Sarah Gregory vs Veronica Ricci

Two callgirls square off and spank each other in Sarah Gregory vs Veronica Ricci

In this scene, Sarah Gregory vs Veronica Ricci, you have two of the most famous and most-loved spanking models taking each other on in one scorching spanking scene. Sarah Gregory is wearing a camoflage dress and Veronica has on a bright green dress with black bra straps clearly visible. Both ladies are wearing tight, slutty outfits so this has to be a scene on Spanked Callgirls!

Sarah is first to take charge as she bends Veronica over her knee and spanks her. Veronica Ricci is never far from being bare bottomed, and Sarah takes full advantage…

Sarah Gregory spanks Veronica Ricci

Sarah Gregory is upset with all that the newer girl Veronica Ricci has done, so she decides she must spank her – with hand, leather paddle and strap, until Veronica’s bottom is bright red.

But Veronica fights back and manages to yank Sarah over her knee! Veronica looks particularly glamorous and callgirl-like in this scene with plenty of makeup on and boobs on display. She gives to Sarah what she herself has just received…

Veronica Ricci spanks Sarah Gregory

Both ladies spank each other with hands and leather in this very sexy scene. For plenty more hookers and callgirls getting spanked and spanking each other check out Spanked Callgirls. You can also join as a part of the great value: Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls


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Handprints on Sore Bottoms

Jenna Rose gets a handprint on her red bottom when Maddy Marks spanks her hard

Handprints are one way to show how hard a spanking is. Rarely will a gentle play-like spanking give any visible handprints on the spankee’s bottom. Here, the handprint is very well defined on Jenna Rose’s well-spanked red bottom.

Maddy Marks is getting back at Jenna Rose for the spanking she’s just received. Maddy had stolen one of Jenna’s clients and the resulting negotiation was not favorable to the redhead, in her opinion. So now she is spanking as hard as she was spanked to try and even things up a bit and get Jenna to lower her demands.

With the fingers spread nice and wide this is a particularly good example of a handprint on Jenna’s lovely tanned bottom. The effect of the tanned bottom which is already a nice red color makes for the perfect canvas when a hard smack hits!

Maddy spanks gorgeous Jenna Rose hard with plenty of handprints on her sore, red bottom

As with all spankings the two ladies in this scene make the magic. Jenna Rose is a gorgeous glamour model who is more than ready to take her share of spankings for her fans. And everyone loves a naughty redhead with a blushing bottom, and Maddy is the perfect example of a pretty but kinky slim redhead.

This scene is Episode 153 of the now long-running Spanked Callgirls. You can join the site individually or you can join along with other spanking websites as a part of Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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Madam Snow punishes Veronica and Koko

Madam Snow spanks callgirl Veronica Ricci OTK

Madam Snow Mercy is in charge of the brothel in Spanked Callgirls and here, in the episode “Madam Snow Punishes Veronica & Koko” she gives two naughty callgirls each a good spanking for losing her valued colleague. They had assisted Madison Martin when she ran off, and now it’s payback time. The angry brothel madam starts with Veronica Ricci, giving her a hard OTK spanking, then turns to sexy Asian Koko Kitten

Madam Snow Mercy spanks Koko Kitten next while Veronica faces the wall

Veronica faces the wall but can’t help but turn around to watch Koko’s spanking. She, like Veronica, is spanked OTK with the hand before Snow grabs a black, leather belt and starts to tan her pretty hide with the tough, leather strap.

Madam Snow is so angry she spanks each girl long and hard with her hand and leather strap, right in front of each other, and all the while the girls continue to humiliate each other despite the pain.

By the end both ladies have equally reddened bare bottoms. They both face the wall together displaying Madam Snow’s handiwork…

Veronica Ricci and Koko Kitten rub each other's spanked bottom while facing the wall

Strict Madam Snow takes over from Clare Fonda as the brothel madam. This is the latest episode from Spanked Callgirls and it’s quite hard! Both sexy ladies get quite an over the knee work out before bending over the couch for a taste of leather.

