Bailey Paige trained with a Spanking

Striking redhead Veronica Ricci is not happy with new callgirl Bailey Paige

Here’s another new update from Spanked Call Girls, this time with innocent-looking Bailey Paige. She has a short hairstyle and a slender body making her look a little tomboy-ish, but this scene sees her change from rough-and-ready to pretty and feminine in the blink of an eye with Veronica’s help…

Bailey Paige gets spanked OTK on her bare bottom

Tiny and sexy new callgirl, Bailey Paige, did nothing correctly that Veronica instructed her to do. What is Veronica to do? Well, she must teach Bailey some discipline and turns her over her knee for a hard hand spanking, then has her change into the outfit she instructed her to wear.

Veronica Ricci trains the new callgirl Bailey Paige with a spanking – gallery

Until, finally she manages to wear the pretty dress that Veronica has given her…

Veronica flips up the dress to spank Bailey while she bends over the desk

To watch this full scene with sexy newbie Bailey Paige, and plenty more pretty porn stars and hookers getting spanked, check out Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls


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Breaking-in the New Girl

Statuesque new call girl Mia Vallis is called to the office by Bettie Bondage

In “Bettie Breaks in New Girl Mia VallisBettie Bondage spanks Mia for lying on her application form. This is the latest installment of a few encounters between these two beauties who compliment each other nicely. Mia Vallis is a tall blond who has an athletic frame with a small waist and round, curvy bottom. Bettie Bondage is shorter and curvier with a nice, big bottom and plenty of tattoos.

Mia Vallis is a tall beauty with a curvy bottom, who has lied on her callgirl application, applying for the “alternative” opening. Bettie shows her what happens to callgirls who lie. They get spanked hard! Mia cries for real at the pain…

You can tell this is a nice, hard spanking because Mia’s pretty bare bottom is a bright blushed red. Mia Vallis’s bottom looks lovely as Bettie pulls down her panties across her knee. Bettie looks like she gives a mean spanking…

Bettie Bondage breaking-in the New Girl, Mia Vallis

…but the much taller lady overpowers Bettie to give her a taste of her own medicine.

With both ladies ending this scene well-spanked it’s a great switching hand-spanking scene with something for everyone. With Kade spanking Clare Fonda recently, this scene is the latest in some very nice spankings in the office areas at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Kade Strikes Back!

Kade meets madam Clare Fonda in her office

Anyone who has ever joined Clare Spanks Men will know about Kade! For a while he was the main protagonist and as a result benefitted from many spankings from Clare Fonda and other domineering ladies. The slim and alternative-looking dude with tattoos and gauged ear lobes had a strange knack of getting himself into trouble and was always well-punished. He’s also appeared in various places across the web getting dominated in bondage and cuckolded. As far as I’m aware Kade has always been submissive, so it was quite a shock when “Kade Spanks Madam Clare In Her Office“!

Kade, Lana’s brother, visits her in her office. Kade is trying to get Lana back in the straight life and he decides to teach the madam a lesson with a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. Clare is left in pain and total humiliation.

Kade spanks Madam Clare Fonda in her office with a hairbrush

Kade spanks Clare Fonda OTK with a hairbrush on her bare bottom

Clare Fonda is also looking better than ever and her pale bottom always looks very delicate. So, when she gets a hard spanking and even a hairbrush spanking the sexy MILF’s milky white cheeks get very rosy indeed. I think it’s more than fitting that Clare should be on the end of, what must be, one of Kade’s first punishments – I remember it being she more than anyone who tormented him in all those femdom scenes. The result is a very nice M/F scene with a spanker who must surely be in line to dish out more spankings in future.

This maybe Kade’s debut but there are plenty more sexy spankings of callgirls, hookers, porn stars and Clare Fonda at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Eva Marks and Courtney Shea

Eva Marks spanks callgirl Courtney Shea's bare bottom
Eva Marks spanks callgirl Courtney Shea’s bare bottom

Courtney Shea Meets Eva Marks” is a lovely scene on Spanked Call Girls with two new spanking models. Blonde porn star Courtney Shea we’ve seen in spanking scenes before, but Eva is brand new for us and she looks very nice so worth investigating further…

Here Eva plays the brothel secretary so she looks very neat and tidy surrounded by slutty hookers. And when one of those callgirls should misbehave she’s very quick to bend her over the knee for a firm spanking and a telling off.

