Pay Attention!

Sarah Gregory is not impressed when Leila ignores her and finally gets her attention by spanking her naughty bottom
Sarah Gregory is not impressed when Leila ignores her and finally gets her attention by spanking her naughty bottom

This scene is the first time I’ve seen Leila Hazlett. She’s a model who has just started to do spanking work and she’s quite cute. She also has some amazing tattoos, the angel wings on her back stretch right from her shoulders down her back and finish up alongside her bottom. I’m not a huge tattoo-lover but they can look nice sometimes. I don’t mind Leila’s wings and they can actually add to the symbolism… the naughty little angel gets spanked.

Here, Leila is not so much naughty as not paying attention to her girlfriend, Sarah Gregory. She’s sat on the sofa, engrossed in a book and there’s nothing Sarah can do to distract her. Sarah is in a sexy mood and wants to have some fun with Leila but the book will not allow her to put it down. A change has to be made, and Sarah goes off and puts on her dominatrix outfit and comes back with a leather strap. Slapping the strap down on the sofa next to where Leila is sitting certainly grabs her attention. The two ladies have a discipline agreement between them and Sarah is about to show her tattooed lover what punishment ignoring her merits. First, she is spanked OTK in her seethru nightwear, then she strips naked and the hand-spanking continues. Finally, still naked and showing off her elaborate tattoos Leila bends over the couch and takes a strapping from the leather strap across her lovely, white bottom.

In this scene Sarah Gregory has “fire engine red” hair that actually matches the strap, Leila’s neglige, and her red bottom at the end. We like the color co-ordination! It’s another scene where Sarah takes control and tops another naughty lady. Sarah is very sexy and here she looks great as she smacks this sexy spanking newbie.

This is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking


Lily Anna’s Big Bottom

Lily Anna looks concerned as Veronica lowers her pink panties and continues to spank her bottom

It seems like quite a while since we’ve seen Lily Anna’s big bottom on here so now is the perfect opportunity. Lily Anna is a curvy blonde lady with a nice pair of breasts and a luscious, big, round bottom. It really is a thing of beauty! In this scene both Lily Anna and Pixie, another smoking-hot blonde, take turns to get spanked after it’s found out that the punch has been spiked…

Lily & Pixie thought it would be funny to liven up the Spring Formal by adding some alcohol to the punch. But Principal Veronica doesn’t find the humor in the situation when she has to drive down to deal with the matter. Pixie endures her humiliating punishment for spiking the punch as Lily Anna watches her bottom grow redder and redder. Lily Anna is in every bit as much trouble as Pixie and now it’s her turn over Principal Veronica’s lap as Pixie sneaks peeks from the corner. Lily Anna kicks and screams for Veronica to stop spanking her … as if Veronica is going to take orders from an errant brat.

With this scene being during a formal ball all three ladies are very well-dressed in their pretty outfits and high heels. It is all very civilized! That is until the two brats get their skirts flipped up and their panties lowered for their bare bottom hand-spanking over Veronica’s knee. Veronica is on form too, she spanks Lily’s soft white bottom until it gets very red indeed. She ignores the squeals and protests, instead spanking those plump cheeks until they’ve learned their lesson.

Lily Anna's big bottom gets spanked until it is very red indeed

To see plenty more of this all-girl spanking scene and plenty more sexy girls-next-door getting their curvy bottom spanked take a look at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Painful Wood!

Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Lena Ramone's bare bottom OTK

Chelsea Pfeiffer looks like your average American lady. If you saw her pushing a cart around a supermarket she just looks normal. If your paths crossed and there was a conversation between you and Chelsea you’d think she was a manager in a large company, or a teacher, or something respectable and very normal. However, in reality not only is she a spanking domme but she also wields a wooden implement like no other!

These two recent updates from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking see her with two very solid-looking wooden spanking implements.

In the first photo, above, Chelsea looks almost serene as she lands a painful blow from a large, wooden paddle on Lena Ramone’s lovely bottom. Then, below we can see her concentrating as she aims a huge, wooden paddle at Carolyn Reese’s already very red bottom.

Carolyn Reese bends over the sofa as Chelsea swings a large paddle at her bare bottom

You can see that there is some lotion on the coffee table alongside the other paddles and straps to soothe Carolyn’s bottom after her punishment. It looks like she’ll need it!

