Asking For Trouble

Welcome Kaylee Hilton and Kara Price to Whipped Ass! In this fantasy roleplay update cute co-ed’s Kaylee and Kara are drinking and blowing off steam like college girls do when they stumble upon a make shift dungeon. The girls can’t help their curiosity and get caught by hot blonde dominatrix Lorelei Lee who doesn’t waste one minute teaching both these nosy sluts a lesson in lesbian BDSM. The girls are pitted against one another while whipped, spanked, finger fucked, ass hooked, dildo gagged, strict bondage and tit torture. Then, Lorelei Lee creates a strap-on train fucking Kara in the pussy and Kara in Kaylee’s hungry ass!

All three of these ladies are very sexy and this is some very nice lesbian sex mixed in with plenty of BDSM and whipping. The lesbian strap-on train is particularly impressive and the part where the two ladies are tied facing each other while Lorelei flicks their asses with the flogger, above, is just beautiful. You can preview this movie and see lots more updates at Whipped Ass!

Whipped Ass


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Two spanked very hard in Hotelroom

Veronica looks shocked as she tries to hide while Miss Chris starts to spank Jenni
Veronica looks shocked as she tries to hide while Miss Chris starts to spank Jenni

Pro Domina Miss Chris does not do soft or medium spankings. When Miss Chris gets a naughty lady over her knee it’s either a hard, very hard or extremely hard spanking she’ll be given. In this scene, she guests stars as the mother who thrashes both her sexy daughters, Jenni Mack and Veronica Ricci, in a hotelroom. First of all she drags Jenni across her lap. Veronica is hiding in the corner, trying not to be seen, as she witnesses Jenni’s very hard punishment.

Earlier that day it had been Jenni who had given her sister, Veronica, a hard, over the knee hand-spanking. Jenni has obviously been learning from Miss Chris because she really does give beautiful Veronica a very hard OTK hand-spanking.

But now Jenni gets put in her place by a very angry Miss Chris who is not in any mood to hold back on the strength of her spanks. She really lays into Jenni’s cute bottom!!

Jenni Mack gets a very hard spanking over her panties and on the bare
Jenni Mack gets a very hard spanking over her panties and on the bare

Veronica watches in shock. It won’t be long before Miss Chris takes both lovely ladies OTK, one over each knee, and spanks them together. Slamming her hard hands down on their bare bottoms in the double-handed technique. You can see this extremely hard, OTK hand-spanking where Veronica gets a very red bottom indeed (this is just about as hard as a hand spanking can get, not for the squeamish) at Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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Sarah’s Secret

Ten Amorette discovers Sarah Gregory's secret when she finds all her spanking toys

Sarah Gregory has specifically told her roommate not to go through her things. It turns out that this was a mistake, all Sarah’s warning did was to alert her roommate, Ten Amorette, that she had something to hide. Knowing this there is no way Ten isn’t going to try and uncover Sarah’s secret. She sneaks into Sarah’s room and opens the draw in her bedside table. Bingo! Sarah has a whole drawer full of kinky, sex toys. No wonder she did not want her friend going through her stuff.

The Secret – gallery 1

At that moment Sarah arrives on the scene and catches Ten red-handed. But, in order to teach her a lesson Ten is about to get a red behind aswell…

Sarah punishes Ten with her spanking implements

Sarah is an experienced “player” and knows that any play session should always begin slowly, warming up the bottom’s bottom. So she starts off with some OTK hand spanking before working her way through her spanking toys…

The Secret – gallery 2

…of which she has quite a lot…

The Secret – gallery 3

The strap, paddles, the riding crop, the flogger and, of course, the cane. Sarah ends the session with a hard caning on Ten’s very warmed up bottom. Ten is bending over with her hands resting on the bed and her bottom high in the air. Sarah bends over slightly and swings the cane, leaving a white line across Ten’s sexy, red bottom.

Fans of Ten and Sarah will love this scene which in itself is very beautiful. The bedroom is purple, white and black, almost gothic. And the two ladies are smartly dressed, Ten has a sexy black dress on and Sarah is wearing a smart dress that really shows off her lovely cleavage as she leans in to punish her girlfriend. It’s the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Valerie Bryant has panties pulled down for a second bare spanking

Valerie Bryant's bare bottom is aglow with her panties pulled down after her OTK spanking

Gym-toned, Valerie Bryant gets a second 220-smack spanking, as she lies over the teacher’s knee. The sexy babe gets smacked on her bottom bare with her firm breasts almost popping out of her bright yellow top. She’s visiting the “Reform School” to try and correct her errant ways and her second lesson another spanking on the bare bottom across the knee of Mr. Reed. Right from the outset Valerie remains defiant. “No matter how long I’m over your lap, nothing’s going to change,” she says. Perhaps Mr Reed can change that attitude! Whether he does or not Valerie is sure to feel a good, long spanking with her panties pulled down on her cute bubble butt. Perhaps she’ll need plenty more sessions before she begins to learn her lessons.

