Hand, Strap and Slipper

Today’s three updates from Firm Hand Spanking contain some schoolgirl and classroom themes but, as always, everyone here is over the age of 18…

Wannabe model Adrienne Black gets spanked for neglecting her studies

First of all, Adrienne Black gets spanked OTK with the hand in all-new “Catwalk Attitude” series. Adrienne is a senior who is spanked for focusing on modeling career, not school work, and letting her grades slide. The hot blonde senior is put across the school principal’s knee for an OTK spanking. Adrienne’s long legs topped by white panties kick out as she gets 155 smacks of the principal’s hand. With her white panties wedgied inbetween her jiggling ass cheeks her stinging bottom gets bright red!

Allaura Shane straps Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley in Miss Tushys Burlesque Club

When burlesque dancer, Alison Miller, gets drunk at work she earns herself a 68-stroke bare strapping! Few bottoms bounce as beautifully as Alison Miller’s – especially when she’s face down on a table with nothing but a tiny pink thong to protect her bottom. Allaura Shane sends a painful message to the naughty dancer by giving her 68 strokes of the strap across her unprotected, bare cheeks. Samantha Woodley lies next to Alison on the table, awaiting her turn to be punished at “Miss Tushy’s Burlesque Club”.

Rhianna Parsons gets her bare ebony bottom spanked by Mr Anderson's slipper

When sexy mocha “schoolgirl” Rhianna Parsons (aka Danielle Hunt) is caught swearing in school she is given an after school detention with Mr Anderson. 36 stinging smacks with a slipper across her curvy ebony bottom is her penalty for profanity. Each whack across her bare, black bottom is hard and effective as Rhianna bends over the back of a chair with her big bottom in the air. The teacher gives the naughty lady quite a slippering, but is it enough for Rhianna to dish the dirt and get another student in trouble?

To watch these three sexy updates go to Firm Hand Spanking where there is also a lot more of these sexy ladies, and many more, getting their beautiful bottoms dealt with.

Firm Hand Spanking

Three Hot Ladies get a Well-Deserved Spanking

This week there are three nice new scenes and a spanking interview on Firm Hand Spanking!

Samantha Woodley knocks on her neighbor's door to tell him she's just dinged his car

Samantha Woodley is back for a sound spanking in Learning Curve. Why? She’s “dinged” his car. At least, that’s her story! He tans her hide in tight shorts and tells her to cook him scrambled eggs for breakfast. “Couldn’t you make it simple?” she asks. Classic fun…

Annabelle Vanderwood gets caned in school uniform over a grand piano

Beautiful model Annabelle Vanderwood brings it big-time when she takes 12 with a cane for not keeping in touch with her parents, in Life Coach. Frank Reed pulls down her panties and stripes her perfectly rounded bare bottom to a tearful finale. There is also a very sexy interview with Annabelle where she and Alison Miller are lying on the bed together chatting about Annabelle’s first spanking shoot and her real-life experiences.

Brand new spanking model Sabrina Scott shows her red bottom after her OTK session

Sabrina Scott stars as troublemaker Valerie Bryant in a brand new series. Sent to Reform School at Mountain Retreat, she’s told the consequences of disruptive behavior at school and home. A panties down bare spanking is only the start of her discipline with Mr Reed.

This week’s Firm Hand update gallery

For the full movies and plenty more from Samantha Woodley, Annabelle Vanderwood and newbie Sabrina Scott check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Triple Update

Samantha Woodley gets spanked over the shoulder as she is marched upstairs for her punishment
Samantha Woodley gets spanked over the shoulder as she is marched upstairs for her punishment

This weeks’ three updates at Firm Hand Spanking see 3 beautiful ladies getting spanked in very different ways.

Firstly, above, we see eternally bratty Samantha Woodley in her school uniform get a traditional over the knee and hairbrush spanking. Seeing her getting spanked before she’s even OTK as she gets her bottom slapped when she’s being carried over Mr Strickman’s shoulder is a nice touch. Similar to a lady’s legs being slapped as she’s getting dragged by the wrist into position, the over-the-shoulder spanking is a nice twist in a very lively scene.

Gorgeous redhead Alison Miller keeps complaining even when she is holding her ankles and getting paddled with the punishment board
Gorgeous redhead Alison Miller keeps complaining even when she is holding her ankles and getting paddled with the punishment board

Then, we have two paddling scenes. The first sees Alison Miller bending over and holding her ankles for a large wooden paddle to be applied to that lovely bottom and then very tall Adrienne Black stands up and grabs a hold of the four-poster bedframe for her leather paddling.

Very tall Adrienne Black wears heels and reaches above her head as her bare bottom feels the leather paddle
Very tall Adrienne Black wears heels and reaches above her head as her bare bottom feels the leather paddle

All three ladies are very pretty indeed and they get a nice spanking. It may not be the hardest spanking in the world but these ladies are so pretty and the two paddlings are in very awkward and humiliating positions. There’s also some nice backchat from these bratty ladies, especially during their punishments.