Clare Fonda Pass

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Maddy Marks

Maddy Marks chats with Jenna Rose at the sorority

Maddy Marks is currently in two of the latest scenes on Clare Fonda Pass, so what better reason than to have a good look at the sexy redhead?

The first scene is on Spanking Sorority Girls where Maddy and Jenna Rose play two pledge candidates who decide to sample spankings for themselves before their tour. Each girl spanks the other as they both attempt to find their limits. Sexy brunette, Jenna, takes her hardest ever spanking in this scene but she also gives it out to redhead Maddy’s lovely bottom…

Jenna gives Maddy a hard OTK paddling on the couch

Then Jenna gives Maddy a taste of the pledge paddle while she kneels on the couch, bending over with her ass in the air…

Sexy Jenna Rose swings the pledge paddle at Maddy Marks' bare bottom

And then it’s time for Jenna’s turn! Jenna Rose gets her hardest ever spanking over Maddy’s knee and her bottom really does look a lovely red color as Maddy uses the wooden paddle on her bare bottom…

Maddy gives Jenna her hardest ever OTK spanking and paddling

Then, on Spanked Call Girls Maddy has stolen another girl’s client, but not only that she’s also tied her up so that she could take him. Luckily justice is served and Double Dan does not fall for her lies and instead gives her a very hard hand spanking…

Maddy Marks gets a very hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom from Double Dan

Maddy’s bottom looks quite a picture after this spanking…

Maddy Rose inspects her well-spanked bottom

Maddy is what I might call a girl-next-door type of spanking model. She’s pretty with her long curly red hair and long legs. Maddy is a 24-year-old submissive girl living in Los Angeles, with a penchant for getting herself in trouble and enjoying the resulting spankings. She’s definitely the type of spanking model who would be getting spanked even if she were not on the internet, but we’re glad she’s here!

Watch both these scenes with Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose on Clare Fonda Pass (both ladies also appear on other websites in the pass)!

Clare Fonda Pass

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Bailey Paige trained with a Spanking

Striking redhead Veronica Ricci is not happy with new callgirl Bailey Paige

Here’s another new update from Spanked Call Girls, this time with innocent-looking Bailey Paige. She has a short hairstyle and a slender body making her look a little tomboy-ish, but this scene sees her change from rough-and-ready to pretty and feminine in the blink of an eye with Veronica’s help…

Bailey Paige gets spanked OTK on her bare bottom

Tiny and sexy new callgirl, Bailey Paige, did nothing correctly that Veronica instructed her to do. What is Veronica to do? Well, she must teach Bailey some discipline and turns her over her knee for a hard hand spanking, then has her change into the outfit she instructed her to wear.

Veronica Ricci trains the new callgirl Bailey Paige with a spanking – gallery

Until, finally she manages to wear the pretty dress that Veronica has given her…

Veronica flips up the dress to spank Bailey while she bends over the desk

To watch this full scene with sexy newbie Bailey Paige, and plenty more pretty porn stars and hookers getting spanked, check out Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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Breaking-in the New Girl

Statuesque new call girl Mia Vallis is called to the office by Bettie Bondage

In “Bettie Breaks in New Girl Mia VallisBettie Bondage spanks Mia for lying on her application form. This is the latest installment of a few encounters between these two beauties who compliment each other nicely. Mia Vallis is a tall blond who has an athletic frame with a small waist and round, curvy bottom. Bettie Bondage is shorter and curvier with a nice, big bottom and plenty of tattoos.

Mia Vallis is a tall beauty with a curvy bottom, who has lied on her callgirl application, applying for the “alternative” opening. Bettie shows her what happens to callgirls who lie. They get spanked hard! Mia cries for real at the pain…

You can tell this is a nice, hard spanking because Mia’s pretty bare bottom is a bright blushed red. Mia Vallis’s bottom looks lovely as Bettie pulls down her panties across her knee. Bettie looks like she gives a mean spanking…

Bettie Bondage breaking-in the New Girl, Mia Vallis

…but the much taller lady overpowers Bettie to give her a taste of her own medicine.

