Ashley Rose

Aaliyah Love rubs lotion into Ashley Rose's big bottom

Ashley Rose has been on this site for a little while now, and despite her lond hair we’re starting to warm a lot more to the curvy spanking model. With her huge bottom, full curves and pretty face she has always been beautiful and well-spanked! From the scenes she’s in it looks like she has one of the biggest bottoms in spanking! Lovers of big bottoms will know that not only is there more to aim at but bigger bottoms also require more spanking due to there being a larger surface area.

It’s possible that some spanking models jump straight into your imagination, and others take a little longer to take hold. Ashley is the stereotypical PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) and she really is very pretty! In fun three-girl scenes like this Ashley shows how much fun she can be. There is liberal use of the sorority paddle as the two newbies get schooled by experienced Veronica in the ways of the sorority. The three beauties together are very appealing indeed…

Ashley Rose looks like she's enjoying spanking naughty Veronica

Innocent Aaliyah Love and naive Ashley Rose are both beautiful blondes who are getting a tour of the sorority house from Veronica Ricci. All spanking Hell breaks loose and girls are picked up and spanked hard and often as this spankfest leaves big round bottoms red and in need of lotion, which gets rubbed in plenty. Lots of shiny hineys.

Ashley Rose, Veronica Ricci and Aaliyah Love spank each other in a three-way spank-fest

Ashley Rose and Aaliyah Love may be new to Spanking Sorority Girls, but sexy redhead Veronica has been one of the main characters on there. There is plenty more of all three spanking models at the other Clare Fonda spanking websites.

Spanking Sorority Girls


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Tiny Spankee: Persephone Adams

Tiny spankee Persephone Adams about to go over Clare Fonda's knee

Persephone Adams is the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties and she is a tiny spankee in every way!

If there is a typical spanking model it is probably a lady between 18 and 25 with a big, round bottom. While there are often porn stars on many spanking websites (especially the Clare Fonda Pass sites) it tends to be the curvier big breasted porn stars and glamour models we see going OTK.

Not only is Persephone very short at around 5’0″, she is also very slim and petite indeed! In these two scenes she looks very small indeed compared with Clare Fonda, who is not exactly huge. Luckily for us the one part of Persephone that is slightly rounder than the rest is her bottom. Clare takes full advantage of this fact and spanks her little bottom OTK with her hand, and even a training shoe.

Clare Fonda spanks petite Persephone OTK on the couch

These scenes are all based on real-life events. Persephone re-enacts some actual experiences she had growing up. Because of this there is some mouth-soaping and she even gets caned with a switch. She bends over the couch for the caning, kneeling on the floor she looks smaller still…

Tiny spankee Persephone Adams kneels bent over for the cane

Another tiny spankee on the Clare Fonda Pass sites is beautiful blond porn star Aaliyah Love, and many of the glamour models and porn stars can be very slim, although very few are as slender as Persephone.

See Clare Fonda punish tiny spankee Persephone Adams and watch her spanking interview at Spanked Sweeties. They really have a very broad range of spanking models, it’s not all glamourous beauties… tall, short, slim, curvy. Every girl talks about her real-life experiences growing up and getting punished by family members and neighbors, then she acts out some particular punishments for your enjoyment.

Spanked Sweeties

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World Cup Porn

World Cup Porn - Embarrassed Naked Female MILF

The 2014 Football World Cup is on in Brazil. It must be time for some World Cup Porn!

Jamie Foster is a soccer mom who accidentally got her ball kicked into a neighbor’s yard. Everyone in the neighborhood is wary of her neighbor so she really needs her ball back or her husband will be angry. She sneaks into the backyard but then the neighbor catches her in the act. He threatens to call the police and have her arrested for trespassing. Jamie is afraid and embarrassed. She has to quickly strip for the pervy neighbor and pose with the ball for him. She is terrified that one of her other neighbors will look over the fence and see her naked. It is a very traumatic scene for her but she ultimately gets the soccer ball back despite her embarrassment.

Sport and naked ladies go together well as you see every year when the naughty models and porn stars strip off their NFL jerseys and helmets at the time of the Superbowl. But that’s not the only time that porn and sports collide. Football/soccer may not be the biggest sport in the USA but it is growing in popularity and World Cup porn is the new game in town.

