Lana Lopez

Lana Lopez gets led by MsFionaX into a spanking

Lana Lopez is a sexy Latina porn star and is the latest star of Spanked Sweeties! The short-but-curvy hottie was spanked growing up by many mambers of her family so her interview is full of tales of the sore bottoms she received growing up. Then it’s time to act out some of those situations and here the interviewer, MsFionaX, also plays Lana’s mom.

The super cute Lana Lopez shares some of her memories of the many spankings she received growing up. She was most often spanked by her mom, who also would give her mouth soapings when she cursed. Lana was spanked by hand, slipper and belt.

As well as spankings Lana also re-enacts a mouth soaping with a very large bar of soap, but the highlight has to be the over-the-knee action…

Sweetie Lana Lopez gets her bare bottom spanked OTK by mom

You can watch this scene with curvy Latina Lana Lopez plus more spanking scenes and an interview at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties


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Cupcake looks cute in glasses at her job interview for the dungeon

We recently saw spanking model Cupcake for the first time in this post with the beautiful porn star Ivy Sherwood and hard-spanking Lana. She’s in a few different scenes on Girl Spanks Girl but now she’s on Spanked Sweeties we also get to hear a bit more about the lady herself, her relationship to spanking and her background in the spanking interview she does with Lana. Cupcake is a professional submissive (pro sub) and was not spanked in real-life growing up, but is spanked A LOT now that she works in a dungeon! Then, there are also a few spanking scenes…

In this scene Lana uses a large repertoire of spanking implements on Cupcake’s delicious brown bottom. This shot of Lana using the bath brush shows off Cupcake’s lovely bottom and I just liked the photo with Lana concentrating and about to bring the pain!

Lana paddles Cupcake's lovely brown bottom with a bath brush

The thing I’ve noticed about Cupcake is that she’s very pretty and definitely very expressive in her face. The reactions she gives before, during and after a spanking are priceless! I liked this photo, below, where she has an understated reaction that is also very sexy, biting her lip after a hard smack from the bathbrush.

Cupcake reacts to the paddle with a subtle and sexy facial expression

The scene is a depiction of Cupcake’s job interview at the dungeon she works at, so when she’s successful she’s very happy at the end. Even if there are tears (which there are in this scene) it’s important that there is a happy ending to a spanking… or at least a satisfactory conclusion!

She's happy after Lana has uses all the implements on her bottom because she's got the job!

You can watch this scene plus an OTK spanking scene and interview at Spanked Sweeties, but fans of Cupcake and ebony spanking should also consider joining Clare Fonda Pass to also access her other scenes on Girl Spanks Girl!

Spanked Sweeties

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Brianna Brown is not too old for a spanking!!

Mom, Miss Cassie, is not happy with sweetie, Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown is the new sweetie on Spanked Sweeties and she is quite a hottie, especially in this scene. In her push-up bra and tight, little black dress and make-up she looks quite a picture but if she thinks she’s too old to go over her mom’s knee she’s got another thing coming!!

Miss Cassie spanks naughty cutie Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown is a young hottie who was spanked by her mom and her uncle. She was spanked as she got older and really did say “I’m too old for a spanking.” Brianna experienced some genuine feelings and pain during the re-enactments.

There are two scenes with Brianna getting spanked by mom, Miss Cassie, and one of her getting spanked by her uncle. In the second scene mom bursts into her bedroom and drags her over the knee in nothing but her bra and panties. The third scene has her getting spanked in a little red dress by her hard-spanking uncle, of course that dress gets pushed up her back and he spanks her little bottom til it’s nice and red too.

Brianna Brown gets a hard OTK spanking

Miss Cassie is a fetish and bondage diva making her site debut by spanking sexy Brianna. She starts off the interview by introducing herself then gets right down to interviewing the slightly shy sweetie.

