• Mia Vallis, Jasmine Mendez and Bettie Bondage

    Readers will know that one of the things I like the most about sites like My Spanking Roommate are the story lines that sometimes weave in and out of different characters and venues, and can often lead to revenge spankings.

    This scene is a continuation of when Jasmine was auditioning for roommates where she let both applicants move in with her on condition she that spank them both for their bratty behavior. Now, the two ladies have moved in but have to share a room while Jasmine lives it up in a spacious room of her own. That would be fine if the rent was divided accordingly but it seems that all three are splitting the rent into thirds. Something has to give and luckily for us all three sexy ladies end up getting spanked in this gorgeous scene.

    Jasmine Mendez is one of my current spanking crushes and I mentioned before that I liked seeing her dominate the two roommates but was very much looking forward to her getting on the other end of a bare bottom spanking… that time has arrived! But not before she spanks the other two again. In a tight blue top that hugs her torso and shows off her cleavage and the skimpiest pair of cut-off denim shorts Jasmine looks amazing – slim, busty, long wavy hair and long legs. The beautiful Latina plays the role of a top extremely well and her look is both glamorous and strict when needed. Once again we see her masterfully dominate both ladies, but then the tables turn.

    Mia Vallis is an athletic-looking blonde who must be as strong, if not stronger than Jasmine, so together with curvy Bettie Bondage they overpower the strict Latina until she is draped helpless over Mia’s lap. Bettie helps to hold her in position while Mia gets to work on some hard-felt revenge.

    If Jasmine looks hot her co-stars in this scene are also looking much hotter than the earlier scene, in my opinion. Bettie is wearing a tight little black dress and Mia is in a low-cut top and little white skirt.

    Anyway, enough chat. For more of this scene the preview gallery is here.

    And, as always, you can catch up on this adventure plus many more sexy spanking storylines at My Spanking Roommate.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Beautiful Latina Jasmine Mendez spanking Mia Vallis OTK while auditioning for a roommate

    When I first saw this scene I thought I recognized one or two of the models, but I think I was mistaken. This scene has three new models!!

    Jasmine Mendez was one that I thought I recognized but I think I was getting her mixed up with Giselle Mari or Vicki Chase from this scene. She’s certainly a welcome addition to the many Latina spanking models we’ve featured! With her glamorous appearance, expressive face and hot body she looks stunning with both ladies from this scene over her knee.

    The story goes that she is having auditions for two new roommates, but when both show up at the same time the problems begin. Both prospective roommates are obnoxious and push poor Jasmine to her limit. The only solution seems to be to spank both of them, let them both move in and hope that the spanking makes them nicer to live with.

    The three new spanking models are made up of Latina Jasmine, blond Mia Vallis, and tattooed brunette Bettie Bondage. Each lady is completely different making it a fun and varied scene but for me Jasmine is the star. Despite being on top I can’t keep my eyes off her as she twists her beautiful face into all kinds of shapes to help her concentrate on the job at hand, spanking! Whether she’s snarling, sticking out her tongue or biting her lip she looks amazing but maybe that’s being unfair on her co-stars. Mia is a sweet-looking blonde with a slender frame and nice, soft-looking booty. With her many tattoos and curvier frame, Bettie is a completely different proposition but Jasmine does a fine job on her big booty.

    I can’t wait for future installments of this storyline. For a start I want to see more of Jasmine, and in particular I’d like to see her getting a spanking herself. I imagine Bettie giving her a nice hard spanking would be equally as pleasing… or perhaps she would get in trouble with some of the other characters such as Kay Richards, Madison Martin, Missy Rhodes or Veronica Ricci. Either way I think this scene is bound to be the beginning of some interesting developments!

    You can catch up with the mayhem and see the three new roommates getting into the swing of things in their first scene at My Spanking Roommate, which is also available as the fourth website in the 4- and 5-site versions of Clare Fonda Pass.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Kay Spanked In Ludella's Office

    Kay Richards is one of my favorite spanking models, and curvy redheaded Ludella Hahn is creeping up on her and is not far behind. These two beauties in their scenes on My Spanking Roommate are electric! This is a continuation from storylines from other scenes where both Kay and her life coach, Ludella, have been spanked…

    Kay’s life coach Ludella Hahn is not happy that Kay has yet to remove Madison as her roommate. So Ludella reminds Kay how things are done – she will spank her until Kay does as she is told. In addition to using her hand, Ludella spanks Kay with a hard wooden mirror, using both sides on Kay’s tender bottom.

    Kay Spanked In Ludella’s Office – photo gallery

    My Spanking Roommate is a spanking soap opera where there are some recurring storylines with different characters often returning to settle scores. While there are always new characters showing up there are also regular appearances from the two main characters Kay Richards and Madison Martin. Some of the characters you may recognize from other spanking websites, and some are beautiful and sexy glamour models like Veronica Ricci, and now Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, Jenna Rose.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Jenna spanks Maddy Marks hard with a hairbrush OTK

    Jenna Rose really does have a very nice bottom!

