Chelsea spanks Alex Reynolds

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Alex Reynolds OTK over her sexy short dress

The Momma Spankings website is all about mother / daughter roleplay and some pretty hard spankings. “Loving Discipline” features Chelsea Pfeiffer as the guest “mom” and Alex Reynolds plays her daughter. Alex is wearing a pretty, summer dress that rides up over her bottom deliciously as Chelsea starts to spank her, above.

As with most spankings of this kind, the daughter is normally either behaving badly or has a bad attitude… or both. By the time we get to this start of the scene there has normally been a prolonged period of bad behavior and by the time the scene starts the mom is at the end of her tether. Only one thing will rectify the situation and provide both attitude adjustment and justice… an OTK spanking. Spanking model, Alex, is well used to bratting and Chelsea plays a mother who reluctantly knows exactly how to deal with her, as a last resort.

Chelsea does the last thing she feels she can do to help Alex be a better behaved young woman; to give her a good, hard spanking. Alex is spanked until she cries real tears of remorse.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Alex Reynolds in Loving Discipline gallery

Once again, here there are two huge names in spanking, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alex Reynolds. And with Alex’s big bottom Chelsea knows she can go to town and give her a good, hard spanking. In fact not only does she give a hand spanking over Alex’s panties, then on her bare bottom, but she also uses two different hairbrushes on her.

Chelsea spanks Alex Reynolds on her bare bottom with a wooden hairbrush

If you enjoy loving spankings between two ladies in a fantasy mother-daughter scenario then Momma Spankings is the site for you! You can join Momma Spankings together with Sarah Gregory’s other website at Sarah Gregory Pass for a great value deal!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings


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Chelsea Pfeiffer in Inappropriate Viewing

Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles a naked Sarah Gregory OTK

This scene sees the welcome return of Chelsea Pfeiffer to Sarah Gregory Pass with her playing the strict mom in the title of the website: Momma Spankings! For a long time Chelsea has been one of the most well-known spankers on the internet and you can see why she’s liked in how she deals with naughty Sarah Gregory here…

Mom is not happy to get a bill from the cable company for over $100 dollars. Sarah has been using mom’s credit card to pay for pay per view female prison shows and movies. Mom is very upset and has her naughty daughter strip for a spanking and strapping. “Isn’t this how they humiliate the woman in those shows, make them strip?” says mom.

Sarah Gregory gets a hard paddling from Chelsea Pfeiffer in Inappropriate Viewing

If Dana Specht is the experienced mom, Sarah is the younger mom when she spanks younger models. That would mean that Chelsea Pfeiffer is somewhere inbetween. Chelsea looks as though she could possibly be Sarah’s mom (she’s the right kind of age with same hair color, at least) and is a potent blend of strict, sexy and hard-spanking. Chelsea also manages to combine a cool strictness with a sense of humor and humanity as she punishes a sexy lady’s bare bottom… often very hard indeed.

Watch this scene with “Momma Chelsea” plus the regular mommas Dana and Sarah at Momma Spankings.

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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Chelsea Spanks and is Spanked…

Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Stevie Rose's bare bottom with an uncompromising wooden paddle
Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Stevie Rose on the bare bottom with an uncompromising wooden paddle

Often it’s the top, as well as the sexy bottom that makes a spanking scene. Depending on what you look for in a spanking it may be the quality of the top that is more important.

If you care about who’s doing the spanking then there are a limited number of really good spanking tops out there who you’ll find in movies. It should be very easy, all you have to do is slap a beautiful bare bottom, but there is much more to it than that. While you want to respect the spanking model’s limits you also want to give a good spanking. While it’s technically about strictness and discipline, there can also be humor and compassion from the top. To some extents it can be a balancing act. And, as it’s a visual media it helps if both top and bottom are nice to look at.

