Spanking for Naughty Girls who fake illness

Naughty girls lie that they're sick and get a good spanking when they're found out

The feisty Bad Tushy girls are always good value for a spanking. These two, Jessica and Karen, fake illness and try to stay in bed all day. When their Mom finds out she gets mad and turns each girl over for a bare bottom spanking. These sample spanking photos show the build-up, there is some nice spanking with panties squeezed together so that the ass is pretty much bared. As the punishment progresses the two naughty girls blushes get as red as their sore bottoms when their mother pulls their panties right off and spanks their naughty rears again and again with her strict, firm hand.

Each “Bad Ass” cutie looks so hot with her naked ass in the air getting slapped hard. Her firm butt and tight pussy is held in position as she squirms to avoid the relentless smacking that she richly deserves for trying to skip classes.

Aswell as some intense spankings of naughty “Bad Ass” girls, Bad Tushy also gives you the stories behind the spankings and has some great extras like anal thermometers for checking to see whether the girls are really sick or not. As it happens, most of the girls are lying and need a good OTK session with their panties down to make them learn their lesson.


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