Ivy Sherwood gives Veronica Ricci Ballet Lessons

Veronica performs poorly at ballet so instructor Ivy Sherwood decides to spank her

Black pornstar Ivy Sherwood is a sexy lady! She reminds us a little bit of another ebony porn star who recently did some spanking scenes, Skin Diamond. Ivy is very petite and even in her very tall heels is still quite short compared to Veronica in this scene. This is the first spanking scene we’ve seen Ivy do and she is a perfect spankee with that cute black bubblebutt… and she also does a great job at topping Veronica!

Sexy Veronica Ricci gets soundly spanked by ebony Ivy Sherwood

Ivy Sherwood is sent to the agency to teach Veronica Ricci all about ballet dancing so that she will be more graceful at her job. When Veronica performs poorly, Ivy teaches Veronica a discipline lesson with a sound spanking. But the tiny beauty is now match for the powerful Veronica, who turns the tables.

Veronica is on top form again here and is looking hotter than ever in a sexy patterned outfit and blonde-ish hair… perhaps she’s gradually going blonde!? This is probably a strawberry blonde and we’ll have to see if she goes back to being a full redhead or not.

Veronica’s outfit cannot be pulled up during the spanking so she has to completely step out of it in order for Ivy to spank her bare bottom. Which means that Veronica is only wearing lingerie when she pulls Ivy over her knee. This makes Ivy’s spanking very tasty indeed… Sexy Veronica with her new hair color and boobs pushed up in her sexy lingerie spanking Ivy Sherwood’s little black bubblebutt… mmmmm….

Veronica turns the tables and gives Ivy Sherwood a spanking of her own

This is another fun and playful scene, the spanking is too hard but it’s hard enough with some nice handprints on bare bottoms. You can watch the full scene (plus scenes with Skin Diamond, Dakota Skye, Niki Lee Young, Asphyxia Noir, Lily Banks and many more porn stars and glamour models who have tried their hand at spanking in recent times) at Spanked Call Girls! And, you can sample more of Ivy Sherwood’s porn and glamour scenes here.

Spanked Callgirls


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Spanked Call Girls

These two scenes feature two ladies who spanking fans will be used to seeing all over the place, but here they’re both on Spanked Call Girls!

Firstly, gorgeous redhead Veronica Ricci spanking popular spanking model Joelle Barros

Sexy redhead Veronica Ricci spanks Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros is the new girl at Clare’s brothel who is naive and a bit of a prude. Veronica is tasked to teach her the way of the callgirl. But when Joelle shows her ignorance, Veronica uses spanking as a teaching tool. Joelle is a quick learner and gives Veronica a solid spanking as well.

Then, porn star and model Courtney Shea gets to grips with famous spanking model Pandora Blake

Courtney Shea spanks Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake doesn’t really understand the exchange rate between pounds and dollars and has been undercharging. Courtney Shea is at the office to explain the difference and spanks Pandora to help her understand. Turnaround is the English way, so there is plenty of spanks with hand and paddle.

You can watch these two scenes and plenty more hot spanking scenes featuring pretty pornstars and callgirls getting spanked hard at Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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Clare’s Back (It’s Official)

Some of us suspected (or hoped) Clare Fonda would return to spanking one day so we’re glad that day is finally here. Everyone needs a holiday, right? In this scene with new Ozzie sensation, Gigi Allens, she’s looking hotter than ever in a figure-hugging see-thru dress and matching pink lingerie.

Clare is the madam of the brothel and has been away on a long vacation. When she returns she finds Gigi sat in her office. Clare doesn’t know Gigi and Gigi doesn’t know Clare. Gigi may be new but she already knows how things are with the callgirls so she pulls Clare over her knee for a spanking. It’s only after making a phone call that Gigi learns who it is she’s just spanked… and gets a spanking in return.

But let’s stay with Clare’s return for a moment…

Clare Fonda returns to Spanked Callgirls and gets spanked by Gigi Allens

Clare Fonda returns to Spanked Callgirls and gets spanked OTK by Gigi Allens

To see Clare’s “Welcome Back” spanking check out Spanked Call Girls, where there is plenty more of everyone’s favourite spanking MILF! She’s also back in a couple of other scenes across the Clare Fonda Pass network of websites.

Spanked Callgirls

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Fiona and Veronica

Fiona Murphy gets her own back on Veronica Ricci by stripping her and spanking her bare bottom OTK

Spanked Callgirls is fast becoming one of my favorite websites! I like the sleazy fantasy of ladies of the night disciplining each other, especially when the ladies are some of the hottest spanking models and porn stars.

From a spanking fantasy point-of-view it makes perfect sense! Hookers have complicated lives and misbehave frequently. A brothel madam needs to run a business so can’t allow employees to run amuck. Thus, the spanking brothel madam is born!