One lady who I’d count as one of a handful of the best “tops” out there is Chelsea Pfeiffer. While a top is often only as good as the bottom they are dealing with, the combination of a good top such as Chelsea and a girl who can take a very hard spanking is electric! Here we have a few examples from Chelsea’s Good Spanking

Addie Juniper gets the crop whilst she's naked in the diaper position
Addie Juniper gets the crop whilst she’s naked in the diaper position

One thing that all of these recent episodes has in common is that each one features a name you’ll likely recognize as being a well-known spanking model. Another thing that links them all is that each scene has at least one pretty serious spanking implement in it. Whether it’s Addie’s riding crop, above, or the multitude of nasty-looking wooden paddles and hairbrushes all these ladies get a good workout from Chelsea…

Chelsea pushes Ten's limits with a hard wooden paddle OTK
Chelsea pushes Ten Amorette to her limits with a hard wooden paddle OTK

We get to see the wide shot of Chelsea spanking, then close-ups of either end of the spanking. From the bare bottom at one end, to the sexy but pained face at the other. With some of these hard spankings there are obviously some nice reactions from the girls, none better than Christy Cutie, below…

Christy Cutie's beautiful face close-up as she gets a hard OTK spanking
Christy Cutie’s beautiful face close-up as she gets a hard OTK spanking

And while all these ladies get a well-deserved (or at the very least well-justified) spanking, it is nice to see Chelsea get her comeuppance too, at the hands of Sarah Gregory

After spanking Sarah Gregory the tables are turned and it's Chelsea's turn to get spanked
After spanking Sarah Gregory the tables are turned and it’s Chelsea’s turn to get spanked

It seems like quite a while since we’ve had Chelsea on here but I hope this brief review of five recent scenes more than makes up for it. You can, of course, watch the full episodes at Good Spanking along with many many more.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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Krissy’s Reality Spanking

The first implement is the hairbrush for poor Krissy

On Good Spanking recently Chelsea had the pleasure of doing a half-hour spanking session with lovely brunette Krissy in her “Chelsea Spanks” series.

Krissy begins her spanking session by choosing her implements and placing herself over Chelsea’s knee! Chelsea is looking very pretty herself in a long pink-color dress. She’s spanked quite gently at first over her tight jeans but then the sexy brunette’s jeans come off quickly and her reality spanking continues. Krissy is getting a nice warm-up spanking, as Chelsea works her way toward the first of the implements she chose! The first implement is a nice hard hairbrush which poor Krissy takes with amazing stoicism. Next up, the strap starts to get to her and she wriggles about as Chelsea straps her vigorously in the OTK position! The spanking session is starting to get very real indeed for sexy Krissy and she then takes an intense bottom burning paddling! Finally, it’s time for the flogger and Krissy takes a short break to rub her sore bottom. Chelsea expertly swings the flogger at her exposed rear as she kneels on a straight-back chair. At last, it’s all over and Krissy is able to rub her bottom again and examine herself with a small hand mirror.

Krissy gets a dose of the large wooden paddle on her bare bottom over Chelsea's knee

There’s no storyling in this spanking and Krissy does make some little squeaks but she’s not the most vocal of spankees but it’s a very nice scene all the same with Krissy’s delicious botttom getting a good hard workout. You can watch this full spanking right now, as it is up in it’s entirety, and plenty more “Chelsea Spanks” and storyline spankings at Good Spanking

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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Chelsea spanks Vicki Chase

Pornstar Vicki Chase gets spanked in her denim hotpants over the knee

When it comes to nice spanking scenes that are just about giving a beautiful lady a good, hard spanking – often with an injection of humor thrown in for good measure – Chelsea Pfeiffer is the queen!! Many of the ladies she has on her website are pornstars or fetish models, and as such they are all gorgeous. Sometimes the scene might be a roleplay or have some kind of story to it, and other times the spanking just happens. Chelsea is a talented top and is a hard spanker with lightening fast wit. The scenes where there is a lot of back-and-forth banter between Chelsea and the spankee are always enjoyable to watch, especially as the spankee generally starts to get less talkative as the spanking progresses. Then, Chelsea’s vast range of implements are brought forth and the sexy lady’s bottom is finished off with some stinging swats from a paddle, strap, cane, or all three. If the model can take a hard punishment Chelsea really goes to town on her ass!!

This is one of the times where there is no real storyline apart from beautiful pornstar Vicki Chase going over Chelsea’s lap for a good ol’ OTK spanking.