Brianna Brown is an amateur babe who was spanked growing up so she has plenty of real-life spanking experiences to talk about in her interview, but Spanked Sweeties also has girls who have never been properly spanked. Ladies tend to appear on this website before they have become well-known spanking models… or maybe they’re kinky amateurs who aren’t looking for a career in spanking but they want to try it out for some fun. Brianna is a nice example of what Spanked Sweeties has to offer with her spankable plump bottom… it’s only her second porn shoot and her first ever spanking shoot!

Spanked Sweeties

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Elektra Rose’s First Ever Spanking

Cutie Elektra Rose happily sits on the bed before her spanking

Elektra Rose is a brand new spanking model… in fact she’s so new because she’s never been spanked before! Well, she may have had playful spankings by boyfriends but they were little more than a couple of gentle taps on here behind. So what would she make of getting spanked for the first time? Well, it hurts! She leaves with a very sore bottom but wants to try it again…

In this scene she is with experienced top MzFionaX and seems to be enjoying herself at the beginning. The brunette girl-next-door is wearing a pretty turquoise top and a tiny pair of denim shorts. The shorts soon come down and we can see Elektra has a pretty piercing in her belly button…

Elektra Rose pulls down her denim shorts

…then, after her leopard print panties are pulled down, Elektra’s bare bottom is exposed. And what a lovely bottom it is. Elektra gets her bare bottom hand spanked by Fiona over the knee, then the hairbrush comes out. This photo shows off Elektra’s bottom nicely…

Elektra's bara bottom gets a hairbrush spanking from Mz Fiona X

On this day, she gets her first ever real spanking. She was shocked by how much it hurt. She left with a very, very sore bottom!

Happy never-been-spanked brunette girl-next-door Elektra Rose gets her very first spanking

See more “Never Been Spanked” ladies and many more who have been spanked getting interviewed about spanking then re-enacting some scenes at Spanked Sweeties. As Elekra Rose hasn’t been properly spanked before she can’t act out any past spankings so she gets introduced to some new concepts, such as “birthday spankings” and gets a very sore bottom indeed.

Spanked Sweeties

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New Sweetie: Chloe Love

Chloe Love is accosted by mom, Clare Fonda, in the kitchen

Chloe Love is the latest addition to Spanked Sweeties! She re-enacts several scenes that are based on real-life spankings she received at home growing up. This scene is when she hadn’t done the washing up so mom, Clare Fonda, spanks her then leaves her bare bottom on display as she finally begins her chores.

Chloe Love spanked OTK by mom

Fantasies can be very important! They can either be about a person such as a crush, a celebrity or partner, or they can be about a specific roleplay or situation. Spanking fantasies often revolve around school scenarios but domestic scenes like this, especially because it actually happened, can also be very sexy.

Clare Fonda removes Chloe's dress after her spanking

This is the first ever spanking shoot for young Chloe Love. But she was spanked many times growing up. We recreate spankings from mom, dad and a mouth soaping that happened whenever she cursed. These are very real spankings for Chloe, who was very candid in her amazing interview.

Chloe Love gets spanked OTK by mom Clare Fonda in the kitchen

After being spanked Chloe Love does the washing up with her bottom bared

Clare Fonda is perfect as the strict mom and Chloe Love is a lovely spankee. Chloe goes into detail about her experiences getting spanked in real life and her interview is definitely one to watch for everyone who likes to hear real life accounts of spankings. You can see all Chloe Love’s spanking scenes and watch her interview at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

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Things are a little different at some of the Clare Fonda websites. Since Clare herself has started taking a back seat and pursuing other interests the layouts of some of the websites have started to change to reflect this. A few of the Clare Fonda websites have had makeovers… One of the main websites to have changed is Clare Fonda Pass. Clare has been replaced with a very stern-looking Gigi Allens, which is surely good news that there will be more scenes with the sexy blonde Australian porn star…

Clare Fonda Pass screenshot

Also, Spanked Sweeties is looking a bit different with Clare being replaced by Syren De Mer spanking gorgeous Chloe Amour in what it a very nice photo indeed…

Spanked Sweeties screenshot

There is also a slightly different way to login to some of the members’ areas now. When you buy a membership to Girl Spanks Girl and Spanking Sorority Girls now you login though a webpage, as opposed to a pop-up box. We think it’s a much nicer experience and it also allows the password to be saved in the browser a bit easier, especially if you have a password manager.

