Come Back, Lana!

Lana Lopez gets her big Latina bottom spanked OTK in the kitchen in very tight shorts

Lana Lopez had been spanked by her mom at work so had reluctantly stopped her career of being a callgirl in this previous scene. Now, on Spanked Callgirls, Veronica Ricci shows up to where Lana is staying to try and make her come back in Veronica Tries to Bring Lana Back.

Veronica Ricci uses a wooden spatula on Lana's bare bottom

Veronica actually finds Lana in her new bedroom, which happens to be her mom’s greenhouse. But, the ladies go inside to the kitchen which is a far more comfortable temperature for a spanking. Not that temperatures do no rise with the curvy Latina and sexy redhead. Veronica is looking slightly more of a girl-next-door in this scene, which is a good thing; she’s wearing a tight sweater and green mini skirt. Lana is also in her everyday clothing, which consists of a black t-shirt and very tight blue shorts that hardly contain her luscious Latina bottom.

Lana Lopez gives pretty redhead Veronica Ricci a spanking too

Lana Lopez gets a good, hard hand spanking, then Veronica reaches behind her and grabs a wooden spatula from the draining board. Using the spatula like a paddle she continues to beat Lana’s plump, round bottom with it in what is Lana’s hardest spanking yet.

Lana Lopez is now living in her mom’s green house. Veronica Ricci visits her home with the intention of bringing Lana back to the callgirl business. Lots of hard spanking goes down before it is determined if it was a successful recruitment mission or not.

Veronica Ricci says “Come Back, Lana!” and spanks Lana Lopez’s big Latina bottom gallery

Veronica's sore, red bottom after the spanking

You can watch this scene, and the previous scene where Lana Lopez was spanked by her mom, at this previous scene. Now, on Spanked Callgirls. Or, for much more of both ladies, in particular plenty of scenes with Veronica Ricci, Clare Fonda Pass is the best value multi-site pass on the internet!

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Chloe Amour Spanks Veronica

Chloe Amour Spanks Veronica Ricci OTK

It’s easy to get your mind boggled by this scene on Spanked Callgirls where sexy Chloe Amour spanks Veronica Ricci. Chloe is wearing the tiniest black and white striped top that barely covers her breasts, while Veronica is wearing a navy blue and white checked dress. The combination of the stripes and the checks is almost hypnotizing! But if that combo isn’t distracting enough, the sign of these two hotties in a nice bare bottom OTK scene will have you drooling…

Chloe Amour spanks Veronica Ricci OTK with hairbrush

…in many F/F scenes there are plenty of boobs and bottoms. With Chloe in the tiniest of bra tops and Veronica’s big, white bottom bared for her spanking this is very much the case here. Sometimes it almost looks like you can see a part of Chloe’s areola but it may be the hypnotizing effect of her stripey top.

New girl Chloe Amour has been asked to keep an eye on Veronica Ricci, who happens to get very drunk. So Chloe has no choice other than to teach Veronica a lesson by putting her over her knee for a spanking with her hand and hairbrush.

Chloe Amour Spanks Veronica Ricci with hand and hairbrush OTK – gallery

Veronica almost wriggles onto the floor after one hard smack of the hairbrush

Spanked Callgirls is the website that puts pornstars and fetish models mingling together in a house of ill repute and on-call at hotels. Latina porn star Chloe Amour, and Veronica Ricci (originally a glamour model but now a well-loved spanking model in her own right) are two good examples! Both are very beautiful with very nice, round spankable bottoms. In this case Chloe plays the top very well and Veronica can’t help but play a very bratty bottom…

While it’s always nice to see sassy Veronica get her comeuppance, there’s usually a round two where she gets her own back on whichever lady has spanked her. We hope it’s the case here too!

