Cornertime Spanking

Cornertime spanking for this babe

Today’s spanking clip combines a spanking with a cornertime. The naughty girl in question stands and faces the corner after her spanking. She lifts her skirt so we can see her red buttocks through her white knickers. It appears that this girl has been very naughty and even a long, hard spanking has not taught her a lesson because she appears to be arrogant as she stands naked in the corner with her hands on her head. Her small titties are raised up and presented to her spanker as she is ordered to turn around. Her sensitive pussy is on display after having already received a few swats of the paddle during her earlier punishment. It’s clear that this girl is asking for a caning and she gets a good caning whilst stood in the corner in these spanking and caning movie clips.

I love seeing this babe stand in the corner and get told off with her being naked with hands on head. The side view of her with her little tits and round ass that sticks straight out is nice. The cornertime is the foreplay to the main event and the main event here is the caning. The samples show a couple of swats but the whole movie of the girl stood in position getting her pretty ass stung again and again by the cruel cane is very hot. The naughty girl takes her punishment well and learns a much needed lesson.

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