Double Spanking for Two Naughty Girls

Clare Fonda spanks two naughty girls over the knee in Kara Prepare Yourself

If you like seeing a naughty girl get a well-deserved spanking you’ll like it even better when two ladies are spanked at the same time by the same spanker.

In this case the two naughty girls are Paris Kennedy and Madison Young and the strict spanker is spanking Diva, Clare Fonda. The two girls are in for a sore, stinging time but there will not be any waiting for your turn in this punishment: both girls are spanked at the same time whilst both lying across Clare’s knee.

You don’t see very much of this kind of double-spanking but if anyone was going to try it out on a couple of unruly girls it would have to be Ms Fonda. She really is the Mistress of Spanking and, as Aunt Gwen in Kara Prepare Yourself, gets very creative with her spankings as she and others dish out the discipline in a firm but fair way on all the naughty babes.

The scene, above, with Paris and Madison is the ultimate girl/girl spanking scene. Not only do you get to see the two girls spanked by Clare Fonda, they also spank each other in some twists to the storyline and there’s even a mouth-soaping for one foul-mouthed girl.

To find out why the two girls are being spanked so severely by Clare and to see the movies of their cute asses getting smacked red sign up to Kara Prepare Yourself.

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