Both these scenes are very different with two different ladies and a different storyline for each. I like the fact that the first OTK photo shows Lena in bare feet and the second photo has a bare-bottomed Carolyn naked below the waist apart from her boots. But despite the differences the one thing that remains in every Good Spanking scene is that Chelsea really delivers a “good spanking” to whichever pretty lady has irked her that week.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

Schoolmistress disciplines sexy lesbians

Lesbians Paris and scarlet get intimate together
Lesbians Paris and scarlet get intimate together

Schoolmistress Sarah, Miss Bright, has caught Paris and Scarlet being intimate with each other and she decides to take immediate action. She is going to punish both girls in such a way that they will be humiliated and very sorry they ever indulged in each other’s bodies.

Schoolmistress Sarah spanks the naughty redheaded schoolgirl over her white knickers
Schoolmistress Sarah spanks the naughty redheaded schoolgirl over her white knickers

Sarah puts both the girls in turn over her knees and spanks them very hard on their school knickers and then on their bare bottoms.

Schoolmistress Sarah spanks the blonde schoolgirl on her bare bottom
Schoolmistress Sarah spanks the blonde schoolgirl on her bare bottom

When Paris and Scarlet have been spanked on their bare bottoms they are ordered to remove their clothes as a part of the punishment being handed out by Miss Bright. Once naked they are bent over and both get their bottoms beaten with the senior girls paddle.

Both schoolgirls bend over the sofa naked for the leather paddle
Both schoolgirls bend over the sofa naked for the leather paddle

This is a very sexy scene indeed in which we see the strict side of Sarah. The two “schoolgirls” are very sexy indeed and get humiliated in over the knee spankings as well as diaper position, bending over and they even get their palms whacked with the leather paddle. You can see this full school uniform spanking of two lovely ladies and many more of the kinkiest English spankings at Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

Ebony schoolgirl spanked in class

Mandee Miller

Following on from yesterday’s girl guides uniform spanking, today we have yet another uniform, this time it’s a schoolgirl uniform! Well, at the beginning there are a class of beautiful ladies all in kinky schoolgirl uniforms, but by the time it starts to get very interesting the uniforms have been discarded and the ladies are just wearing their panties, vests and knee-high white socks. That is, until the white panties get pulled down…

Sexy Mandee Miller is a schoolgirl in this scene, she and the rest of the class are being disciplined by two teachers, Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy, and the principal, Principal Miller (Lana). Each of the nine “schoolgirls” get punished separately and in tandem at the front of the class while their classmates line up against the blackboard/chalkboard. Here, we’re focussing on Mandee as it’s the first time we’ve seen her and she is a sexy ebony babe we’d love to see more of.

Mandee Miller getting spanked OTK by Snow Mercy with Nena going over Principal Miller's knee

After the hand spanking there is the hairbrush and the paddle. Here Mandee gets spanked with Principal Miller’s hairbrush…

Ebony schoolgirl Mandee Miller spanked in class gallery

Principal Miller spanks Mandee with a hairbrush at the front of the class

As you’ll probably know already, this scene comes from the epic spanking movie, “Exclusive Education 6″. Watch this classroom spanking drama unfold now with all the schoolgirls and the cheerleader getting punished very firmly indeed at Girl spanks Girl!

Exclusive Education 6 at Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Guide Mayhem

Irelynn Logeen spanks Leia Ann Woods with both ladies wearing girl guide uniforms

Leia Ann Woods and Irelynn Logeen are looking forward to going out to a really popular Fancy Dress party and they are sure that their Girl Guide Uniforms will be something that will make them stand out from the crowd! They’ve had a few glasses of vino already and as they get dressed and excited about the coming evening, Leia makes some uncalled for remarks about how Irelynn looks and wants to wear the shirt with more badges on! It’s playful banter at first but then both girls start to scrap on the bed and Irelynn pins down Leia telling her she is going out with a sore bottom as she pulls down her skirt and starts to spank her exposed cheeks. Leia struggles but Irelynn is too strong as she continues to smack Leia’s delicious bottom until she accepts her fate! They soon kiss and make up.

Take a look at this movie and all the British spankings at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

Clare’s in charge!

