Masturbation in another’s bed?

Jasmine gets into bed with Sophie shortly before lights out

Today’s scene is one that you can definitely imagine happening in times gone by, or in a parrallel universe. It’s a very sexy tale of two naughty British ladies experimenting with their sexuality while the establishment voices it’s disapproval…

Jasmine visits Sophie in her bedroom shortly before lights out! They’re just having a girly natter and gossip about their day but being in each others rooms is strictly forbidden and things get worse when Jasmine starts playing with herself under the sheets and the girls argue a little about the etiquette of “wanking” in another’s bed! Old Osborne, forever patrolling the corridors hears the disturbance investigating the noise from Sophie’s room. He decides to punish them both when the truth comes out and Sophie is keen not to get into trouble so she explains why it was all Jasmine’s fault because she was touching herself down below. Osborne is horrified and is shocked that his girls “self defile” in such a way and after a knicker and sheet inspection finds both girls guilty of this carnal crime! They complain and bicker but they are both strapped and paddled with his leather implements before he sends Jasmine back to her room with a sore aching red bottom and tucks Sophie back into bed with an equally tender throbbing backside for her to reflect on being such a tattle tale…

Sophie has her pyjamas pulled down and gets strapped on the bare

Both girls are wearing identical pyjamas, but those pyjama bottoms are pulled down for the leather strap on those lovely English bare bottoms. Very sexy indeed, especially when the two ladies get on all fours to be strapped side-by-side.

“Self Defilers” gallery

Jasmine and Sophie are spanked side-by-side on the bed

Take a look at this movie and all the British spankings at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking


Whip Me, Spank Me

Ebony babe Cherokee D'Ass gets a strapping with a vibrator in her big booty

Here we have luscious big booty pornstar, Cherokee D’Ass, getting teased and punished with her crouching on all fours. Cherokee is a black pornstar who is more used to being in hardcore scenes than in spanking scenes but this is a nice amateur movie that I thought you might enjoy. It’s shot in a very amateur style with the camera fixed in position aimed at her lovely big butt as it gets played with…

Today i’ve got my favorite black lingerie on and I’m sitting here in anticipation of the spanking and whipping I’m about to get. I’ve been a naughty girl and I my ass must be punished. I confess though, I love getting punished. I love getting my ass spanked hard and fast.

Cherokee moans as her big ass gets rubbed and massaged and tickled with the flogger. There is plenty of slow and sexy butt massaging here but there is also some nice spanking with a leather strap and a flogger. If you like big, black booty then check out these sample movies!

For more sexy action with Cherokee and her girlfriends in all kinds of sexy girl-on-girl and hardcore action check out her website (it’s not a spanking website): Cherokee D’Ass!

Cherokee D'Ass

Kailee spanks Chloe Elise

Kailee looks hot in her black lingerie but it looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble
Kailee looks hot in her black lingerie but it looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble

In the next forth-coming episode at My Spanking Roommate Kailee and Chloe Elise are getting ready for a halloween party when it becomes clear that someone has earned a spanking!

I’ve always liked Kailee’s style, she started off looking quite gothic but these days she’s becoming a very hot and sexy model indeed. I’m not sure what it is but there are a few spanking models who seem to improve with age and I think Kailee is definitely one of them, not to say she’s old just slightly older. Here, in her sexy black lingerie she’s showing off her tight body, it looks like she’s been working out. While not being muscular the new-look, very slim Kailee is tanned and toned, and in perfect shape to deal with a naughty Chloe Elise.

Kailee holds Chloe's arm behind her back as she spanks her lovely bottom
Kailee holds Chloe’s arm behind her back as she spanks her lovely bottom

There is quite a struggle in this scene that actually sees Chloe take the power back and spank the sexy brunette back, but that does not last very long and soon Kailee is back on top. Chloe, meanwhile, is the perfect bottom! She’s playful and cute with a lovely, soft, white bottom that looks perfect for receiving a good, hard spanking!

This is the very next scene due up on My Spanking Roommate very soon!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Pretty and Kinky Euro Spankings

Today we’re previewing a couple of very tasty scenes from House of Taboo

Zorah White is spanked and dominated

In the first part of Frying pan to the fanny, sexy blonde maid Zorah White is getting her lickings in by her boss Frank Gun. She’s been a bad maid! Watch her get spanked and dominated for being a naughty, naughty girl! In the later parts of this scene naughty Zorah continues to be dominated and is fucked by her master’s hard cock in her pussy and ass.

