Exclusive Education 7 Preview

Hot off the press on Girl Spanks Girl is the new and eagerly anticipated “Exclusive Education 7“. The seventh year of this mold-breaking spanking movie series is bigger and even better than the previous six. This time around there are more ladies, more twists and turns and more bare bottom spanking in the classroom.

Among the cast this time Principal Miller (Lana) and teacher Snow Mercy are joined by new teacher, Sarah Gregory. Veronica Ricci returns as a naughty schoolgirl along with Kat St. James (Kat is now a brunette), Paris Kennedy, Phoenix Askani, Christy Cutie and some ladies you may not have seen before such as Riley, Edanya, Ginger and Koko.

You can watch the full “Exclusive Education 7″ movie as it gets added and the first six movies are already up in full on Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

Girl Spanks Girl


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Three Bikini Beauties get Spanked

Vivian, Sarah Gregory and Galas Loonar get tracked down in their bikinis when they go missing

Today’s preview comes from the “Spankings in Nude Orleans” episode of Sarah Gregory Spanking. It’s definitely a hot, summer spanking with three beauties starting off by stripping their bikini tops before Sarah’s “Daddy” catches them all and decides to punish them all.

As she is the one Paul is most angry with it is Sarah Gregory who goes first over his knee with her bikini bottoms taken down…

Sarah Gregory gets spanked hard by her daddy for going missing

Sarah Gregory is joined by her two friends Galas Loonar and Vivian. Sexy blonde Galas is next to go over Paul’s knee…

Galas Loonar gets her cute, round bare bottom thrashed

Then it is Vivian’s turn to get her little, round bubblebutt spanked, both with her bikini bottoms on, then on the bare. Vivian is a sexy lady covered in tattoos all over her body. The only place that isn’t tattooed are her lovely breasts, which she has nipple-pierced for good measure. She has pale, white skin, as most tattooed ladies have, the only places that aren’t white are her red lips and blushing bottom…

Vivian gets her bikini bottoms pulled down and her bare bottom gets spanked red

Finally all three naughty ladies are lined up next to each other on the couch with their already red bottoms in the air for a final group spanking…

All three almost nude ladies inspect their sore, bare bottoms after their spankings

You can catch this update now only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Sexy Veronica caught in the act…

Veronica Ricci comes down the stairs almost naked holding a bottle of vodka and a dildo

A very naughty Veronica Ricci thinks that she is all alone in her sorority house. So she comes running down the stairs nearly naked, wearing a party wig, and carrying a dildo and a bottle of vodka. But she finds Sister Mary Kate (Katie Jordin) waiting for her, here to deliver punishment because Veronica has been late to her classes three times.

After the nun spanks Veronica over her knee for a while, Veronica jumps up and kisses her. She gets the nun to admit some of her secret desires, which causes her to spank herself. And then Veronica throws Sister Mary Kate over her knee and spanks her black and blue.

As the nun pulls up her gown and reveals her lovely, tight ass your jaw will drop to the floor. Katie Jordin has a lovely, sexy bubblebutt that looks as hot as hell when she is playing a young and pretty nun. Very kinky!

Pretty nun, Sister Katie, goes over the knee and gets her tight bare bottom spanked

But the nun comes to her senses and gives the naughty sorority girl some whacks with the pledge paddle…

Veronica Ricci bends over for a dose of the pledge paddle from the strict nun

Naughty Veronica Ricci gets a nude spanking and paddling from a pretty nun gallery

Veronica Ricci is also a nude glamour model so she definitely brings teh sexy. The stunning redhead lights up the screen, especially in this scene where the pretty nun is played by her girlfriend, Katie Jordin. The two gorgeous ladies have plenty of fun and end up with some nicely, blushed bottoms.

Spanking Sorority Girls features sexy ladies in some amazing sorority spanking scenes, sometimes with sexy nuns to dish out the discipline. There’s plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect as the new pledges get initiated and begin their sorority life. You can join the site as a part of the best spanking multi-site network on the web… Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Spanked on Pool table

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the latest episode that is just starting on Sarah Gregory Spanking! Savannah Sly is spanking naughty switch, Sarah Gregory over a pool table.

Over the knee is by far the most popular position for spankers and spankees alike due to the closeness and body contact during the spanking, but spanking a naughty lady over a table is also a popular choice. Sometimes the spankee bends over the table with her feet on the ground; her legs can be together or spread wide apart. Here, Sarah is lying on the green felt of a pool table while Savannah spanks her round bottom.

It’s nice that you can see everything at once… sexy Savannah leaning over to punish her friend, Sarah’s reactions, her panties bunched up around her knees, and of course the red bottom that is receiving the punishment.

You can catch this update now only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Webcam Model gets Spanked!!

