Lying Babysitter

Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory in Lying Babysitter

Lying Babysitter” is a hot girl-on-girl scene with Sarah Gregory and Casey Calvert. With their long, brown hair these two hot spanking models actually look a little like they might be related. They’re certainly sisters in the spanking universe! In the scene Casey plays the babysitter in question and Sarah plays the angry mom who has caught her entertaining guests when she should be doing her job. But, things are compounded when Casey starts lying about it too. Sarah knows that she’s lying because she has footage of her on tape from the nanny cam. Thus begins a very nice spanking scene.

This one may be for the purists. It’s just straight up girl-on-girl spanking action with Casey Calvert’s lovely bottom being front and center at all times. And, of course, Sarah Gregory spanks it very firmly…

Casey Calvert gets spanked OTK over her panties

Sarah is very upset when she finds out that her babysitter has had company. Casey tried to lie her way out of it, but with nanny cams, Sarah knows she is lying. The rules were no company and Casey broke this rule and lied about it. Casey wants to keep her job, so she agrees to some corporal punishment over Sarah’s knee.

Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory in Lying Babysitter – gallery

Eventually, Casey’s bottom is bared and Sarah picks up the hairbrush to finish off this sexy scene…

Casey Calvert's bare bottom is well spanked over Sarah's knee

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