All Millers Spanking

Mandee and Michelle Miller pose together on the bed

All-ebony spanking on the internet is much rarer than it should be, in my opinion, so scenes like this one are all the more special. Hard-spanking Lana and her two sassy relatives, Michelle and Mandee Miller are three sexy ebony ladies, two of whom are about to get a spanking. Mandee looks incredibly like Lana and it can almost look like Lana is spanking herself. Michelle has a very pretty face and is the curvier of the two, she definitely looks like she is a handful!

In this scene, Michelle and Mandee are two sassy call girls with major attitude which displeases the brothel madam, Lana. In the hotel room all three are wearing their finery with Lana in a hot-pink dress and the two callgirls in simple, elegant black dresses. It’s Mandee’s turn first, she’s the one in the sleeveless black dress and the big, cream panties that have to come down…

Lana spanks Mandee OTK, pulling down her panties to spank her big brown bottom

Next up is Michelle whose bottom is very alike Mandee’s… big, black and round. And she looks very like Mandee when she is over Lana’s knee when the hair is hanging across her face. You have to look at the dress and stockings in some of these photos to figure out whose turn it is…

Lana spanks Michelle and Mandee in all-ebony spanking gallery

Michelle Miller also gets a good hand-spanking on her round, ebony butt

When Lana is finished with them both ladies are wailing and repentant…

It’s a very nice all-girl, all-ebony scene with 3 pretty and sassy black ladies. Watch the full all-ebony scene at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl


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Rihanna gets her first taste of Lana's hard spanking
Rihanna gets her first taste of Lana’s hard spanking

Ebony spanko Rihanna is a new Nubian Goddess who was spanked by her mother and father growing up. Her mother is played by Lana Miller in these re-enactments for Spanked Sweeties. This is her first ever spanking shoot…

Rihanna's curvy bare bottom gets spanked hard over Lana's lap
Rihanna’s curvy bare bottom gets spanked hard over Lana’s lap

Rihanna is a lovely ebony girl-next-door with a nice slim body with nice boobs and a perky, round ass. She has a nice, pretty face and is very expressive as she gets chased around the room by Lana with a wooden spoon…

Ebony Rihanna gets ass spanked with a wooden spoon in her tight jeans
Ebony Rihanna gets ass spanked with a wooden spoon in her tight jeans

Lana is one of the hardest spankers on the internet so, knowing that Rihanna has been spanked growing up, she goes to town on her lovely bottom. Rihanna enjoys a little light spanking play in her personal life, but she wasn’t prepared for this level of spanking. Her skin turns red and she had trouble sitting long after the cameras stopped recording.

Rihanna inspects her sore red bottom facing the wall
Rihanna inspects her sore red bottom facing the wall

After the last scene, Rihanna was begging to spank Lana, to experience being a top. Lana let her do it and gave her some tips. And probably taught her too well…

The tables are turned when Rihanna tries spanking Lana
The tables are turned when Rihanna tries spanking Lana

Lovely ebony babe Rihanna is the latest lady to talk about her spankings in an interview and act out some spanking scenes in Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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Exclusive Education 7 Preview

Hot off the press on Girl Spanks Girl is the new and eagerly anticipated “Exclusive Education 7“. The seventh year of this mold-breaking spanking movie series is bigger and even better than the previous six. This time around there are more ladies, more twists and turns and more bare bottom spanking in the classroom.

Among the cast this time Principal Miller (Lana) and teacher Snow Mercy are joined by new teacher, Sarah Gregory. Veronica Ricci returns as a naughty schoolgirl along with Kat St. James (Kat is now a brunette), Paris Kennedy, Phoenix Askani, Christy Cutie and some ladies you may not have seen before such as Riley, Edanya, Ginger and Koko.

You can watch the full “Exclusive Education 7″ movie as it gets added and the first six movies are already up in full on Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Michelle Miller

Ebony Michelle Miller gets caught watching something she shouldn't be watching in her bedroom

Following Mandee Miller’s appearance on Exclusive Education 6, the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties is another relative of Lana’s called Michelle Miller. In her interview she is remarkably frank about her spanking experiences and the reasons for them. Then, in her spanking scenes she acts out some very nice scenes with Mandee and Lana playing her sister and mom.

