Celebrity Brat, Lily

Celebrity Brat, Lily, is in trouble with tutor, Patrick Bateman

The star of this scene, “Celebrity Brat“, is called either Lilian White or Lily, but we’ve seen her previously as Lilly so we’ll go with the double L version of her name for now in the tags. But anyway, spanking model Lily plays a celebrity brat who is continually disobedient with her tutor, Patrick Bateman. In fact, she angers him so much that she earns herself a fast strapping on her bare bottom from her new tutor…

Lying flat on a table, pert bottom bared, Lilian White flinches as a leather tawse turns her skin deep red. Protests fall on deaf ears as Mr. Bateman teaches this Celebrity Brat the meaning of obedience and respect. Her bare cheeks bounce as the leather is applied fast and hard. “Darn that strap stings so bad!” complains Lily.

She begs for a different tutor as the hard smacks rain down on her bare bottom at a brisk rate. But, alas there is no new tutor for Lily, just this one with his stinging tawse..

Lily gets her bare bottom strapped hard and fast with the tawse while lying on the table

Whereas many models and pornstars can tend to look quite similar, Lily has a very distinctive look which makes her memorable. We also like her high-pitched squeals while she is being punished.

Lilly also appears in “Exclusive Education 9”, as seen in this post, but to see more of Lily getting strapped while lying over the table in “Celebrity Brat” see the full scene and much more at Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

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