Spanked from Afar

Executor Miss Gregory demands that Amelia and PAndora get spanked before they can get any of their grandpa's money

Sarah Gregory is back, and this time with peroxide white/blonde hair… In a previous update on her website, Sarah Gregory Spanking, she was getting punished by her boss, played by striking silver-haired, Dana Specht. With both ladies having silvery white hair they definitely looked like they might be related (see Momma Spankings).

In the latest scene Sarah plays the executor of a trust fund that has been left to two stuck up brats by their grandfather. British spanking models Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford are the brats in question. When these two stuck up and sassy girls come to pick up their first checks, they were not expecting there to be a clause that said they had to be spanked each and every time they came to collect a check. Grandpa had watched these two girls grow into stuck up, self-centered, materialistic upper east side girls and had wanted their attitudes to stop. This way he could ensure their behavior changed, even if he was not around to witness it himself.

Miss Gregory points to each girl in turn and beckons them over her knee. It is Amelia’s turn first and the tall, leggy blonde does not submit to her punishment without a fuss. Anyone familiar with AJR will know that she is more than capable of brattiness, especially after she has gone over someone’s knee. In this scene there is something about either her clothes or the camera angles but her long legs seem to go on for longer than ever!

Tall blonde Amelia Jane Rutherford gets spanked hard OTK

Then, Amelia kneels herself on the couch and it’s Pandora’s turn to go over Sarah’s knee. Pandora is wearing a type of skimpy panties which seems to match Sarah’s top. She makes the perfect spoiled brat in her pretty dress and tan nylon holdup stockings.

Amelia kneels on the couch, facing the wall as she watches Pandora take her spanking

To see more of Sarah and her sexy spanking adventures with many more American and British spanking models sign up today at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking


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Volleyball Ladies Bend For The Cane

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly cool down with stretches after the game
Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly cool down with stretches after being sent off in the game

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly are two of the best volleyball players on the team but during a vital game both girls got sent off for fighting. With the two stars sent off the court the team went on to lose and their coach, Mr Osbourne, was definitely of the opinion that their thoughtless actions had lost the team the game. After the game, both girls are sent to cool down in the gym as they discussed the events whilst stretching in a variety of revealing poses.

Two naughty volleyball ladies stand side-by-side showing off their asses in their tight uniforms
Two naughty volleyball ladies stand side-by-side showing off their asses in their tight, latex hotpants

However, Coach Osborne has further plans for these two as on top of their misbehavior he has had some additional complaints about the girls’ attire that have also caused him much embarrassment. The coach decides they would both receive a very humiliating double punishment in front of each other with a hard, old-fashioned slippering followed by the cane on both their bared bottoms to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

Amelia touches her toes for her bare bottom caning
Amelia bends over, touching her toes for the cane across her bare bottom

Two naughty volleyball ladies get punished by their coach after the game – gallery

You can see this full scene with British spanking superstar, Amelia Jane Rutherford in a nice, tight volleyball outfit by joining Triple A Spanking.

Triple A Spanking

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Trying out a Spanking

Pandora Blake spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford OTK

Sometimes if a spanking scene looks particularly hard, possibly with tears, it can make you think that maybe things might have gone out of control somehow on the set and things may have gone too far. That could never be the case in any scene involving Amelia Jane Rutherford, not because she is not spanked very hard (she gets spanked very hard indeed!) but because she is an experienced spankee who has a very high tolerance.

Having said that in a spanking/paddling/caning scene such as this, especially with Amelia’s wonderful reactions, it certainly feels like the tall, British blonde is getting spanked for the very first time. She’s getting put through her paces by Pandora Blake who certainly knows her way around both ends of a spanking implement. The scene starts off with a good ol’ OTK hand spanking then progresses to the spanking bench where Amelia bends over for a long, leather strap…

Amelia gets a dose of the black leather strap over the spanking bench

Finally, Pandora uses a painful-looking cane on Amelia’s delightful bottom…

Finally, Pandora gives Amelia a thrashing with the cane

This is a very nice scene with two of the best English spanking models putting on quite a display. Pandora is very British-looking and strict, and Amelia Jane Rutherford plays the innocent but curious spankee very well. It’s a nice hard scene with Amelia’s famous bottom getting spanked til it’s bright red. Fans of both ladies should definitely take a peek at this scene now only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Amelia’s Room Service Spanking

Lazy hotel employee Amelia Jane Rutherford is pulled across Dana's lap

In this update hotel guest, Dana Specht, has been pacing the floor for twenty minutes waiting for room service to bring her dinner. When Amelia Jane Rutherford finally knocks on her door with a load of towels and NO dinner, Ms Dana hits the roof! The lackadaisical Amelia tries to calm Ms Dana down by calling the kitchen and re-ordering her dinner but Dana has had enough. Dana threatens to call her supervisor and report Amelia’s poor service and disrespect but then decides, much to Amelia’s horror, that a good hard spanking will suffice. Over Dana’s knee she goes for a bare bottom blistering until a lesson in good service is learned.

