All-American cowgirl Rose Red whipped

All-American cowgirl Rose Red

The Rancher’s Daughter” is a feature presentation at Sex and Submission with all-american cowgirl, Rose Red. The sexy 22-year-old redhead loves bondage, anal sex and rough sex… which is good because that’s exactly what she gets. James Deen strips, ties up and dominates the sexy cowgirl outdoors in the farm yard. She is whipped, spanked and fucked in different positions in this super hot and intense fantasy role play!

Rose Red is tied up and whipped naked outdoors

There is a lot of whipping here, and there’s a lot of sex… there are also some parts where Rose gets spanked and slapped during sex, or while she’s getting her pussy toyed with a magic wand.

Rose Red is fairly new to porn but she is melt-in-the-mouth gorgeous as a sexy all-american cowgirl… in fact she’s be amazing in any scene! She has a great body and an interesting “rose” tattoo along the side of her torso. It’s the first we’ve seen of her but we hope it won’t be the last.

Often these kind of scenes involve a storyline where the submissive somehow gets punished against their will. All spanking scenes are consensual on the internet because the actors and actresses are adults who are choosing to be involved, but it’s also nice when a lady actually wants to be punished in a scene like this. Both dominant and submissive are enjoying the action in the story and presumably in reality too!

All-American cowgirl Rose Red gets tied up, spanked and fucked

Rose Red's face is in the dirt when James Deen spanks her nude outdoors

If you like hard BDSM and even harder hardcore with some very kinky scenarios being acted out by some of the most beautiful pornstars you’ll love Sex and Submission! The “The Rancher’s Daughter” update is one of their feature presentations but even the regular updates are of a similar quality. This sexy all-american cowgirl really caught our attention though!

Sex and Submission

Ashley’s Severe Punishment

Ashley Rose's severe punishment begins with an OTK hand spanking in the nude

We’ve seen quite a lot of Ashley Rose recently, and in this post we mentioned that her bottom was looking quite marked, well here’s why. This is a very severe punishment and the 75 minute video goes to show why her bottom was so marked. 75 minutes for the spanking of one spankee is a huge amount of time!

You normally don’t see such a marked bottom! A porn star will not inflict the amount of damage that Snow Mercy delivers to Ashley’s big bottom, and it takes someone who enjoys being spanked to agree or ask to be spanked so hard… and for so long… and gets so marked! I wonder how long Ashley was sore for after this thrashing. And it is quite a thrashing with Snow starting off with an over the knee hand spanking as a warm up, then going through the implements.

After the paddle and the yardstick Ashley is whipped over a stool

Sometimes you can use an implement and it really hurts but maybe it doesn’t do much other than give a glow to the bottom. It depends on how it is used, and how much. Here Snow really goes to town with a big, wooden paddle, a yardstick, a long whip and a cane. There is no acting here, or makeup, this is a proper punishment that must’ve really hurt. Ouch!

The severe punishment continues and the cane makes Ashley's big bottom very marked indeed

In one of the most severe punishments you will find anywhere, Ashley Rose begins to spank Teacher Snow Mercy because she has incriminating photos of her. But that spanking is nothing compared to what Snow does to Ashley, brutally using every implement imaginable until Ashley is crying uncontrollably and her bottom bruised and bloody. Ashley learns a harsh lesson – you don’t mess with Teacher Snow.

Sorority girl Ashley Rose’s severe punishment at the hands of dominant teacher Snow Mercy – gallery

Dominant Snow stands over a weeping and severely punished Ashley Rose

Ashley gets stripped naked, tied up and paddled on her bare bottom while restrained standing up with a ball gag in her mouth. Then she is whipped while kneeling and bending over a stool. So, this punishment has some spanking elements to it, but also has a lot of BDSM! Snow, a real-life dominatrix, gives us an idea of the kinds of things she must get up to in her day job. You can see from the running mascara that Ashley has been crying a lot during this punishment – not for the faint of heart!

This episode is a schoolgirl/teacher scenario from Spanking Sorority Girls and you can see the later scene with Ashley’s already sore, marked bottom at Girl Spanks Girl. Most scenes do not have such severe punishments but you can see both together at the 5-site version of Clare Fonda Pass along with many more spankings at one of the best value spanking offers.

Spanking Sorority Girls

How can I participate in spanking?

This is a discussion for anyone asking themselves: “how can I participate in spanking?”