There is also plenty of new content getting added to the Clare Fonda websites, including a lovely scene with Gigi and porn star Alison Tyler on Girl Spanks Girl called “Sexual Harassment”!

On a slightly different note, the last redesign of Spanked Sweeties was when we have made about 600 posts. Now for this mini-makeover we’re up to about 1100 posts which must mean we’re dedicated to the spanking cause!

More next time!

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Christie Stevens: Sexy Spanking Porn Star

Christie Stevens is pulled away from her makeup by mom

Sometimes when a porn star starts to do some spanking shoots they take a while to get into it, not Christie Stevens! This sexy lady has had previous experience of spanking, on both sides of the coin! She dives straight into things with three scenes and an interview with Veronica Ricci on Spanked Sweeties.

As always on the website, Christie talks about her real-life experiences. Sometimes the interviews are better than others. In Christie’s case she has had some interesting and unusual spanking experiences while working as a stripper. She also talks about when she was spanked by her mom. Then, we see Christie act out some of her experiences… Lorelei Mission plays her mom and Veronica plays someone Christie gets to actually spank.

Mom, Lorelei Mission, spanks Christie Stevens over her knee

Christie Stevens is a typical busty porn star with blonde hair and a slim waist. Big-boobed pornstars aren’t always known for their asses but Christie actually has some nice padding back there…

Mom, Lorelei Mission, spanks Christie Stevens over her knee

Christie's lovely bottom gets spanked a nice red color

I don’t know hoe many spanking scenes she’ll do but I’m glad she’s done these great scenes for Sweeties… In the third scene she spanks Veronica in a seethru strippers outfit. In fact, both ladies are wearing very slutty attire and both put on a nice show in a fun switching scene. The scenes with mom are slightly more business-like but equally as good, and I like the matching pinks and purples Christie and mom are wearing in this scene… Pretty girls in cute, brightly colored outfits is always a winner!

Watch all three of Christie Stenes’ scenes where she gets spanked by mom and switches to spank naughty redhead Veronica at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

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Tiny Spankee: Persephone Adams

Tiny spankee Persephone Adams about to go over Clare Fonda's knee

Persephone Adams is the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties and she is a tiny spankee in every way!

If there is a typical spanking model it is probably a lady between 18 and 25 with a big, round bottom. While there are often porn stars on many spanking websites (especially the Clare Fonda Pass sites) it tends to be the curvier big breasted porn stars and glamour models we see going OTK.

Not only is Persephone very short at around 5’0″, she is also very slim and petite indeed! In these two scenes she looks very small indeed compared with Clare Fonda, who is not exactly huge. Luckily for us the one part of Persephone that is slightly rounder than the rest is her bottom. Clare takes full advantage of this fact and spanks her little bottom OTK with her hand, and even a training shoe.

Clare Fonda spanks petite Persephone OTK on the couch

These scenes are all based on real-life events. Persephone re-enacts some actual experiences she had growing up. Because of this there is some mouth-soaping and she even gets caned with a switch. She bends over the couch for the caning, kneeling on the floor she looks smaller still…

Tiny spankee Persephone Adams kneels bent over for the cane

Another tiny spankee on the Clare Fonda Pass sites is beautiful blond porn star Aaliyah Love, and many of the glamour models and porn stars can be very slim, although very few are as slender as Persephone.

See Clare Fonda punish tiny spankee Persephone Adams and watch her spanking interview at Spanked Sweeties. They really have a very broad range of spanking models, it’s not all glamourous beauties… tall, short, slim, curvy. Every girl talks about her real-life experiences growing up and getting punished by family members and neighbors, then she acts out some particular punishments for your enjoyment.

Spanked Sweeties

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