• Skin Diamond spanks Phoenix Askani OTK

    This scene is the reason I like Spanked Call Girls! Some really hot models and porn stars get together in some very sexy outfits and spank each other. There are plenty of new ladies becoming Callgirls at the brothel, and this week beautiful ebony pornstar Skin Diamond is one of them.

    If you like black girls, like I do, Skin is one of the best black pornstars out there at the moment! It’s interesting that she looks tiny, even smaller than normal, here. I don’t know why that is but her little black bubble butt looks amazing over Phoenix’s knee. Blonde Phoenix Askani is the accomplice looking virtually unrecognizable from the redhead I first saw… is it just the blonde hair?

    Anyway, tattooed Skin is like a breath of fresh air and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that booty…

    Skin Diamond's ebony bubble butt gets spanked on the bare

    Skin Diamond and Phoenix Askani spanking each other – gallery

    We welcome the wildly popular adult model Skin Diamond to the site showing off her spanking skills and she gets into a tiff with Phoenix Askani and they end up giving each other a sound spanking. Slightly playful scene with a pinch of intensity and two red bottoms.

    Skin Diamond poses after her spanking

    To see more of these two spanking beauties in action check out Spanked Call Girls! Or, for far more high quality spanking movies you can join as part of the Clare Fonda Pass.

    Spanked Callgirls

  • Ebony Jana Tatum remains defiant when confronted with the paddle

    We love to see all kinds of ladies on the right/wrong end of a spanking! Whether they be brunettes, blondes, redheads, Latina, Asian or ebony! Diversity is the spice of life!

    In today’s scene we have curvy black babe, Jana Tatum, bending over the desk for a paddling over her denim shorts.

    Alison Miller swings the wooden, school paddle at Jana Tatum's daisy dukes

    At $20 a swat, it’ll take Jana Tatum a long time to pay off the “borrowed” $700. Jana feels the intense burn of the school paddle through tight denim shorts for a full 12 swats. Alison Miller swings the paddle hard on her Houseguest from Hell’s bottom, to pay back “borrowed” money at the rate of $20 a swat. Burning black booty!

    Black babe Jana Tatum shows off her paddled bare bottom

    In this scene it is Alison Miller who is wielding the large, wooden school paddle. But, there is another side of sexy redhead, Alison on display in the gallery when she grabs her ankles for 15 strokes of the cane. You can also see a continuation of the pairing between sexy Dani Daniels and her naughty brunette nanny, Hellen Baker

    Jana gets paddled, Alison gets caned and Hellen gets the hairbrush gallery

    For plenty more of ebony Jana, flame-haired Alison, brunettes Dani and Hellen, and plenty more sexy ladies getting punished go to Firm Hand Spanking!

    Firm Hand Spanking

  • Ebony Cherise Roze gets her big booty spanked when she bends over

    Cherise Roze is a nice and curvy ebony babe, in this scene she’s not so much a beautiful flower as “A Booty-ful Roze”. She has a very large booty, some nice natural breasts and a small-ish waist. Here’s what they say about the scene on the Bootylicious Mag website…

    One day, we’re going to put on our first bad-bitch contest. And when it happens, we fully expect Cherise Roze to be among the chicks poppin’ and twerkin’ their asses in hopes of finishing in first place. Cherise is built like a dude’s dream girl: 44-28 and 52 booty-ful inches of ass that keep you from looking anywhere else. We’re not sure if Cherise was actually born or if she randomly sprang into bad existence one day to please men everywhere. Either way, our boy Rocky is gonna have his hands full, and that’s the way he likes it. She’s got 52 inches of ass, and she knows how to use every inch.

    If you’re of the opinion that bigger is better then Cherise is up there with the very best. Spanking this sexy mama’s huge rear would not only be a challenge but the results are extremely rewarding when the hard work pays off and she’s moaning for more.

    This is a hardcore sex scene but there’s some nice big booty action and some spanking as Cherise bends over and holds that big ass up to be slapped. You can see what she thinks about that as she looks seductively into the camera in this sample movie

    To see the rest of this big booty hardcore scene with some juicy spanking, plus lots more big butts, large asses and monster bootys on some sexy porno babes as they get down to business, check out Bootylicious Mag


  • Gramps spanks a naughty black girl with his hand over the knee

    These screengrabs come from an amateur spanking movie called Three Spanked Black Girls from Real Spanking Video. These are very amateur videos so if you’re looking for polished, professional clips then they’re probably not for you. What you get from this studio is on the harder side of spanking action, often mixed in with sex.