Lazy hotel employee Amelia Jane Rutherford is pulled across Dana’s lap for a spanking

While Sarah Gregory is not in this update you can see much more of her and her sexy friends, such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ashley Graham, Kat St. James and Clarissa Montgomery at her website: Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Cheerleader spanked to tears

Cheerleader Kelly Morgan gets spanked to tears with the leather paddle

At Firm Hand Spanking Kelly Morgan fesses up to changing the music for another cheerleader’s routine in the “Cheerleader Captain” update. To have any hope of getting her place in the squad back she has to speak to Mr Johnson. The strict teacher gives the naughty cheerleader 31 swats with a leather paddle as she leans over a pool table, with ten swats on her bare bottom. The punishment brings tears to her eyes and a very sore butt as the mischievous cheerleader starts to genuinely regret her actions.

Mr Johnson gives Kelly Morgan a hard paddling so that she can get back on the cheerleader squad

This week there is also 15 strokes of the cane for Allaura Shane as Alison Miller tries to quiet her motor-mouth in “Houseguest from Hell” and a painful military strapping for Amelia Jane Rutherford

This week’s latest previews from Firm Hand Spanking – gallery

You can catch up with all of these hotties and many more of some of the most beautiful spanking models at Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

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Spanking Rehearsal

Amelia Jane Rutherford is concerned that she'll get a real life spanking on stage in the production of Kiss Me Kate

In today’s spanking, as unlikely as it may seem, Amelia Jane Rutherford is concerned about her boyfriend spanking her. She’s never been spanked before and he is talking about spanking her for real in their production of “Kiss Me Kate”. Amelia thinks that he’ll carry out his threat so she wants to know what it’ll be like before she gets on stage. Sarah Gregory agrees to help her friend out and soon has Amelia across her lap…

Sarah Gregory agrees to give Amelia a rehearsal by giving her a spanking to show her what it feels like

Sarah Gregory agrees to give Amelia a rehearsal by giving her a spanking to show her what it feels like

…If the handspanking on Amelia’s tender bottom is starting to hurt a lot, the pain and intensity increases when her panties are pulled off and she is spanked on her bare bottom. Then Sarah reaches for the hairbrush to really show pretty Amelia what it feels like to be spanked…

Sarah uses the hairbrush on poor Amelia Jane's bottom until it breaks

Sarah uses the hairbrush on poor Amelia Jane’s bottom until it breaks

This is a very nice scene indeed. Once you accept the fact that Amelia is a newbie to spanking it’s a very fun lesbian spanking with some great reactions from Amelia Jane.

You can watch this full movie and plenty more of sexy ladies getting a good, OTK spanking at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Amelia Earns the Strap!

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets her bare bottom strapped

Here’s some more info about the latest update on Sarah Gregory Spanking featuring global spanking superstar, Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Amelia Jane is from England and attending school in America. She is a very very naughty girl who thinks she can get away with it because spanking is not allowed in her American school. Well, think again Amelia. Little did she know that her headmaster has brought in a disciplinary consultant and he will be learning these new methods on this naughty school girl.

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets her bare bottom strapped by the disciplinary consultant

Amelia has the reputation of being able to take a lot of punishment, in this scene with two spankers both laying into her naughty bottom her cheeks certainly get very red indeed. She feels the hand, the strap, the cane and the wooden paddle across her backside at the front of the class, over teacher’s desk. Fan’s of AJR can get the watch the whole of this scene for themselves at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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White Panties, Red Bottom

Amelia Jane Rutherford's bottom gets very red while she is spanked in her white panties

Amelia Jane Rutherford is back! This time she makes a guest appearance on Sarah Gregory Spanking in the latest update entitled “The Disciplinary Consultant”. This is just a taster to begin with but you can see that it is a very sexy scene.

Amelia is playing a very, tall blonde schoolgirl who is bent over the desk for a good ol’ spanking on her lovely bottom. She must be the tallest schoolgirl in the world, but with her blonde hair tied up in bunches and with plenty of attitude it’s not too hard to imagine that she richly deserves a spanking. And that’s just what she gets. In her bright red school sweater, she is first of all spanking over her skirt. Then that neat school skirt is flipped up and she’s given a good, hard spanking over her white panties. Even over her panties you can still see that Amelia’s bottom has become very red already, and surely those panties must come down soon.

To be continued… or see for yourself at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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