Spanked in a Bikini

Sarah Gregory pulls a funny face in a green bikini

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in a bikini in this update at Momma Spankings. “Bikini Bottom Blistering” has Miss Chris as Momma who is quickly running out of patience with Sarah. The naughty daughter spent too long at the pool getting a tan and is now going to get her bottom tanned by Momma’s hard hand over that skimpy bikini. I like the face she pulls at the start of the scene, above.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in a bikini in this update at Momma Spankings

Once the scolding and arguing is out of the way its down to business. We always enjoy watching scenes with Miss Chris dishing out the discipline. She’s able to do plenty of scolding and the spanking can be quite hard. Sometimes how hard a spanking is might be different to how it looks, but hand spankings generally look very hard from this strict domme.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in a bikini in “Bikini Bottom Blistering” gallery

Sarah is being a stuck up little brat. Mom is waiting for her spoiled daughter to get back to the hotel room as it is time to check out. Sarah is taking her good old time at the pool trying to get a nice tan. When she gets back to the room, mom is very upset. Sarah continues to have attitude with mom until she earns herself a spanking from mom over her skimpy bikini and then on the bare bottom. This isn’t exactly the kind of tan Sarah was hoping for.

The bikini bottoms come down and Sarah is spanked on her bare bottom

Watch this sexy mother/daughter F/F scene of Sarah Gregory and Miss Chris now at Momma Spankings. And, of course, you can join together with Sarah’s main website for a special deal at Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

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