Valerie Bryant is a newcomer to spanking modelling but she is a very cute addition to our computer screens. This lovely lady is a sexy, petite brunette with what sounds like an English accent. She has just the right amount of submissiveness while she also complains during her spankings, having to be told off and corrected inbetween smacks.

This week’s Firm Hand Spanking updates

You can see this very sexy classroom OTK spanking aswell as the two other updates from this week and plenty more sexy babes getting their naughty bottoms slapped at Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

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Thanksgiving Spanking

Sarah gets a bare bottom OTK spanking on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here again! It is a time for everyone to get together and enjoy a nice dinner, but someone is talking back and refusing to help prepare the dinner… That someone could only be Sarah Gregory! Sarah calls her mom a bitch and her mom, Dana Specht, is so shocked that she gives her a slap across the face before pulling her over the knee for a good spanking on her bare bottom.

But Sarah’s ordeal does not end there. Next, her dad, Paul Rogers continues to spank her already sore, red bottom. He spanks her so hard that his handprints are clearly visible on her ass. Mom helps by lecturing naughty Sarah and holding her hands away from her rear, then stopping her legs from kicking out.

Dana lectures Sarah as she gets her bottom smacked hard by Paul

After the two doses of OTK spankings, one from each parent, Sarah gets some cornertime and then the finale to this very hard handspanking scene is a double spanking by mom and dad at the same time as she kneels bending forwards on the couch.

Sarah’s hard Thanksgiving Spanking gallery

This is a nice, hard spanking. You can even see from the photos how hard naughty Sarah’s bottom gets slapped by Paul and Dana, which is unusual. This is what I’d call a punishment spanking and is probably as hard as you can get without going up to spanking implements. Sarah’s lovely curvy bottom gets a nice roasting, to go with the Thanksgiving turkey!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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The Truth catches up with Kay…

Clare Fonda is angry with Kay Richards and intends to spank the lovely lady's bottom

One of my favourite spanking models, Kay Richards, is back! This is a continuation of a previous storyling in which she played a prank and got another girl, Sierra, spanked. Now, the truth has finally caught up with her and it is time for Kay to take the heat for her actions…

Kay Richards had played a prank on Clare by making spanking noises that Sierra could hear, and it led to Clare spanking Sierra in a previous episode of the spanking soap opera. Now it is time for Clare’s revenge. Clare spanks Kay hard over her tight jeans, then spanks her bare bottom, then paddles Kay with a large leather paddle. Kay learns her lesson – you do not mess with Clare.

Clare Fonda is angry with Kay Richards spanks the lovely lady’s bottom – gallery

Kay is a cute brunette and here in jeans, an Armani t-shirt and her face all made-up she looks quite glamourous. Clare Fonda has a nice dress on making the scene look very homely, perfect for a spanking… especially when the spankee is fast-talking, back-chatting Kay in her slutty make-up!

You can see this lovely scene and catch up with the characters in this spanking soap-opera by joining My Spanking Roommate as part of Clare Fonda’s 3, 4 or 5-site spanking megapass

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

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Three Hot Ladies get a Well-Deserved Spanking

This week there are three nice new scenes and a spanking interview on Firm Hand Spanking!

Samantha Woodley knocks on her neighbor's door to tell him she's just dinged his car

Samantha Woodley is back for a sound spanking in Learning Curve. Why? She’s “dinged” his car. At least, that’s her story! He tans her hide in tight shorts and tells her to cook him scrambled eggs for breakfast. “Couldn’t you make it simple?” she asks. Classic fun…

Annabelle Vanderwood gets caned in school uniform over a grand piano

Beautiful model Annabelle Vanderwood brings it big-time when she takes 12 with a cane for not keeping in touch with her parents, in Life Coach. Frank Reed pulls down her panties and stripes her perfectly rounded bare bottom to a tearful finale. There is also a very sexy interview with Annabelle where she and Alison Miller are lying on the bed together chatting about Annabelle’s first spanking shoot and her real-life experiences.

