Gigi Allens

Clare Fonda spanks Gigi Allens OTK over denim hotpants
Clare Fonda spanks Gigi Allens OTK over denim hotpants

Gigi Allens is still relatively new on the scene, she was born in Australia but we are glad she has come to the US to be a part of the porn industry and… get spanked! Gigi is a white girl with a big personality and a big, round bottom. Not every spankee has a round bottom, and sometimes it may just be that it’s not presented well (protruding up into the air), but whether it be that she knows how to pose or she just has them curves. Gigi has a satisfyingly-round “white girl” booty. She certainly does know how to show it off! The three scenes on this website have her in denim hotpants (daisy dukes), a short black skirt that clings to her butt and thighs, and in the M/F scene there are some even tinier, skimpy hotpants/panties that offer virtually no protection what-so-ever before they are yanked down.

After the spanking Gigi pulls the daisy dukes up over her sore bottom
After the spanking Gigi pulls the daisy dukes up over her sore bottom

Despite being fairly new we’ve already seen her in a couple of smokin’ hot spanking scenes playing an air hostess and a call girl on some other Clare Fonda Pass websites. This time she’s the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties so she talks about the spankings she received growing up and gets a motherly spanking from Clare Fonda.

Clare may not be full-time into spanking like she used to be but we like her occasional cameos on her websites. This scene in particular is a nice domestic discipline scenario and Gigi with her long, blond hair, golden tan and big bottom is the perfect canvas for Clare’s maternal spanks.

Gigi Allens goes over Clare Fonda’s knee as she re-enacts a spanking she received growing up

This photo from the second F/F scene with Clare shows off Gigi’s bottom perfectly…

Gigi Allens gets a bare bottom spanking with a long, wooden spoon
Gigi Allens gets a bare bottom spanking with a long, wooden spoon

So, it seems we have yet another favorite spanking model in Gigi Allens. Perhaps it’s because she comes from Australia but she seems to have an Elle Macpherson kinda look, and she also reminds me of another blonde with a lovely bottom, Anikka Albrite. You can watch Gigi’s spanking interview movie and three scenes of her getting spanked by “mom”, “dad” and “grannie” at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties


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Ebony Jana Paddled

Ebony Jana Tatum remains defiant when confronted with the paddle

We love to see all kinds of ladies on the right/wrong end of a spanking! Whether they be brunettes, blondes, redheads, Latina, Asian or ebony! Diversity is the spice of life!

In today’s scene we have curvy black babe, Jana Tatum, bending over the desk for a paddling over her denim shorts.

Alison Miller swings the wooden, school paddle at Jana Tatum's daisy dukes

At $20 a swat, it’ll take Jana Tatum a long time to pay off the “borrowed” $700. Jana feels the intense burn of the school paddle through tight denim shorts for a full 12 swats. Alison Miller swings the paddle hard on her Houseguest from Hell’s bottom, to pay back “borrowed” money at the rate of $20 a swat. Burning black booty!

Black babe Jana Tatum shows off her paddled bare bottom

In this scene it is Alison Miller who is wielding the large, wooden school paddle. But, there is another side of sexy redhead, Alison on display in the gallery when she grabs her ankles for 15 strokes of the cane. You can also see a continuation of the pairing between sexy Dani Daniels and her naughty brunette nanny, Hellen Baker

Jana gets paddled, Alison gets caned and Hellen gets the hairbrush gallery

For plenty more of ebony Jana, flame-haired Alison, brunettes Dani and Hellen, and plenty more sexy ladies getting punished go to Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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The Naughty Tutor

Naughty Tutor Alexis Grace spanks her student Layden Sinn OTK

A new series on Girl Spanks Girl sees busty brunette Alexis Grace starring as the Naughty Tutor. She spanks girls hard and then teaches them her own twisted version of sex education.

The series starts out with Alexis spanking sexy blonde Layden Sinn, who is one of the most stunning models to ever be used in a spanking scene. With both ladies wearing cute, little denim shorts Alexis takes her student over her knee and spanks her lovely bottom over the tight denim before she pulls down the shorts and spanks her bare bottom. With these two ladies being schmokin’ hot pornstars in skimpy outfits this scene is incredibly sexy but the sexiness levels go off the scale as the lesson ends with a supervised masturbation session.

While spanking newbie, Layden Sinn, is very beautiful with her long blonde hair, glamour model looks and tight body, but Alexis really steps up to the plate as a top in this scene. Wearing daisy dukes and a tight, white t-shirt the busty brunette looks amazing as she strictly deals with her pretty pupil. As you can see Alexis’ big breasts in the tight, thin t-shirt are eye-popping…

The Naughty Tutor Alexis Grace spanks Layden Sinn gallery

You can watch this scene now on Girl Spanks Girl where it is the first part of a spanking series that certainly looks like it’s going to be very sexy indeed!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Naughty stable hand gets spanked

Sarah discovers stablehand Kiki's naughty plans

Today we have a mini gallery from English website, Spanking Sarah. This scene, “Spanked in Shorts”, has a country feel to it being in the stable surrounded by bales of hay, and the two ladies are dressed accordingly. Both Sarah and Kiki are wearing tall boots, ideal for country life, and naughty little Kiki looks gorgeous in her little denim shorts.

The story goes that stable hand, Kiki, has planned a picnic in the barn for her boyfriend followed by a love making session amongst the hay. Her boss, Sarah, has other ideas when she finds out about Kiki’s illicit plans and to prove a point puts Kiki over her knee and gives her denim clad bottom a good spanking.