With both ladies ending this scene well-spanked it’s a great switching hand-spanking scene with something for everyone. With Kade spanking Clare Fonda recently, this scene is the latest in some very nice spankings in the office areas at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Kade Strikes Back!

Kade meets madam Clare Fonda in her office

Anyone who has ever joined Clare Spanks Men will know about Kade! For a while he was the main protagonist and as a result benefitted from many spankings from Clare Fonda and other domineering ladies. The slim and alternative-looking dude with tattoos and gauged ear lobes had a strange knack of getting himself into trouble and was always well-punished. He’s also appeared in various places across the web getting dominated in bondage and cuckolded. As far as I’m aware Kade has always been submissive, so it was quite a shock when “Kade Spanks Madam Clare In Her Office“!

Kade, Lana’s brother, visits her in her office. Kade is trying to get Lana back in the straight life and he decides to teach the madam a lesson with a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. Clare is left in pain and total humiliation.

Kade spanks Madam Clare Fonda in her office with a hairbrush

Kade spanks Clare Fonda OTK with a hairbrush on her bare bottom

Clare Fonda is also looking better than ever and her pale bottom always looks very delicate. So, when she gets a hard spanking and even a hairbrush spanking the sexy MILF’s milky white cheeks get very rosy indeed. I think it’s more than fitting that Clare should be on the end of, what must be, one of Kade’s first punishments – I remember it being she more than anyone who tormented him in all those femdom scenes. The result is a very nice M/F scene with a spanker who must surely be in line to dish out more spankings in future.

This maybe Kade’s debut but there are plenty more sexy spankings of callgirls, hookers, porn stars and Clare Fonda at Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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Eva Marks and Courtney Shea

Eva Marks spanks callgirl Courtney Shea's bare bottom
Eva Marks spanks callgirl Courtney Shea’s bare bottom

Courtney Shea Meets Eva Marks” is a lovely scene on Spanked Call Girls with two new spanking models. Blonde porn star Courtney Shea we’ve seen in spanking scenes before, but Eva is brand new for us and she looks very nice so worth investigating further…

Here Eva plays the brothel secretary so she looks very neat and tidy surrounded by slutty hookers. And when one of those callgirls should misbehave she’s very quick to bend her over the knee for a firm spanking and a telling off.

All the callgirls here look sleazy, as you’d expect, but somehow Courtney manages to look about as sleazy as we’ve ever seen, especially with no panties and only weating a seethru bra and hot pink fishnet stockings…

Eva scolds Courtney after the spanking
Eva scolds Courtney after the spanking

But this particular hooker is not exactly a shrinking violet. The feisty Courtney seeks revenge immediately and pulls the smart secretary across her lap for a hard punishment with her hand and the hairbrush.

Courtney turns the tables on Eva and pulls her over the knee
Courtney turns the tables on Eva and pulls her over the knee

Eva Marks is the House Secretary. She won’t put up with any lip from callgirl Courtney Shea. The prim and proper Eva gives Courtney a very sound spanking for all her screw-ups. But the feisty Courtney decides to dish out some of her own hard punishment, using hand and hairbrush.

Secretary Eva Marks gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with a hairbrush
Secretary Eva Marks gets her bare bottom soundly spanked with a hairbrush

Eva Marks is very pretty with purple hair, in her smart clothes she makes the perfect secretary… a smart and kinky secretary. We’ve not heard of Eva before but here with the dog collar she appears to be quite kinky. Certainly once the spanking gets under way we see how kinky she can be. We hope to see more of this purple-haired beauty in future but for now this is a very sexy scene indeed on Spanked Call Girls.

Spanked Callgirls

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