Brand new spanking model Sabrina Scott shows her red bottom after her OTK session

Sabrina Scott stars as troublemaker Valerie Bryant in a brand new series. Sent to Reform School at Mountain Retreat, she’s told the consequences of disruptive behavior at school and home. A panties down bare spanking is only the start of her discipline with Mr Reed.

This week’s Firm Hand update gallery

For the full movies and plenty more from Samantha Woodley, Annabelle Vanderwood and newbie Sabrina Scott check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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Masturbation in another’s bed?

Jasmine gets into bed with Sophie shortly before lights out

Today’s scene is one that you can definitely imagine happening in times gone by, or in a parrallel universe. It’s a very sexy tale of two naughty British ladies experimenting with their sexuality while the establishment voices it’s disapproval…

Jasmine visits Sophie in her bedroom shortly before lights out! They’re just having a girly natter and gossip about their day but being in each others rooms is strictly forbidden and things get worse when Jasmine starts playing with herself under the sheets and the girls argue a little about the etiquette of “wanking” in another’s bed! Old Osborne, forever patrolling the corridors hears the disturbance investigating the noise from Sophie’s room. He decides to punish them both when the truth comes out and Sophie is keen not to get into trouble so she explains why it was all Jasmine’s fault because she was touching herself down below. Osborne is horrified and is shocked that his girls “self defile” in such a way and after a knicker and sheet inspection finds both girls guilty of this carnal crime! They complain and bicker but they are both strapped and paddled with his leather implements before he sends Jasmine back to her room with a sore aching red bottom and tucks Sophie back into bed with an equally tender throbbing backside for her to reflect on being such a tattle tale…

Sophie has her pyjamas pulled down and gets strapped on the bare

Both girls are wearing identical pyjamas, but those pyjama bottoms are pulled down for the leather strap on those lovely English bare bottoms. Very sexy indeed, especially when the two ladies get on all fours to be strapped side-by-side.

“Self Defilers” gallery

Jasmine and Sophie are spanked side-by-side on the bed

Take a look at this movie and all the British spankings at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Whip Me, Spank Me

Ebony babe Cherokee D'Ass gets a strapping with a vibrator in her big booty

Here we have luscious big booty pornstar, Cherokee D’Ass, getting teased and punished with her crouching on all fours. Cherokee is a black pornstar who is more used to being in hardcore scenes than in spanking scenes but this is a nice amateur movie that I thought you might enjoy. It’s shot in a very amateur style with the camera fixed in position aimed at her lovely big butt as it gets played with…

Today i’ve got my favorite black lingerie on and I’m sitting here in anticipation of the spanking and whipping I’m about to get. I’ve been a naughty girl and I my ass must be punished. I confess though, I love getting punished. I love getting my ass spanked hard and fast.

Cherokee moans as her big ass gets rubbed and massaged and tickled with the flogger. There is plenty of slow and sexy butt massaging here but there is also some nice spanking with a leather strap and a flogger. If you like big, black booty then check out these sample movies!

For more sexy action with Cherokee and her girlfriends in all kinds of sexy girl-on-girl and hardcore action check out her website (it’s not a spanking website): Cherokee D’Ass!

Cherokee D'Ass

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Kailee spanks Chloe Elise

Kailee looks hot in her black lingerie but it looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble
Kailee looks hot in her black lingerie but it looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble

In the next forth-coming episode at My Spanking Roommate Kailee and Chloe Elise are getting ready for a halloween party when it becomes clear that someone has earned a spanking!

I’ve always liked Kailee’s style, she started off looking quite gothic but these days she’s becoming a very hot and sexy model indeed. I’m not sure what it is but there are a few spanking models who seem to improve with age and I think Kailee is definitely one of them, not to say she’s old just slightly older. Here, in her sexy black lingerie she’s showing off her tight body, it looks like she’s been working out. While not being muscular the new-look, very slim Kailee is tanned and toned, and in perfect shape to deal with a naughty Chloe Elise.

Kailee holds Chloe's arm behind her back as she spanks her lovely bottom
Kailee holds Chloe’s arm behind her back as she spanks her lovely bottom

There is quite a struggle in this scene that actually sees Chloe take the power back and spank the sexy brunette back, but that does not last very long and soon Kailee is back on top. Chloe, meanwhile, is the perfect bottom! She’s playful and cute with a lovely, soft, white bottom that looks perfect for receiving a good, hard spanking!

This is the very next scene due up on My Spanking Roommate very soon!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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