Sarah Gregory is back and her daddy is away on a trip so she has her push-over mom to look after her. Only this time her long-suffering mom, Clare Fonda, decides to take charge. Clare has had enough back talk, enough attitude, and enough of Sarah doing whatever Sarah wants to do. In her husband’s absence she takes disciplining her rude daughter into her own hands and gives this brat the long over due spanking she deserves.

You’ll notice that Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory are both color co-ordinated in this scene, especially when Sarah’s jogging pants are removed and she is spanked wearing nothing but her black vest. Clare is wearing a sexy, black dress and is looking very smart.

I liked the photos from this scene because the contrasts and the black, pink and yellow gives them an almost comic book feel.

You can see more of Sarah getting disciplined by Clare Fonda in the movie at her website Sarah Gregory Spanking, as well as a recent Flintstones parody which sees Bam Bam spanking a bratty Pebbles in Bedrock.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sophia Locke’s Caning

Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning

This is a very nice scene from Spanked Call Girls that sees Lana giving Sophia Locke a caning on her already well-spanked bottom.

Curvy redhead, Sophia, has already had her big, round bottom spanked by Lana who is very capable of giving a good, hard spanking. During her over the knee spanking we witness Sophia’s lovely white bottom turn into a blushing, rosy red color. Not only do we see Sophia’s beautiful, plump rear get a nice spanking but she also gets the indignity of having her panties stuffed into her mouth. Then with her bottom fully warmed up, Sophia kneels and bends over the sofa and Lana wields the cane at her big, round booty.

The story here is that Madam Clare has gone out of town leaving Lana to give new callgirl Sophia her induction to the brothel. The curvy hooker has all the right attributes to become a success at Clare’s brothel: big boobs, pretty, petite and a big, round ass. But, those same attributes, her big bottom especailly, also make Lana want to put her through her paces. The result is very sexy indeed…

Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning – gallery

If you’ve seen Sophia Locke before you’ll have no doubt liked what you saw, she’s a nice, redhead with big boobs, large ass, piercings, tattoos and an alternative/gothic style. Here her bottom is looking better than ever. Whether she’s over Lana’s knee or kneeling over the sofa that rump looks delicious. Lana even breaks the cane over it!

Spanked Callgirls

Veronica’s Babysitter Spanking

Ten Amorette spanks Veronic Ricci over the knee

Gorgeous glamour model, Veronica Ricci, was a featured Spanked Sweeties earlier this year but here is an extra scene she shot with fetish model Ten Amorette playing her babysitter. Like many girls, Veronica was spanked by her babysitter when she was growing up. She describes it in her interview and then plays the scene with Ten.

Veronica is wearing what looks like a short dress over the top of some tiny little denim shorts. The short, tight shorts are quite a surprise under her dress so you can understand why Ten saves her hand and reaches for a wooden spatula to spank naughty Veronica with over her denim hotpants. But then finally the shorts and panties come down and Ten finishes off the punishment on Veronica’s beautiful bottom…

Veronica is a professional glamour model but it’s pleasing to see that she has a lovely full bottom that is very spankable indeed.

You can watch this scene, along with Veronica’s other interviews and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties, and for plenty more from both Ten and Veronica and many more beautiful models take a look at Clare Fonda Pass!

There’s actually another nice scene on Spanked Sweeties with Kat St James and Veronica Ricci at the moment where Kat re-enacts spankings that she and her sister used to get.

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

Beautiful Blondes Spanked

Today we have two tall, slim, beautiful blondes in Adrienne Black and Amelia Jane Rutherford getting punished at Firm Hand Spanking!

In the first scene we have gorgeous secretary, Adrienne, who seems to have mislaid a very important file at work. She approaches her boss and confesses that she has done wrong and needs to be punished. Of course, her boss obliges and the sexy, blonde secretary gets a 165 smack, OTK hand-spanking…

Secretary Adrienne Black confesses she's lost some important files to her boss

Next up is the spectacular finale to Amelia Rutherford’s “Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment”. For this punishment the tall blonde is secured to an antique prison frame, which actually looks a bit like two diningroom chairs back to back with an attachment to hold her in place around her waist. Amelia is completely nude and you can see every slight movement as she reacts to each of the 24 strokes from the stingy cane.

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

The frame may be old but it is the perfect device for showing off Amelia’s sexy body, including her lovely bottom…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

Two very lovely blondes and two very sexy updates with some fantastic reactions from both.

Firm Hand Spanking