Pixie spanked with the Bath Brush

Pixie spanked for skipping class with the Bath Brush

Pixie is caught skipping classes and getting ready for a day spent by the pool. When Veronica catches her, she yanks down her bikini bottom and gives her a serious spanking with the bath brush. Pixie’s delightfully round bottom is held up with two cushions as she lies on her front with her bottom bared and her skimpy bikini bottoms pulled down and the naughty girl is spanked hard and fast with the big, wooden bathbrush.

Veronica is a no-nonsense spanker and she brings that long, hard brush down hard on pixie’s lovely bottom, ignoring Pixies cries and wriggling to give her a painful and fast-paced lesson in truancy.

As Pixie’s rear gets very red very quickly and the realness of the spanking becomes very apparent you can see her reach around with one hand to protect her bottom, but then her hand stops and doesn’t get in the way. This could be because she knows that if she gets her hand smacked with that thing she’ll get much more hurt than if it’s just landing on her soft bottom… or maybe she’s just being a good girl!?

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