Desiree’s Back to School spanking, Part 2

Desiree's Back to School spanking, part 2

In part 2 of “Desiree’s Back to School spanking” (part one is here) Desiree needs to focus on getting out of college and her aunt has looked up Lana, a principal who “life coaches” girls on the side with good old fashioned spankings. Bright young Desiree is not a bad girl, just distracted although she seems to find focus very quickly over Lana’s knee, submitting to her hard hand taking several hard spankings that almost seem to have a military style to them. Lana is one of the best mistresses in spanking and not just due to her hard hand but her stern lectures. Desiree is a new model and this was a tough shoot for her the first time out but we would very much like to see her cute round bum, pigtails and midwestern look of surprise back OTK sometimes soon!

Desiree’s Back to School spanking, part 2

Download the full movies to part one and part two of this hard disciplinary spanking scene only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl!

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Desiree’s Back to School spanking

Desiree's Back to School spanking

In “Back to School” college student, Desiree, goes to see lifecoach, Lana. She soon realizes that Lana takes discipline very seriously indeed and it is not long before she is sampling this discipline as she is upended and gets her round bottom spanked hard. She starts off in pigtails and a smart school uniform but Lana makes her remove her blouse and skirt before bending over her lap in only her vest, panties and long socks. As the spanking continues the panties get pulled down and Desiree has the humiliation of getting her bare bottom spanked til it’s red.

The story behind this video is that Clare Fonda’s friend Lana told her she had a new girl who wanted some work. Desiree was new to LA and certainly new to doing a two hour video in which Lana spanked her ass every which way including several grueling over the knee sessions and a caning leaving our new model hot, bothered and with a red raw bottom. Lana does not go easy on friends – infact, Clare Fonda can attest – she goes harder.

Desiree’s Back to School spanking gallery

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Strict Teacher Snow Mercy gets her Comeuppance

The tables are turned when teacher Snow Mercy gets stripped down by the Principal

Snow Mercy is a very strict and beautiful teacher in “Exclusive Education 4″. She is chaperoning her class of female students after the spelling bee competition and leaves them alone for a moment while she goes off to take a phonecall. On her return chaos has broken loose and the Principal and fellow teacher, Ms Fonda, have had to break up a catfight. Thus, begins a very long and thorough spanking for each of the girls. No student escapes having her bottom bared for a very hard OTK at the hands of both Snow Mercy and the very hard-spanking Principal, Lana Miller. But, the question still remains of why did Ms Snow leave her students alone and unsupervised…

…well here we see that no good (or bad) deed goes unpunished. After spanking the girls very hard over her knee while sitting on a straight-backed chair it is time for her to undergo the same punishment as she dished out to them. The only difference is that a teacher is a role model and therefore has more responsibility so it looks like this feckless teacher gets her snowy, white buttocks spanked very hard indeed with the hand, the hairbrush and the very intimidating wooden, punishment board…

Teacher Snow Mercy gets a hard paddling on the bare butt in front of her class

Watch the Exclusive Education updates from this epic spanking movie and the first three movies at Girl Spanks Girl that you can get on the amazing-value Clare Fonda Pass.

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Exclusive Education 4 is Here!

Miss Snow and Principal Miller spanking the girls after they have misbehaved on an outing
Snow Mercy spanks Ashli Orion (left) and Lana spanks Ariel X

For each of the past 3 years Clare Fonda has launched a new “Exclusive Education” spanking movie.. each one was filled with cute babes getting spanked hard by the Principal and teachers of the school. With a different class of girls every year Exclusive Education 1, 2 and 3 have all been amazingly good, hard spanking fun… but now with EE4 we have the Class of ’09…

The story is that this group of girls has finished in last place of the spelling bee so to celebrate the school takes them on an outing. But, it is not long before an argument breaks out, there are no teachers around so the argument turns into a mass brawl. Miss Fonda and Principal Miller return to find Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) nowhere in sight and the ladies pulling each others’ hair out on the floor. In the great Exclusive Education tradition, Principal Miller (Lana) announces that the girls will all be spanked on their bare bottoms. The Principal and Miss Snow each take a seat in the center of the room and each girl is disrobed and her panties pulled down to lie across their laps. With Lana and Snow each spanking a girl at the same time in classic EE-style. After the first round of spankings the two girls then swap seats and get spanked by the other teacher… It is going to be a long, hard punishment for these girls, especially for Miss Fonda’s daughter (Sara Faye) who gets an extra spanking from her mother on top of her first two spankings. The seven girls get thoroughly spanked in whats left of their school uniforms before extra punishments are dished out with the hairbrush and paddle on deserving bottoms.

