Sophie: The Spanked Cutie

Shameful naked spanking spread-eagled across the table - pretty girl big tits and ass

After yesterday’s post I realised that we really haven’t featured Sophie as much as her lovely bottom richly deserves. So to make ammends here are my favorite Sophie strapping movies.

The first clip has Sophie on the bed in handcuffs with a ballgag in her mouth, she is wearing panties but they are pushed between her ass cheeks so as not to cover her bottom for the strapping. Next, Sophie is totally naked with her legs spread wide bending across the table on tiptoes. Mistress Shanelle is standing menacingly behind her lecturing the poor girl in between painful strikes of the leather strap.

The Spanked Cutie


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Sophie’s Back

Sophie is strapped and caned to tears

Sophie is back.. or should I say, Sophie has been bad. She has been very very bad and broken the rules again. You can see just how bad she’s been by watching these strapping and caning vids.

Sophie bends over the table with her light, summer skirt flipped up onto her back so that her big round ass is naked and on display. Her bottom is larger here than we remember but this cutie has always had an impressive rear.

First up, the teacher has the strap for her, or rather a long leather belt he has folded into two. Even a spanko like Sophie starts to blubber after only a few swats of the belt on her plump bottom. Readers will know that it is not the first time that Sophie has found herself bend over a table getting punished.. that particular position must either be her favorite or least favorite because she seems to find herself in it quite a lot. After every stroke of the belt we see Sophie wriggle and the tears are really flowing from her eyes.

The belt is followed by the cane which Sophie seems to be able to deal a lot better with. She stays in position, not moving her bottom at all, so he is able to get a steady rhythm as he canes her sore ass. While each stroke of the cane is followed swiftly by another this is a considerable punishment and not for the feign of heart. Sophie’s poor bottom gets very red and bruised as teacher canes her harshly for breaking the rules.

Watch this full spanking movie only at…

Girls Boarding School

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Very cute babe spanked to tears

Very cute babe spanked to tears over the sofa

We’ve featured this babe before but she’s so cute that we couldn’t not feature her again. The photo set itself is a very good example of a “faces” study, especially as the girl is spanked very hard on her bare bottom, so hard that she really does start to sob. These are very real tears people and she is soo cute. The only thing that would make the set any better would be to see her perfect bubble butt at the same time as her cute face but that is an impossibility so either you get a little box with the butt in or you just focus on her very beautiful face and imagine her naughty red ass.

See the full photo set and the full spanking movies only at…

Girls Boarding School

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Mistress Gemini punishes two school brats and their Mom

Mistress Gemini punishes two school brats and their Mom

Gia Regency is frustrated with her two daughters, Synthia and Isabel. They are unruly and disrespectful to her, so she decides to transport them to Gemini’s Punishment Clinic. Gemini sees immediately what is needed and has them change from street clothes to more appropriate school girl uniforms. She then gives them both an over the knee hand spanking, followed by straps and paddles. Finally she administers the cane and enema. Having been taught a good lesson they are sent off. Gia, their mother, who witnessed their punishment, decides she would like to feel the sensation of being spanked and caned, and Mistress Gemini obliges with by a hard caning for the negligent mom followed by an enema to help her feel the benefits of discipline too. Samples from this movie.

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Spanked At Home

Maggy gets a good OTK spanking on her new website

You may have seen Maggy from her few appearances on Girls Boarding School, in the short time she’s been getting her ass slapped she’s already become a favorite with us… mainly because of her big boobs and a kind of girl-next-door quality.

Well, it seems that we were not the only people to love seeing naughty Maggy get a hard OTK spanking, because now she has her own website called Spanked At Home!!

Maggy is terrified when the telephone bill arrives. It is extremely expensive and Maggy realises that this is all her doing and she also knows too well the consequences of such behaviour. Maggy decides to simply hide the bill from Alex, hoping that he will never find out!

Naughty Maggy gets the paddle on her bare buttocks

However, boyfriend Alex soon finds out all everything about this phone bill, when the funds are deducted from his bank account! He is furious about such misbehaviour amd immediately gives her a damn good spanking; firstly over his knee with his hand and then a blistering spanking with the wooden spoon, which leaves Maggy’s bottom very red and bruised.

There’s already plenty of hot spanking videos on Maggie’s NEW website…

Spanked At Home

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Japanese F/F Spanking

A teacher is spanked and caned to help her get better at her job

There is something really magical about the spanking photos at Cutie Spankee. They are always crystal cleear and give you a perfect sense of what is going on in a subtle way. Like in the shot above, a new teacher is getting a lesson from the cane and the “Teacher Trainer”.

Below, is another photo that shows a perfect big, red butt. The girl’s skirt is being lifted up and we see the spanker’s hand with the leather paddle as she prepares to slap her older sister’s big bum again…

She gets her revenge on her older sisters big bottom

In 2006 the good folks at Cutie Spankee moved to Tokyo, Japan (from another city in Japan) where the locations were better and there was also a larger pool of sub-girls to choose from. As a result, after this time the photography and movies really improved a lot and at the moment they are commemorating this by looking back at some of the best shots of 2006. Below is a pic from that..

Best shots of 2006

For more wonderful photography of naughty Japanese babes getting a good OTK in beautiful settings and videos of them with their high-pitched squeals go to…

Cutie Spankee

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OTK for bratty glamour babe

OTK for bratty glamour babe

As the name of this site suggests, we enjoy seeing bratty, badgirls getting their comeuppance in the form of a good ol’ punishment on their naughty bottoms.

Today’s babe is called Rebecca and she looks like she is long overdue a good OTK session. Rebecca is a french maid but just by looking at her we can kinda tell that this stuck up brat has never lifted a finger in her life. Well, luckily for her, us, and the world, this gets rectified instantly with a good OTK spanking by her strict-looking lady employer in this lesbian spanking gallery.

I think it would be possible for the spanking to be a little harder but the sight of a spoilt brat in full makeup getting her bare bottom smacked as she howls is very hot. See a whole bunch more of this at…

Bad Females

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