    This scene starts off with the sexy brunette diva seizing her opportunity to spank her new roommate, Maddy Marks. Maddy hasn’t paid her half of the rent and so Jenna takes her over the knee for a nice spanking with the hand and the hairbrush in an attempt to extract the money from her.

    But when redheaded Maddy sees that Jenna has just spanked her with her own hairbrush she gets mad and forces the sexy brunette over her knee for a spanking of her own.

    Maddy spanks Jenna Rose's gorgeous round bottom

    This is when we see Jenna’s lovely round bottom. Did I saw what a pretty bottom she has? It’s a combination of a pleasingly round shape coupled with a beautiful tan. When her cheeks get spanked red the rosy red color against the backdrop of her smooth, golden bottom is just wonderful. There are some nice close-ups in this gallery but I think the photo below has to be my favorite, the angle makes Jenna’s bottom look like it sticks out even more than it does.. Mmmmm.

    Jenna Rose and Maddy Marks hug after they've both been spanked

    My Spanking Roommate is a spanking soap opera where there are some recurring storylines with different characters often returning to settle scores. While there are always new characters showing up there are also regular appearances from the two main characters Kay Richards and Madison Martin. Some of the characters you may recognize from other spanking websites, and some are beautiful and sexy glamour models like Veronica Ricci, and now Penthouse Pet of the Year 2012, Jenna Rose.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Kay gets falsely accused by her life coach, Ludella Hahn

    Kay recently hired a life coach, Ludella Hahn and previous we saw that the strict coach has given her a spanking in this post. But, this time Kay Richards has had enough of the tutor’s strictness when she gets falsely accused. Kay puts Ludella across her knee for a sound hand spanking, plus some with her cute little “Hello Kitty” paddle…

    Kay Richards puts Ludella over her knee for a sound spanking

    Ludella (a burlesque dancer in real life) has a nice curvy bottom that bounces when it is spanked is very pretty and curvy in a way you’d definitely associate with burlesque and spanking. Her fast-reddening bottom looks great draped over Kay’s lap, and equally as good when she walks up the stairs afterwards, showing it off…

    Ludella Hahn shows off her curvy, well-spanked bottom as she climbs the staircase

    This is another curvy, big-bottomed spanking scene from My Spanking Roommate! We’d recommend watching this scene together with the previous scene where Kay is on the receiving end to get the most out of this sexy storyline.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Mr Ford has to spank naughty Kay Richards in the nude to get the information he needs

    My Spanking Roommate has been bootylicious in recent times and this update is no exception with two white girls with big booties getting spanked. First up is Kay who is no stranger to a good hard OTK spanking and here the busty brunette really gets spanked hard and to make matters worse for her she’s completely nude!! Then, the action in this spanking mystery turns to Ashley Rose who, together with her bountiful bottom, is playing pool. Naughty Ashley gets a nice spanking as she bends over the pool table.

    If Kay was completely naked, Ashley is not wearing much more with her light summer dress hitched up and her big bottom bared. Ashley Rose is a beautiful babe but these shots of her focus on the opposite end of her. In our opinion there should be plenty more shots like this around. The close up of her curvy bottom as she bends over and gets spanked is just perfect!!

    Ashley Rose bends over the pool table for her spanking

    Mr. Ford needs to get into the cabin for a photo shoot, but his new assistant says she doesn’t have the key and he should try getting it from Kay Richards He finds Kay who he must spank in order to discover that Ashley Rose took it. So he bends Ashley over a pool table and spanks her round bottom then canes her with a pool cue.

    Mr Ford uses the pool cue to cane naughty Ashley Rose on her bare bottom

    Finally justice is done and the good folk of spanking land can rest easy at night… until the next time…

    This is another curvy, big-bottomed spanking scene from My Spanking Roommate, and is, of course, another double spanking with two beauties getting spanked very hard! Kay, especially, is an experienced spankee and Mr Ford really lays into her lovely rear in order to get the information he needs. She gets a nice hard punishment!

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Kay Richards pulls Anikka Albrite over her knee

    If Kay Richards has been one of my favorite spanking models for years, Anikka Albrite has burst onto the scene fairly recently and is fast becoming a favorite in her own right, so for both to be in one scene with Ashley Rose is too good to be true… especially with Anikka looking fine in her sexy top and tight-fitting skirt!

    It’s hard to say what makes one spanking model shine over another, but whatever it is both Kay and Anikka have it! So seeing Kay lay into Anikka’s lovely bottom is a dream come true. And she leaves her bottom nicely blushing…

    Anikka Albrite's round bottom after her spanking

    But the whole reason for the spanking is because of Ashley Rose (AKA Rose) who eventually shows up and is confronted by a Kay who is in no mood for her to go un-spanked…

    Kay beckons to Ashley Rose to take her turn over her knee

    Kay is tired of getting spanked for not having the rent. So when Anikka comes to collect, Kay spanks Anikka hard, because she has her portion of the rent and won’t take spankings because roommate Rose does not, since Anikka is responsible for Rose being there. After spanking Anikka, Kay gives it even harder to Rose, using hand and a large wooden paddle that left marks on Rose’s round bottom.