Casey Calvert gets caught videoing herself stripping in her livingroom

When Casey gets caught stripping for her webcam by Sarah Gregory there is trouble in store for her. Sarah is dismayed that Casey would lower herself into getting naked for strangers on the internet and intends to teach her a lesson…

Sarah Gregory spanks beautiful model Casey Calvert while she’s nude

Sarah Gregory spanks beautiful model Casey Calvert while she's nude

It’s the first time on here for Casey Calvert but you may have seen her before as she’s a fetish/BDSM model. Not only is she beautiful but she plays the part of an amateur webcam model very well and Sarah deals with her naughty bottom, as you’d expect. And, of course, with Casey stripping naked for her webcam she gets spanked in the nude too. very sexy!!

Both this update and the previous shower scene with Leia Ann Woods had nude spankings, so if you like your ladies to be completely bare now is a good time to join Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Two Maids in Trouble…

Clover examines Lizzie's already sore bottom in her old-fashioned bloomers
Clover examines Lizzie’s already sore bottom in her old-fashioned bloomers

Maids Clover and Lizzie are still in real trouble as their spanking ordeal continues. The riding crop has already been used but now their strict master uses the razor strop on their bare bottoms.

The two maids are thrashed on the bare by their master's razor strop
The two maids are thrashed on the bare by their master’s razor strop

Both ladies are punished with the painful leather implement on their bare bottoms in different positions. Lizzie’s old-fashioned bloomers are bottom-less so she is punished on the bare with her cheeks getting redder and redder while she is still wearing her bloomers.

Both ladies bend over the bed for their period-style punishment
Both ladies bend over the bed for their period-style punishment

Finally, the two maids are stripped completely naked and they stand side-by-side to be birched by their strict young master. The two ladies cling to each other in fear as the harsh birch stings their plump, English bottoms and breasts. The marks and their pain showing quite clearly as they react to every stroke. At last, the master has satisfied his desires and they are left in tears with red and marked bodies.

This scene is very old-fashioned with the two maids wearing traditional white underwear and maid’s bonnet. Their master is also dressed as a smart gentleman from a bygone era. The punishments are also very traditional with the two lovely maids getting their bare bottoms first strapped with the leather razor strop, and then birched. You can watch this full update and all the adventures of naughty, English MILF, Sarah at Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

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In Trouble with Nuns

Naughty student Dani Hunt gets sent to the head nun's office

Dani Hunt is a very naughty student. She gets called into the office of the head nun, played by Lady Olivia Outre. Sister Mary Olivia has been telling Sister Mary (Ginger S) how necessary it has become to return to the old ways of discipline, which she demonstrates on Dani with a hand spanking. Sister Mary Olivia then instructs the younger nun to also place Dani over her knee and give her a sound spanking.. And to drive the message home to Dani that she must change her ways, the nuns cane the bratty schoolgirl. She definitely learns her lesson!

Dani Hunt gets spanked over the nun's knee then caned

This is the first episode on this website that features nuns, there is also the very sexy British ebony beauty Dani Hunt (also known as Rhianna Parsons). There will be more nuns in future!

Naughty Dani Hunt gets sent to the head nun’s office where she is spanked and caned

Spanking Sorority Girls is similar to My Spanking Roommate but whereas “Roomies” is set in apartments and office buildings, “Sorority” features more college/varsity age ladies in an educational/domestic setting. With the sorority website you also get plenty of the pledge paddle, as you’d expect. You can get both of these spanking soap opera-style websites on the infamous Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

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Tutor Alexis spanks Alyssa Branch

Naughty tutor, Alexis Grace, spanks naughty Alyssa Branch for being late for a meeting

An exciting development on Girl Spanks Girl is the new “Naughty Tutor” series. The tutor herself is played by Alexis Grace and each episode sees her with a different student where she punishes the babe in the usual fashion before humiliating her further by instructing her to masturbate in front of her. The first episode (Day One) featured pornstar Layden Sinn as the pupil, now we have Day Two where another sexy pornstar has misbehaved…

This time it is very cute and sexy Alyssa Branch who has broken the tutor’s strict rules by turning up to a meeting late. Tiny Alyssa is taken over amazonian Alexis’s lap and spanked. The perky pornstar has some amazing reactions as she screws her pretty face up…

Naughty tutor, Alexis Grace, spanks naughty Alyssa Branch for being late for a meeting

So far it seems that Alexis Grace is a natural when it comes to playing a perverted and sadistic tutor of pretty ladies. She has the stature (Alexis is six foot tall) and has the ability to be strict and teach her pupils a lesson. As she is also a pornstar we also see the nasty side of Alexis here with plenty of masturbation and girl-on-girl action.

Alyssa Branch is a cute as a button, it’s the first time we’ve seen her getting spanked so is worth watching for that reason alone. But this is a very sexy lesbian scene which follows on perfectly from the previous scene with Layden.

You can watch all the Naughty Tutor episodes as they arrive by joining Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

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