This scene with brunette Fiona Murphy and Veronica Ricci (bright turquoise wig) is a nice example of a sexy F/F call girl spanking scene. I could watch Veronica Ricci all day no matter what she’s doing and Fiona is still relatively new on my radar so I’m far from bored with her yet. Fiona plays the new hooker on the block and Veronica teaching her a few things as she makes her strip naked. It could have been a classic case of one girl dominating the other but feisty Fiona manages to get her own back by making Veronica strip and spanking her bare bottom too. But Fiona goes even further and uses a very solid wooden paddle on Veronica’s pale white bottom, to make it clear that she’s not to be picked on or bullied.

Callgirls Veronica Ricci and Fiona Murphy spank each other

To see more of these two spanking beauties in action check out Spanked Call Girls! Or, for far more high quality spanking movies you can join as part of the Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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Ebony beauty: Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond spanks Phoenix Askani OTK

This scene is the reason I like Spanked Call Girls! Some really hot models and porn stars get together in some very sexy outfits and spank each other. There are plenty of new ladies becoming Callgirls at the brothel, and this week beautiful ebony pornstar Skin Diamond is one of them.

If you like black girls, like I do, Skin is one of the best black pornstars out there at the moment! It’s interesting that she looks tiny, even smaller than normal, here. I don’t know why that is but her little black bubble butt looks amazing over Phoenix’s knee. Blonde Phoenix Askani is the accomplice looking virtually unrecognizable from the redhead I first saw… is it just the blonde hair?

Anyway, tattooed Skin is like a breath of fresh air and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that booty…

Skin Diamond's ebony bubble butt gets spanked on the bare

Skin Diamond and Phoenix Askani spanking each other – gallery

We welcome the wildly popular adult model Skin Diamond to the site showing off her spanking skills and she gets into a tiff with Phoenix Askani and they end up giving each other a sound spanking. Slightly playful scene with a pinch of intensity and two red bottoms.

Skin Diamond poses after her spanking

To see more of these two spanking beauties in action check out Spanked Call Girls! Or, for far more high quality spanking movies you can join as part of the Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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Gigi gives Sex and Spanking Lessons to Cheyenne

Busty Gigi Allens spanks Cheyenne Jewel

This is the first time we’ve seen Gigi Allens, the big-boobed beauty looks amazing in her multi-colored, seethru dress in this very sexy scene. The hot blonde with glamour model looks is teaching naughty Cheyenne Jewel about sex with the aide of a sleek dildo. But when the student isn’t as receptive as she could be the teacher takes her in hand and spanks some sense into her. With Cheyenne kneeling almost naked on the bed she swings a heart-shaped paddle at her lovely butt. She then pulls her over knee for a nice OTK hand-spanking.

But, if Gigi looks good as the top, with her big, round bottom she looks even better as the bottom, and Cheyenne is eager to spank her. She too uses her hand to get her feelings across, then picks up the same paddle that was used on her sore bottom a few minutes ago.

Busty Gigi Allens gets spanked in her tight, seethru dress

Cheyenne spanks Gigi Allens' big round bottom

These two models are at either ends of the spectrum in terms of appearances. Cheyenne Jewel is an all-natural girl-next-door-type brunette with pale skin, while Gigi Allens looks more glamourous with her chiseled features, big breasts, curvy bottom and all-over tan. The contrast in styles compliments each other!

To see more of these two spanking beauties in action check out Spanked Call Girls! Or, for far more high quality spanking movies you can join as part of the Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci looks fed up as she gets spanked by two Latinas

For those that don’t know Veronica Ricci has become one of the main actresses in the Clare Fonda Pass websites. Veronica has joined regulars such as Kay Richards and Madison Martin in their spanking adventures. While some spanking models have come and gone it is ladies like Kay, Madison and now Veronica who continue to keep us entertained with their sexy antics and comeuppance.

Veronica Ricci, the beautiful, larger-than-life redhead has been bringing her endless energy, stunning looks and, most importantly, her soft, round bottom to many scenes, especially on websites like Spanked Call Girls, where today’s scene is from.

Here, two spanking newbies, Giselle Mari and Vicki Chase, have just been spanking each other (which you can see in this post) when Veronica appears out of nowhere in her Victorian clothing. It’s like something out of a Christmas pantomime and while is may be a little odd it’s always a welcome sight to see pretty Veronica get a much needed spanking. Here, in her long, green Victorian dress she is looking as sexy as ever and her bottom is looking as spankable as any bottom I can remember seeing…

Veronica Ricci's beautiful bottom gets playfully slapped OTK

Victorian Veronica has time traveled and the two girls must spank her. If they spank her hard enough, will that send her back in time?

Giselle Mari and Vicki Chase spank naughty Victorian Veronica Ricci gallery

You can watch Veronica in this gorgeous three-girl scene at Spanked Call Girls, and there’s plenty more of the sexy redhead and many more spanking models all across Clare Fonda Pass!!

Spanked Callgirls

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Two New Girls Fight…

Vicki Chase spanks Giselle Mari's curvy, bare Latina bottom
Vicki Chase spanks Giselle Mari’s curvy, bare Latina bottom

Vicki Chase and Giselle Mari are two gorgeous Latina porn stars. Both hotties are brand new to spanking and have amazing bubblebutts that are very spankable indeed, especially when they pull down their daisy dukes and we get to see their prime asses over the others’ knee.

