Arthur spanks Cheyenne

Arthur spanks Cheyenne Jewel OTK over her white panties

Cheyenne Jewel is back in the “To Spank A Super Heroine” movie at Shadow Lane. After attending Comicon alone, she returns to her lover, Arthur Sire, nursing a crush on one of the other conventioneers. Arthur notices Cheyenne texting with her new admirer, and takes the sexy redhead to task for encouraging the attentions of another man. Chey initially protests that her friend from Comicon is just a Sci-fi nerd and no threat to their relationship, but then reluctantly admits that all the packages that have been arriving for her in the mail lately have been presents from the other man. Thus begins the punishment, which continues over several parts in this feature-length movie…

Cheyenne's white cotton panties are pulled up tightly into her crack

Arthur decides to remind Chey of who her boyfriend is with a good, hard, over the knee spanking. Alluringly clad in a glove tight pencil skirt, 4″ heeled, patent leather, peep-toed maryjanes, pantyhose and a cute top, Chey goes over Arthur’s lap for a traditional hand spanking. Fairly heavy handed as a general rule, Arthur is additionally stern, due to being pissed at his girlfriend. This is a hard spanking, as Chey’s verbal and physical reactions amply prove.

We’ve watched Cheyenne in many scenes now and she remains one of our favorite models. This performance reminds us why we like her with her perfectly round bottom and sexy pouting. Arthur spanks Cheyenne nice and hard on the bare, and afterwards she shows off the results. Her bottom looks like perhaps the roundest bottom I’ve ever seen in the photo below…

The spanking begins over Cheyenne’s skirt, progresses to her sheer pantyhose, continues on her white cotton panties, which are then pulled up tightly into her crack before being pulled down and off. Once fully bared, her perfect bottom is turned rosy red.

Cheyenne Jewel's amazing round butt is well spanked

Lovely Cheyenne Jewel and her wonderfully round bottom can be seen getting spanked by Arthur at Shadow Lane now!

Shadow Lane

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