Chanell Heart’s Round Ebony Bottom

Chanell Heart talks with mom, Lana Miller, on the couch

We’ve seen Chanell Heart before, in last year’s “Exclusive Education 9” and this follow-up scene with the same cast but we’re glad she’s back and starring in her own right on Spanked Sweeties. Regular readers will know we love a bit of ebony spanking around these parts and we have been eagerly anticipating this scene for some time. Chanell is a hot ebony porn star who we believe is around 20 years old and very pretty indeed.

While Chanell hasn’t done that many spanking scenes she was spanked a lot in real life… and she’s not shy about taling about these experiences in her interview. Here, Chanell acts out a scene with Lana playing her mom. I always like seeing sexy ladies wearing this kind of tight-fitting dress get a nice spanking. Chanell’s wearing a printed dress with ankle socks that make this a really attractive scene. Lana is one of our favorite spankers and she really adds the boobs and bottom factor to this scene with her own low-cut dress…

Chanell Heart spanked OTK by Lana in a pretty, tight-fitting dress and ankle socks

This is a nice, hot scene with a very sexy ebony pornstar. Porn stars are often like chameleons, in that they can look completely different from one scene to another. Chanell certainly looks a lot different here than she has in the previous schoolgirl scenes.

It’s a nice domestic location for a mother/daughter spanking, Chanell is talking with her mom on the couch in the livingroom at the beginning of this scene. Then, it’s into the center of the room and over Lana’s knee. Then it’s down to action, Chanell Heart has a lovely round bottom, as you can see…

Chanell Heart's round ebony bottom gets spanked on the bare

If you like interviews about spanking then Spanked Sweeties is the place to go. Various fetish models, spanking models and porn stars have appeared on the website to discuss their real life experiences and act out some spankings they remember receiving growing up! The great thing about this site is that it’s a fresh bottom with every new sweetie (ladies do not tend to return for a second outing, although one or two have over the years) so there is plenty of variety, and since Clare Fonda stepped down from active duty there have been some quite diverse tops doing the interviews and spanking the naughty sweeties. As always, you can access the website through the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Sweeties


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Red Hot Spanking

Friends Bettie Bondage and Red Hot

Red Hot Spanking or, more accurately, Spanking Red Hot

We think that Bettie Bondage is growing into her spanking, with each appearance better than the one before. She does take spankings herself but she’s mainly a spanker. And, that’s the role she has today for this spanking of her friend Red Hot for Spanked Sweeties!

Red Hot is a pretty redhead with long curly red hair and some black rimmed glasses. She a curvy lady and like Bettie, has a very visible tattoo when she goes over the lap. I think she just has the one tattoo that is like a garter belt around one thigh, but the tattoo plus her red lips and glasses give her an almost gothic/nerdy look.

These photos are from a birthday spanking that Red once received. Bettie gives the birthday girl a gift, then gets to spank her lovely big bottom. Is this not the happiest you’ve seen anyone while they’re getting spanked?

Bettie Bondage spanking Red Hot gallery

Red Hot was discovered by her friend Bettie Bondage, who also interviews her about how she was spanked growing up.

Bettie Bondage spanking Red Hot OTK

Along with this F/F scene and the spanking interviews, there is also a an M/F scene where she acts out a spanking from her father that also included a belting. You can watch both spankings and see Red’s interview only at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

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Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan is grabbed by mom on the bed

Curvy blonde spanking model Whitney Morgan is the latest lovely lady to appear on Spanked Sweeties and talk about her real-life spanking experiences. She was spanked mainly by her mom growing up but she was also spanked by her teacher and by her dad.

This re-enactment features Miss Cassie as her mom. Whitney is reading a book on her bed when mom bursts in and yanks her over the knee for a good spanking. There are some great shots of Whitney’s face as she reacts to mom pulling her hair as she lies across her lap…

Whitney Morgan's hair is pulled by mom while she is spanked

Whitney Morgan was spanked often growing up, including by her mom (Miss Cassie), her teacher with a ruler (Veronica Ricci) and her dad, who spanked her sometimes with a book. Whitney gives an outstanding, candid interview with some excellent re-enactments.