We love seeing our favorite ladies in different locations of the web! This “World Cup Porn” episode is one of the latest from Jamie Foster Strips, a website where the sexy MILF is made to get naked in all kinds of embarrassing situations.

Jamie Foster (AKA Clare Fonda) is still around on the Clare Fonda Pass websites but for even more of our favorite spanking MILF you can see her get even more embarrassed and naked in her ENF (embarrassed naked female) escapades at Jamie Foster Strips!

More spanking next time, either with Clare or another of our favorite spanking models.

Jamie Foster Strips

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Miss Sarah spanks a naked Adriana Evans on the spanking bench
Miss Sarah spanks a naked Adriana Evans on the spanking bench

It’s BDSM week on Sarah Gregory Spanking with the main protagonist on both sides of a very kinky spanking. Above, she is “Miss Sarah Gregory” and giving Adriana Evans a good BDSM workout in “Weekly Session”.

Then, on the flipside, Sarah is getting tied up by Orias Bastet. The cute blonde slaps and kisses as she expertly arranges the ropes and ties Sarah up nice and tight.

Oria Bastet spanks Sarah as she ties her up in Spanking Plus
Oria Bastet spanks Sarah as she ties her up in “Spanking Plus”

You can join Sarah Gregory Spanking together with Momma Spankings on Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Spanked Call Girls

These two scenes feature two ladies who spanking fans will be used to seeing all over the place, but here they’re both on Spanked Call Girls!

Firstly, gorgeous redhead Veronica Ricci spanking popular spanking model Joelle Barros

Sexy redhead Veronica Ricci spanks Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros is the new girl at Clare’s brothel who is naive and a bit of a prude. Veronica is tasked to teach her the way of the callgirl. But when Joelle shows her ignorance, Veronica uses spanking as a teaching tool. Joelle is a quick learner and gives Veronica a solid spanking as well.

Then, porn star and model Courtney Shea gets to grips with famous spanking model Pandora Blake

Courtney Shea spanks Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake doesn’t really understand the exchange rate between pounds and dollars and has been undercharging. Courtney Shea is at the office to explain the difference and spanks Pandora to help her understand. Turnaround is the English way, so there is plenty of spanks with hand and paddle.

You can watch these two scenes and plenty more hot spanking scenes featuring pretty pornstars and callgirls getting spanked hard at Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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Ludella Hahn paddles Koko

Ludella Hahn spanks bratty Asian Koko Kitten's bare bottom OTK with a paddle

There is something about spanking burlesque dancer, Ludella Hahn, that is very appealing. With pale skin, large breasts, dark, red hair, tattoos and black lingerie she has an alternative almost gothic look to her that is perfectly suited to her dancing. The sexy pint-sized redhead with fantastic curves may be small in stature but she is a long way towards mastering the art of spanking.

Here Ludella continues in the role of the spanking “Life Coach” and this time she gets a visit from bratty Asian, Koko Kitten.

Koko Kitten's lovely round bottom gets a nice paddling

Life Coach Ludella Hahn gets a visit from Koko Kitten, who wants a new roommate and attempts to recruit Ludella. But Koko proves to be bratty, rude and demanding, so Ludella teaches her a valuable lesson with a good spanking over her knee – using her hand and a paddle. Then she turns her away.

Koko Kitten is left well-spanked and still in need of a roommate…

Koko Kitten rubs her well-spanked bottom

It’s sometimes hard to see how tall a model is when she’s in the middle of an OTK scene, but when both ladies stand up you get a much better idea. Asian Koko isn’t the tallest model in the world so Ludella is really quite tiny!