If you like super-sexy models getting a good, firm punishment then you’ll want to see more of the updates at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Christmas Treat spanking for Santa’s bare-bottomed elves!

Christmas Treat spanking for Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley Santa's bare-bottomed elves!

It’s holiday season at Firm Hand Spanking and there could hardly be a prettier spanking scene. In fact this is a double bill with spanking favorites Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley. The scene gets into high gear when they report to a department store to play Santa’s elves in the toy department! Their costumes are not what Earl Grey expects so Alison is over his knee for a bare spanking. “I think you’re really Santa,” she protests as her panties are pulled down!

Christmas Treat spanking for Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley Santa's bare-bottomed elves!

There’s also a new paddling for Goldie Rosemont as she gets 61 swats with a bathbrush, and Abigail Whittaker gets a hard paddling on the bare in school uniform. To download spanking movies check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Learning with Leather

Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform
Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform

Today we have an ode to leather from this week’s updates at Firm Hand Spanking. And what better way to see how lovely ladies react to some leather discipline than by observing the gorgeous duo of Adrienne Black and Samantha Woodley. Both ladies lie across the padded furniture in the livingroom with their pert bottoms bared, Adrienne gets the strap and Samantha gets the heavy, leather belt. As always, these two scenes are not only beautifully shot and sexy, but there is some very nice and firm punishment of these two lovely ladies…

Mocking Earl Grey by dressing in a provocative school uniform will only earn beautiful Adrienne Black extra swats with a smarting leather tawse! “I had to lie over a footstool,” explains Adrienne, “so at least my bottom wasn’t so stretched as bending over. But it still stung like hell!” See those panties come down as she submits to a well-deserved strapping in College Discipline!

Samantha Woodley's stinging attitude adjustment with a belt
Samantha Woodley’s stinging attitude adjustment with a belt on her beautiful bare bottom

The style and classiness of Samantha Woodley is something to savor, as her bare bottom is soundly strapped with a thick leather belt! Her style and energy is matched by Eric Strickman in her new series, Learning Curve. The heavy leather sizzles her butt enough to make even Samantha wince, and her facial reactions are absolutely priceless!

To watch all three of these updates plus the huge archive of pretty babes reaping the rewards of their constant bratting and bad behaviour, check out Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

Four Hot Bottoms

Hanging out instead of working costs Hailey Lockhart a no-nonsense spanking

It’s a good time for updates at Firm Hand Spanking with four very pretty girls, including one newbie, getting their lovely round bottoms spanked hard!

Pretty newbie Hailey Lockhart, above, learns that life as an intern is hard if she doesn’t deliver her work on time. She’s hanging out in the staff lounge, so her boss berates her before telling her to lift that skirt and kneel on a chair for a spanking! Her booty reddens as fast as her face, as she realises someone may walk in any moment – but she has to take it!

Then, Annabelle Lee has been spanked in real life, but never with an implement and never as hard as she got it for her Firm Hand debut! It’s all part of an exclusive interview with Annabelle. “Hearing an English accent was hot,” she admits of disciplinarian Earl Grey. But she couldn’t enjoy it, because of the intensity of the spankings! “It pushed my limits!”

Cheerleader Annabelle Lee gives an exclusive interview about spanking videos

To watch all three of these updates plus the huge archive of pretty babes reaping the rewards of their constant bratting and bad behaviour, check out Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

Samantha Woodley has panties pulled down for the Christmas Belt

Samantha Woodley is shown Daddy's leather belt

Samantha Woodley is sooo cute! She plays the bratty angel role very well.. and with every bratty angel comes a bratty spanking. This particular Christmas the spanking takes the form of many different spankings over the course of the whole day, getting Samantha’s perfect bottom very sore and red by bedtime. You may remember that she starts off being a little madam from the outset and getting a Christmas morning spanking while still in her nightie. But later in the day her behaviour has not improved so it is time for Samantha to bend over the wooden stool and raise her bottom high in the air for the leather belt…

Brattiness has no place during the festive season, as Samantha has already learned. Making demands instead of being a Christmas angel means spending an entire day confined to her bedroom. Now it’s time for “daddy’s” belt to be applied to her bare rear to ensure her behavior improves. It’s a bottom-reddening finale to Domestic Discipline!

Samantha Woodley gets her panties pulled down for her Christmas spanking finale gallery

With her bare bottom high in the air Samantha Woodley gets a very hard belt punishment

It’s yet another immaculate threesome of spankings from Firm Hand Spanking. Every spanking has the prettiest, brattiest girls getting dealt with very firmly indeed. Download all the sizzling spanking scenes at…

Firm Hand Spanking

Spanking Thoughts

After thinking about some of the different kinds of female spankee last time, I’ve been thinking a little more about this.