Whitney Morgan getting spanked on the bed at Spanked Sweeties – gallery

Veronica Ricci is also part of this scene in the bedroom. In a pretty, low-cut green dress she continues the spanking that mom started…

Whitney Morgan gets a good OTK spanking from Veronica Ricci

Whitney Morgan is the latest in a long line of sweeties. She’s from Orlando, Florida and as well as being a spanking model she is also a spanko in her personal life. Maybe because of these things she is able to talk quite frankly about her spanking experiences. Then, when it comes to acting them out she gets punished by mom, dad and teacher with some beautiful reactions. All the sweeties answer questions about their real-life spanking experiences then act out some of the spankings they remember, see much more at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

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Kitten chats with Bettie Bondage

The latest new lady on Spanked Sweeties is new to us, she’s called Kitten. Kitten was not spanked growing up, but she has since joined a dungeon sure gets spanked a lot now as she works in a dungeon…

In a true re-enacted story, she participates in a spanking challenge to see who can take it the hardest at a dungeon. Bettie Bondage plays the lady who tests her with a wooden paddle.

Bettie Bondage gives Kitten a hard OTK hand spanking and paddling

As you’d expect from someone who enters a competition to see if they can take the hardest spanking, Kitten can be spanked very hard indeed. Bettie demonstrates just how hard! A visit that Kitten had by a male client is also re-enacted on the website, and of course it leads to another hard OTK paddling.

You can see both scenes and the interview with sexy submissive Kitten as they’re added to Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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Ivy Sherwood spanked by Mom

Ivy Sherwood knows immediately she's in trouble with mom, Lana

Ivy Sherwood is a sexy and slim ebony pornstar with long legs and a lovely little bubblebutt. The gorgeous babe was spanked by mom growing up and talks vividly about her experiences at Spanked Sweeties. She also acts out a couple of scenes with Lana playing the mom.

The two work well together in the scene because Ivy they look as if they could possibly be mother and daughter. Ivy has a smokin’ hot body and hard-spanking Lana Miller brings plenty o’ spanks to her petite butt. While Ivy looks amazing she also has a girl-next-door quality about her, especially when she is upturned over Lana’s lap…

Slim ebony beauty Ivy Sherwood spanked by Mom OTK over denim hotpants

This scene is great because naughty Ivy enters the room wearing her tight, little denim hotpants with the high waist. It should be a law that cute 18+ girls wearing tight denim hotpants should be spanked purely for wearing such a provocative item of clothing. They are certainly very popular so it’s all the better to see Ivy get a spanking in them in this sexy scene. But, it is not long before they are removed…

Lana spanks Ivy Sherwood's petite little ebony bubblebutt gets spanked over her knee

There are some nice close-ups of Ivy’s beautiful bottom. Above, she is getting spanked in her lace panties while looking up at Lana as she spanks her. But I particularly liked the “reveal”. Watching Ivy peel down those sexy panties is almost like poetry…

Ivy Sherwood pulls down her panties while mom waits

Ivy Sherwood is a tiny, amazingly pretty young lady with a nice round bottom that got spanked often when she was growing up, often by her mom (who is played sternly by Lana Miller). Ivy shares great details.

…and then comes the bare bottom hand spanking – Lana’s specialty…

Mom spanks naughty Ivy Sherwood's bare bottom over the knee

If you liked this the second scene is equally as good with mom, Lana, using the leather belt on poor Ivy’s bottom on the bed… Ivy Sherwood spanked by Mom on the bare bottom with hand and leather belt

Watch these two sexy scenes with gorgeous ebony Ivy Sherwood spanked by mom, Lana, and many more naughty ladies re-enacting real-life spankings at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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Lana Lopez

Lana Lopez gets led by MsFionaX into a spanking

Lana Lopez is a sexy Latina porn star and is the latest star of Spanked Sweeties! The short-but-curvy hottie was spanked growing up by many mambers of her family so her interview is full of tales of the sore bottoms she received growing up. Then it’s time to act out some of those situations and here the interviewer, MsFionaX, also plays Lana’s mom.