Many people get into spanking through a partner, but what happens if you don’t? Maybe you’re interested in spanking but your current partner isn’t. Or maybe a previous partner got you into spanking but now you’re with someone new who isn’t. There are plenty of websites to watch spanking movies, and blogs such as this one where scenes are reviewed, but in terms of actually meeting other kinky people it can be trickier.

The problem may be that even these days kink is quite taboo. If you start talking to people at a vanilla party about spanking you might get some strange reactions. Even if you don’t there may be the feeling that you don’t want people to judge you for what is a perfectly normal thing for consenting adults to be interested in. Some people discuss their sexual preferences with close friends, but that’s not for everyone.

So, what to do? Here is my quick guide. Obviously, this is just for consenting adults so is only for people over the age of 18…


There are some great books about spanking and following your kink. “SM 101: A Realistic Introduction” by Jay Wiseman is a great starting place, he has lots of fantastic advice from his experiences. There are also spanking books such as “The Compleat Spanker” by Lady Green. It’s good to read about spanking either in books or online to make sure it’s something you want to do, and also to learn about etiquette and safety.

Start Off Online

The first step might be to chat with other kinky people online, this can be a lot less daunting than showing up to meet a group of strangers in public for the first time. If you’ve made the decision to participate (as opposed to just thinking about it) you’re half way there. There are many places such as forums across the world where you can safely chat online with people with similar fetishes.

If you’re into spanking I’d suggest to start off looking for a specific spanking-fetish forum or group. More general kink or BDSM will probably have members who are into many fetishes, which is fine if you are into lots of other stuff too. But, if you’re looking for spanking in particular a spanking group is probably your best place to go.

FetLife might be a good starting point. It’s a social network for kinky people, so it’s BDSM and lots of fetishes including spanking. Even though it’s a general kink place it’s big enough that there are lot’s of spankos on there and you can do a search for the types of things you’re interested in. You’ll certainly see lots of spankos on there and there may be some near where you live.

One mistake some people make is to enter a forum or chatroom or conversation too forcefully without understanding the atmosphere and dynamic of the room. It’s probably best to introduce yourself politely and gauge the reaction from people you talk to. Particularly to begin with you should aim to chat with adults who are into similar things so you can ask questions and learn about the person’s experiences. There will be lots of different kinds of people online discussing spanking. The rules are the same with spanking as with any online discussion… use good social media etiquette and chatroom etiquette.

Be safe! Don’t give the person too much personal information straight away. Never give out any information like credit card numbers and your address on a forum, chatroom or social network.


Local Events

So you now know some people who are into spanking and are ready to actually meet them in person… A local event such as a public munch or a properly organized spanking party or a fetish night at a local night club should be a safe and relaxed way to be able to meet lots of people without any pressure to do anything you don’t want to. You can also see exactly how other people are playing and decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.

Meeting someone one-on-one

If you decide to meet the someone from the internet always make sure it’s in a public place, and tell someone where you’re going. Do not feel pressured into anything, if someone is trying to force you to do something then it may be wise to back off. Always think about safety first! Get some ideas online, such as how to stay safe when meeting someone from the internet.

The “SM 101” book has some great methods for ensuring a meeting is safe such as asking a friend to call you at a certain time to make sure you’re ok. You might give them a certain word that is code for “I’m fine, see you later” and another word that is code for “help”. You might want to get to know the person first by meeting for the first time in a well-lit, busy, public place to chat before even considering playing.

You may even want to follow these guidelines if you’ve just met someone at a party or social gathering. Safety first!

Playing for the first time

If someone doesn’t like you taking your safety seriously they probably aren’t the right person for you to play with, if that’s what you want to do. Spanking and BDSM is about trust… one person is allowing the other to take them both somewhere amazing. Without trust and consent what should be a pleasurable experience would not be at all nice. Also, to begin with it’s a good idea to talk through what is going to happen and make sure both parties agree. If one person wants a gentle hand spanking and the other person wants to use a cane or a strap on them the two might be incompatible, or they may just have to agree with what the spankee wants.

So, assuming you’ve found the right person who wants to do the same things as you a good place to play for the first time might be at a spanking party. If you have met someone nice that you want to play with this is probably the safest way to begin playing with them. Sometimes you can play openly in the party, sometimes there are private rooms to play in. You might not want to play in public with others watching, or you might not feel safe in a private room. You should only do whatever feels comfortable.