I guess spanking is different for everyone but for me it’s the ultimate in kind physical control.. i.e. its powerplay with contact that does not come close to leaving any permanent damage. There are other feelings and emotions such as humiliation and pain, but for me spanking is the ultimate form of dominance of one person over another. After all, this person is so much in control that they don’t even need restraints.

So, for me, this works best when the person on the bottom is not naturally submissive. This can mean FemDom when a tiny girl spanks a much bigger man, like on Clare Spanks Men.. but I prefer the strong, confident lady, who may well be a little bitchy, getting her comeuppance. She might be a switch, or better would be a dominant female who took a wrong turn and would not normally submit.

So, this situation where you have a kind of power struggle between the reluctant spankee and her spanker seems to add spice to the scene. After All, this isn’t just something that happens every day. The bitchy lady would generally be barking orders to everyone else and generally being dominant, so this new submission being forced on her makes her uncomfortable and angry until she gives in and takes her punishment submissively. It’s that transformation, the tipping of the scales, that is so appealing.

This is very similar to the attitude adjustment of a bratty 18 year old lady, as perfected by Samantha Woodley in this post.

The idea of a female teacher spanking a female pupil, then the principal having to dish out the same punishment on the teacher is just perfect. The bitchier and stricter the teacher, the better. There you would have not one but two adjustments, the second of which being the biggest transformation because we have already seen that she is dominant. This even works in a office where corporal punishment is commonplace for the naughty secretaries until the strict HR manageress takes it too far and needs her medicine.

But, it also works with two ladies who may be fighting with each other. The losing mom gets a spanking and then gets her revenge on the other, like in this post.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this is why I like sites like My Spanking Roommate. With that site you have plenty of twists and turns of strong, confident women getting spanked and spanking other ladies.. all wrapped up in a soap opera so there are subtle hints as to possible future spankings and each spanking means a little bit more because of everything that has happened up to that point.

For me if I don’t know why the spanking is happening, the reason for it, the spanking hardly matters at all. This can be through some kind of plot or even if it is just a photo from a spanking photo, like on Kane Magazine, for example, if there are clues in the clothing and/or other visual clues such as a broken vase or half-empty bottle of wine it makes it all make sense and I’m happy.

Anyway, back to more spanking next time…

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Spanked Brat on Xmas Day

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

It’s Christmas morning and little miss brat has woken up and gone straight downstairs to see what presents she has been given. She hasn’t even bothered to get dressed, she’s still in her princess’s nightgown. She starts to open her presents but when they’re all open this little brat is less than satisfied.. she’d wanted so much more. She complains to Daddy but this time he has had enough of his spoilt daughter and rather than take her shopping this bratty princess is getting her panties pulled down for a Christmas morning spanking on her bare bottom.

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

Cute little teens with soft bottoms getting a stern spanking from their fathers is a favorite M/F fantasy of mine and Samantha Woodley plays the role of the bratty little princess very well indeed.

This is a nice OTK movie with some slight twists. Even though it’s technically over the knee the Dad is sat on the floor instead of being seated on a chair, like normally happens. There’s also an unusual hold in the movie, he seems to wrap his arm around his daughter’s neck while he spanks her beautiful bare bottom with the other.. I can’t recall seeing that before… it certainly seems to have the desired affect on poor Samantha.

See this week’s three new spanking movies at Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

Triple Trouble

Alison Miller bends over holdiong her ankles for a hand spanking

Today’s star-studded update features some of the brightest talents in spanking, in Alison Miller’s case you could say that she has the brightest hair aswell. In the above photo we can see just how bright her dyed red hair is as she bends over holding her ankles for a hard bum slapping from Cindy Wallace..

“I was spanked until my hands were sweaty!” complains Lindsay Lohan look-a-like Alison Miller, after her latest hot spanking. Bikini bottom pulled down, holding her ankles, Alison grits her teeth and proves she’s up there with girls such as Amy Denison for taking a fast and furious spanking. Her ass cheeks bounce crimson as she learns that keeping Ms Wallace waiting is a very bad thing!!

It’s always good to see a hot chick in a tiny bikini get dragged inside for a hard spanking on her bronzed buttocks, especially when the gorgeous lady has a body like Alison does.

And, if you liked update one, you’ll love two and three. In the second installment Kailee Robinson gives Abigail Whittaker a “punishment shower” and over the knee spanking in the bathroom for bringing lots of strangers back to the house to do who knows what.. and Number three sees the always lovely Samantha Woodley, this time getting a hard dose of the cane as the finale of her “Hell’s Kitchen” series. She bends over in her sexy pink panties for 12 sharp, stinging swats from the cane on her beautiful, round bottom.. mmmmm…

Alison Miller, Abigail Whittaker and Samantha Woodley get chatised gallery

These updates are the three updates a week, with more updates every week at…

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