Blondes

Strapped and Caned British Blondes

When two sexy blonde teens are caught masturbating together with dildos on the sofa Elizabeth Simpson has no choice but to punish them severely…

Naked babes punished with the strap and cane gallery

The two ladies, one in her bra, the other completely bare are spanked over the knee then given a good dose of the strap and cane. It’s a nice gallery and movie as the two teen chicks are hot and they get dealt with very firmly indeed by strict Ms Simpson. The totally nude girl, above, has a nice slim body and lovely round, teen bottom.

The individual punishments are good, but as always with scenes like this, the best action sees the girls side-by-side bending over. You can see one girl reacting to her last stroke as the next stroke is delivered to her girlfriend.

Watch the full movie and many more amazingly hot babes getting a well-deserved spanked bottom at…

Spank Pass


Anabel gets a hard nude OTK spanking from Clare Fonda

Anabel is a hot teen redhead with a slim body and nice, tight ass. Here, it looks like the sweet babe has gotten herself in trouble with strict Clare Fonda. In the above photo Clare is waiting for her to take off her dress and remove her panties so she can be spanked naked over her knee. This is a classic Clare Fonda hand spanking of a hot chick on the leather sofa…

Anabel gets a hard nude OTK spanking from Clare Fonda gallery

See Anabel and many other girls who have never been spanked getting their first taste of a hard OTK punishment at Spanked Sweeties!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Jamie Lee gets her beautiful bottom punished

Jamie Lee gets her beautiful bottom punished with a riding crop

These spanking movies come from the DVD: A Compendium Of His Most Graphic Scenes 2 at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View. It’s what I would call fetish or BDSM spanking as opposed to a punishment spanking but if you’re into submissive girls getting toyed with then it’s a pretty nice scene.

The setting is just a normal-looking living room but what’s inside is anything but normal. The guy in a leather thong and various chains has the naked girl, Jamie Lee, kneeling down and bending over with her arms behind her back so that he can slap her beautiful bottom with his hands and a painful-looking riding crop. The spanking is slow and thoughtful with some action from the chain as well as it rubs against her pussy as her ass is slapped. I also like the start where he’s playing and pulling her nipples and slapping her lovely, pert breasts.

See more spanking and fetish movies at..

Spanking Pay Per View