You should use a safe word to begin with. You do not know each other’s limits yet so because you trust each other you can agree on a safe word and you know that if one of you says the safe word the play is over. Of course, you may not have to use the word at all. The point about trusting the other person is that you trust them to stop if you use the safe word and not to do anything that you haven’t agreed upon.

Spanking is a fun and sexy thing. While this guide may seem quite serious, the security and safety measures are there so that everyone can let go and really enjoy playing together. Even if you don’t want to play you might enjoy meeting other people with a shared interest, and make a new group of friends. The golden rules are don’t do anything you’re not 100% happy with, only play with people you trust and meet people from the internet safely.

I hope you liked my mini guide to participate in spanking. Please leave comments if I’ve missed anything out (which I’m sure I have). Or if this guide has been helpful. There are more interviews which sometimes go into the practicalities of spanking at Spank Place.

Above all, be safe and happy!

Stockroom: restraints, implements and sex toys

Spanking in Literature

Melody Nore is in trouble with strict Marilla in Anne of Red Bottoms

I’m the most well-read person in the world, so there may be plenty of spanking in literature throughout the years that I may be unaware of. There are scenes in old movies, and I’m sure old classic books too, where there is either spanking or whipping. I think there was a short spanking in the “Gone with the Wind” movie, although I don’t know if that’s directly from the book.

“Anne of Green Gables” is not a book I’ve read but a quick trip to wiki and I’ve discovered that it’s a bestselling 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Momma Spankings parodies the book with the scene Anne of Red Bottoms, where the main character redheaded Anne gets spanked along with Michael by the strict Momma.

Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked. Feisty Melody Nore plays ‘Anne’, and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Anne’s best friend. Uncle Givan Take plays Matthew and Dana Specht plays Marilla. In the first scene, Matthew gets spanked by his sister Marilla for bringing home a girl when he promised to adopt a boy. Next, Anne is spanked for being a girl and having a cheeky attitude. In part two, the girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Marilla comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.

Melody Nore and Givan Take are in trouble with strict Marilla in “Anne of Red Bottoms” gallery

Over the knee spanking in literature: Anne of Red Bottoms

Alas, the other spanking in literature I know of are in Enid Blyton books. Apparently they have been reworded and changed so that they no longer feature as many, or any spankings. There are of course many kinky spanking books these days. With the birth of the kindle there are even more kinky books being published these days in Kindle-only editions, including from Jenni Mack I notice.

This is the first part of “Anne of Red Bottoms” with plenty more of Melody and Sarah (Anne and Diane) getting spanked later in the story.

For more real discipline between Sarah Gregory, Momma Dana Specht and various guest spankers and spankees check out Momma Spankings. And for plenty more from Sarah with the likes of Jenni Mack and Miss Chris, you’ll want to see her special Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Switching – Ladies who take turns

Ashley Rose spanks Snow Mercy over her knee

Switches and switching are some of my favorite things. When I say that I mean the act of giving and receiving a spanking, not the long and flexible stick that is used like a cane. Wikipedia puts it like this…

In BDSM, a switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom or sometimes as a dominant and other times as a submissive. Partners may switch roles based on mood, desire, or to allow each partner to experience their preferred activity.

Regular readers will know our feelings about this! The concept of one beautiful lady spanking another, then getting her own comeuppance is very sexy. Sometimes she can get in trouble with a third person maybe because she doesn’t have the authority to be spanking anyone. Or, another situation would be where the tables turn and the spankee becomes the spanker… as in this case!

Here, Ashley Rose is in a playful mood and starts spanking Snow Mercy. It’s the second part of “Strict Aunt Jessica” on GSG (part one here). Clare Fonda plays the aunt and she was spanking Ashley’s bottom in the first part and naughty Ashley is very marked even before she is spanked in the second part.

Snow Mercy's panties come down and her bare bottom is spanked OTK

The perfect switches are equally at home on both ends of a spanking. Snow Mercy is a skilled domina in real life and allows herself to be dominated in scenes like this. Snow along with ladies, such as Kay Richards and Clare Fonda herself, bring switching to life on the internet. There is always the danger with switches that once they start doing the spanking they do less and less of the receiving, which is a shame. In our eyes, it shouldn’t be mutually exclusive to be either one or the other!

Snow exemplifies switching by spanking naughty Ashley Rose

The “Strict Aunt Jessica” scene with Snow and Ashley switching can be seen right now at Girl Spanks Girl! We’ve seen a lot of both ladies recently, but Ashley Rose in particular has been featured a lot at the Clare Fonda Pass websites, hence her marked bottom.