Michelle got into masturbating at an early age and was often spanked for it. Here she acts out a scene where her mom catches her up to no good in the bedroom and has to pull down her panties to teach her a lesson on her big, bare bottom.

Mom Lana spanks Michelle's big brown bottom

Michelle is a very cute ebony babe with a pretty face and curvy body. She has big boobs and an even bigger bottom that is perfect for a scene such as this.

Michelle is a very pretty ebony babe, especially when she's being spanked

In the first scene from this episode Michelle and Mandy have gotten into trouble together for having a party. Both ladies get spanked but we’re lead to believe that it was all started by Mandee.

Michelle is actually the elder of the two girls, with Mandee Miller being younger. I was quite surprised by this as Mandee looks completely different from how she looked in Exclusive Education 6 and looks like she could be the eldest to me. Anyway, Mandee is also in for a hard time in this Spanked Sweeties episode as she gets spanked by both Lana and Michelle.

Mandee Miller also gets spanked as both sisters get thoroughly punished

This is an amazing all-ebony scene that sees hard-hitting Lana get to grips with her two real-life relatives. If you like ebony spanking this is a must-see, and if you are just a fan of real-life spanking and interviews the place to see all this and more is Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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Ebony schoolgirl spanked in class

Mandee Miller

Following on from yesterday’s girl guides uniform spanking, today we have yet another uniform, this time it’s a schoolgirl uniform! Well, at the beginning there are a class of beautiful ladies all in kinky schoolgirl uniforms, but by the time it starts to get very interesting the uniforms have been discarded and the ladies are just wearing their panties, vests and knee-high white socks. That is, until the white panties get pulled down…

Sexy Mandee Miller is a schoolgirl in this scene, she and the rest of the class are being disciplined by two teachers, Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy, and the principal, Principal Miller (Lana). Each of the nine “schoolgirls” get punished separately and in tandem at the front of the class while their classmates line up against the blackboard/chalkboard. Here, we’re focussing on Mandee as it’s the first time we’ve seen her and she is a sexy ebony babe we’d love to see more of.

Mandee Miller getting spanked OTK by Snow Mercy with Nena going over Principal Miller's knee

After the hand spanking there is the hairbrush and the paddle. Here Mandee gets spanked with Principal Miller’s hairbrush…

Ebony schoolgirl Mandee Miller spanked in class gallery

Principal Miller spanks Mandee with a hairbrush at the front of the class

As you’ll probably know already, this scene comes from the epic spanking movie, “Exclusive Education 6″. Watch this classroom spanking drama unfold now with all the schoolgirls and the cheerleader getting punished very firmly indeed at Girl spanks Girl!

Exclusive Education 6 at Girl Spanks Girl

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Sophia Locke’s Caning

Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning

This is a very nice scene from Spanked Call Girls that sees Lana giving Sophia Locke a caning on her already well-spanked bottom.

Curvy redhead, Sophia, has already had her big, round bottom spanked by Lana who is very capable of giving a good, hard spanking. During her over the knee spanking we witness Sophia’s lovely white bottom turn into a blushing, rosy red color. Not only do we see Sophia’s beautiful, plump rear get a nice spanking but she also gets the indignity of having her panties stuffed into her mouth. Then with her bottom fully warmed up, Sophia kneels and bends over the sofa and Lana wields the cane at her big, round booty.

The story here is that Madam Clare has gone out of town leaving Lana to give new callgirl Sophia her induction to the brothel. The curvy hooker has all the right attributes to become a success at Clare’s brothel: big boobs, pretty, petite and a big, round ass. But, those same attributes, her big bottom especailly, also make Lana want to put her through her paces. The result is very sexy indeed…

Lana gives Sophia Locke her induction to the brothel which includes a bare bottom caning – gallery

If you’ve seen Sophia Locke before you’ll have no doubt liked what you saw, she’s a nice, redhead with big boobs, large ass, piercings, tattoos and an alternative/gothic style. Here her bottom is looking better than ever. Whether she’s over Lana’s knee or kneeling over the sofa that rump looks delicious. Lana even breaks the cane over it!