As Vicki's clothes vanish her cheeks get redder

Throughout the spanking Vicki gradually loses all her clothes until by the end she is totally naked. By this stage her bottom is very well warmed up indeed and Chelsea sets to work with a nice little wooden paddle on her naughty rear. Vicki has an amazing body, with a big, round bottom. Whether you enjoy looking at her face for her reactions, or whether you enjoy watching her bottom change color until it is bright red, this is a very nice scene indeed. Chelsea is nothing but firm, if there are any wisecracks or jokes that’s all well and good but it is never long before Chelsea has returned to the job at hand.

Finally Vicki Chase is naked for the wooden hairbrush paddling

Sexy pornstar Vicki Chase really gets a good thrashing when she visits Chelsea for the Good Spanking treatment!!

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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Dani Hunt tries before she sells…

Chelsea Pfeiffer was interviewing Dani Hunt to take the job of Social Media Expert for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. Of course, when representing a spanking video production company, one must understand exactly what a spanking is. No?

The lovely British babe with the chocolate skin goes over Chelsea’s knee as she starts to sample Chelsea’s wares. The spanking starts off with the hand, but when it’s clear that Dani is able to take more the hairbrush soon comes out on the sexy ebony model’s bare bottom.

With most of this spanking being OTK, Chelsea rounds off her product-testing session with Dani bending over the couch for the wooden hairbrush.

This is a lovely girl-on-girl spanking episode with one of the hottest emerging spanking starlets, Dani Hunt, meeting an experienced spanking of bottoms. There are both the pure spanking action, “Chelsea Spanks” scenes and these kind of scenes with a storyline at Good Spanking! You know that both kinds have Chelsea in fine form bringing the pain to a beautiful bottom.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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Bathing Too Long…

Chelsea Pfeiffer drags selfish girlfriend Sarah Gregory out of the tub for a spanking on her wet, bare bottom

When naughty Sarah Gregory spends way too long getting ready, her girlfriend, Chelsea Pfeiffer, bursts into the bathroom where she’s in the bath. Chelsea had asked her to get ready so they could both go out together but Sarah decided to be selfish and take her sweet time relaxing in the tub. There is only one cure for a selfish girlfriend, and so Chelsea pulls Sarah out of the bath and smacks her big, wet bottom over her knee.

Chelsea Pfeiffer drags selfish girlfriend Sarah Gregory out of the tub for a spanking on her wet, bare bottom

This is a fantastic naked spanking of gorgeous Sarah Gregory and is a must-see for anyone who likes a nice full pair of breasts on a naughty spankee. And if her nudity means that her big boobs are on display from the outset, it also means that her big, round bottom is naked and wet from the very start too…

Sarah's bottom is still nice and wet when Chelsea starts to smack it

You can see much more of brunette beauty Sarah Gregory (and her girlfriends) on both ends of a good, hard spanking and with all different colours of hair at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Chelsea spanks Dani Daniels

Chelsea Pfeiffer gives gorgeous glamour model Dani Daniels a naked paddling over her knee

Here’s one of the latest “Chelsea Spanks” updates at Good Spanking, it sees Chelsea Pfeiffer and sexy brunette glamour model Dani Daniels. As you can see, sexy Dani is naked except for her not-quite-knee-length socks and her firm, round bottom looks very ripe indeed as she lays across Chelsea’s lap, and she is very beautiful indeed. Away from her glamour modeling where she looks perfect, this shows another side to a pretty lady and her personality really comes across, where it doesn’t in glamour scenes. Dani has a fine body, as you’d expect, and her bottom looks particularly curvy and lovely.

As with all the “Chelsea Spanks” scenes there is a lot of variety here with the spanking. Dani is even told to bend over the couch for some amazing nude caning, Chelsea even teases between her legs with the cane…

Chelsea teases Dani with the cane during her caning

It’s funny from the above photo how much Chelsea and Dani look alike, especially as they both have very long brown hair. There is plenty of spanking here, but also plenty of humour. Chelsea never takes anything too seriously and as a result you often gets very sexy and relaxed scenes, with bright red bottoms getting spanked very hard.

If you like these friendly “Chelsea Spanks” sessions or you prefer a spanking with a storyline and lots of telling off there are both types at Good Spanking!

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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