• Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose is the new babe on Spanked Sweeties

    Beautiful Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose is the brand new sweetie on Spanked Sweeties! It’s interesting to know which ladies were spanked growing up and which ones weren’t. Jenna was spanked often growing up, usually by her mom, so even future Penthouse Pet’s are not exempt from a good spanking when they misbehave.

    Mom grabs Jenna by the ear and pulls her over her knee

    In these re-enactments Veronica Ricci plays Jenna’s mom, and spanks her naughty daughter for leaving the yard in a very nice girl-on-girl spanking scene.

    Jenna is beautiful and you can really see how she could be a top glamour model, along with Veronica, but here you really get to see her in a completely different light. she looks very different when she is over the knee and her face is reacting to the spanking than when she is posing and stunningly beautiful in a glamour pose. It’s almost like it’s a completely different lady over mom’s knee…

    Jenna Rose gets a hard OTK spanking from mom, Veronica Ricci

    Alongside the spanking action is an amazing interview with Veronica where Jenna discusses many childhood spanking experiences and gets very descriptive as she paints quite a picture for us. With her beauty, frankness and hard spanking action it’s no wonder that Jenna Rose looks like being one of the best Sweeties ever! And, that’s really saying something as there have been a lot of very sexy sweeties getting spanked!

    Sexy Jenna's bottom is nice and red but there is plenty more spanking to come

    In another scene, Syren De Mer plays Jenna’s mom when Jenna was a little older. Jenna gets into trouble with her two sisters, played by Veronica and Kay Richards. The three sexy ladies gets hand spanked, then spanked with mom’s belt in an amazing three girl spanking scene. With so many beauties together with their spanked bottoms in the air it really is difficult to know where to look!

    You can watch these two scenes featuring gorgeous Penthouse Pets Jenna Rose and Veronica Ricci getting spanked at Spanked Sweeties!

    Spanked Sweeties

  • Mr Ford has to spank naughty Kay Richards in the nude to get the information he needs

    My Spanking Roommate has been bootylicious in recent times and this update is no exception with two white girls with big booties getting spanked. First up is Kay who is no stranger to a good hard OTK spanking and here the busty brunette really gets spanked hard and to make matters worse for her she’s completely nude!! Then, the action in this spanking mystery turns to Ashley Rose who, together with her bountiful bottom, is playing pool. Naughty Ashley gets a nice spanking as she bends over the pool table.

    If Kay was completely naked, Ashley is not wearing much more with her light summer dress hitched up and her big bottom bared. Ashley Rose is a beautiful babe but these shots of her focus on the opposite end of her. In our opinion there should be plenty more shots like this around. The close up of her curvy bottom as she bends over and gets spanked is just perfect!!

    Ashley Rose bends over the pool table for her spanking

    Mr. Ford needs to get into the cabin for a photo shoot, but his new assistant says she doesn’t have the key and he should try getting it from Kay Richards He finds Kay who he must spank in order to discover that Ashley Rose took it. So he bends Ashley over a pool table and spanks her round bottom then canes her with a pool cue.

    Mr Ford uses the pool cue to cane naughty Ashley Rose on her bare bottom

    Finally justice is done and the good folk of spanking land can rest easy at night… until the next time…

    This is another curvy, big-bottomed spanking scene from My Spanking Roommate, and is, of course, another double spanking with two beauties getting spanked very hard! Kay, especially, is an experienced spankee and Mr Ford really lays into her lovely rear in order to get the information he needs. She gets a nice hard punishment!

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Alicia Panettiere is less than impressed with Sarah Gregory's attitude

    There is something about girls in denim! I don’t know what it is but it is very sexy! So, when two ladies one wearing jeans, the other a short denim skirt get together it is denim heaven… and a spanking scene!!

    Sarah’s boyfriend was right, his sister is a bitch….or at least she becomes one when she is called one. Alicia finds out that her brother’s girlfriend is not planning to attend his graduation ceremony after he flew her out there. She is not happy and confronts Sarah. Sarah calls her a bitch and that earns Sarah a trip over Alicia’s knee.