Spanked Callgirls

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Exclusive Education 6

Naughty ladies line up at the front of the classroom and show off their white panties in Exclusive Education 6
From left to right: Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Bliss Evermore, Nena, Ten Amorette, Sophia Locke, Mandee Miller and Julie Night

It’s summertime and that can mean only one thing: a new “Exclusive Education” movie at Girl spanks Girl. This year we’re in the sixth year of the series and while it is true that every year we think the latest movie is very good, this year is no exception.

Exclusive Education 6 features some of the hottest girls from over the past 12 months and introduces some brand new faces. In the lineup above, you can see some of our favourites like Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Nena and Ten Amorette. You also might recognise Sophia Locke (redhead with tattoos and glasses) from this post. So that just leaves the newbies… Bliss Evermore is the tallish, thin brunette with braided pigtails, Julie Night is/was a pornstar but her new “short-hair” look makes her look very different and ebony Mandee Miller is the real-life neice of Lana, you’ll see the likeness of the two ladies in their faces immediately. Also, this is the first time we’ve come across Lilia Spinoza, who plays the naughty cheerleader in this movie…

Lilia Spinoza plays a naughty cheerleader in Exclusive Education 6
Lilia Spinoza

So with all the ladies from the lineup and Lilia that makes nine “schoolgirls” this year and the three teachers are the same as last year: Lana, Snow Mercy and, of course, Clare Fonda. So that’s a grand total of 12 of the hottest ladies in spanking, with, we have to say, some of the nicest bottoms. Ten and Mary Jane have two of the nicest, roundest bottoms in spanking, and I’d forgotten how nice Nena’s bottom is. In fact, all the ladies have nice bottoms this year and with beauties such as Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza it’s going to be an epic spanking movie to remember!

This may well be stating the obvious but this year’s movie is a must for lovers of classroom scenarios, plus this year you also have a naughty cheerleader thrown in for good measure. There is A LOT of OTK spanking with the hand and the hairbrush, as with all the previous Exclusive Education movies, and this year there is this fearsome wooden paddle…

Julie Night bends over for the wooden paddle while the others watch from the front of class
Julie Night bends over for the wooden paddle while the others watch from the front of class

Each of Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education movies are feature-length, much longer than most spanking movies and with much more action (having such large casts of sexy spankees), to give you an example of the running times, number 5 of the series was 1 hour and 40 minutes of spanking action. You can see the first five Exclusive Education movies right now in their entirety at Girl spanks Girl! Exclusive Education 6 is brand new and just starting to be added so grab it while it’s hot!

Girl Spanks Girl

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Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream

Lana shows her two ebony neices the hairbrush she uses for spankings
Lana shows her two ebony neices the hairbrush she uses for spankings

The long awaited “Panties Down” is on Girl Spanks Girl with Lana administering red hot family spankings to Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream. This is one very real video where the girls are spending the weekend with Aunt Lana. She warns them in the opening scene that this year, if they bring bad habits into the house that they will not only be spanked hard like last year- it will be with their panties down. Needless to say Lana delivers discipline to their thick bottoms with both hand and hairbrush. This is a hard corporal punishment of two big, round bottoms in the style that many naughty black ladies will remember.

Aunt Lana spanks her two neices, Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream, with the hairbrush gallery

Aunt Lana pulls down Sydnee Capri's panties
Aunt Lana pulls down Sydnee Capri’s panties

Sydnee admires Kandi Kream's big, black, spanked booty
Sydnee admires Kandi Kream’s big, black, spanked booty

This is a fantastic double spanking of two lovely black babes. Sydnee Capri has a lovely taut body with small breasts, puffy aereolas and a nice round booty, and Kandi Kream has some big boobs and a phat ass that seems to get bigger by the second. If you like your spankings supersized check out Lana dealing with Kandi’s amazingly big booty! Only Lana could deal with a huge bottom like that, and she does deal with it very well with her hairbrush, making that ass glow pink and red. Download the full movie only at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

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