    The spanker here is a lover of ebony ladies, or to be more precise, he is a spanker and fucker of ebony ladies. Sometimes there is a storyline, other times there isn’t, but either way he gets a sexy black babe and spanks her very hard… testing her limits! Because these girls are not professional spanking models, or necessarily into spanking at all, there are some pretty real responses to the hard spankings. The African-American accents often have a southern twang to them and you often get some emotion-filled protests as their round asses get spanked very hard. There’s also plenty of wriggling and the combination of the ladies wriggling and struggling whilst protesting in a Southern drawl while the spanker tries as hard as he can to keep spanking is often quite funny. But while there may be some comedy cat-and-mouse moments these are hard spankings and the ladies are struggling and cursing because it really hurts…

    Black babe's bikini bottoms come down as gramps lays on the smacks

    In this movie there are three scenes where he spanks the three black girls in the title. Then, the last three scenes have one of the girls spanking the other, then one gets fucked by the spanker and finally two of the ladies get it on in some lesbian-lovemaking…

    Well, the title says it all doesn’t it? Three hot and sexy black girls have been naughty! They need a spanking. Well gramps is lays on the corporal punishment and spanks all three of them!

    Two black ladies spanking each other

    Fans of “Gramps” and his methods of disciplining black ladies should also see Two Spanked Black Girls which is much harder with implements and anal sex! You can watch both movies right now, plus a whole host of amateur spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View!

    Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View

  • Sarah starts off spanking ebony Lola Marie over her hot pink shorts
    Sarah starts off spanking ebony Lola Marie over her hot pink shorts

    It’s always too long since we had a nice ebony spanking scene so for me this scene with Lola Marie is long overdue.

    Lola is pretty with a nice body and a poppin’ ebony booty. She is a very polite English lady who has done some glamour modeling, fashion modeling and artistic nudes but nothing like bondage or spanking in the past. This is her first time getting spanked on camera by Sarah. Sarah interviews her and introduces her to some implements, some of which were sent to her by members of her website. After a few slaps of the strap over her hand Lola announces that she has quite thick skin. Sarah agrees after a few hard smacks over her shorts hardly has any effect at all. It’s only when the shorts come down that sexy Lola starts to feel the spanking. With her panties further up her bottom Sarah is able to spank Lola’s chocolate booty. Even though she is not spanking any harder than before, now Lola can really feel that she’s being spanked and we can see too because that round, brown bottom is turning quite red. With the spanking finally taking place the polite ebony model scrunches her face up as the stinging in her behind starts to kick in…

    With her shorts pulled down Lola has less protection over her bottom and she really starts to feel the spanking
    With her shorts pulled down Lola has less protection over her bottom and she really starts to feel the spanking

    Lola’s firm, round ebony booty really is incredible, quite a bubblebutt! To see the full interview and first ever spanking scene with Lola Marie and plenty of other English and British babes spend some time with Spanking Sarah!

    Spanking Sarah

  • New ebony Sweetie Danielle Hunt gets a hard OTK spanking from Lana

    You have seen Danielle Hunt on virtually every spanking site but now you can hear right from her how she became such an enthusiastic spanking model in the interview on Spanked Sweeties. In the interview you might be surprised to learn that Dani was not spanked growing up, even though she deserved to be. So, it’s up to hard-spanking Lana Miller to play her mom and deliver what should have been to this sexy ebony lady.

    New ebony Sweetie Danielle Hunt gets a hard OTK spanking from Lana

    In the meantime you can see casey’s spanking scenes and interviews only on Spanked Sweeties!!

    Spanked Sweeties

  • Callgirl Dani Hunt watches while Ginger S. gets an OTK spanking

    New girls Danielle Hunt and Ginger S. are fighting over a client. Literally. When Lana catches them, she decides she needs to lay down the law. So she gives them both a sound over the knee spanking, including 10 whacks with a paddle.

    Madam Lana spanks Dani Hunt OTK with a wooden paddle

    When Madam Lana leaves the room, Dani decides it was Ginger’s fault and she spanks her as well. By the end Ginger has a very well-spanked bottom indeed.

    Madam Lana spanks callgirls Dani Hunt & Ginger S. for fighting

    Both ladies, playing callgirls, look very slutty in their tight, figure-hugging dresses. Ginger has lovely pale skin that makes her blushed bottom look very red indeed. Chocolate-skinned Dani looks lovely in her tight, red dress going over Lana’s knee.