Sarah pulls Kiki straight over her knee for a spanking over her denim shorts

It is not long before the pretty and naughty stable hand’s daisy dukes are lowered and she is spanked over her lacey, white panties.

Naughty Kiki gets spanked over her white panties in the stable

Sarah makes sure she pulls the panties tight into the lovely girl’s bottom exposing her round cheeks to the firm spanking.

Kiki's white panties are pulled tight into her ass as she's spanked

Finally, the boss lowers those white panties, making the poor stablehand blush tanning her bottom a bright, blushed red. Kiki has a lovely, round bottom that looks great over Sarah’s knee as it gets a very pleasing shade of red.

Finally, the naughty English stablehand's panties are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare bottom

This is the latest adventure on English MILF Sarah’s website, Spanking Sarah, that sees Sarah topping a lovely English babe. There are plenty of very sexy scenarios on her website that often involve Sarah herself getting spanked or spanking the lovely English girls in her suburban neighbourhood.

Spanking Sarah

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Kat gets spanked in denim shorts…

Kat St James getting spanked OTK in her daisy dukes

Pretty and petite blonde spanking starlet Kat St. James is back in this M/F addition to her previous F/F scenes on Spanked Sweeties. The gorgeous blonde with the lovely blue eyes gets a really hard OTK spanking over her daisy dukes and then over her panties, she’s then laid over the end of the bed for a dose of the leather belt on her nicely warmed-up bottom.

Kat is acting out spankings similar to the real-life spankings she received from her mom and dad. As you can see, dad uses the belt over panties. Kat looks so sweet and she wasn’t really that naughty growing up but it’s very interersting to hear about some of the incidents that happened and how her interest in spanking began.

Kat St James acts out a real life spanking where she got the belt from her dad

Kat St James acts out a real life spanking where she got the belt from her dad

You can download the spanking interview and scenes of Kat getting spanked in Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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Veronica’s Babysitter Spanking

Ten Amorette spanks Veronic Ricci over the knee

Gorgeous glamour model, Veronica Ricci, was a featured Spanked Sweeties earlier this year but here is an extra scene she shot with fetish model Ten Amorette playing her babysitter. Like many girls, Veronica was spanked by her babysitter when she was growing up. She describes it in her interview and then plays the scene with Ten.

Veronica is wearing what looks like a short dress over the top of some tiny little denim shorts. The short, tight shorts are quite a surprise under her dress so you can understand why Ten saves her hand and reaches for a wooden spatula to spank naughty Veronica with over her denim hotpants. But then finally the shorts and panties come down and Ten finishes off the punishment on Veronica’s beautiful bottom…

Veronica is a professional glamour model but it’s pleasing to see that she has a lovely full bottom that is very spankable indeed.

You can watch this scene, along with Veronica’s other interviews and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties, and for plenty more from both Ten and Veronica and many more beautiful models take a look at Clare Fonda Pass!

There’s actually another nice scene on Spanked Sweeties with Kat St James and Veronica Ricci at the moment where Kat re-enacts spankings that she and her sister used to get.

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

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Shay Golden

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK on her denim hotpants

Shay Golden is a brand new pornstar on the scene, but this is the strapping blonde’s very first spanking scene. Shay also talks about some of her real life spankings when she was growing up. It turns out that this sexy beauty was spanked by mom, dad and even grandpa with both the hand and the paddle. This memories like these from her interview, re-enacting those memories was always going to be very erotic. In the first of four different scenes Shay looks like a pretty girl-next-door in her tight daisy dukes. Clare Fonda plays her mom and has cause to drag her over her lap for a hard spanking. First of all she gets hand spanked on those tight, denim shorts, then they get pulled down and her bare ass cheeks are spanked with her only wearing a very skimpy thong. Finally, Shay’s thong is yanked right down and the naughty lady is really given a good spanking on her bare bottom.

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK in her daisy dukes

See and hear lots more about Shay Golden from her interview and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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Cutie in short denim shorts…

Brynn Tyler is a teen pornstar. She’s been one of the top 18/19 year old ladies on the porn scene in the past year or so. She’s very pretty and her scenes are always electric but here we see another side of this naughty lady. On Spanked Sweeties she acts out a couple of spanking fantasies. First she’s spanked by a guy then she gets a spatula spanking from Clare Fonda.

The M/F spanking is very sexy indeed with Brynn stripping naked and getting spanked nude OTK by her boyfriend on the sofa.

Here are some photos from the F/F fantasy that is much more in the domestic discipline style. I like the first photo in the series, Clare looks menacing and Brynn’s pretty face is all scrunched up from the pain/shock of her standing-up spanking in the kitchen..

Clare Fonda looks sternly at Brynn Tyler as she spanks her bottom standing up

But, if Brynn Tyler’s face is pretty, her bottom is delicious in those little, denim shorts. Have you ever seen a lovelier pair of Daisy Dukes on a slim white girl’s bottom?

Brynn Tyler's bottom looks amazing in those little, Daisy Dukes denim shorts

And if those Daisy Dukes look good when Brynn is standing up getting spanked against the kitchen wall, they certainly look great when she is over the knee getting a firm spanking on her pretty, little bottom…

Brynn Tyler getting spanked OTK in her Daisy Dukes

Here are some sample photos from the sexy F/F scene that is timeless. With Clare in a sensible Momma-style dress and Brynn in a t-shirt and short denim shorts this spanking could have been from any time in the past 40 years…

If you like to see sexy, little 18 and 19 year olds getting spanked and talking about their spanking experiences then Spanked Sweeties is the site for you. Some of the girls have been spanked in the past and some are brand new to spanking and are spanked for the first time on the website.

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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