All the callgirls here look sleazy, as you’d expect, but somehow Courtney manages to look about as sleazy as we’ve ever seen, especially with no panties and only weating a seethru bra and hot pink fishnet stockings…

Eva scolds Courtney after the spanking
Eva scolds Courtney after the spanking

But this particular hooker is not exactly a shrinking violet. The feisty Courtney seeks revenge immediately and pulls the smart secretary across her lap for a hard punishment with her hand and the hairbrush.

Courtney turns the tables on Eva and pulls her over the knee
Courtney turns the tables on Eva and pulls her over the knee

Eva Marks is the House Secretary. She won’t put up with any lip from callgirl Courtney Shea. The prim and proper Eva gives Courtney a very sound spanking for all her screw-ups. But the feisty Courtney decides to dish out some of her own hard punishment, using hand and hairbrush.

Secretary Eva Marks gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with a hairbrush
Secretary Eva Marks gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with a hairbrush

Eva Marks is very pretty with purple hair, in her smart clothes she makes the perfect secretary… a smart and kinky secretary. We’ve not heard of Eva before but here with the dog collar she appears to be quite kinky. Certainly once the spanking gets under way we see how kinky she can be. We hope to see more of this purple-haired beauty in future but for now this is a very sexy scene indeed on Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Elvira’s Halloween Spanking

Veronica Ricci dresses up as Elvira  because of naughty Christy's lies in this halloween spanking scene

We’re fast approaching halloween, so as good a time as any for a Halloween Spanking… especially with two of the hottest spanking models Veronica Ricci and Christy Cutie.

Callgirl Christy is wearing a sweet and sexy outfit that looks like a swiss or german maiden’s outfit while Veronica plays a sexy callgirl who dresses up as Elvira for the halloween party. Now, there are no complaints from me that she has chosen to dress up as the sexy Elvira but Veronica is angry because Christy had told her to dress up as an evil character while she herself went with a cute outfit. Retribution is on the cards and Veronica takes Christy over her knee… or evil Elvira takes the poor maiden OTK!

Elvira takes the naughty maiden over her knee for a firm halloween spanking and paddling

Elvira is a very sexy evil character so sexy Veronica dressing up as the gothic lady is very sexy indeed. She’s really gone to town with the sexy black dress, black wig and all the makeup. Seeing the Mistress of the Dark slapping poor Christy’s bottom is sexy enough, but then she has her figure-hugging dress flipped up and gets her own shapely bare bottom spanked

But Christy blackmails Veronica and ends up spanking Elvira’s curvy bottom as well.

Christy turns the tables and manages to spank Elvira's curvy bottom

This is a slightly different scene because the two callgirls in question are both in their fancy dress costumes, but it shows that there is plenty of variety. You can see lots of gorgeous porn stars and call girls dressed in sleazy outfits spanking each other, plus some office and party scenes like this with the stars of the show at Spanked Call Girls! (Also available as part of the great value Clare Fonda Pass)

Spanked Callgirls

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Clare Fonda Spankings

Clare Fonda spanks Ashley Rose's big bottom over tight blue jeans

Clare Fonda has been making something of a comeback recently, and in “Strict Aunt Jessica” she’s in fine form painting a marvellous picture with the canvas of Ashley Rose’s big bottom. This is the fourth and final part of the series and at the beginning of this scene Ashley is wearing tight blue jeans. If there is any material which swings the balance of pain in favour of the spankee and stings the hands of the spanker, it is thick denim. While it can sometimes feel like an impenetrative barrier seeing a beautiful big bottomed babe like Ashley Rose getting spanked in blue jeans is visually appealing, especially when we know they’ll come down eventually…

In the final installment in this series, Aunt Jessica (Clare Fonda) comes out to find Ashley crashing on her sofa. Uninvited. Auntie is very upset and decides to step up the lesson teaching a bit. She first spanks Ashley on her bouncy round bottom. Ahsley has worn several pairs of underwear in anticipation of this spanking, but this only makes Aunt Jessica even more upset. Aunt Jessica has Ashley bend over and she gives her some very hard swats with a large wooden paddle, leaving Ashley sore and bruised, and standing in the corner.