But, there is still the question of why Miss Snow abandoned her duties in the first place leading up to the girls’ fight (perhaps this snooty teacher deserves a spanking of her own in front of the class of girls). And, what happens later that evening when the girls need extra discipline slumber party-style in their pajamas…

Exclusive Education 4 is here at Girl Spanks Girl

If you like a classroom-style spanking scenario you need to check this out. There’s is plenty of good hard F/F discipline applied to the naughty girls’ bottoms. You may have seen Ashli Orion here before and she is definitely one of the highlights, along with Lily Anna, Ariel X and, of course, Madison Martin. But the real highlight has to be new teacher Miss Snow, looking all prim and proper in her tight blouse, she spanks the girls hard until she eventually has to lower her own panties for Principal Miller’s wooden paddle…

Exclusive Education gets better and better. Number four is threatening to be the best yet. Check it out now only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

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Lana warms up for Exclusive Education 4

Hard-spanking Lana is back!

School’s out for summer so it must be time for another Exclusive Education spanking movie from Clare Fonda… this one will be number 4! Word on the grapevine is that this one will be quite different from the first three but there are still similarities. Of course, Clare is joined by Lana (above) and a whole classroom full of naughty girls, but other than that we’re not entirely sure how this one’s going to be at the time of writing. I’ve heard some rumours about some of the naughty students for this installment and I can’t wait for it to be filmed and on my screen!!

Lana’s had a bit of a break from spanking, so it’s only fair that she get back into the swing of things with a mini warm-up session. This is mini only in terms of the number of girls being spanked compared to a classroom in Exclusive Education. There is nothing small about the behinds of the two black girls getting OTK spanked here, Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream, but if anyone is up to the job it is Lana…

Lana gets to grips with Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream in an all-ebony spanking movie

Yep, Lana fans (of which it seems there are many) will be pleased to know that hotpants or jeans are no match for Lana’s firm hand, and when those panties get tugged down those big, ebony butts can really get spanked very hard!

As I’ve said before, Lana is one of my favorite spankers because she is a sexy black cougar/MILF who spanks very hard indeed. One of the hardest female spankers out there!

I’ve also posted my love of switches in the past, I’d love to see more of Lana getting spanked herself, which I know she’d like. Anyone who’s seen the behind-the-scenes interviews on EE2 (or it might be 3) will have seen Lana’s eyes light up when she talked about getting spanked herself. I’ve seen bits of Lana getting spanked (an old scene in the kitchen filming a cookery show springs to mind) but someone needs to man/woman up and take Lana OTK. A scene with Lana disciplining some girls, then perhaps getting into trouble for not having gone through the right protocol and so has to be dealt with severely by her own superior…

On that note I need a break ;) see much more of Lana on all of Clare Fonda’s sites and especially in the EE movies on Girl Spanks Girl

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Madison Martin’s Bottom

Kailee and Madison line up over the table for Lana's crop

I’ve mentioned Episode 26 of My Spanking Roommate before but I’m in love with Madison Martin’s bottom so here we go again to savour the delights of that big, round bottom…

The photo above sets the scene, Madison and Kailee are bending over with their blushed bare bottoms being beaten by Lana’s riding crop. Lana is one of the meanest over the knee spankers out there, she has a strong arm and a hard hand and she’s not afraid to use them on a defenceless bottom. When she’s using a crop like this and the girls are bending over and not OTK Lana is not quite at her best but it is worth it to see those two beautiful bums lined up together getting punished.

Anyway, back to the bottom, The more I look at Madison’s wonderful rear the more I like it. I could write poetry to an ass like that! The below picture is amazing and even gives you a peek at her pretty pink pussy…

Madison Martin's beautiful big bottom and pink pussy

Madison has a pretty face, she almost has a spoilt, bratty look to her when she wants to. With her slim waist and large rear she certainly has all the curves and seeing her play and have fun in the scenes is amazing, especially when she gets a really good hard spanking from a strict domme such as Lana, or the Danny Crichton. Most of the episodes feature at least one of Kailee, Madison and Kay so I know that every time I logon I’m going to witness a special spanking. Anyway, see more at…

My Spanking Roommate

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Cheating sisters get punished together by strict teacher

Cheating sisters Madison and Kailee get punished together by strict teacher

Clare Fonda’s My spanking Roommate is one of my favorite spanking websites mainly down to the two main characters, the roommates: Madison Martin and Kay Richards. The site has various episodes which tell the story of these two naughty roomies, like a soap opera, which is why I call it a spanking soap opera. Each episode is beautifully crafted and often references other episodes and other characters that we might have met, or are about to meet.. Madison and Kay are joined by various other characters including work colleagues, neighbors, friends, college teachers and ex-boyfriends. Of course, each encounter leads to a spanking. Such as today’s new spanking with “sisters” Madison and Kailee, we know they are sisters because in a previous episode Kailee was spanked for trying to help her sister get out of a modeling assignment by Mr Ford. Here’s the episode description…

Kailee has paid her sister Madison to do her homework…. and Simone catches them. First she makes Madison spank Kailee over her knee. Then she decides to really teach them a lesson – so she bends them both over the dining room table and whips them with a riding crop. To add insult to injury, Simone forces Kailee to compete her assignment during the punishment.

