Spanking Models: Caning Christina

Christina's face close-up as she is caned

Christina is an English babe who is always getting spanked, in fact, most spankings turn into paddlings, strappings or canings. Even though Christina has a tender-looking bottom her threshold for pain is very high and she is often spanked to tears with a very red and sore bottom.

In this caning, the cute blonde girl spanks her butt until it is nice and red then holds poor Christina in place for a good, hard caning. The bottom warming in very sexy. The busty blonde babe is very cute and seeing Christina get spanked over her knee is awesome. It is not a light spanking though and leaves Christina’s bottom brightly colored. The initial OTK with the perky breasted girl smacking Christina’s big, round butt is a joy to watch. But then, with her bottom nice and pink and ready for the cane, the caning on her already sore behind makes complulsive viewing. Very very hot…

Held in place by a bratty blonde babe for a good caning

If the cute blonde, above, was Christina’s nemesis, in this next caning she has a friend with her. The problem for them is that they are both getting a caning by the sports teacher. The P.E. Instructor in her old-fashioned outfit and quirky English accent tells both girls off then lines them up side by side on the trestle for some warm-up strokes over the regulation knickers. Here, the girl looks on as it is Christina’s turn to get the cane on the bare. The angry teacher punishes her severely for misbehaving again.

Christina is caned in the gym hall over the trestle

If you like British Spanking Movies you’ll love Spanking Christina again and again!!

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