The Pain of a Broken Heart

Gorgeous Chelsea Pfeiffer shows some cleavage as she spanks a redhead over the knee

When it comes to disciplinarians who are strict aswell as good-looking Chelsea Pfeiffer is right up there on the charts! Chelsea has a great body and beautiful cougar-ish face, strong right arm and a pair of lovely breasts. Her boobs are shown of particularly well in a low-cut, revealing top with a sexy girl over her lap, delicious cleavage…

Just like in these movies where she spanks a poor girl for eating a whole box of chocolates by herself in one go. The box of chocolates was heart-shaped and if the girl is heart-broken this is just the tonic to get her over it. Chelsea is a very hard spanker and lays into the redhead’s pretty bottom, first of all through her light pyjama bottoms, then, with the pyjamas pulled off on top of her skimpy panties with her ass cheeks exposed. The girl’s cheeks gets a very deep, dark red color as Chelsea’s hard smacks rain down on them. The red bottom looks very pretty indeed framed by the lacy yellow panties.

It’s a wonder the redheaded babe isn’t ill after eating all that chocolate, maybe she is… Chelsea finds out how sick the girl is by taking her temperature rectally!

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Punished Angels

One thought to “The Pain of a Broken Heart”

  1. In my opinion Chelsea, together with her friend Clare Fonda, are the best spanking ladies of this moment. I will never delete the very good pics of these ladies spanking each other in past times.

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