You can see much more of Veronica and some more of Chloe too over the five websites, each with exclusive content, at Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

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Mother/Daughter spanking

Mom, MzFionaX bursts into the callgirl office to find her daughter, Lana Lopez

There are two more nice, curvy bottoms getting spanked in this scene, “Lana Lopez Spanked by her Mother“, from Spanked Callgirls. It’s a mother/daughter scene where the mom starts off spanking the daughter but then the daughter manages to flip things and get her own back on her mom. MzFionaX plays the mother and bursts into her daughter, the callgirl, Lana Lopez’s place of work, the callgirl office. She wants Lana to stop selling her body but Lana is resistant so earns herself an over-the-knee spanking from her mom…

MzFionaX spanks Lana Lopez in this OTK mother/daughter spanking scene

After her spanking Lana Lopez decides that maybe her mom is right. She agrees to quit her illicit job, but only on condition that she spanks her mom back. Lana still looks quite emotional after her spanking by the time she is spanking MzFionaX, perhaps her own spanking had some added significance for her. Lana sniffles the whole time, which certainly brings a seriousness and authenticity to the scene.

Callgirl Lana Lopez gets spanked by mom, then spanks her mom back tearfully

Callgirl Lana Lopez spanks her mom back tearfully

There are some great mother/daughter exchanges between MzFionaX and Kay Richards on My Spanking Roommate, and many more across all of the Clare Fonda websites. You can watch this scene now as it’s added to Spanked Callgirls. By joining together with the rest of the Clare Fonda websites at Clare Fonda Pass you can see the amazing scenes with Kay, as well as this one with curvy Latina, Lana Lopez.

Spanked Callgirls

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Two Callgirls Spank Each Other

Fiona Murphy spanks Nyssa Nevers OTK

We’ve seen several spanking scenes with Nyssa Nevers and Fiona Murphy separately over the years but we think this is the first of them together as they spank each other in a sexy switching scene. Both ladies are callgirls at Spanked Callgirls and Fiona has already been spanked by Veronica Ricci in another scene…

Nyssa mocks Fiona for getting spanked by Veronica. She mocks her so much that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her so she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests and finally spanks Fiona, too.

Nyssa Nevers spanks Fiona Murphy

The two callgirls spank each other with hands and leather in this very sexy scene. For plenty more hookers and callgirls getting spanked and spanking each other check out Spanked Callgirls. You can also join as a part of the great value: Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

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Sarah Gregory vs Veronica Ricci

Two callgirls square off and spank each other in Sarah Gregory vs Veronica Ricci

In this scene, Sarah Gregory vs Veronica Ricci, you have two of the most famous and most-loved spanking models taking each other on in one scorching spanking scene. Sarah Gregory is wearing a camoflage dress and Veronica has on a bright green dress with black bra straps clearly visible. Both ladies are wearing tight, slutty outfits so this has to be a scene on Spanked Callgirls!

Sarah is first to take charge as she bends Veronica over her knee and spanks her. Veronica Ricci is never far from being bare bottomed, and Sarah takes full advantage…

Sarah Gregory spanks Veronica Ricci

Sarah Gregory is upset with all that the newer girl Veronica Ricci has done, so she decides she must spank her – with hand, leather paddle and strap, until Veronica’s bottom is bright red.

But Veronica fights back and manages to yank Sarah over her knee! Veronica looks particularly glamorous and callgirl-like in this scene with plenty of makeup on and boobs on display. She gives to Sarah what she herself has just received…

Veronica Ricci spanks Sarah Gregory

Both ladies spank each other with hands and leather in this very sexy scene. For plenty more hookers and callgirls getting spanked and spanking each other check out Spanked Callgirls. You can also join as a part of the great value: Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls

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Handprints on Sore Bottoms

Jenna Rose gets a handprint on her red bottom when Maddy Marks spanks her hard

Handprints are one way to show how hard a spanking is. Rarely will a gentle play-like spanking give any visible handprints on the spankee’s bottom. Here, the handprint is very well defined on Jenna Rose’s well-spanked red bottom.

Maddy Marks is getting back at Jenna Rose for the spanking she’s just received. Maddy had stolen one of Jenna’s clients and the resulting negotiation was not favorable to the redhead, in her opinion. So now she is spanking as hard as she was spanked to try and even things up a bit and get Jenna to lower her demands.