Zorah White is spanked and dominated in “Frying pan to the fanny”

Denisa Heaven and Sasha Rose flogging Linet's firm tight ass!

And, in Neapolitan spank party your senses are about to be blown away, by a redhead, brunette, and a blonde! Yes you heard that right, it’s like a Neapolitan ice cream dessert, only it never melts, Mmmm, Mmm good!! It looks like one of our favorite brunette babes “Linet“, is playing the slave in this sexy lesbian scene! She’s a slim but curvy vixen with many hidden talents! The two strict lesbians who are Mistress-ing her into spank submission are Denisa Heaven (the redhead) and Sasha Rose (the blonde). The two mistresses tie up sexy Linet and spank, flog and insert a butt plug into her ass. The scene then continues as Linet has a strapon put onto her and she gets ridden by the two horny lesbians…

Denisa Heaven and Sasha Rose flogging Linet’s firm ass in Neapolitan spank party

If sexy babes and kink are your thing as well as spanking check out all the sexy movies they have of every perversion at…

House of Taboo

Reading, Writing and Rulers

Sarah Gregory gets spanked over the principal's knee

This is a very sexy scene with two lovely ladies with lovely round bottoms, Sarah Gregory and Erica Scott.

Sarah plays a naughty schoolgirl who starts arguing with her teacher, Erica. The teacher is not very strict so instead of putting the naughty schoolgirl in her place the situation errupts into a loud argument that can be heard all along the corridor. When the principal overhears shouting he goes to investigate and finds that one of his teachers is failing to discipline an unruly student. To show the teacher what she should have done, the principal gives the schoolgirl a sound, bare-bottom spanking.

But then, with the naughty student dealt with, it is time for the Principal to make sure the teacher knows that she should be stricter with disruptive students in future. So he decides to give Erica, the pretty teacher, a bare bottom spanking, the same as he gave Sarah, followed by a dose of the long wooden ruler as she bends over a desk

Sarah watches as the principal spanks her teacher with a long, wooden ruler

Both Erica Scott and Sarah Gregory have lovely, soft-looking bottoms. I haven’t seen that much of Erica in the past but the tall, slim brunette plays the perfect submissive in the scenes on Sarah Gregory Spanking. With her slender frame and pretty face she is perfect for a spanking scene and has an ordinary, librarian-ish feel about her. A librarian, or in this case, a teacher. Very nice indeed…

This is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Cute Schoolgirl Spanking

Missy Rhodes lies beautifully OTK with her legs out straight
Missy Rhodes lies beautifully OTK with her legs out straight

Missy Rhodes is very cute indeed, and she also has a very tight and slim body, with just the right amaount of curves in her sexy bubblebutt. This is the first time I’ve seen her get spanked and it was not a let down. Not only does she look beautiful but she presents herself over the knee in such a lovely way, with her legs stretched out and her little bottom poking up in the air.

Here, Missy is being interviewed about her spanking experiences and we find out that she is no stranger to a hard spanking. In fact, she was spanked by both her mother and father.

In this scene she is acting out a scene where she was spanked by her Dad. She’s wearing a little school uniform, with a tiny pleated skirt and even smaller thong. Even though her panties remain up for a little modesty, this may as well be a bare bottom spanking as Missy’s lovely round ass cheeks are not protected at all from the hard spanking.

Missy admits that spanking actually did teach her a lesson. Maybe it’s just as well, because these scenes on Spanked Sweeties are electric! If Missy is getting even half the benefit that we are getting from seeing them she’ll be very lucky indeed.

When Missy tries to sit down she finds that her bottom is very sore
When Missy tries to sit down she finds that her bottom is very sore

Something that you may not be able to see from these photos is that Missy Rhodes has some very beautiful eyes. She is gorgeous! She’s small, petite and cute. Part of you will almost feel sorry that she had to be spanked, and part of you will want to see her spanked as much as possible!

