Madison Martin’s Bottom

Kailee and Madison line up over the table for Lana's crop

I’ve mentioned Episode 26 of My Spanking Roommate before but I’m in love with Madison Martin’s bottom so here we go again to savour the delights of that big, round bottom…

The photo above sets the scene, Madison and Kailee are bending over with their blushed bare bottoms being beaten by Lana’s riding crop. Lana is one of the meanest over the knee spankers out there, she has a strong arm and a hard hand and she’s not afraid to use them on a defenceless bottom. When she’s using a crop like this and the girls are bending over and not OTK Lana is not quite at her best but it is worth it to see those two beautiful bums lined up together getting punished.

Anyway, back to the bottom, The more I look at Madison’s wonderful rear the more I like it. I could write poetry to an ass like that! The below picture is amazing and even gives you a peek at her pretty pink pussy…

Madison Martin's beautiful big bottom and pink pussy

Madison has a pretty face, she almost has a spoilt, bratty look to her when she wants to. With her slim waist and large rear she certainly has all the curves and seeing her play and have fun in the scenes is amazing, especially when she gets a really good hard spanking from a strict domme such as Lana, or the Danny Crichton. Most of the episodes feature at least one of Kailee, Madison and Kay so I know that every time I logon I’m going to witness a special spanking. Anyway, see more at…

My Spanking Roommate

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