Spy Domination

Snow Mercy punishes Alexis Grace in Spy Domination

This is a quick post to direct your attentions to the latest feature on Girl Spanks Girl! It’s called “Spy Domination” and it features sexy Snow Mercy, who is absolutely terrifying as she torments gorgeous Alexis Grace. She’s suspected of spying, and Snow is pretty certain of her instincts, she just needs to extract the code her. Alexis is tied to the ceiling so that she is stood with her hands above her head, feet tied together, naked in the middle of the room. She also has a ballgag, and drools aplenty, as you can see in the above photo. What happens next is that Snow tries various punishments to extract the truth from Alexis… spanking, whipping and caning. Alexis thinks she can fool Snow by giving her some false information but that only ends badly for her as Snow intensifies her efforts. Finally, after a hard and stinging standing-up caning Alexis breaks and offers up the true code. Sore, marked and tearful Alexis Grace curls up on the floor after being freed from her restraints. Then Snow shows her dominance further by placing one black high heel on the side of her face as she lies on the floor…

Snow Mercy dominates Alexis Grace in Spy Domination

Watch this rough BDSM/spanking scene and many more scenes that are more related to F/F spanking including the classroom dramas of “Exclusive Education” at Girl Spanks Girl.

Girl Spanks Girl


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Amber Hahn says Spank Me

Amber Hahn shows off her big boobs

Amber Hahn is a new 23-year-old brunette model from Florida with lovely large natural breasts that are either 34DD or 32DDD. She is very sensual and seductive in her one-on-one videos where she often gets into jerk off encouragement as she strips and masturbates, or has sexy fun with a girlfriend. One of the things she’s best known for is her talking dirty! She gets intimate with the camera in a one-on-one style and sensually seduces the viewer whilst getting herself off.

Here, Amber is getting a little kinkier than normal and asking you to fuck her harder today. What she has in mind is a rough, hard-hitting spanking. The sexy brunette slaps her own ass and then starts to flick a riding crop over her body, especially on her breasts, ass and pussy. This scene has the sexy brunette in a tight red top and figure-hugging plaid skirt, she has red lipstick on and is wearing glasses in a look that could be called something like “sexy librarian goes wild”.

Amber Hahn self-spanking her bar bottom with a riding crop

This is kinkier than normal for sexy Amber Hahn, but even in the other movies there is plenty of ass slapping. If Amber’s two best parts are her boobs and her dirty mouth, her ass isn’t far behind. She has a nice, round bottom she’s always touching and slapping and a pretty pussy that always seems to be craving attention.

See much more of this sexy chick at Amber Hahn’s official website!

Amber Hahn's official website

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Top Grl

Mona Wales ties up and dominates Bonnie Day in Top Grl

In “Mona Wales Makes Bonnie Day Uncomfortable” on Top Grl, the poor submissive, Bonnie Day, is obviously tormented by Mona Wales. It’s much more BDSM/bondage than spanking but it’s a nice scene to highlight the website with. It’s a stark setting with Mona and Bonnie together in a large white room with nothing but BDSM equipment. Then the action switches to another room where Bonnie is fixed to a rack and Bonnie teases her with hot and cold, and whipping her perky bottom.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Never have such simple words come with such a sinister understanding. Bonnie Day is staring at Mona Wales’ naked, perfect body, and she is filled with a combination of dread and longing. Mona is known for being a cruel sadist, and Bonnie can already tell that she won’t be able to refuse her when she begins to make demands. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said. But how can Bonnie be comfortable when she is practically jumping out of her skin with anticipation.

The first demand was simple, all Bonnie had to do was take off her clothes. She was nervous, stripping in front of a beautiful woman who clearly had no problem showing off her own body. But she complied without complaining. It felt good to be nude, even in that chilly room.

It felt even better to submit to the will of another. She heard and she obeyed. She didn’t resist or protest. It was easier this way. It felt right. Letting Mona have her way is how Bonnie would be happy. It’s how she would be fulfilled.

“Mona Wales Makes Bonnie Day Uncomfortable” gallery

For more brutal and stark lesbian BDSM go to Top Grl!

Top Grl

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All-American cowgirl Rose Red whipped

All-American cowgirl Rose Red

The Rancher’s Daughter” is a feature presentation at Sex and Submission with all-american cowgirl, Rose Red. The sexy 22-year-old redhead loves bondage, anal sex and rough sex… which is good because that’s exactly what she gets. James Deen strips, ties up and dominates the sexy cowgirl outdoors in the farm yard. She is whipped, spanked and fucked in different positions in this super hot and intense fantasy role play!

Rose Red is tied up and whipped naked outdoors

There is a lot of whipping here, and there’s a lot of sex… there are also some parts where Rose gets spanked and slapped during sex, or while she’s getting her pussy toyed with a magic wand.

Rose Red is fairly new to porn but she is melt-in-the-mouth gorgeous as a sexy all-american cowgirl… in fact she’s be amazing in any scene! She has a great body and an interesting “rose” tattoo along the side of her torso. It’s the first we’ve seen of her but we hope it won’t be the last.

Often these kind of scenes involve a storyline where the submissive somehow gets punished against their will. All spanking scenes are consensual on the internet because the actors and actresses are adults who are choosing to be involved, but it’s also nice when a lady actually wants to be punished in a scene like this. Both dominant and submissive are enjoying the action in the story and presumably in reality too!