    In the “You’re Such a Bitch!” spanking scene Alicia Panettiere is back and gives our heroine, Sarah Gregory, a proper over-the-knee spanking when she pushed up that denim skirt and pulls down the panties. I like the way these photos look very homely, perfect domestic discipline! And, while I don’t have a foot-fetish I like those shoes Sarah is wearing with the wooden high-heeled soles. It’s hard to explain but it’s a nice girl-on-girl scene…

    Alicia Panettiere spanks Sarah Gregory in “You’re Such a Bitch!” gallery

    Alicia Panettiere spanks Sarah Gregory for calling her a bitch

    She has certainly outdone herself this time with her brattiness, calling someone a bitch is a surefire way to get a spanking in “Spanking Land”. But, we’re glad she did. Watching Sarah’s development as she gets spanked until she learns her lessons (if she does) is a beautiful thing. This scene looks like it is slightly older than some of the updates at Sarah Gregory Spanking, and Sarah herself looks a little bit younger. It’s interesting to watch older scenes and compare them to more recent scenes and see if we think Sarah has learned anything at all, or whether her education has only just begun.

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

  • Tattooed model Johannie is discourteous, overweening and prone to throwing temper tantrums

    Johannie is a sweet and punky model with tattoos covering her body. When she wants to, she can come off as sweet & delicate as a spring flower. When she wants to that is. The girl has one hell of a temper though – anger issues is how she puts it.

    Bun Beating Fun figured it was high time the princess was provided with a real reason to get mad. And oh did she ever!

    As she is spanked Johannie screams and swears

    It required damn near every ounce of our man’s physical strength and determination to ensure that this spoiled brat was properly chastised. He sure had a lot of fun though!

    Johannie showed herself to be “Discourteous, overweening and prone to throwing temper tantrums” so she gets the full Bun Beating Fun treatment! Going over the knee with some hard hand spanking Johannie’s bottom gets very red indeed and the other end makes a lot of noise indeed. She really does scream a lot and swear as she calls the spanker every name she can think of as he peppers her sweet cheeks with hard, painful slaps…

    Johannie goes over the knee for some very hard hand spanking on her bare bottom

    To see more bratty strippers, models and porn stars getting spanked very hard you can see much more at Bun Beating Fun!

    Bun Beating Fun

  • Alex Reynolds is told off by her daddy for texting while driving

    The latest guest spankee on Sarah Gregory Spanking is Alex Reynolds! Alex has been texting and driving, not only is this against the law it is extremely dangerous. When Daddy finds out he is very upset, and had expected much more from his precious daughter.

    If real-life spankings are perhaps not politically correct these days, perhaps they become slightly more understandable when it comes to teaching a naughty lady the error of her ways when it comes to road safety. Persistent offenders are at risk of harming themselves and others, perhaps even worse. Perhaps the old-fashioned spanking of naughty ladies texting behind the wheel could prevent accidents and make the roads a safer place.

    If it doesn’t happen in reality it makes a very nice scenario in this spanking scene. Alex’s big bottom is the perfect canvas for a long essay in road safety and Paul is determined to give it to her. He gives naughty Alex an over the knee hand spanking and bare bottom belting that she won’t soon forget…

    Naughty Alex is given a hard OTK hand spanking and then the belt

    You can watch Alex’s full hand and belt spanking, plus much more of spanking model Sarah Gregory and her naughty girlfriends at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

  • Kay Richards pulls Anikka Albrite over her knee

    If Kay Richards has been one of my favorite spanking models for years, Anikka Albrite has burst onto the scene fairly recently and is fast becoming a favorite in her own right, so for both to be in one scene with Ashley Rose is too good to be true… especially with Anikka looking fine in her sexy top and tight-fitting skirt!

    It’s hard to say what makes one spanking model shine over another, but whatever it is both Kay and Anikka have it! So seeing Kay lay into Anikka’s lovely bottom is a dream come true. And she leaves her bottom nicely blushing…

    Anikka Albrite's round bottom after her spanking

    But the whole reason for the spanking is because of Ashley Rose (AKA Rose) who eventually shows up and is confronted by a Kay who is in no mood for her to go un-spanked…

    Kay beckons to Ashley Rose to take her turn over her knee

    Kay is tired of getting spanked for not having the rent. So when Anikka comes to collect, Kay spanks Anikka hard, because she has her portion of the rent and won’t take spankings because roommate Rose does not, since Anikka is responsible for Rose being there. After spanking Anikka, Kay gives it even harder to Rose, using hand and a large wooden paddle that left marks on Rose’s round bottom.

