Spanked for getting a Tattoo

Veronica Ricci spanks Willow OTK

Veronica Ricci gets spanked for getting a tattoo when Willow discovers her new ink on Spanking Sorority Girls! It’s an interesting storyline, especially in a sorority run by nuns who would obviously take a dim view of tattoos.

It makes me wonder how many real life spankings there may have been over tattoos. These days there are a lot of people with tattoos, it’s not hard to imagine there might be one or two strict and unhappy parents when they first discover the fact.

Anyway, here it is Veronica who has the tattoo and is buying Willow’s silence by taking a spanking. But, of course, Veronica always finds a way of giving a spanking every time she gets spanked. She teaches Willow a hard lesson about making threats…

When Veronica goes over Willow’s knee you can even see the offending tattoo while she’s getting spanked. The tattoo is a circular shape in her lower back so it is in a perfect position for the spanker to see as she punishes naughty Veronica. Here, Willow uses a long, thin wooden paddle…

Veronica Ricci gets spanked for getting a tattoo OTK with a wooden paddle

When Willow spots Veronica Ricci’s new tramp stamp tattoo, she threatens to tell the nuns on Veronica. So Veronica agrees to take a spanking from Willow (which includes a wooden paddle) in exchange for her silence.

This photo from the end of the scene is possibly my favorite because it shows pretty Willow sat up straight in the chair observing her handiwork: Veronica’s spanked bottom. With the rosy red bottom in the foreground and Willow holding the paddle in the background it is a very attractive photo!

Willow observes Veronica Ricci's spanked bottom

You can see Veronica getting spanked for getting a tattoo and many other naughty sorority girls getting spanked for many different reasons at Spanking Sorority Girls!

Spanking Sorority Girls

Halloween Party Spanking

Veronica Ricci and Jenna Sativa in Halloween Party Spanking

Halloween is coming and Spanking Sorority Girls has got in the mood early with “Episode 114: Halloween Party Spanking“. However, it’s never too early for redhead Veronica Ricci, who is here together with sexy brunette, Jenna Sativa.

These two beauties are a lot of fun and really get into the cosplay of this time of year. Sorority girl, Jenna, is wearing a school uniform and Veronica is about to go to the party in her Halloween outfit.

Sorority girl Jenna Sativa catches Veronica Ricci trying to sneak off to a Halloween party dressed as a cat girl. Veronica decides to teach her a lesson with a sound, over-the-knee spanking. But that won’t stop Jenna from telling the nuns. The only way to keep her silence is if Veronica agrees to a spanking. What choice does she have?

Veronica Ricci and Jenna Sativa in Halloween spanking cosplay

Jenna Sativa spanks cat girl Veronica Ricci

Jenna Sativa looks adorable in the school uniform and white panties, and Veronica Ricci is amazing as ever in her sexy costume with cute cat ears. Both are beautiful with lovely round bottoms.

It must be time to buy those pumpkins! You can watch “Halloween Party Spanking” at Spanking Sorority Girls.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Sophie Sativa

Sophie Sativa gets caught spying on rival sorority girl, Emily Parker

Today we have two of my favorite things: big breasts and new spanking models. The new model to spanking is porn star, Sophie Sativa, and the large boobs belong to sexy brunette, Emily Parker. The two are in rival sororities and for some reason shy Sophie has been spying on Emily in the sorority kitchen. This all means that the busty brunette gets to give the shy and petite blonde a good OTK spanking at Spanking Sorority Girls

Emily Parker spanks Sophie Sativa OTK

With her tattoos and large breasts Emily Parker looks like the meaner, more street-wise girl and Sophie looks all shy and innocent with her natural girl-next-door looks. So, of course, the more experienced sorority girl should bully the younger one, albeit after catching her spying. It’s a nice spanking introduction to Sophie Sativa (who should not be confused with Jenna Sativa) who plays the part of a good girl gone naughty very well. She also has a nice bottom that Emily wastes no time in baring and spanking…

Sophie Sativa's bare bottom gets spanked OTK

When Emily Parker finds rival sorority girl Sophia Sativa spying on her in the kitchen, she decides to teach the shy young girl a painful lesson. Emily puts her over her knee and gives her a long, hard spanking that turns her bottom bright red. She even humiliates they shy girl by making her count out the last 100.

Emily Parker Spanks Rival Sorority Girl gallery

Sophia Sativa rubs her sore bottom

It’s a nice scene with this newbie spankee and it seems that in every camera angle you get a view of Emily’s breasts along with either Sophie’s reactions or her bare bottom. It’s also a nice scene if you like a mismatch, it’s almost impossible to imagine Sophie spanking anyone after watching this scene, whereas you feel that Emily could take on anyone.