Girl Spanks Girl

Sexy nuns punished: The Sisters of Repentance

Sexy nuns punished: The Sisters of Repentance

Along with school, domestic and office scenarios, sexy nuns punished in the convent is a favorite fantasy for spankos! The reality of this might not be very sexy considering that the majority actual nuns might not be that attractive, but there are always exceptions.

Scenes like this show exactly why everyone loves a naughty nun… or even a nun who is being punished unfairly. It’s probably even sexier if a beautiful young nun is doing her best to be as good as she can but gets severely thrashed at the whim of one of her superiors. As he or she punishes the semi-naked beauty there is the constant command to repent and confess. Perhaps she pleads her innocence and gets castigated even more, or perhaps she admits her guilt and begs for forgiveness. The beautiful, young nun has a sexy body under her habit that is of course fully exposed for her punishment. The habit is lifted and she may well be completely naked underneath. The only garments remaining are the nun’s headpiece (black veil and white coif) and in this case some sexy stockings.

The Sisters of Repentance” is one of the classic movies on Classic Spanking, with a running time 42 minutes.

There is scandal in the air at St Mary’s convent when two young nuns are discovered indulging in the forbidden fruit of indecent love for one another. “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…” These words have a special meaning to our naughty nun…

The Sisters of Repentance – part 1 – whipped to confess and repent

Sexy nuns punished: The Sisters of Repentance

The nuns are stripped nude and spanked, whipped, caned and strapped on their beautiful pale white skin. There are no tattoos or tanlines here! Seeing sexy naked female bodies without tattoos probably proves that this is not a recent scene.

The first nun gets ordered to repent and confess as she is spanked and whipped, then we see the second nun reading from the bible while she is caned over a bed.

The Sisters of Repentance – part 2 – caned while reading the bible

This scene is beautifully filmed in an old building. The costumes look great and the two English nuns are both very beautiful. What makes this scene even better is how the nuns seem very sincere in their words, and their reactions to the punishments are amazing. See the way the nun reading from the bible excitedly reads the words off the page then pauses when she anticipates the next stroke. When the cane lands she yelps, her breathing gets heavier and her body flinches.

If you like British accents and old-fashioned spankings then you can see these two sexy nuns punished, and many more vintage scenes at Classic Spanking!

Classic Spanking

Christie Stevens: Sexy Spanking Porn Star

Christie Stevens is pulled away from her makeup by mom

Sometimes when a porn star starts to do some spanking shoots they take a while to get into it, not Christie Stevens! This sexy lady has had previous experience of spanking, on both sides of the coin! She dives straight into things with three scenes and an interview with Veronica Ricci on Spanked Sweeties.

As always on the website, Christie talks about her real-life experiences. Sometimes the interviews are better than others. In Christie’s case she has had some interesting and unusual spanking experiences while working as a stripper. She also talks about when she was spanked by her mom. Then, we see Christie act out some of her experiences… Lorelei Mission plays her mom and Veronica plays someone Christie gets to actually spank.

Mom, Lorelei Mission, spanks Christie Stevens over her knee

Christie Stevens is a typical busty porn star with blonde hair and a slim waist. Big-boobed pornstars aren’t always known for their asses but Christie actually has some nice padding back there…

Mom, Lorelei Mission, spanks Christie Stevens over her knee

Christie's lovely bottom gets spanked a nice red color

I don’t know hoe many spanking scenes she’ll do but I’m glad she’s done these great scenes for Sweeties… In the third scene she spanks Veronica in a seethru strippers outfit. In fact, both ladies are wearing very slutty attire and both put on a nice show in a fun switching scene. The scenes with mom are slightly more business-like but equally as good, and I like the matching pinks and purples Christie and mom are wearing in this scene… Pretty girls in cute, brightly colored outfits is always a winner!

Watch all three of Christie Stenes’ scenes where she gets spanked by mom and switches to spank naughty redhead Veronica at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

Lily Swan spanked for Peddling Protein!

Lily Swan demonstrates the benefits of her dietary supplement

Lily Swan has been selling a dietary supplement to her friend, Sarah Gregory that has come with some unwanted side effects. The special shake that she’s been supplying has given Sarah gas and she’s been farting a lot! John Osbourne , the boyfriend, thinks that the protein shake is just a scam so he invites Lily over to explain herself. Lily explains all about the benefits of her product but John is not convinved and takes matters into his own hands.