    Kay Richards spanks Anikka Albrite and Ashley Rose

    Kay goes even further by using the wooden paddle on Ashley Rose's big bottom

    This beautiful spanking scene is another must-see from My Spanking Roommate! If there is one thing better than seeing a sexy girl getting spanked, it’s seeing a beautiful girl who has caused another girl to get spanked getting spanked. There are plenty of to-ings and fro-ings along the way as the spanking soap opera tells the story of some very kinky ladies.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Female employee gets spanked for wearing a skirt during her retraining

    As promised, today we have a whole load of Asian spanking, specifically Japanese spanking! These are all photos I like from recent updates on Cutie Spankee.

    Submissive schoolgirl hands a paddle to her mother

    If you like submissive Asian ladies getting spanked then this is definitely the place for you. And, not only are the spankees very cute (cutie spankees) but the backgrounds are all very clean and hygenic-looking as you’d expect in Japan. The two main types of location are an office setting and a home setting, although they do have other types of location such as medical and school.

    Naughty Japanese daughter gets strapped on the bed

    The concept of corporal punishment at work is very sexy indeed, especially in Japan with those cute little Japanese babes and the reality does not disappoint one bit. Pretty ladies in smart pin-striped office outfits baring their bottoms for the female superior’s wrath works very well indeed.

    Secretary gets the belt after receiving an advance notice of punishment via e-mail

    Sometimes the humiliation of the spanking is increased when the spankee has to wear a certain uniform for her punishment…

    Schoolgirl must wear a green leotard for a paddling from teacher

    As if Japanese ladies didn’t appear to be very submissive anyway, when a Japanese lady wears a sexy maid’s outfit it turns into something very sexy…

    Japanese maid faces the wall with her red bottom on display after spanking

    The scenes are all girl-on-girl, generally with a roleplay in which a lady in a position of authority spanking a junior colleague, daughter, schoolgirl, or maid. Below, a female doctor is spanking a naughty schoolgirl…

    Female doctor spanks schoolgirl with leather paddle

    There are plenty of nice, cute female bottoms in and out of white panties…

    Schoolgirl lowers her white panties for mom's wooden paddle

    …and panties of other colors. Here, in the office a lady in red gym shorts over her panties and stockings is kneeling on top of the desk while another sexy Japanese lady swings a large wooden paddle at her big, round bottom…

    Female office worker gets punished in gym outfit on the desk

    While the most popular form of punishment is for the spankee to be bending over a desk, or kneeling on the floor for the cane, there is also some nice OTK spanking. School uniforms are very popular!!

    Japanese F/F OTK spanking

    For Asian-lovers who enjoy spanking, Cutie Spankee is 100% F/F Japanese spanking and the scenes are very kinky and very beautiful.

    Cutie Spankee

  • Christy spanks Edanya in the wheelbarrow position
    Christy spanks Edanya in the wheelbarrow position

    Senior sister, Roxy Jezel, is becoming one of my favorite characters on Spanking Sorority Girls. The sexy English Asian babe may look sweet but she knows how to give a spanking, and here she even flexes her authority more by directing the spanking of three sorority members…

    Riley Moore's well-spanked bottom is admired by Christy and Roxy
    Riley Moore’s well-spanked bottom is admired by Christy and Roxy

    Roxy is administering hard discipline to pledges Christy Cutie and Edanya for their part in not watching out for the foreign exchange student, Sharon Lee, in a previous episode. Then Riley Moore shows up in her volleyball outfit and gets spanked by all three. It ends badly for Christy, though, when it is determined she is at fault the most, as they all give her a hard whack with the large pledge paddle.

    Roxy Jezel prepares to swing the pledge paddle at beautiful Christy Cutie's bare bottom
    Roxy Jezel prepares to swing the pledge paddle at beautiful Christy Cutie’s bare bottom

    Perhaps my love of Roxy is because she is a beautiful Asian babe with long dark hair who is a switch… an enticing mixture. Asian ladies are particularly cute and deserving of a spanking, as we’ve seen with Sharon Lee and Koko Kitten, recently.