Clare paddles Ashley Rose's bare bottom with a thin wooden paddle

Clare can also be seen at Spanked Callgirls with curvy redhead Paris Kennedy. In this scene, Clare is a switch so we get to see both sides of one of our favorite spanking models…

Paris Kennedy storms back to her Madam to get revenge for her painful assignment with Double Dan, that saw her get caned and spanked. She spanks yanks the Madam over her knee and spanks her hard. The Madam agrees to take Paris back, but only if she takes a spanking on her already sore and bruised bottom.

Madam Clare Fonda spanks callgirl Paris Kennedy OTK

You can see Clare and Ashley Rose in the “Strict Aunt Jessica” series at Girl Spanks Girl and Madam Clare spanking Paris at Spanked Callgirls… or you can join both sites at the great value Clare Fonda Pass!

Clare Fonda Pass

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Ivy Sherwood gives Veronica Ricci Ballet Lessons

Veronica performs poorly at ballet so instructor Ivy Sherwood decides to spank her

Black pornstar Ivy Sherwood is a sexy lady! She reminds us a little bit of another ebony porn star who recently did some spanking scenes, Skin Diamond. Ivy is very petite and even in her very tall heels is still quite short compared to Veronica in this scene. This is the first spanking scene we’ve seen Ivy do and she is a perfect spankee with that cute black bubblebutt… and she also does a great job at topping Veronica!

Sexy Veronica Ricci gets soundly spanked by ebony Ivy Sherwood

Ivy Sherwood is sent to the agency to teach Veronica Ricci all about ballet dancing so that she will be more graceful at her job. When Veronica performs poorly, Ivy teaches Veronica a discipline lesson with a sound spanking. But the tiny beauty is now match for the powerful Veronica, who turns the tables.

Veronica is on top form again here and is looking hotter than ever in a sexy patterned outfit and blonde-ish hair… perhaps she’s gradually going blonde!? This is probably a strawberry blonde and we’ll have to see if she goes back to being a full redhead or not.

Veronica’s outfit cannot be pulled up during the spanking so she has to completely step out of it in order for Ivy to spank her bare bottom. Which means that Veronica is only wearing lingerie when she pulls Ivy over her knee. This makes Ivy’s spanking very tasty indeed… Sexy Veronica with her new hair color and boobs pushed up in her sexy lingerie spanking Ivy Sherwood’s little black bubblebutt… mmmmm….

Veronica turns the tables and gives Ivy Sherwood a spanking of her own

This is another fun and playful scene, the spanking is too hard but it’s hard enough with some nice handprints on bare bottoms. You can watch the full scene (plus scenes with Skin Diamond, Dakota Skye, Niki Lee Young, Asphyxia Noir, Lily Banks and many more porn stars and glamour models who have tried their hand at spanking in recent times) at Spanked Call Girls! And, you can sample more of Ivy Sherwood’s porn and glamour scenes here.

Spanked Callgirls

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Spanked Call Girls

These two scenes feature two ladies who spanking fans will be used to seeing all over the place, but here they’re both on Spanked Call Girls!

Firstly, gorgeous redhead Veronica Ricci spanking popular spanking model Joelle Barros

Sexy redhead Veronica Ricci spanks Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros is the new girl at Clare’s brothel who is naive and a bit of a prude. Veronica is tasked to teach her the way of the callgirl. But when Joelle shows her ignorance, Veronica uses spanking as a teaching tool. Joelle is a quick learner and gives Veronica a solid spanking as well.

Then, porn star and model Courtney Shea gets to grips with famous spanking model Pandora Blake

Courtney Shea spanks Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake doesn’t really understand the exchange rate between pounds and dollars and has been undercharging. Courtney Shea is at the office to explain the difference and spanks Pandora to help her understand. Turnaround is the English way, so there is plenty of spanks with hand and paddle.

You can watch these two scenes and plenty more hot spanking scenes featuring pretty pornstars and callgirls getting spanked hard at Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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