Ludella Hahn paddles Koko Kitten OTK

This is another scene from My Spanking Roommate where Life Coach Ludella has already been teaching her client Kay Richards some valuable lessons… and then Kay once retaliated and spanked the curvy redhead’s shapely bottom. For all this and much more follow all the different storylines and characters at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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After School Discipline

School girl Keisha Grey gets seduced in the rest room by Lizz Tayler and Bunny Freedom

In part one of After School Discipline good girl Keisha Grey was just minding her own business in the women’s room of her school when local bad girls Lizz Tayler and Bunny Freedom show up. The two school bullies are breaking all the rules and are smoking even though it is not allowed. But the two sexy seniors have their eyes on another prize today, pretty and demure Keisha is ripe for their attentions and the three are all alone in the ladies’ room of the school. Lizz and Bunny, the two bad girls, seduce poor Keisha and strip the school uniform from her sexy body until she is completely naked. What follows is some two-on-one lesbian domination as the three sexy ladies lick and kiss each other on the rest room floor.

School girl Keisha Grey gets some after school discipline from big tit teacher Ariella Ferrerra

After this encounter quiet and studious Keisha Grey finds herself lying naked on the women’s room… and now she’s in trouble with sadistic school principal, Ariella Ferrera.

School girl Keisha Grey gets some after school discipline from big tit teacher Ariella Ferrerra

Just as the bullies had done the strict teacher relieves Keisha of her school uniform so that she can disciple her plump bottom. Keisha bends over, kneeling on the chaise lounge with her white panties around her knees. Her big, round bottom is bare and pointing in the air. Principal Ferrerra whips her bare bottom and taunts her as she does so. She implies that it appeared Keisha was a good girl for all this time but now it seems that the mask has slipped and everyone can see that she never was that good at all. On all fours with her bare bottom exposed Keisha has no choice but to agree with the sadistic, big-boobed principal…

Keisha bends over and the sadistic principal whips her upturned bare bottom with a flogger

In her tall high heels the Principal towers above her. In a tight, black pencil skirt, long black velvet gloves and tight, white blouse with bright red lipstick the strict lesbian principal looks more than a little bit gothic. And with her big breasts spilling out of her tight blouse she cuts an impressive figure as she swings the black flogger against poor Keisha’s upturned bottom. She strikes Keisha’s beautiful round bottom again and again, getting gradually faster and faster. Between whips she’ll bark questions which sound more like commands…. “More??” “Harder??”… and Keisha has no choice but to wimper “yes, yes ma’am”.

School girl Keisha Grey gets whipped by big tit teacher Ariella Ferrerra in After School Discipline

To watch both parts of this lesbian domination scene in full with lots of different lesbian scenes go check out Hot and Mean, or for the full hardcore porn experience the website can be found on the Brazzers Network!

Brazzers Network

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Chloe Amour

Chloe Amour is confronted by her aunt, Veronica Ricci

The latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties is sexy Latina hottie, Chloe Amour! The petite, dark-skinned Latina porn star was spanked by her mother and aunt when she was growing up, and gives a great interview on the website. There are also two memorable spankings she re-enacts for us with the mom being played by Syren De Mer, and first the aunt being played by sexy redhead, Veronica Ricci.

Unusually for a spanking scene Veronica uses a leather belt on gorgeous Chloe’s bare bottom. Things like straps are trickier to use than the hand or a hairbrush, and they can hurt more so you rarely see them being used… and when you do see a belt scene the photos are even trickier to take due to the flexibility of supple leather belts. So, seeing sexy Veronica whip poor Chloe with a leather belt stands out as being very unusual on the internet.

Chloe Amour is a beautiful and slim glamour model and porn star with a nice round bubble butt…

Veronica whips Chloe Amour's bare bottom with a leather belt

Watching a scene with Veronica and another sexy lady is always a joy, and this scene is no different. Both girls are very beautiful and Veronica plays the role of a strict aunt very well. I like this photo of Veronica pointing to Chloe’s reddened bottom as she faces the wall…

Veronica points to Chloe Amour's reddened bare bottom as she faces the wall

Veronica doesn’t look like she is Chloe’s aunt, which is the only minor criticism here, but she compliments the mom, Syren De Mer, very well. Syren has the look that makes her look very much like she could be a mom to a sexy model in her early twenties or late teens (18+). She also has a strictness about her…

Chloe Amour gets an OTK hand spanking by mom, syren De Mer

Watch sexy Chloe Amour’s interview about spanking and how she was disciplined growing up, and watch these two scenes of her re-enacting a couple of spankings at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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