All-American cowgirl Rose Red gets tied up, spanked and fucked

Rose Red's face is in the dirt when James Deen spanks her nude outdoors

If you like hard BDSM and even harder hardcore with some very kinky scenarios being acted out by some of the most beautiful pornstars you’ll love Sex and Submission! The “The Rancher’s Daughter” update is one of their feature presentations but even the regular updates are of a similar quality. This sexy all-american cowgirl really caught our attention though!

Sex and Submission

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Tied on the bed

Lucia Love gets tied in bondage on the bed

We’re mainly all about the spanking here, but sometimes a little bondage slips through the net. When I saw the photo above my initial thought was how much it looked like a girl struggling over the knee. It’s only when you notice the ropes and ball-gag in her mouth that you see that this is not a spanking photo. It’s still a nice shot!

The model in question is sexy brunette, Lucia Love, who is very pretty and untanned with a few tattoos dotted over her pale skin. The cream and red sheets with red walls and oak bedside cabinet make this a very domestic and stylish bondage gallery.

Here’s how they describe this scene…

Stripped naked and gagged we used our cross tied on this slut. With every squirm and every struggle the binds tightened. Lucia had no way of breaking free and thus she submitted UTTERLY to us..

Lucia is characteristic of the sexy ladies getting restrained in all manner of postions on beds, couches and other household furniture at Tied Virgins.

Tied Virgins

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Leia-Ann spanked for Flooding

Leia Ann Woods is about to jump into the shower when she gets a phonecall

Leia-Ann Woods is just about to get into the shower when she gets an important call that she must go into work right away. She immediately goes off to get ready to dash into work, forgetting all about the shower that is still running. When Uncle Paul gets home, he is not too happy to find the house flooded. He waits for Leia, his niece, to get back from work in her nurses uniform so he can properly punish her for her irresponsible behavior…

Uncle Paul spanks Leia over his knee for flooding his house

Leia gets a nice hard spanking over her uncle’s knee. First it is over her little, white knickers, then on her bare bottom. Lovers of uniforms will appreciate Leia’s authentic, blue nurses outfit which makes her look very official. Paul takes her over his knee and pulls down her white knickers. She may be very thorough in her work but Leia has been less than careful in the house. The sexy lady looks very hot with her black heels kicking in the background as her bare bottom gets spanked in uniform.

Not only does this update have top English spanking model, Leia-Ann Woods, it also has the beautiful brunette completely naked as she’s about to have a shower, we then see the naughty nurse get a spanking in her uniform. Very kinky and very sexy indeed! It’s another fine spanking to indulge yourself in from Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Interrogation Technique: Spanking

Sarah Gregory gets taken OTK and spanked by police officer, Dana Specht

Today Sarah Gregory has gotten into yet more trouble. But this is not your normal mischief, this time she’s in trouble with the law. In particular, police officer, Dana Specht, has her beady eye on her and is intent on getting her to own up for her crimes. But, Sarah isn’t co-operating and insists on chatting back and cursing to the officer of the law. The frustrated police officer knows that a tough cookie like Sarah may need a little persuasion in order to spill the beans. And so that’s how Sarah Gregory finds herself over Dana’s knee in the police station getting her bottom spanked til it’s a nice red color.

Sarah Gregory gets taken OTK and spanked by police officer, Dana Specht – gallery

When the spanking does not produce the desired affect, Dana takes the punishment and humiliation a step further by making naughty Sarah strip naked and submit to a full-body cavity search. Sarah is then strapped, paddled and caned…

The interrogation continues when Sarah gets a nude strapping on her already sore bottom

…of course, the culprit eventually confesses and the citizens of the world can go about their business in relative safety knowing that this naughty criminal is being properly punished by the authorities.

The interrogation continues when Sarah gets a nude strapping on her already sore bottom – gallery

This has to be one of my favorite spanking scenes of all time! Not only do we have sexy spankee, Sarah, getting naked as she is spanked til she squeals, but Dana is a very strict and sublime top. The combination of the humiliating body search, the probing questioning and the smokin’ hot spanking makes this a scene not to be missed. Take a look for yourself only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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Semi Naked Callgirls Spank Each Other

Callgirls Alice Wonder and Katherine St. James spank each other in the hotel room

In the Spanked Callgirls brothel the girls are not just spanked by the madam. Here we see what happens when an argument turns nasty and two callgirls have a catfight on the hotelroom bed. The ladies in question are Alice Wonder and Kat St. James, two sexy and fiesty callgirls. They get into a fight and it is not long before Kat is overpowered and face down on the matress getting spanked by semi-naked Alice. But then the tables are turn and now, an almost totally naked Alice Wonder gets her cute little bubble-butt spanked by Kat, who is plenty experienced in the art of spanking!

Callgirls Alice Wonder and Katherine St. James spank each other in the hotel room

This is a very nice switch scene, I love seeing a girl give a spanking and then spanked herself. That is what happens here in a nice, plush, real-looking setting.

In the same way that you wonder whether people can hear you having sex in hotel rooms, I wonder if this spanking was being heard by other hotel guests that night.

Watch the full movie of this spanking only at Spanked Callgirls, and for a great deal 3, 4 or 5-site spanking pass check out Clare Fonda Pass!

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

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