    Kay Richards spanks Anikka Albrite and Ashley Rose

    Kay goes even further by using the wooden paddle on Ashley Rose's big bottom

    This beautiful spanking scene is another must-see from My Spanking Roommate! If there is one thing better than seeing a sexy girl getting spanked, it’s seeing a beautiful girl who has caused another girl to get spanked getting spanked. There are plenty of to-ings and fro-ings along the way as the spanking soap opera tells the story of some very kinky ladies.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Pretty Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reece on their cellphones on the couch

    Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reece are two gorgeous brunettes who appear in the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate starting this weekend. Both ladies are gorgeous models who are no strangers to being in front of the cameras, but here we see if they can take (and give) a spanking too.

    On paper these two brunettes sound very similar but each one has their own individual style. Both are petite and pretty with slight tans and a similar size and stature. However, while Alyssa looks like she could be a French girl-next-door walking about in only her panties in a remote European farmyard, Melissa has amazing bright and beautiful eyes that sparkle on her pretty glamour model face. Also, to help you identify these two ladies, Melissa is the model with a large tattoo on her upper arm and more smaller tattoos on her limbs.

    This scene has both gorgeous, evenly-matched brunettes spanking each other. First of all Alyssa pulls Melissa over her knee and starts spanking her over her shiny purple dress…

    Alyssa pulls Melissa's purple dress up to spank her big, round bottom

    Then, Alyssa gets her own pretty little bottom spanked. She’s wearing tiny little denim hotpants under a plain gray T-shirt but it’s not long before her daisy dukes are pulled down and her little bubble butt is smacked…

    Melissa Jacobs spanks Alyssa Reece's bare bubble butt

    Both ladies get well-spanked before presenting their glowing, blushed bottoms for us to see. As you can see, talking about differences with these two pretty brunettes, Alyssa’s little, perky bubblebutt is much smaller than Melissa’s much larger, feminine rear.

    Two pretty models compare their spanked rears

    Of course, at the end both ladies rub their well-spanked bottoms while keeping them out in the air to cool down.

    Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reece rub their sore, spanked bottoms on the couch

    If you like pretty brunettes who switch, this scene follows another very nice girl-on-girl scene from last week. And this beautiful spanking scene is another must-see! You can see this sexy scene with two more sexy models who join an already large cast at the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate!!

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Naughty Kay Richards pulls down her life coach's skirt

    We never need an excuse to post a good scene with Kay Richards in it… so here we go!

    In the same way that Kay can sometimes be glamorous and then can also be nasty and slutty, spanking can be exquisite and perfect, or it can be rough or sleazy or any number of things. This is a very nice scene, it is a classic girl-on-girl scene with Kay in a mischievous mood from the off and having to be punished by curvy redheaded beauty, Ludella Hahn. Both ladies are looking very pretty in nice outfits and makeup so there is a certain air of glamour to this spanking with some particularly nice photography in places.

    Kay has been slacking off, so her mom hires a life coach to whip her into shape. Ludella Hahn stars at the person hired to discipline Kay. She starts today’s lesson with a good old fashioned over the knee hand spanking, and then uses a paddle that is cute, but painful…

    Ludella spanks Kay's big, bare bottom with a pink Hello Kitty paddle

    I particularly liked this next photo from behind Ludella as she spanks Kay’s bare bottom with the pink “Hello Kitty” paddle. At the start of the scene Kay pulled Ludella’s skirt down and she has not put it back on, so we get a cheeky glimpse at her own round bottom under her tight, black sweater as she spanks naughty Kay…

    A nice photo of Ludella spanking Kay over the knee taken from behind

    By the way, if you’re interested about Ludella this is the first time we featured her here but she’s a Burlesque and Pinup model with an amazingly curvy body and slim waist. She has already appeared on Spanked Sweeties and you can see more of her on Ludella’s spanking profile page.

    You can see this sexy scene with Kay and Ludella at the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Roommate!!

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

  • Kay Richards giver her plumber, Dixie Comet, some playful spanks to help her fix the pipes

    In the latest episode at My Spanking Roommate plumber Dixie Comet is bending over and working on Kay’s pipes, but not getting the job done, so Kay tries to give her some spanks. But Dixie won’t tolerate this and instead puts Kay over her knee and spanks her hard over her knee until her bare bottom speckles…

    Dixie Comet takes Kay Richards over her knee and gives her a good, hard spanking on her bare bottom

    Kay Richards is one of the main protagonists in My Spanking Roommate and she stars alongside sexy spanking models such as Madison Martin, Missy Rhodes, Chloe Elise, Mary Jane, and now, blonde beauty Aaliyah Love.

    Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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