Madison drives me crazy and Kailee has been one of my favorite spanking girls for a while, especially because she has a very distinctive look and is actually looking better and better. This scene is brand new. It is currently being added to….

My Spanking Roommate

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More Amelia Jane Photos…

But Amelia Jane Rutherford’s distress does not end with ONE spanking, there is plenty more to come for this naughty university student from England. Here we see her tutor, Lana, continue her education with yet another spanking on her pretty bottom. The continuing saga of Amelia Jane…

Lana removes Amelia's pretty dress

No-nonsense Lana first removes Amelia’s pretty, blue dress…

The panties are next as Amelia covers her boobs

Amelia Jane covers her little breasts, giving herself a little humility as Lana pulls down her panties..

Amelia's pretty bottom is already glowing pink

Finally, her bottom is bare and she is given the over the knee spanking she deserves…

Finally Lana gets Amelia in the OTK position for her spanking

See all the photos and screen grabs and download the movie clips at…

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Amelia Jane Rutherford Earns her Education

Amelia Jane Rutherford meets her tutor Lana for the first time

Now it’s officially Amelia Jane Rutherford season!! We love everything about the tall blond from England, she is very cute and has a graceful elegance about her.. that is until she is dragged across a lap and given a spanking. When that happens she is just like every other naughty girl only we are treated to viewing her lovely buns and long legs..

Amelia is told how things will be from now on

This spanking movie is called “The Professional Student“. The title refers to Amelia herself, who’s found herself under her aunt’s guardianship at the age of 20.. While she would normally be old enough to live her life independently her aunt (Clare Fonda) feels that she owes it to Amelia’s mother to make sure she becomes an A+ student and the only way that will happen is with tutor, Lana’s help. So, when Amelia shows up late for her lesson it’s time for Lana to give her a lesson in punctuality, and she is being paid a lot of money to teach Amelia so she intends to be very strict and make sure Amelia learns her lessons…

Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford over the knee photo

When Lana bares Amelia’s bottom the sexy English niece’s embarrassment is clearly visible.. it seems that Lana is pulling down those panties incredibly slowly so that we see her neatly trimmed pubes a quarter of an inch at a time with plenty of time to marvel at the hot chick’s most private of parts. When they are finally down she gets a few brisk slaps across the bare flesh but her punishment has not even begun. Lana has to yank her down and over her knee before we are treated to this hot babe’s OTK spanking which ends up with Amelia’s bottom looking rosy red and very pretty indeed…

Amelia Jane Rutherford's rosy red, spanked bottom

This is a big spanking movie update in several sections. You can see this fine scene only at:

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

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Exclusive Education 3 is Here!!

A classroom full of naughty babes
Front row (left to right): Amile Waters, Sinn Sage, Jessica Bangkok, Beverly Bacci, Ashley Edmunds and Sarah Gregory.
Back row (the bad girls!?): Naomi Cruise, Kylie Reese, Kay Richards and Madison Martin.

As I write this I’ve just been looking at the 4 pages of photos and have just watched the first 2 movieclips from the NEW Exclusive Education spanking movie at Girl Spanks Girl. The photo above shows all the girls’ faces so I thought I’d post that as we’ve seen the bottoms already. Some cuties, don’t you think!? I’m looking forward to seeing some of the girls I know of and especially the new girls to spanking (at least spanking on camera).. Jessica Bangkok is the first girl who gets interviewed at the start, she’s absolutely gorgeous with a great personality so I, of course, can’t wait to see her go over Clare and Lana’s knee! Check out the screengrabs… some of those shots are a little blurry but the action is encapsulated and you get to see a lot more of what was actually going on. Below is someone we’ve featured before: Naomi Cruise

Naomi Cruise looks unimpressed as Lana removes her knickers

We can see this is a hard spanking! How? Well, there is no faking a handprint on the bottom like this.. ouch! It looks like Madison Martin is having a hard time aswell…

Naomi Cruise gets spanked hard by Lana as Madison Martin gets the same from Clare Fonda

Check out the updates at Girl Spanks Girl on the all-new…

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