You can hear more about Missy Rhodes’ real life spanking experiences in her interviews on Spanked Sweeties, and also see her re-enacting some spankings with very sexy consequences. There are four scenes, one features Tegan Summers who plays Missy’s sister, and also gets spanked…

Tegan Summers also has a very sore bottom from being spanked
Tegan Summers also has a very sore bottom from being spanked

Spanked Sweeties

Sarah’s Naked Aruba Spanking

Sarah Gregory gets spanked naked in the bathtub in Aruba
Sarah Gregory gets spanked naked in the bathtub in Aruba

You may know that Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James recently went on vacation to Aruba with some other friends. Here Sarah proves that even on vacation there are still times when she needs a spanking. This scene is particularly sexy as both ladies are naked in the tub with some striking tanlines and white bottoms.

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat.

This is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Marissa Berkeley learns some respect

Clarissa and Marissa Berkeley are not impressed at the idea of getting punished

Today’s update is quite interesting for everyone who likes to see the ladies’ reactions as she’s spanked. Here we have twins Clarissa and Marissa Berkeley who are in trouble with Earl Grey. It is Marissa’s turn to be spanked first so she lies across the arm of the couch and gets 45 swats from the leather paddle…

Marissa Berkeley lies across the arm of the couch for a lively paddling

…some swats are over her skimpy panties but most are on her bare bottom with her panties pulled down.

Anyway, it is quite interesting to see that Marissa gives almost no reaction at all to the lovely paddling until several strokes have landed across her lovely chocolate bottom. Then, she just jumps up, exclaiming that she thinks that’s enough. This is classic behavior from a spankee who is trying to control the spanking. Luckily, Earl Grey does not listen to her and continues on with the punishment until those delicious ebony cheeks are well-spanked.

Marissa Berkeley shows off her well-spanked, bare bottom

The twins are getting punished to teach them to respect authority. The next part of this spanking will see Clarissa take her turn, so if you like to see pretty ebony teens spanked one-by-one, and who doesn’t, then check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

British Betrayal and Revenge!

Mr Stern gets all three ladies to bend over for their punishment
Mr Stern gets all three ladies to bend over for their punishment

Sarah the confessor has been betrayed by her best friend, but crafty as ever she has found out about the plot to get her punished. She sets about the bare bottom of the lovely Xella with a real vengeance, beating her as hard as she can with her leather paddle. Xella is none too pleased, she had not expect more than a gentle spanking and the ferocity of the paddling is most unwelcome on her bare bottom. Sarah is beating the bare bottom of Xella with her leather paddle when Mr. Stern returns home and watches the proceedings before interrupting and questioning all the girls. He decides they will all be punished, lines up on the sofa they are paddled one by one before the dragon cane is applied to the red and painful rear ends of the girls. A real hard hitting end to this part of the series.

The naughty British ladies get caned side-by-side on bare bottoms
The naughty British ladies get caned side-by-side on bare bottoms

There are three lovely, white, big, round bottoms getting spanked together in this update. Sarah’s bottom is looking particularly nice in the latex nun’s outfit with stockings and garterbelt. If you like very kinky spanking and ladies with English accents getting spanked and fucked then why not try Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

Sexy hooker enters the wrong bar

Hooker Chanel Preston bends over the barstool and gets spanked by Isis Love

Spanking is like anything in that it is a sliding scale as to the strength and intensity that different people will prefer. While some people like to play softly, others like to play very hard. For some people a gentle OTK hand slapping is perfect, while others like to go that little bit further and use implements, restraints and hot wax. This scene is definitely the latter…

In the fantasy roleplay “Unhappy Hooker”, Chanel Preston plays a sexy hooker stumbling into the wrong bar where bar owner Isis Love serves her more then drinks. Chanel gets her fill of lesbian BDSM kinky sex and punishment in the form of bondage, anal sex, boot licking, wax play, pussy licking and whipping!

There is some nice OTK spanking here with Isis sitting on the barstool and Chanel leaning over her lap, and there’s even some slapping and whipping Chanel’s shaved pussy. But the spanking and slapping is only the foreplay to the depraved lesbian domination which includes pouring hot wax over the hooker’s big tits and Isis fucking her ass with a strapon. This is a fantasy that looks as sexy as it is severe. While the action is very real Chanel loves it, and says so afterwards.

Chanel Preston gets her nipples pulled as she bends over the barstool

If you like to see what happens when a kinky spanking goes way beyond the controlled, over-the-knee punishment and gets into some of the hottest lesbian sex then check out Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass