Elori Stix

Elori Stix about to be spanked by Julie Simone

We’ve seen Elori Stix before in “Exclusive Education 10” but here she’s featured as the brand new sweetie at Spanked Sweeties.

Elori Stix is a tiny, cute beauty with a perky bottom and personality to match. She wasn’t spanked growing up other than the occasional birthday spanking, but she is a lifestyle spanko now and gets it regularly from her mistress (played by Julie Simone in our re-enactment) when she’s good.

Elori Stix gets spanked with a ruler

Getting spanked with a ruler is quite unusual on the internet, but this ruler is a small metal ruler which looks tiny compared to Elori’s lovely big bottom.

Julie spanks Elori with a metal ruler at Spanked Sweeties gallery

Elori is a petite brunette with a big, plump bottom! She’s very cute and bubbly and looks great in this scene with Julie. Julie Simone with her red hair looks very different to the last time we posted a scene with her when she had blonde hair, that was also on the same website.

See the full interview and spanking scene with Elori and Julie Simone at Spanked Sweeties. Elori Stix now appears on at least 3 out of 5 Clare Fonda Pass websites (the others being Girl Spanks Girl and Spanked Callgirls).

Spanked Sweeties


New Sweetie: Jenna Ashley

New Sweetie, Jenna Ashley and mom, played by Snow Mercy

New Sweetie, Jenna Ashley, is no stranger to spanking or submission. The cute and curvy pornstar has a nice, round bottom and was spanked often growing up. Now, you can find her in many hardcore, glamour, lesbian and fetish scenes, including some bondage. But, here she is once again putting that perfect bottom to good use over Snow Mercy’s knee. Having been spanked plenty already, Jenna has a lot to discuss and some nice ideas for her real-life re-enactments at Spanked Sweeties.

With Snow playing her mom, Jenna Ashley gets in position for a spanking in her tight black skirt. She’s spanked over the elasticated fabric, then when her skirt is pulled up we see her patterned, lacy panties…

Jenna Ashley spanked OTK over her patterned panties

Curvy bottomed Jenna Ashley was spanked often when growing up and she shares many details in her interview. We re-enact a spanking from her father and one from her mother.

Jenna Ashley spanked by Snow Mercy at Spanked Sweeties gallery

Beautiful Sweetie Jenna gets a nice OTK spanking from mom Snow Mercy who is also looking sexy in a casual khaki colored outfit. The tall, smart brunette makes a strict but fair mom who is not going to put up with any nonsense from her curvy daughter…

Jenna Ashley's big round bare bottom gets spanked by mom, Snow Mercy

Watch Jenna’s spanking interview video and real-life re-enactments at Spanked Sweeties. We’ve also seen Jenna Ashley at Girl Spanks Girl, Snow Mercy has appeared on many of the websites already and is fast becoming a favorite top. You can explore scenes with both ladies plus many more spanking models and sweeties at the great value Clare Fonda Pass.

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Submissive Vivian

Vivian is in trouble with mom, Miss Cassie

Submissive Vivian has appeared on Clare Fonda Pass before but that was quite a while ago so she seems like a new face. The curvy “pro submissive” is well used to receiving discipline in her day job. The format of this website includes both spanking scenes and interviews; for her interview Vivian chats about how she got involved and interested in spanking.

For the re-enactments Miss Cassie plays her mom, and looks the part, she could almost be Vivian’s mom! Cassie is willing and able to give her a good smacked bottom in two different OTK scenes. The first scene has Vivian’s black and white striped dress matching the black and white stripes in the background. The OTK spanking shows off her pretty tattoos quite well. We’re not a huge fan of tattoos but Vivian’s traverse her leg and bottom and actually make her bottom look very pretty…

Curvy submissive Vivian gets spanked over the knee

2 mother/daughter re-enactments and a re-enactment from the time a man spanked her for playing loud country music at work.

Pro-submissive Vivian gets spanked by Miss Cassie at Spanked Sweeties – gallery

In the next scene Miss Cassie brings the “attitude adjuster” into play as Vivian’s pretty bottom gets a nice shade of color in the cheeks…

Submissive Vivian gets paddled with the attitude adjuster on her bare bottom

Spanked Sweeties. You can see another scene with Vivian at Girl Spanks Girl, both scenes and much more from Miss Cassie can be found at Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Sweeties

Goldie Rush at Spanked Sweeties

Goldie Rush gets spanked by her big sister, played by Gigi Allens

Goldie Rush is the latest beauty to appear on spanking website with interviews: Spanked Sweeties. The hot pornstar who is also known as Miss Goldie, Goldie Loc and Goldie Ortiz was spanked growing up and discusses those spankings plus her kinky current sex life in the interview, she then goes on to act out some real-life spankings with Gigi Allens playing her big sister.

Goldie Rush gets spanked OTK with her panties pushed into her ass crack to bare her bottom

Goldie Rush is a super hottie with a perky butt who was spanked by her stepdad and older sister while growing up.

Goldie re-enacts both F/F and M/F spankings here. Keeping true to how it would have been, Goldie’s sister lets her keep her panties on, but here Gigi pulls the thick, woollen outfit she’s wearing into her ass crack, baring the majority of her ass cheeks for the smacking and slapping. Not quite the same as a bare bottom spanking, but not too far away.

Big sister, Gigi Allens, gives Goldie Rush a good spanking

Miss Goldie is a hot pornstar with a sexy, slim and petite body and nice ass. She certainly looks tiny next to statueque and curvy Gigi. This not being a bare bottom spanking is a shame but her M/F spanking is bare bottom with her panties around her knees.

Watch the movies of all Goldie Rush’s interviews and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties, plus many more beauties getting the same treatment. If you like Gigi Allens in this dominant role, and also want to see her getting spanked, there is plenty more of Gigi on the other Clare Fonda Pass websites.

Spanked Sweeties

Kimberly Brix

Kimberly Brix

Another Clare Fonda Pass update is Kimberly Brix on Spanked Sweeties! It’s one of my favorite websites because it combines spanking scenes with interviews and because the vast majority of spankees only appear once there are plenty of different fresh bottoms to get spanked (a couple of ladies have appeared as bottoms a couple of times, usually with another lady in the second instance). It also has both F/F and M/F spanking. Every update brings a level of anticipation as to who the latest sweetie will be, will we have heard of her or is she brand new, will she be hot, etc. Luckily, they seem to get some of the sexiest ladies in the adult entertainment business to get a spanking. The interviews can be good and bad, but occasionally you get a real gem, and they’re normally quite interesting.

Kimberly Brix is a new pornstar who has appeared in a handful of hardcore DVDs so far. With her long, straight brown hair and slim figure Kimberly definitely has a teen-next-door thing going on. She’s hot off the press and as with all pornstars her ass is in dire need of a spanking!! She was spanked a few times growing up by her mom, so Clare plays the mom and acts out a couple of spankings with the sexy new porn starlet…

Kimberly Brix spanked OTK by Clare Fonda

Kimberly Brix is a young cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom (played by Clare) a few times while growing up. Kimberly gives a very candid interview with some sizzling re-enactments that left her bottom “hurting to sit down” as she explains in her post shoot interview.

And, what a bottom she has. Kimberly’s girl-next-door bottom gets nicely reddened up by Clare, as you can see..

Kimberly Brix's bare bottom gets well-spanked

This update with pretty and petite Kimberly Brix getting spanked by mom and discussing her spanking experiences in an interview, can be found on the Spanked Sweeties. Kimberly is definitely a sweetie for anyone who likes the girl-next-door type of lady getting spanked. She looks quite sweet and innocent, but obviously has a wild side too.

Spanked Sweeties

Ashley Luvbug at Spanked Sweeties

Ashley Luvbug gets told off while on her cellphone in the bedroom

Ashley Luvbug is the latest in a long line of beauties on Spanked Sweeties! Ashley is a pornstar who can be found in Latina and ebony scenes. The mocha-skinned babe has extended her trademark blonde hair and now has long, plaited hair.

Ashley gets interviewed, as is normal on the website, then gets spanked in some re-enactments that may be similar to real-life experiences she remembers from the past. Here, Lana Miller, plays her mom and gives her an OTK spanking…

Ashley Luvbug gets spanked by mom, Lana Miller, at Spanked Sweeties

Ashley Luvbug was spanked pretty often growing up, by both her mom (played by Lana Miller) and her dad. She has come to enjoy spanking and shares her stories and takes some hard re-enactments.

Luckily for us, sexy Ashley Luvbug has a hot body and a lovely bare bottom, and it looks like Lana has brought her puppies…

Lana pulls Ashley's panties down and spanks her bare bottom

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, the spanked butt shot. Ashley has a nice round bottom that gets a nice color to it with Lana’s hard hand spanking…

Ashley Luvbug's spanked bare bottom - close up

This update with pretty Ashley Luvbug getting spanked by both mom and dad and discussing her spanking experiences in an interview, can be found on the Spanked Sweeties website, which is a part of Clare Fonda Pass. You can join the pass and get five unique spanking sites together for a reduced price!

Spanked Sweeties

Celeste Star on Spanked Sweeties

Celeste Star is told off by her mom, played by Clare Fonda

Celeste Star is the latest lady to appear on Spanked Sweeties! The beautiful brunette glamour model has appeared in spanking scenes before, you may remember her from “Exclusive Education 8” where she was spanked in school uniform along with many other cuties in the French summer sun – more spanking posts about Celeste Star. She is very pretty and petite, as are most glamour models, and she has a lovely little bubble butt that looks amazing in her daisy dukes, getting spanked by her mom in this re-enactment…

Celeste Star gets spanked OTK in her daisy dukes

The first scene with mom is nice, especially for those of us who love those cut-off denim shorts. In reality her mom only gave her a few swats for being naughty, that is exactly what happens in the scene, but instead of stopping there the spanking continues over the knee. The second scene ramps up the intensity as mom gives her naughty daughter another spanking, harder than before, this time in the kitchen. As before, her panties come down and Celeste’s beautiful booty is spanked on the bare.

Mom pulls down Celeste's panties to give her a hard bare bottom spanking

Celeste talks candidly about her memories of spanking, and mentions a mean teacher she wished she could spank.

Finally, in a fantasy that Celeste would have loved to come true, she spanks her mean teacher from school. In her school uniform again, Celeste spanks the strict teacher with her hand and a big blue paddle…

Celeste Star acts out a fantasy where she spanks her mean teacher with a paddle

Celeste Star is just the latest in a long line of stunning models, porn stars and amateurs to have appeared on Spanked Sweeties. As always, there is an interview with her about her thoughts about real-life spankings then she acts out some scenarios she remembers, or wished she remembered.

Spanked Sweeties

Jenna Sativa’s Bottom

Jenna Sativa gets spanked in daisy dukes showing off her lovely bottom

Jenna Sativa is a new addition that has not gone unnoticed at the Clare Fonda Pass websites. The sexy spanking model / porn star (lesbian-only scenes in porn) has a sexy brunette girl-next-door feel about her but also has bucket-loads of glamour to bring to a scene. She’s quite similar to other pornstars who have also appeared in spanking movies such as Jenna Rose and Casey Calvert, but possibly younger and more innocent-looking.

On Spanked Sweeties, Jenna gets interviewed about the spanking experiences she had growing up, which there were many. Then, as is the custom for the website, she acts out some scenes that may be similar to real-life spankings she received. Playing her mom is one of my favorite switches, Snow Mercy. Her mom was very strict by the sounds of it and never missed an opportunity to spank her daughter when she was out of line.

And, you can see why, especially when Jenna is wearing tiny little cut-off denim hotpants like these. The shorts barely cover her ass cheeks, and actually do not cover them at all when they are bunched up slightly with her in the OTK position. It would be very wrong indeed to let such a scandalous piece of clothing go unpunished, and neglect Jenna’s lovely bottom, which as you can see, is a work of art…

Jenna Sativa's bottom looks amazing in tiny denim shorts over Snow Mercy's knee

In the other scene, I’m not sure whether she’s actually very tiny indeed or whether Snow is stood on something but there’s definitely an ageplay / giantess thing going on in this photo…

Snow Mercy towers above Jenna Sativa

Here, Jenna Sativa is wearing a pretty, dark blue dress. Maybe it’s a combination of the dress and the height differential and the expression on Jenna’s face but she looks very cute indeed here… and all too spankable! Which is just as well because that’s exactly what Snow has in mind for our delicious brunette heroine. Jenna reacts nice to her OTK spankings but the star of the show here has to be Jenna Sativa’s bottom!!

Jenna Sativa's bottom looks amazing as she inspects it after her spanking

You can hear Jenna Sativa talking about her feelings about being spanked in real-life and watch her re-enact a couple of actual punishments at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties