Sophie and Amber are fed up with playing Dave's game, Spankolpoly

Each month Amber and Sophie stay with Uncle Dave for one night and a game of “Spankopoly”. This is a game of (no) chance, a twisted version of monopoly that Dodgy Dave has invented where he is always the banker and the girls always lose and pay forfeits with various punishments. Why would the girls even contemplate such an act? As you’ll discover both girls are not entirely submissive and are thoroughly fed up to be playing his game. The reason they return is because he generously funds them both a lot of their privileged lifestyle and this game is a once a month penance they put up with. It also offers them the chance to try to at least win for once and avoid the various humiliations and thrashings. However, the odds are always stacked against the girls and they and up having to put up with his strange antics.

Sophie and Amber get spanked on their bare bottoms in cute PJs

This time the ladies play the game as normal in their pajamas but the two are more fed up than normal. Sophie flips the board in total frustration at their ongoing embarrassment in the hands of Uncle Dave. It’s so unfair them being there having their bare bottoms spanked!! Dave orders both girls to stand up to receive a more traditional old fashioned punishment with his leather strap.

Uncle Dave thrashes Amber and Sophie's bare bottoms with his leather strap

Will he quash their rebellion?? We think he might! You can see for yourself all the naughty English ladies getting a stern seeing to by John Osbourne and guest spankers including Uncle Dave at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking


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Spanked by Teddy

Zoe Page and her teddy bear spanking Alex Reynolds

Today we have a stylish and cute update from British spanking website, Triple A Spanking.

It’s a very nice scene with two pretty girls but the photo above has to be one of the cutest spanking photos I’ve seen. It shows Alex Reynolds lying across a teddy bear’s lap with her pajama bottoms pulled down and teddy holding a wooden hairbrush against her sore, red bare bottom. With the plain, white background Alex’s pajamas and brightly coloured bottom stand out very well indeed. The giant green bear appears to be spanking her very well indeed as she submissively lies across his lap. It’s so cute you could imagine a vintage postcard being made from a similar photo.

Alex Reynolds was on a sleepover with Zoe Page, a real bratty princess who always gets her way. The girls play and have a pillow fight but then Alex said some horrible things about “Mr Bear”, Zoe’s huge stuffed cuddly teddy. Things really took off as Alex was pinned to the floor and spanked by a spiteful Zoe as Mr Bear watched! Then to add insult to injury (or a very sore red bottom) Zoe fetched her hairbrush to remind Alex who was in charge and then placed her over the lap of her stuffed teddy with her bottom exposed and burning red for Mr Bear to have a go! How humiliating! This is a delightful sleepover romp for pyjamas lovers and contains some great banter with good hard spankings you’d expect from Zoe!

Zoe Page and her teddy bear spanking Alex Reynolds gallery

The F/F spanking action with Zoe Page is pretty good too. The brunette looks very pretty as she pushes down Alex’s pajamas and spanks her big bottom…

Zoe Page spanking Alex Reynold's big bare bottom in pajamas

This is Alex Reynolds’ first F/F spanking at Triple A Spanking, you can see plenty more of this very sweet and sexy movie by joining now!

Triple A Spanking

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Ashley Graham OTK

Ashley Graham poses in sexy pink lingerie

Ashley Graham is a very naughty and bratty young madam who shows some of that sassy attitude as she wriggles, complains and squirms over John’s lap as he gives her a deserved spanking after complaining about being on a spanking shoot rather than modelling lingerie! Ashley hasn’t been spanked for a while so what better than to get her lovely derriere nicely tanned with a good old fashioned OTK spanking!

Ashley Graham gets a good, hard OTK spanking from John

The beautiful spanking model looks amazing as she teases and poses… which all makes her hard spanking all the better. Then, finally, she faces the wall with her hands on her head to show off that hot body again and display that lovely blushed bottom.

Ashley Graham hasn’t been spanked for a while so John fixes the problem

Ashley faces the wall with her hands on her head for corner time

Ashley Graham is a gorgeous girl who we loved filming and she has the most jigglesome booty and boobies imaginable! See for yourself in her first scene at Triple A Spanking.

Triple A Spanking

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Volleyball Ladies Bend For The Cane

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly cool down with stretches after the game
Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly cool down with stretches after being sent off in the game

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly are two of the best volleyball players on the team but during a vital game both girls got sent off for fighting. With the two stars sent off the court the team went on to lose and their coach, Mr Osbourne, was definitely of the opinion that their thoughtless actions had lost the team the game. After the game, both girls are sent to cool down in the gym as they discussed the events whilst stretching in a variety of revealing poses.

Two naughty volleyball ladies stand side-by-side showing off their asses in their tight uniforms
Two naughty volleyball ladies stand side-by-side showing off their asses in their tight, latex hotpants

However, Coach Osborne has further plans for these two as on top of their misbehavior he has had some additional complaints about the girls’ attire that have also caused him much embarrassment. The coach decides they would both receive a very humiliating double punishment in front of each other with a hard, old-fashioned slippering followed by the cane on both their bared bottoms to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

Amelia touches her toes for her bare bottom caning
Amelia bends over, touching her toes for the cane across her bare bottom

Two naughty volleyball ladies get punished by their coach after the game – gallery

You can see this full scene with British spanking superstar, Amelia Jane Rutherford in a nice, tight volleyball outfit by joining Triple A Spanking.

Triple A Spanking

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Kami Strapped before Bedtime

Kami Robertson lies face down on bed for belt before bedtime

Kami Robertson had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was understandably nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about… an old fashioned leathering with his belt!

This is a particularly hard scene which has Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she is a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dares to bring the family name into disrepute!

Kami Robertson lies face down on bed for belt before bedtime gallery

You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined in sexy spanking fantasies such as this one at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Spanked on the Stairs

Jenna and Taylor get a naked hairbrush spanking on the stairs

Today’s scene has a very English setting, it is the grand staircase of an old English building… We think this is a very sexy fantasy but everyone here are over 18 years of age and consent to the very kinky happenings…

Jenna and Taylor are two extremely cheeky schoolgirls. They have to report to the “Punishment Stairs” between lessons for a humiliating discipline session from the Headmistress because they had defied strict school regulations. The two ladies had been caught smoking in uniform outside again. Both girls giggled and answered back to their Headmistress who was determined to teach these two a lesson but it was a hard fought victory for the strict Headmistress. She resorted to stripping the girls of their clothing and dignity before giving them both the hairbrush followed by the cane across their bare bottoms. Headmistress was not convinced they had learned their lesson so she left them shivering afterwards just in time for the next school bell when dozens of girls passing would be able to see just who was punished on those infamous stairs!

Naughty Jenna and Taylor get a naked caning by the strict headmistress on the stairs

Naughty Jenna and Taylor get a naked caning by the strict headmistress

You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined in sexy spanking fantasies such as this one at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros is a naughty American who gets spanked by a British man

There are people in Britain who disagree with a lot of the media depictions of the USA, and even the behaviour of certain American popstars and celebrities. This update is for all those people who have a certain American lady they think should get a jolly good spanking. The scene has a vague plot but it is basically an excuse for an uptight British man to pull down a naughty American lady’s hotpants and spank her delicious bottom.

Spanking model Joelle Barros is the offending lady and you can really see her tolerance in this long hand-spanking. The spanking lasts for 5 minutes and by the end her lovely bottom ends up a bright red colour then she faces the wall for some cornertime in only her knee-high socks and white vest.

Joelle Barros gets a hearty OTK hand spanking that lasts for 5 minutes gallery

Joelle's bottom is already a nice pink colour when her hotpants and panties are pulled down

We mentioned recently that Triple A Spanking had been on tour around the USA, and this appears to be from that very tour. You can catch up with all of the many British ladies getting disciplined and a growing number of American ladies too at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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Wrestled and Spanked

Zoe starts off the wrestling lesson with some instructions

Redheaded wrestling instructor, Zoe, was trying to teach her student, Jenna, some new moves in their latest wrestling lesson but Jenna had other things on her mind as she thought she could do better than the simple movies being taught. She pushed her teacher to the limit with some own moves of her own that rattled Zoe and when Jenna almost squashed the life out her attractive tutor…

Jenna messes around and gets her tutor in a hold

Zoe was not used to being made a fool of or submissive at all so she soon took complete control of the naughty minx, Jenna, and gave her another lesson in how to be a compliant young lady with the help of a humiliating punishment. Jenna soon remembered who was boss as she suffered the indignity of having her bikini bottoms pulled down for an old fashioned bare bottom spanking!

Zoe spanks Jenna's bare bottom outdoors in the wrestling lesson

This is a sexy outdoor spanking scene as Zoe and Jenna, the two ladies start off in their skimpy bikinis wrestling on the mat, before Jenna’s bottoms are pulled down and she gets spanked on the bare bottom.

The wrestling lesson gallery

If you like to see English ladies and their sexy English accents getting themselves into trouble and facing the consequences you should check out Triple A Spanking where there will soon be some updates from the USA!

Triple A Spanking

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