Cheating sisters get punished together by strict teacher

Cheating sisters Madison and Kailee get punished together by strict teacher

Clare Fonda’s My spanking Roommate is one of my favorite spanking websites mainly down to the two main characters, the roommates: Madison Martin and Kay Richards. The site has various episodes which tell the story of these two naughty roomies, like a soap opera, which is why I call it a spanking soap opera. Each episode is beautifully crafted and often references other episodes and other characters that we might have met, or are about to meet.. Madison and Kay are joined by various other characters including work colleagues, neighbors, friends, college teachers and ex-boyfriends. Of course, each encounter leads to a spanking. Such as today’s new spanking with “sisters” Madison and Kailee, we know they are sisters because in a previous episode Kailee was spanked for trying to help her sister get out of a modeling assignment by Mr Ford. Here’s the episode description…

Kailee has paid her sister Madison to do her homework…. and Simone catches them. First she makes Madison spank Kailee over her knee. Then she decides to really teach them a lesson – so she bends them both over the dining room table and whips them with a riding crop. To add insult to injury, Simone forces Kailee to compete her assignment during the punishment.

Madison drives me crazy and Kailee has been one of my favorite spanking girls for a while, especially because she has a very distinctive look and is actually looking better and better. This scene is brand new. It is currently being added to….

My Spanking Roommate

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