Giselle, in particular, is very striking with her cleavage pushed up and some visible tattoos on her arm and rear. She is the first to be spanked and her curvy Latina bottom looks amazing with Vicki slapping it into a lovely pink blush.

But my favorite part of this scene has to be when Giselle gets her own back by dishing the same treatment out to Vicki. Not only does Vicki Chase have a lovely, round bottom unsullied by tattoos, but as you can see there is also the delightful sight of Giselle’s bust on display as she gets her spanking revenge on her new colleague…

Giselle Mari's boobs almost burst out of her push-up bra as she spanks Vicki back
Giselle Mari’s boobs almost burst out of her push-up bra as she spanks Vicki back

Vicki Chase and Giselle Mari are two new girls at the Spanked Call Girls house of ill repute. Both are scheduled to meet with the madam at the same time. These are two girls with attitude, so a spanking fight breaks out and only stops when they see a shocking event…

Sexy Latina callgirls Giselle Mari and Vicki Chase spanking each other – gallery

Latina boobies, bottoms and spankings
Latina boobies, bottoms and spankings

We hope to be seeing plenty more of Vicki and Giselle spanking and getting spanked many more times, let’s hope they continue to be bad!!

For now, this smokin’ hot scene is up now at Spanked Call Girls!

Spanked Callgirls

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Dakota Skye

Veronica Ricci and new spanking model Dakota Skye (nude)

There seems to be a lot of brand-new-to-spanking girls appearing at the moment on the Clare Fonda Pass websites. Most of them are pornstars or glamour models and so are very sexy.

Dakota Skye is no exception, the tiny blonde babe is very pretty and so small that even Veronica Ricci can pick her up relatively easily. In fact Dakota makes Veronica look huge! This spanking scene on Spanked Call Girls has the two beauties spanking each other…

Dakota Skye gets her call girl orientation from Veronica gallery

Veronica Ricci spanks nude Dakota Skye

The two spankings in this scene are all part of Dakota’s initiation into the Spanked Call Girls world. She must be able to take a spanking, and also give one, if she’s going to work with Veronica and the rest of the naughty callgirls. Veronica gives her a nice OTK spanking that ends up with the sexy newbie being completely naked, than it is Dakota’s turn to learn how to be on top as Veronica instructs her how to give a spanking.

Dakota is perfect for anyone who like tiny, petite, young-looking 18+ spanking models. With her small stature, cute round face and big eyes she looks like she could be in a Japanese Anime cartoon. Here, when she is getting spanked by and spanking sexy redhead Veronica Ricci in the nude, is almost the perfect scene for the diminutive beauty. It’s certainly a fantastic introduction for us to extremely cute Dakota Skye.

Tiny Dakota gets taught how to give a spanking to Veronica by paddling her bare bottom

For sexy girl-on-girl spankings with lots of pornstars and glamour models finding out what a hard spanking feels like, you’ll want to enter the sleazy world of Spanked Call Girls! You can see plenty more hot and sexy new babes at several of the websites that can be purchased with the great-value Clare Fonda Pass, watch this space…

Spanked Callgirls

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Alexis Grace and Niki Lee Young spank each other!

Alexis Grace spanks Niki Lee Young over her striped skirt OTK

Normally when we see a brand new spankee (or in this case a switch) we’d be raving about here, but this time we’re very pleased to see Niki Lee Young but her counterpart in this scene is continuing to drive us wild. Alexis Grace is back to dominate another lady, and this time she gets spanked aswell. That is probably a little harsh on Niki who makes an admirable debut. Niki is a sexy, blonde glamour model with a lovely body who’s nice, tanned bottom gets a good workout over Alexis’s lap. She even makes Alexis’s bottom go a lovely blushed pink when the roles are reversed…

Niki gets her own back and spanks Alexis Grace with a hairbrush

Alexis Grace was supposed to mentor Niki Lee Young, who has dressed like a church girl. So Alexis decides she must put Niki over her knee and teach her the slutty ways with a sound spanking. But Alexis was not supposed to mark Niki, who uses this opportunity to give Alexis an even harder spanking, using the hairbrush in addition to her hand.

Alexis Grace and Niki Lee Young spanking each other – gallery

…But it is brunette Alexis who is shooting fast to the top of our favorites list. She has a lovely big bottom when she’s going over the knee and receiving a spanking, and when she is on top she looks incredibly hot. The combination of her good looks, long brown hair and big breasts squeezed into a tight, low-cut pink dress make her a sight for sore eyes…

Big-boobed Alexis Grace looks amazing when she spanks a naughty bottom

For sexy girl-on-girl and some M/F spankings with some of the hottest porn stars that are always very sexy and sometimes quite hard, check out Spanked Call Girls! You can see plenty more of sexy Alexis Grace at several of the websites that can be purchased with the great-value Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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