    But not only do you have Roxy pulling rank at her sadistic best but you have three very sexy ladies in what is a delightful four-girl scene. Bratty, big-bottomed Christy Cutie may be the headline-grabber and Riley’s bubble butt is incredible, so don’t forget Edanya. Edanya is a sexy Latina who I definitely have a soft spot for, and she goes to show what an amazing scene this is with four amazing beauties.

    There’ll be more Asian ladies soon but in the meantime you can see sadistic Roxy Jezel torment these three beautiful sorority girls getting spanked at Spanking Sorority Girls, one of the websites included in the 5-site Clare Fonda Pass!

    Spanking Sorority Girls

  • If you like gorgeous European babes in some nice spanking, strapping, flogging and caning action then Elite Spanking should definitely be on your radar. Quite often the ladies are tied up and their backs may be whipped or they are tied to a bench or a frame so while this is a spanking website it definitely has a BDSM feel to it. And while it may be European, what the scenes lack in dialog they gain with the drop-dead-gorgeous submissive babes.

    Here’s a brief summary of some nice scenes they have featuring Katty, Tyron and the amazing Miela, but first of all is a nice F/FF scene that showcases the blonde female domme quite nicely aswell as the two sexy spankees, Debbie and her girlfriend. This is a plain ol’ OTK scene which is quite unusual for this website…

    Debbie and her girlfriend are spanked OTK

    Next up, Katty features quite a lot in this website. She is very sexy and can be whipped quite hard. The female domme is back to assist the male domme in this scene, and while she may not be the star of the show she too is very beautiful and seems quite submissive at times. This scene progresses into caning but at the beginning we see naughty Katty getting spanked over the knee…

    Katty is stripped nude and spanked OTK by the prison guard

    Tyron (AKA Lea Tyron) is a glamour model but here we see another side to the beauty as the two dommes once again team up to discipline a naughty babe. This time the lady in question strips from the waist down and is whipped with the riding crop in the diaper position…

    Gorgeous blonde Tyron is whipped with the riding crop in the diaper position

    Another lady who you may have seen elsewhere is stunning Miela who is also a glamour model. Probably because she is so pretty and has lovely natural breasts they like to tie Miela’s hands above her head and whip her with a flogger on her back, thus showcasing her pretty face and awesome boobs. In another scene they even oiled Miela’s lovely breasts up before the whipping. Here the female domme ties her to a step ladder in a scene that is both industrial-looking and spotless. This is definitely another theme of this website, the scenes tend to be plain white rooms that look very hygienic and there is often an industrial, medical or prison theme…

    Amazing beauty Miela has her hands tied above her head and is whipped topless

    A scene that shows off the hygienic industrialization well is this one in which brunette Katty returns and bends over a pile of tires for the whip…

    Katty bends over a pile of tires and is spanked and whipped

    And finally, Miela is secured to an A-frame by the female domme an the male domme punishes her gorgeous bottom with a leather strap…

    Miela is fastened to an A-frame and her bottom is strapped

    …and a short preview clip of this movie is here

    If you enjoyed these highlights there are plenty more scenes, and the full videos, at Elite Spanking.

    Elite Spanking

  • Momma Dana catches Sarah in bed with her lesbian lover Scarlet

    Sarah Gregory and her college lover Scarlet spend the weekend at her mom Dana’s house, with the understanding there will be no sleeping together or hanky-panky going on under Mom’s roof. When Dana comes home early from a shopping trip she discovers the two lovers in the throws of passion and naked in Sarah’s bed. She admonishes their disrespect for her rules and announces they are both going to get a spanking.

    The two naked ladies are dragged one-by-one out of bed and are unceremoniously dragged over Momma Dana’s knee for a hard OTK spanking on the edge of the bed…

    Sarah Gregory and Scarlet are spanked in the nude in “Lesbian Lovers Spanked”

    The two naked girlfriends are spanked on the edge of Sarah's bed by strict Momma

    With the spanking of two naked, lesbian beauties this is a very sexy spanking, and it also gets very hard when Momma finishes off by spanking Sarah with the dreaded hairbrush. Again Sarah is given a very hard spanking by her Momma, and this time she’s completely nude with her sexy lover there to witness (and participate in) the whole thing!!

    While there is a mixture of different styles of spankings on Momma Spankings, there are some spankings which are probably some of the hardest you’ll see, with proper tears. You can join this website along with Sarah’s personal website together at Sarah Gregory Pass.

    Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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