Jenna spanks Star in the Kitchen

Star Bound and Jenna Sative in the sorority kitchen

Jenna Spanks Star in the Kitchen” is the latest update from Spanking Sorority Girls and features two ladies who we normally see on the other ends of a spanking. We’ve been used to seeing Jenna Sativa receiving a spanking, while Star Bound has often been dishing out the discipline. In this scene those roles are reversed and Jenna, the cute little brunette is dominating a much taller Star. While Star is very good as a top, this scene shows that it’s equally nice to see her taking a spanking too. And, Jenna is very cute and innocent-looking, the perfect spankee, but this scene shows she can be strict as well as dominant.

Jenna Sativa is still angry and sore about the recent spanking Star had given her so she gets her revenge in the kitchen when Star least expects it. She spanks her hard and even gives her many whacks with a wooden spoon, which she counts. After this spanking, Star threatens to get Jenna back some time soon.

Jenna Sativa spanks Star Bound in the Kitchen gallery

We’d love to see a re-match but for now Star’s bare bottom looks very enticing over Jenna’s knee…

Jenna Sativa spanks Star bound with a wooden spoon in the kitchen

Watch this scene along plus the earlier scene that Jenna is refering to, along with many more naughty sorority girls giving and receiving spankings (often by the pledge paddle) at Spanking Sorority Girls

Spanking Sorority Girls

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