Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey Sugarsmak gets spanked OTK in Spanking Wake-Up Call

Spanking Wake-Up Call” is Audrey Sugarsmak’s first outing at Sarah Gregory Spanking and sees her taking a lie-in when she should be up and ready already. Her dad, John Osborne, is less than impressed and drags her out of bed to give her an OTK spanking right there and then. In this scene, as always, Audrey has some fantastic reactions and dances around on John’s lap as he spanks her big, round bottom.

Audrey Sugarsmak's big round bottom gets spanked bare

Audrey was supposed to be up and out of bed and ready to go. Dad is very unhappy when he finds her still in bed. She is rude to him and begs for just 5 more minutes of sleep. What she needs is a good wake up spanking to get this brat out of bed. Dad pulls her out of bed and over his knee for some old fashioned discipline. She is not a very happy young lady and is soon contrite and sorry as his hand comes down upon her sore bare bottom.

Audrey has done plenty of nude spanking, but here getting spanked in her loose-fitting pink vest her breasts bounce around inside the vest probably more than they would if she were naked…

Audrey Sugarsmak's reactions to the spanking are priceless

There’s nothing fancy here, it’s just the good ol’ fashioned spanking of a naughty lady who refused to get out of bed. We love Audrey’s big, round bottom and her reactions.

We haven’t posted about Audrey Sugarsmak recently, but that’s not to say she hasn’t been naughty and getting punished for it at Punished Brats. Audrey is a sexy brunette who has a perfect round bottom and some of the nicest reactions to a spanking you’ll find. You can find more of her under her here: Audrey Sugarsmak on this blog where you’ll notice that she was once called Audrey Jeanine.

To watch this sexy scene with brunette, Audrey Sugarsmak, and plenty more famous spanking models getting well-punished go to Sarah Gregory Spanking!

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