Mothers and Daughters 2009

Sarah Gregory gets her bottom warmed in Clare Fonda's Mothers and Daughters

Maybe you remember reading about the “Long Weekend” spanking movie here, or the “Exclusive Education” trilogy. Well, the latest epic girl-on-girl spanking saga to hit Girl Spanks Girl is Clare Fonda’s “Mothers and Daughters ’09“..

Clare is a frustated actress who tries to get her daughter Sarah and her niece Amy to learn the meaning of discipline. She takes them each over her knee for a sound spanking, and then tells her younger sister to do the same. So her sister Andi, who was raised in England, gives Sarah and Amy some British discipline, first with the hand, then later with a hair brush. But the spankings aren’t over yet. When Andi is insensitive to Clare about her age, Clare takes her sibling over her knee for a hand spanking, followed by many whacks with the hair brush.

This time two Moms (Clare Fonda and English MILF Miss Andi) and their daughters (Sarah Gregory and Amy Hunter) get together for some serious girl-girl spanking. The two daughters go over the knee several times and get their delicious bottoms thoroughly warmed. as you can see in this preview gallery.

It’s like a television show from the 50s or 60s. Just good, wholesome domestic discipline. Clare puts up a sterling performance as she keeps all three ladies in check with her experienced hand. There is plenty of hand spanking and even some hairbrushing over the knee for the two naughty daughters. Then, when the other Mom angers strict Clare, it’s the Mom’s turn for a hard OTK spanking herself.

“Mothers and Daughters” is another full-length, erotic, girl-on-girl, Clare Fonda spanking movie that you can download at…

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