Sophie Sativa is the latest addition to Spanking Sorority Girls!

Spanking Sorority Girls

A spanking from Mom

Elori Stix and Julie Simone at Spanking Sorority Girls

Spanking Sorority Girls has a nice update in the shape of curvy little brunette, Elori Stix, and her mom, played by Julie Simone. Elori has joined the sorority and is complaining about it to her mom, but her mom cannot believe how much shit her daughter is talking so immediately drags her over her knee. The big-bottomed babe then gets a hard hand spanking and even a hairbrush paddling from her angry mom in “Episode 112: Elori Gets a Spanking From Mom“.

Pint-sized beauty, Elori Stix, gets a spanking from mom, Julie Simone - hard OTK

Pint-sized beauty Elori is very pretty. With her red lipstick on every gasp and moan is emphasized even more than it would be normally, and Elori loves to smile as she brats and torment’s Julie. Luckily, Julie Simone does what we all want to happen and gives Elori a hard spanking on that perfect, big round bottom…

Elori Stix gets a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom

Elori Stix is a cute young brat with a curvy bottom who complains to her mom about getting stuck with the new sorority. Her mom (played by fetish superstar Julie Simone) will not put up with any guff so she gives her daughter a sound spanking with her hand and hairbrush until Elori’s bottom is bright red and she has learned her lesson.

Julie Simone punishes Elori Stix at Spanking Sorority Girls gallery

Elori Stix's curvy round bottom gets well spanked

Elori Stix seems like a lot of fun from this spanking scene and it is probably no surprise that as a lifestyle submissive, she gets plenty of attention on that curvy, round booty. She certainly seems to be enjoying this punishment from fetish superstar, Julie Simone.

To watch this fun, sexy and hard OTK domestic discipline scene go to Spanking Sorority Girls! OR, you can catch up with all the spanking scenes with Elori and Julie at Clare Fonda Pass.

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Riley’s Last Spanking

Sadie Holmes starts to spank Riley's round bottom in Riley's Last Spanking

Spanking models come and go, so it shouldn’t surprise us too much that another one is taking her exit. This time it’s Riley Moore and Riley’s last spanking is with sexy Sadie Holmes in episode 105 of Spanking Sorority Girls: “Sadie Spanks Riley Over Game”.

Riley has a kind of girl-next-door quality about her, so she seems to bring a sense of realism into her scenes, especially when she’s paired with another similar kind of spanking model. She’s appeared with Sadie Holmes quite a lot recently and before then Edanya was one of the models she seemed to appear with quite often. Although, it’s surprising how long she’s been around and how many different ladies she’s worked with. Both these models seemed to work well with Riley and produce a fun, yet natural scene.

In this scene, Riley is wearing her volleyball outfit and Sadie is wearing a sorority/school uniform, yet both ladies are wearing sexy pink panties under their uniforms. This spanking arises because the volleyball team that Riley plays for has lost, so Sadie takes it upon herself to dish out some discipline on her lovely bottom…

Sadie shows off her pink panties under her school uniform as she spanks Riley Moore

In Riley’s last scene for the site, she gets spanked by Sadie Holmes for losing another volleyball game. The girls struggle for a bit in the bed, before Sadie puts Riley over her knee and gives that curvy bottom one last memorable spanking with her hand and a hair brush, leaving Riley clutching and rubbing in pain. And as always these two love to use the word “spanking.”

Sadie Spanks Riley Over Game – gallery

Riley’s ass cheeks soon get a nice rosy shade to them as Sadie slaps her with her hand and the hairbrush, and there are some nice close-ups of Riley’s round bottom.

Sadie Holmes spanks Riley Moore OTK with a hairbrush at Spanking Sorority Girls

Riley Moore seems to have appeared mainly on Spanking Sorority Girls recently, but before that she appeared in an Exclusive Education movie (Girl Spanks Girl) and also on Spanked Sweeties, and all three of these websites can be joined as a part of the great value Clare Fonda Pass!

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Spanking Outdoors

Veronica Ricci, Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark in Lost Map Woods Spankings on Girl Spanks Girl

Spanking Outdoors is such a rare occurrence that when it happens in these movies it’s a joy to behold, especially when it is a three-way spank-off between Lana Lopez, Amelea Dark and Veronica Ricci. The three ladies are hiking together but the leader, Veronica, notices that neither Lana or Amelea have the map in “Lost Map Woods Spankings“.

This follows on from another scene where Lana and Amelea have already spanked each other while they were preparing for the hike because neither could find the map in this post. But, now they are out in the great outdoors with Veronica and still no-one has the map! Veronica doesn’t want to get lost so understandably freaks out. The three are near a large rock, so sitting on the rock Veronica puts Amelea over her knee and the spankings begin.

Amelea Dark goes over the knee in Spanking Outdoors

All three ladies here have become experienced spanking models! Amelea Dark is the first to have her shorts pulled down and her lovely white ass spanked in the fresh air. Amelea stands out because of her “fire engine red” hair, large breasts and larger than life personality in these spanking scenes. She also has a very nice curvy bottom!

Next up is Lana Lopez, a cute little Latina model who proves that nice things come in small packages. Lana seems like she drifts under the radar sometimes but she has been in quite a lot of really nice spankings now. She is very pretty and we like her curvy bottom, sassy attitude and the fact that she can both give and receive. Here, she receives a nice hand spanking on her bare bottom after Veronica pulls down her hiking shorts and panties…

Lana Lopez gets her panties pulled down and is spanked on her bare bottom outdoors

Lastly, it is always a pleasure to see naturally bratty redhead Veronica Ricci get her comeuppance and this scene shows why she is so popular in the spanking world. As well as her beauty and lovely round bottom she really goes the extra mile in her performances. Veronica always has some nice reactions, that you can often see in the photographs, and she is generally in an unusual costume. Here she has some kind of hiking equipment around her head like a tiara or sweatband.

Veronica Ricci is hiking in the woods with Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark when she learns that they have lost the map. She spanks each girl until they overpower her and give her a spanking right there in the woods. Lots of red bottoms and no map.

Lana and Amelea overpower Veronica and spank the hike leader outdoors on a rock

All three ladies are very pretty with large breasts, amazing curvy bottoms, good spanking personalities and are switches. Thinking about these elements it is easy to see why they are some of the top spanking models right now. While they have similarities each one is completely different in looks, so they work well together in scenes.

Being able to give and receive is an amazing thing to watch. In all-girl scenes where no switching occurs it can be very frustrating… or teasing. It’s a relief that all three beauties get their turn in this outdoor spanking scene.

Veronica Ricci and Lana Lopez are also together on a new scene for Girl Spanks Girl at the moment. To watch this sexy outdoor spanking scene with all three ladies, go to Spanking Sorority Girls! All three ladies appear often on both websites at the moment in scenes together and with others like Angela Sommers and Paris Kennedy.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Orienteering Spanking

Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark cannot find the map in this Orienteering Spanking

Adventuring in the great outdoors has always been a prime scenario for a spanking. Walking through the quiet countryside with the fresh air and blood pumping provides the perfect scenario in a picturesque location. This orienteering spanking comes a little bit before the girls have even got outdoors. Sorority girls Amelea Dark and Lana Lopez are about to go out, but there is a problem in “Episode 101: Who Has the Map?” on Spanking Sorority Girls.

Amelea Dark spanks Lana Lopez

Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark are staying in a cabin and are about to go on a hike when they realize that neither has the map that Veronica said they must carry. They argue about it and end up giving each other a hard spanking in an effort to resolve the issue.

Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark cannot find the map in “Episode 101: Who Has the Map?” at Spanking Sorority Girls

Lana Lopez gets her own back by spanking Amelea Dark

Unusually there are no uniforms in this scene but both ladies start the scene in what is basically underwear so it is very sexy from the off. And, with Amelea’s bright red hair and Lana’s hot pink outfit this is a very fun and colorful spanking. Amelea’s bare bottom gets very red though, and that wooden ruler looks very stingy. Watch this scene and many more naughty sorority girls spanking each other at Spanking Sorority Girls. Or, for all five spanking websites in one convenient package you can find the best value option at Clare Fonda Pass.

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Rebel Girls

Veronica Ricci decides to spank two new rebel girls to the sorority

Emily Parker and Chloe James join Veronica Ricci as the stars of “Episode 97: Rebel New Girls Get Spanked” at Spanking Sorority Girls. The two rebel girls, Chloe and Emily are new members of the sorority and have plenty of tattoos between them. Veronica decides to break them in with a spanking. Veronica is wearing casual clothes, but both new pledges are wearing school uniforms making this a very sexy and kinky scene.

Petite Chloe James gets spanked OTK in a school uniform on her bare bottom

Chloe James looks tiny and her hair, tied up in bunches, looks incredibly long for someone so small. There have been a long line of famous Chloes in spanking movies (Chloe Elise, Chloe Lynn, Chloe Amour, and now Chloe Love) but this is the first we’ve seen of this very petite brunette. She gets her bare bottom spanked quite hard and her cheeks get a nice red color.

Veronica spanks both ladies with her hand and with a hexagon-shaped leather paddle. Their plaid school skirts are so small that when they bend over they do no need hitching up in order to show off each bare bottom.

Then, the two pledges turn the tables on sexy Veronica and give her an OTK spanking too. They fling her over the knee and give her a very red bottom by spanking her with hands and paddle. This is when Veronica gets a double handprint on her bottom, one handprint per cheek…

Chloe and Emily Parker spank Veronica together

Sorority president Veronica Ricci is breaking in two new pledges, who are tattoo’d rebellions. Emily Parker and Chloe James quickly learn that if you resist, you get spanked. This is a raw, high energy scene with some humor and lots of red bottoms. The two rebels of course turn the tables on their new leader.

Rebel New Girls Get Spanked gallery

Veronica Ricci gets a double handprint on her bottom, a hand on each cheek

Watch this sexy 3-way spanking scene with two brunette rebel girls getting spanked then ganging up on beautiful Veronica Ricci at Spanking Sorority Girls.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes in the nun's office

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes return to Spanking Sorority Girls with a girl-on-girl spanking in the nun’s office. The two sorority girls are both wearing sexy outfits, Riley is in her gym gear and Sadie is in a schoolgirl’s uniform.

While pornstar Sadie is probably the most obviously attractive with her cute face and petite figure, Riley is more of a girl-next-door type and has a strong following in spanking circles for that reason. Both switches are used to giving and receiving spankings so it is interesting that Sadie does not find a way to get back at Riley during this scene. Instead, it is Riley that dominates the petite pornstar, making her little bubble butt glow a lush red color from her hand and paddle spanking…

Riley Moore spanks Sadie Holmes with a paddle in the nun's office

Sadie Holmes and Riley are in the nun’s office because Riley is going to tell about the last spanking Sadie gave to Riley. Sadie gets an offer – take a spanking right there in the office from Riley and she won’t tell. Sadie reluctantly gets over the tall girl’s lap and takes a painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle Riley finds in the nun’s office.

Riley Moore spanks Sadie Holmes with a paddle in the nun’s office gallery

Sadie Holmes rubs her sore, red bottom after her spanking

This has nothing to do with the storyline of the scene but I’d have loved to see the nun return to her office, witness the spanking and give Riley a much harder spanking than she gave Sadie. It would be completely unfair on Riley but would make perfect sense in the rules of the sorority. How dare Riley give a spanking in the nun’s office and use the nun’s paddle? Sadie would probably get a spanking too for trespassing… you can definitely see this girl-on-girl spanking as an entree for two much harder punishments involving the furious nun!

Riley Moore and Sadie Holmes can both be seen in other scenes at Spanking Sorority Girls, which is probably the spanking website that they are both on the most. However, Riley appears on Spanked Sweeties and “Exclusive Education 7” on Girl Spanks Girl which are all a part of Clare Fonda Pass!

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Spatula Spanking

Koko Kitten gets her bottom warmed up in this spatula spanking scene

The great thing about OTK scenes that happen in the kitchen is that there’s always the possibility of a spatula spanking… or a wooden spoon spanking for that matter… and it doesn’t even have to be OTK. While they can vary in their design, spatulas can often be used in a similar way to a riding crop. And, of course, the OTK spatula spanking is a classic, using the implement in the same way you might use a paddle.

In “Koko vs. Sarah” (episode 92 of Spanking Sorority Girls), Sarah Gregory and Koko Kitten are in the kitchen for some switching fun. The two experienced sorority members are very used to topping and dominating other girls but here they battle each other. Sarah is the first to take control, dragging Koko across her lap. The plaid skirt is soon flipped up and panties pulled down and the sexy Asian babe is spanked on her round bare bottom. Then comes the spatula…

Sarah Gregory spanks Koko Kitten with a spatula OTK

Long time members Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory square off in the kitchen as they each get a chance to spank each other with hand and a painful spatula. Who will win this power exchange? Which of the two disciplinarians can spank harder? Check it out to get the answers.

Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory spank each other at Spanking Sorority Girls – gallery

But then Koko gets the upper hand and Sarah finds herself face-down over the knee. She too gets a nice hand spanking followed by the spatula on her bare bottom…

Koko Kitten spanks Sarah Gregory OTK over her black panties

The scenes at Spanking Sorority Girls tend to mainly be in the sorority house, so there are lots of hot ladies spanking each other in a domestic setting (bedrooms, livingrooms, kitchens) but the spankings are mainly finished off with the sorority paddle so a change of implement here is very welcome. There are plenty more sexy ladies and domestic spankings with different implements at all the rest of the Clare Fonda Pass websites!

Spanking Sorority Girls