Mandie Rae’s Mistake

Mandie Rae's mistake is faking one illness too many

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mandie Rae so here’s a nice, hard strapping scene at Triple A Spanking.

Mandie Rae’s mistake is that she has already been given a hand spanking and is now faking an illness to avoid leaving the house. Unfortunately for her, she has tried faking illnesses before and now John knows what to expect from this naughty young lady. To make sure he gets a very accurate reading of her temperature he insists on waiting in the room and taking her temperature himself with a thermometer in her ass. John takes her temperature rectally and the results come out negative so she is in line for another punishment on her already spanked bare bottom…

Mandie Rae gets spanked with a big black strap on her lovely bare bottom

The punishment itself is a tale of two straps. One is big and black, the other is much smaller and tan colored. Mandie, with her bottom already bared from the thermometer, kneels on all fours on the bed for this double strapping. With many scenes featuring illocent-looking Mandie, there is an element of age play here, and Mandie plays on her youthful looks by acting as child-like and bratty as she can.

The second strap is much smaller and tan colored for naughty Mandie Rae

Mandie realized her mistake but it was too late and he was disappointed that she would have to have another lesson in not to tell fibs.

Naughty Mandie Rae gets spanked to tears and her lovely bottom looks amazing in this pose near the end of the punishment…

Mandie Rae shows off her well-spanked bare bottom

Watch Mandie Rae’s mistake unravel in this nice strapping scene at Triple A Spanking!

Triple A Spanking

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