Aroused by the Cane

A wife catches her husband fooling around with the au pair

In “Aroused by the Cane” Leon and his wife are a rich couple who live in a luxury residence. He can’t believe his luck when an extremely attractive au pair turns up at their front door to begin work. Leon had been naughty with au pairs in the past so he has promised his wife that he would never fool around with the hired hands. But the temptation is too much for him, he is anxious to spice up his life and sneaks into her room late at night to have some fun. He finds the beautiful brunette naked on the bed masturbating with a vibrator, but he soon joins her game as things start to get kinky.

Wife spanks the naughty, busty brunette au pair

When his wife enters the room, obliviously furious. She orders the girls downstairs where the wife spanks the naughty au pair hard on her bare bottom. Turned on by everything that has happened so far and seeing his wife get dominant with the au pair, Leon decides to spank his wife OTK as she is already nice and naked. With all three horny and naked, both women are placed across the sofa for a good caning, after a bit of playful interaction between the two. It’s amazing how a good caning, can soften up the ladies.. then the real fun begins…

Leon's wife also gets a naked OTK spanking as the au pair watches on

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