    Dani Hunt and Ginger S. feel the effects of a good punishment

    You can watch this scene and plenty more pretty pornstars and callgirls getting spanked hard in sleazy locations at Spanked Call Girls!

    Spanked Callgirls

  • Mandee and Michelle Miller pose together on the bed

    All-ebony spanking on the internet is much rarer than it should be, in my opinion, so scenes like this one are all the more special. Hard-spanking Lana and her two sassy relatives, Michelle and Mandee Miller are three sexy ebony ladies, two of whom are about to get a spanking. Mandee looks incredibly like Lana and it can almost look like Lana is spanking herself. Michelle has a very pretty face and is the curvier of the two, she definitely looks like she is a handful!

    In this scene, Michelle and Mandee are two sassy call girls with major attitude which displeases the brothel madam, Lana. In the hotel room all three are wearing their finery with Lana in a hot-pink dress and the two callgirls in simple, elegant black dresses. It’s Mandee’s turn first, she’s the one in the sleeveless black dress and the big, cream panties that have to come down…

    Lana spanks Mandee OTK, pulling down her panties to spank her big brown bottom

    Next up is Michelle whose bottom is very alike Mandee’s… big, black and round. And she looks very like Mandee when she is over Lana’s knee when the hair is hanging across her face. You have to look at the dress and stockings in some of these photos to figure out whose turn it is…

    Lana spanks Michelle and Mandee in all-ebony spanking gallery

    Michelle Miller also gets a good hand-spanking on her round, ebony butt

    When Lana is finished with them both ladies are wailing and repentant…

    It’s a very nice all-girl, all-ebony scene with 3 pretty and sassy black ladies. Watch the full all-ebony scene at Girl Spanks Girl!

    Girl Spanks Girl

  • Rihanna gets her first taste of Lana's hard spanking
    Rihanna gets her first taste of Lana’s hard spanking

    Ebony spanko Rihanna is a new Nubian Goddess who was spanked by her mother and father growing up. Her mother is played by Lana Miller in these re-enactments for Spanked Sweeties. This is her first ever spanking shoot…

    Rihanna's curvy bare bottom gets spanked hard over Lana's lap
    Rihanna’s curvy bare bottom gets spanked hard over Lana’s lap

    Rihanna is a lovely ebony girl-next-door with a nice slim body with nice boobs and a perky, round ass. She has a nice, pretty face and is very expressive as she gets chased around the room by Lana with a wooden spoon…

    Ebony Rihanna gets ass spanked with a wooden spoon in her tight jeans
    Ebony Rihanna gets ass spanked with a wooden spoon in her tight jeans

    Lana is one of the hardest spankers on the internet so, knowing that Rihanna has been spanked growing up, she goes to town on her lovely bottom. Rihanna enjoys a little light spanking play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for this level of spanking. Her skin turns red and she had trouble sitting long after the cameras stopped recording.

    Rihanna inspects her sore red bottom facing the wall
    Rihanna inspects her sore red bottom facing the wall

    After the last scene, Rihanna was begging to spank Lana, to experience being a top. Lana let her do it and gave her some tips. And probably taught her too well…

    The tables are turned when Rihanna tries spanking Lana
    The tables are turned when Rihanna tries spanking Lana

    Lovely ebony babe Rihanna is the latest lady to talk about her spankings in an interview and act out some spanking scenes in Spanked Sweeties.

    Spanked Sweeties

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer was interviewing Dani Hunt to take the job of Social Media Expert for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. Of course, when representing a spanking video production company, one must understand exactly what a spanking is. No?

    The lovely British babe with the chocolate skin goes over Chelsea’s knee as she starts to sample Chelsea’s wares. The spanking starts off with the hand, but when it’s clear that Dani is able to take more the hairbrush soon comes out on the sexy ebony model’s bare bottom.

    With most of this spanking being OTK, Chelsea rounds off her product-testing session with Dani bending over the couch for the wooden hairbrush.

    This is a lovely girl-on-girl spanking episode with one of the hottest emerging spanking starlets, Dani Hunt, meeting an experienced spanking of bottoms. There are both the pure spanking action, “Chelsea Spanks” scenes and these kind of scenes with a storyline at Good Spanking! You know that both kinds have Chelsea in fine form bringing the pain to a beautiful bottom.

    Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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