Snow Mercy

Snow Mercy's pretty face as she's spanked OTK

Snow Mercy is a new sweetie at the revamped Spanked Sweeties, and as you can see, she gets a very hard spanking…

Statuesque Snow Mercy gets spanked OTK gallery

The concept behind Spanked Sweeties is that the girls who were spanked growing up talk about their experiences and the girls who weren’t don’t escape, instead they are the “Never Been Spanked” sweeties! So it’s a very cute F/F and M/F website with plenty of first-time spankings and real-life spanking talk… you get a massive range of different girls with different experiences. There will be the girl who was spanked a couple of times right up to the lady who was spanked a lot with implements and perhaps went on to become a spanking player / spanking model.

Snow Mercy comes under the spanking model category and you may have seen her before getting her bottom whacked very hard indeed, but you might not have heard her talk so candidly about her thoughts on spanking in this sexy interview.

Check it out at…

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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