The super cute Lana Lopez shares some of her memories of the many spankings she received growing up. She was most often spanked by her mom, who also would give her mouth soapings when she cursed. Lana was spanked by hand, slipper and belt.

As well as spankings Lana also re-enacts a mouth soaping with a very large bar of soap, but the highlight has to be the over-the-knee action…

Sweetie Lana Lopez gets her bare bottom spanked OTK by mom

You can watch this scene with curvy Latina Lana Lopez plus more spanking scenes and an interview at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

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Cupcake looks cute in glasses at her job interview for the dungeon

We recently saw spanking model Cupcake for the first time in this post with the beautiful porn star Ivy Sherwood and hard-spanking Lana. She’s in a few different scenes on Girl Spanks Girl but now she’s on Spanked Sweeties we also get to hear a bit more about the lady herself, her relationship to spanking and her background in the spanking interview she does with Lana. Cupcake is a professional submissive (pro sub) and was not spanked in real-life growing up, but is spanked A LOT now that she works in a dungeon! Then, there are also a few spanking scenes…

In this scene Lana uses a large repertoire of spanking implements on Cupcake’s delicious brown bottom. This shot of Lana using the bath brush shows off Cupcake’s lovely bottom and I just liked the photo with Lana concentrating and about to bring the pain!

Lana paddles Cupcake's lovely brown bottom with a bath brush

The thing I’ve noticed about Cupcake is that she’s very pretty and definitely very expressive in her face. The reactions she gives before, during and after a spanking are priceless! I liked this photo, below, where she has an understated reaction that is also very sexy, biting her lip after a hard smack from the bathbrush.

Cupcake reacts to the paddle with a subtle and sexy facial expression

The scene is a depiction of Cupcake’s job interview at the dungeon she works at, so when she’s successful she’s very happy at the end. Even if there are tears (which there are in this scene) it’s important that there is a happy ending to a spanking… or at least a satisfactory conclusion!

She's happy after Lana has uses all the implements on her bottom because she's got the job!

You can watch this scene plus an OTK spanking scene and interview at Spanked Sweeties, but fans of Cupcake and ebony spanking should also consider joining Clare Fonda Pass to also access her other scenes on Girl Spanks Girl!

Spanked Sweeties

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Brianna Brown is not too old for a spanking!!

Mom, Miss Cassie, is not happy with sweetie, Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown is the new sweetie on Spanked Sweeties and she is quite a hottie, especially in this scene. In her push-up bra and tight, little black dress and make-up she looks quite a picture but if she thinks she’s too old to go over her mom’s knee she’s got another thing coming!!

Miss Cassie spanks naughty cutie Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown is a young hottie who was spanked by her mom and her uncle. She was spanked as she got older and really did say “I’m too old for a spanking.” Brianna experienced some genuine feelings and pain during the re-enactments.

There are two scenes with Brianna getting spanked by mom, Miss Cassie, and one of her getting spanked by her uncle. In the second scene mom bursts into her bedroom and drags her over the knee in nothing but her bra and panties. The third scene has her getting spanked in a little red dress by her hard-spanking uncle, of course that dress gets pushed up her back and he spanks her little bottom til it’s nice and red too.

Brianna Brown gets a hard OTK spanking

Miss Cassie is a fetish and bondage diva making her site debut by spanking sexy Brianna. She starts off the interview by introducing herself then gets right down to interviewing the slightly shy sweetie.

Brianna Brown is an amateur babe who was spanked growing up so she has plenty of real-life spanking experiences to talk about in her interview, but Spanked Sweeties also has girls who have never been properly spanked. Ladies tend to appear on this website before they have become well-known spanking models… or maybe they’re kinky amateurs who aren’t looking for a career in spanking but they want to try it out for some fun. Brianna is a nice example of what Spanked Sweeties has to offer with her spankable plump bottom… it’s only her second porn shoot and her first ever spanking shoot!

Spanked Sweeties

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