John thinks that the dietary supplement is a scam… and that may well be true, but these days with plenty of people working out in gyms and taking supplements to help them get in shape this is a common problem. How much farting happens in spanking? The position of the spankee over the spanker’s knee is prime for farting to occur. It’s almost surprising that more flatulence doesn’t happen in spanking vids.

John Osbourne spanks Lily Swan OTK on her bare bottom

Lily Swan is no stranger to the BDSM world, but this is the first time we’ve posted about her. She is a sexy, slim babe with a very flat stomach and looks great OTK being held in a “leg hold”. The leg hold while being fairly popular is still underused in spanking scenes. Often ladies will use their legs to put the spanker off his/her task, but this simple mechanism can keep them in place while the spanking continues. Similar to the hand being held into the small of the spankee’s back but easier to do as both hands remain free to spank, or hold the spankee.

John Osbourne spanks Lily Swan OTK on her bare bottom for selling his girlfriend a dietary supplement

John is well used to spanking errant young ladies and he inspects his handywork at the end…

Lily Swan gets her sore red bottom inspected by John

To see this full spanking episode and many more anglo-american spankings with Sarah and her sexy girlfriends join Sarah Gregory Spanking. You can join together with Momma Spankings on the great value Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Kay Richards spanked by Mom!

Mom finally gets fed up with Kay in the office

Kay finally gets spanked by mom in My Spanking Roommate!

If you’ve been following the “life coach” storyline you’ll know that Ludella Hahn was trying to improve some of Kay’s qualities. The relationship with the life coach didn’t work out and now her mom is at her wit’s end. She doesn’t know what to do with her daughter’s deviant ways so decides that it’s time she gave Kay a long overdue spanking!

MzFionaX plays the mom and she looks perfect as a mom for naughty Kay Richards. She could almost be Kay in a few years time and definitely looks like she could actually be Kay’s mother. Fiona looks quite demure and reserved with her wavy gray hair and gray clothing, but take a closer look and MzFionaX definitely has a a wild side… the lip piercing and that skirt’s very short!

Kay Richards finally gets spanked by mom

With a professional domme like MzFionaX and a naughty brat like Kay the scene has got to be good. Add the extra bonus of Kay’s puppies breaking free once again and we like this scene very much…

Kay Richards gets spanked by Mom gallery

MzFionaX does a great job at spanking Kay's big, round bottom

While Kay getting spanked by mom is definitely a highlight of the site, the story-based inter-connected spankings are very alluring. Characters come and go and it’s fun trying to guess what other trouble Kay might get herself into. Watch this latest spanking and see all the spankings with the curvy redheaded life coach, Ludella, and the other naughty roommates at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Businesswoman Agatha spanked by Dana Kane

Business woman Agatha looks sheepish in front of Dana Kane

Dana Kane will spank anyone – her husband, fetish models, fans, and now, this businesswoman. She is one of many non-professional amateur models to dare to meet with Dana on her website. Some of these regular people are men and some are women. In this case, Agatha Delicious is a very sexy businesswoman. In her everyday life Agatha is in charge of everything, she is a dominant! So she wants to know what it’s like to be on the other side of the equation. She thought it would be a good experience to learn what it’s like to give up control for once, so she’s come to Dana for a real spanking!

There are two spankings with Agatha, the first is her very first proper spanking. The second is much more serious because Dana uses a large wooden paddle on her bare bottom with Agatha stripped completely naked. Even during the hand spanking Agatha struggles to maintain her composure. Soon her shouts become louder and louder as her bottom gets progressively redder and more swollen. Possibly more than she was expecting.

Dana spanks businesswoman Agatha nude on the bare bottom

But now, immediately following her first ever OTK hand spanking, Agatha must choose which implement to receive. The options are a paddle, strap, or cane. After a few test swats to get a feel for each implement Agatha chooses to have 50 strokes with the thin, stingy, evil wooden paddle for her already-sore backside.

Agatha writhes, twitches, yells, and winces throughout the paddling, but never even thinks of asking for mercy. She’s here to submit, and she does so beautifully.

Agatha's bottom gets very red from the paddle

Agatha is a smart and sexy businesswoman. She would never dream of submitting in the workplace of her businesses, but here under Dana’s control she enjoys a new experience. Dana does not hold back and this intelligent lady’s limits are truly tested twice in quick succession.

For plenty of naughty ladies and misbehaving men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane, including businesswoman Agatha, go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks