Jailed then Punished

Lexi's big brother puts her over the knee for a hard punishment spanking after she gets puts in jail

For some going to jail may be a punishment in itself, but in this case Lexi Ellis gets released from jail and that’s when her punishment begins. She’s called her big brother to pick her up from jail, thinking that would mean an easier ride for her, but the brother has a different idea. Lexi is really going to get punished properly for breaking the law and getting in trouble with the cops. In “Punished By Brother” gets spanked hard OTK on her bare bottom, then finally her ordeal is completely with a hairbrush spanking.

Lexi Ellis takes off her panties and is still getting lectured after she's jailed then punished

Lexi’s Big brother is furious with her after getting a call that she is in jail. Lexi was at a college party that got raided. She is not 21 and caught drinking. She calls her brother to come and get her after she is arrested. She is hoping it will be better than calling her parents. But to her surprise, he is very upset and feels that she needs some old fashioned discipline. He takes her over his knee for a HARD spanking with his hand and hairbrush.

Lexi's bottom gets very red when her big brother spanks her with the hairbrush

Lexi Ellis is a new spanking model who is a spanko too, she really loves to be spanked! You can tell from her reactions and movements in this scene. She’s a slim brunette with pretty bangs, a hairstyle that is awesome for being able to see the spankee’s expressions while they’re bending over. She has a nice bottom that gets spanked nice and hard so that it gets impressively red by the end.

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