With the fingers spread nice and wide this is a particularly good example of a handprint on Jenna’s lovely tanned bottom. The effect of the tanned bottom which is already a nice red color makes for the perfect canvas when a hard smack hits!

Maddy spanks gorgeous Jenna Rose hard with plenty of handprints on her sore, red bottom

As with all spankings the two ladies in this scene make the magic. Jenna Rose is a gorgeous glamour model who is more than ready to take her share of spankings for her fans. And everyone loves a naughty redhead with a blushing bottom, and Maddy is the perfect example of a pretty but kinky slim redhead.

This scene is Episode 153 of the now long-running Spanked Callgirls. You can join the site individually or you can join along with other spanking websites as a part of Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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Madam Snow punishes Veronica and Koko

Madam Snow spanks callgirl Veronica Ricci OTK

Madam Snow Mercy is in charge of the brothel in Spanked Callgirls and here, in the episode “Madam Snow Punishes Veronica & Koko” she gives two naughty callgirls each a good spanking for losing her valued colleague. They had assisted Madison Martin when she ran off, and now it’s payback time. The angry brothel madam starts with Veronica Ricci, giving her a hard OTK spanking, then turns to sexy Asian Koko Kitten

Madam Snow Mercy spanks Koko Kitten next while Veronica faces the wall

Veronica faces the wall but can’t help but turn around to watch Koko’s spanking. She, like Veronica, is spanked OTK with the hand before Snow grabs a black, leather belt and starts to tan her pretty hide with the tough, leather strap.

Madam Snow is so angry she spanks each girl long and hard with her hand and leather strap, right in front of each other, and all the while the girls continue to humiliate each other despite the pain.

By the end both ladies have equally reddened bare bottoms. They both face the wall together displaying Madam Snow’s handiwork…

Veronica Ricci and Koko Kitten rub each other's spanked bottom while facing the wall

Strict Madam Snow takes over from Clare Fonda as the brothel madam. This is the latest episode from Spanked Callgirls and it’s quite hard! Both sexy ladies get quite an over the knee work out before bending over the couch for a taste of leather.

Clare Fonda Pass

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Maddy Marks

Maddy Marks chats with Jenna Rose at the sorority

Maddy Marks is currently in two of the latest scenes on Clare Fonda Pass, so what better reason than to have a good look at the sexy redhead?

The first scene is on Spanking Sorority Girls where Maddy and Jenna Rose play two pledge candidates who decide to sample spankings for themselves before their tour. Each girl spanks the other as they both attempt to find their limits. Sexy brunette, Jenna, takes her hardest ever spanking in this scene but she also gives it out to redhead Maddy’s lovely bottom…

Jenna gives Maddy a hard OTK paddling on the couch

Then Jenna gives Maddy a taste of the pledge paddle while she kneels on the couch, bending over with her ass in the air…

Sexy Jenna Rose swings the pledge paddle at Maddy Marks' bare bottom

And then it’s time for Jenna’s turn! Jenna Rose gets her hardest ever spanking over Maddy’s knee and her bottom really does look a lovely red color as Maddy uses the wooden paddle on her bare bottom…

Maddy gives Jenna her hardest ever OTK spanking and paddling

Then, on Spanked Call Girls Maddy has stolen another girl’s client, but not only that she’s also tied her up so that she could take him. Luckily justice is served and Double Dan does not fall for her lies and instead gives her a very hard hand spanking…

Maddy Marks gets a very hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom from Double Dan

Maddy’s bottom looks quite a picture after this spanking…

Maddy Rose inspects her well-spanked bottom

Maddy is what I might call a girl-next-door type of spanking model. She’s pretty with her long curly red hair and long legs. Maddy is a 24-year-old submissive girl living in Los Angeles, with a penchant for getting herself in trouble and enjoying the resulting spankings. She’s definitely the type of spanking model who would be getting spanked even if she were not on the internet, but we’re glad she’s here!

Watch both these scenes with Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose on Clare Fonda Pass (both ladies also appear on other websites in the pass)!

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