Gym Spanking

The personal trainer is annoyed with Sarah Gregory in this gym spanking

We’ve seen Sarah Gregory take the role of the spanker quite a lot recently so it’s good to see her on the other end of it in this gym spanking in “Personal Training Punishment“. She’s getting spanked by curvy MILF Lynn Summers who plays her personal trainer in this scene.

It’s the first time we’ve seen Lynn and she looks like a good top. She’s a pretty MILF who looks quite busty in her tight lycra outfit. The scene itself is a good-natured scene that does not take itself too seriously, especially when Sarah gets spanked with her own gym shoe. Lynn adds to the fun by smiling and seemingly enjoying herself throughout…

Personal trainer, Lynn Summers, spanks Sarah on the gym mat on her bare bottom

Sarah has missed 3 personal training sessions and her trainer, Lynn, is not happy with her. She feels that discipline in the form of over the knee spanking is in order for Sarah. Sarah is spanked over her tight yoga pants, before having them taken down to be spanked over her panties and then on the bare. Not only does Lynn use her hand to spank, but takes off Sarah’s sneaker and spanks her bare bottom with the stingy rubber shoe.

Lynn Summers takes Sarah's shoe off and spanks her with it

Gym etiquette is often flouted so if it wasn’t missing training sessions there are many things that naughty gym users can be spanked for. The gym is a sexy place with all that lycra and hot, sweaty bodies so of course spankings should happen there. The personal trainer is a person of authority, like a teacher, so they are well placed to give such a spanking. Lynn Summers looks like just the right kind of instructor to punish Sarah.

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

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